Omake: Grim Adventures of Lelouch & Nunnally - Nose Picking

11-year old, Lelouch Lamperouge, and his 7-year old sister Nunnally Lamperouge along with their companion from the Underworld, Grim Reaper were having lunch at the fast-food restaurant or diner of Royal Buffet on Area 11/Japan. Nunnally ordered a vegetable salad, Lelouch ordered a bacon-cheese hamburger, and Grim ordered a milk shake or smoothie. After the arrival of their food, as Lelouch took the first bite munching then spit out of disgust.

"Blegh! This burger doesn't taste good!" Lelouch said as he drank orange juice. A blonde waitress name Daisy walking to the raven-hair and purple-eye customer.

"Actually no, young sir. The food doesn't taste good, because of that!" Daisy pointed her finger as Grim and Lelouch look the direction and widen their eyes except for Grim since he's skeleton. Both commoners and nobles sneezing, a commner sneeze at the food plate while a male noble sneeze at the female noble. Then he got a HARD slapped with printing hand-mark on his cheeks.

"Is something wrong, Lelouch?" Nunnally asks her brother.

"Nothings wrong, Nunnally." Lelouch said as he nervously laugh a little that he's proud that Nunnally's salad wasn't infected by sneezing.

"It probably just a flu or maybe to much nose picking? You mortals are always picking your noses." Grim said in disgust.



With Jeremiah

In your Knightmare. . .

Jeremiah Gottwald, founder and leader of the Purebloods, was picking his nose inside his Knightmare Frame.


With Guinevere and Carine

At the mall. . .

Guinevere de Britannia the First Princess and Carine ne Britannia the Fifth Princess of the Britannian Imperial Family were picking their noses as they enter the luxurious clothing store.


With Kewell

In your Knightmare. . .

Kewell Soresi, an officer of the Britannian Military and member of the Purebloods, was picking his nose in his Knightmare Frame.


With Suzaku

At the military school. . .

Suzaku Kururugi, a student of Britannian Military Academy on Area 11, was picking his nose as the drill sergeant shouted the line recruits.


With Luciano

In your Knightmare. . .

Luciano Bradley, a member of the Knights of the Round, ranking Knight of Ten, and "Vampire of Britannia" given moniker by his enemies was picking his nose in his Knightmare Frame.


With Charles

In the throne room. . .

Charles zi Britannia zi Britannia, 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, sitting on his throne while picking his nose.

"Hey, it's the old man! And he's picking his nose! Bwahahahahahahaha~!" Lelouch appears in the scene and laughing outloud of what he seen as Grim join the laughter while Nunnally didn't what's going on all she did cutely laugh.


Flashback end


Omake end


Richard's harem list:

Hinata Hyuuga

Taki Uchiha

Akiko Mitarashi

Mileena Edenia

Kitana Edenia



Euphemia li Britannia

Kallen Kouzuki-Stadtfeld

Milly Ashford

Cecile Croomy


A/N: I'm still continuing the story.