Chapter 1 Dark Control - A new beginning

Relaxing in a beanbag on the bow of the sailboat, eyes closes, face in the wind, a cold beverage in hand, Eyal Lavin was basking in the sun. Turning to Sharon who was at the wheel, he said.

«Angel, this is life! Wonderful gift from MI-6 and the Mossad. Cooperation from our agencies, family and friends to get us to stay 7 days at sea. Got to admit, they did good, never expected it. Having Rivka call once we were enjoying Greece's beautiful
blue seas was the best way of making sure we didn't find arguments to stick to our planned two days!"

"Think we took them off-guard by retiring and getting married without asking permission? Maybe they wanted to bribe us so we don't play a game of truth or dare and tell all our secrets!"

"They know my secrets will die with me and I'm sure yours will also. We are professionals. If not, have one secret I CAN tell you… I wouldn't be here by your side."

Sharon shot Eyal a surprised look. "Do you think the Mossad would have put a contract out to silence you if they had not trusted me?"

"Sharon don't be naïve, I don't think, I know! If they thought you were with me for something else than 'love', I would have been 6 feet under before I had a chance to say 'I do'!"

Eyal eyed Sharon deciding whether he should continue. 'What the heck might as well tell her and weather the storm, she can't do much surrounded by water!'

"Well, I did ask permission…. MI-6 has more tolerance than the Mossad. For my agency there is NO exception to the 'no foreigner' rule, especially with a foreign spy. Am not tooting my own horn but I was a high profile agent. The Mossad was not going to
set me free without some guaranties. It was a nasty battle but I won. Your father helped and you being partnered with Ziva as a liaison officer also gave me some leverage. If it would have been, let's say Annie…the discussion would have been terminated
at square 1: Marry her and you become public enemy number 1."

"You or my father never thought I should be part of these negotiations?"

"My agency, their rules, my problems, my responsibilities. Sharon, one thing you will have to accept is that what goes or will go down between me and the Mossad is off limit to you."

Eyal got up to get another drink, Sharon put her handon his shoulder.

"Not so fast! I'd like to know what conditions they imposed on you. I'm not talking about state secrets or details about missions but decisions that could affect us. Seems it would be only normal for you to share at least that."

"What I can tell you is that we are going to be on their radar… permanently."

"Eyal, you mean we'll have eyes on us?"

"We've lived with 'eyes on us' all of our spy life, nothing new. Listen, don't want to be rude but Sharon open your eyes and smell the roses. If I'm ever capture/detained and they (the Mossad) think I could break and spill secrets, they will come for
me. It won't be a friendly extraction team, I'll have a very competent shoot to kill squad just for little old me. I've been living with this knowledge all of my career, didn't stop me then, won't stop me now. Hell, who do you think Gibbs shot when
he rescued Ziva? It was one of Kidon's best. Got a scoop for you, MI-6 has assassins in their rank! "

"Eyal, I know how MI-6 operates! I was part of those mop-up teams: Go in, hit the target and get out! We always had a positive ID and they were traitors and/or terrorists."

Eyal laughed,"You're being beyond naïve or Daddy arrange for you to have the 'sure thing' missions! I know for a factMI-6 ordered questionable executions! "

"That does it!" Her angry tone made Eyal take off his sunglasses and shoot her quit a glare but she didn't flinch.

"I don't know what's up with you or Mark! My father never shielded me more than he would any other of his agents! I might not be a dark bit_h but I can get a dirty job done! Is it a crime to,after the facts,feel emotions,doubt your actions
or,god forbids, cry a little?"

Eyal was surprise at Sharon's emotional 'up rise'.

"Sharon, stop. Your expertise and your ways of working problems always amazed me. I often compared you to Joan Campbell and that, in my book, is a good thing! I know you can kick asses or shoot to kill if needed. Your father didn't shield you openly but
he gave you missions that didn't cross a line… your line! That's because he knew your limits. Would have like to have such a figure looking out for me. It's not a bad thing Sharon, believe me! We all have an inner 'line' that we won't cross. Yours
is above average but it's not border suicidal… like mine, Ziva's or Annie's. That doesn't make you less of a spy. I've told you before and I know it's selfish on my part, but I'd prefer you stay away from that part of our job."

Sharon felt tears sweeping up inher throat but did a good job of keeping them at bay. 'Welby, no time for tears, suck it up!'

"SorryI jumped at you. Think I'm overreactingfor leaving those nightmares get to me again. Add to that people telling I can't handle or don't have a 'dark side. It seems to be the new 'gage' on how to evaluate a spy nowadays."

Eyal took her by the shoulders. "Wait till you have to deal with me and my nightmares, you'll realise that you're not alone! Look, we will have time to talk, argue, fight and everything else that goes with not agreeing so why don't we get off this subject
and just enjoy our honeymoon."

Eyal pressed himself against her. She didn't have to be a spy to guess what his motives were, that was quite visible.

Sharon put her hands on his shoulders and let them fall slowly to his abs.

"You're right. I have a dirty proposition for you!"

Eyal responded with an exaggerate low, sensual and inviting voice.

"Love it when a women gets down right dirty, it's always a challenge and quite fulfilling!"

"How are your sailing skill for racing this ketch? In other words can you make the Flying Lavin fly?"

"What….I know the basics, have a couple of tactics and go-fast tricks. My schedule didn't permit me to sail that much! I mostly took it out in gentle winds, love the calm sea. Didn't buy it for racing but for enjoying the slow… very slow pace that sailing
can bring! What does racing have to do with us getting close and personal?"

"Plenty, stay with me E and you are going to want to race again and again!"

Looking at Sharon with a puzzled expression, he replied.

"If I hear you right, we sail and I put my desire on hold. You're a tease, Mrs. Welby!"

Sharon got close to Eyal, manoeuvre her hips for him to press into her and just as she sensed he was about to go past the point of no return, she abruptly disengage from him.

"Hold that readiness and let's get this boat at race speed."

Eyal wince and after mumbling to himself in Hebrew said. "I'm going to KILL you! How do you expect me to sail in this condition? Care to help me out…!"

Sharon was having fun at his expense. "Patience Love, stay with me! It will pay off… promise!"

Eyal gave up, no use arguing!

She outlines a few tactics and words of advice for fast sailing.

The bigger the draft, the more power - the smaller the draft, the more speed

The most important rule for going upwind 'Keep the Damn Boat Flat!'

When the puff hits the boat, EASE the sail, but just enough to keep it flat.

Immediately afterwards, start to HIKE a little, and at the same time,

TRIM the sail back in.

Balance all the elements, the sail trim, the tiller position, your own weight etc.

Watch for signs of coming puffs, crossing boats, etc.

Beware of the immediacy of contact with the water and wind. Your body being a bridge between these elements.

Combining the timing of the torque with your steering is extremely important.

All in all it's exhilarating and satisfying, but don't fall overboard or let the boom hit you!

Sharon rolled the sails out while Eyal was at the wheel. He signaled to her that he'd prefer they exchange roles. The breeze was at a consistent 15 knots and they smoothly reached downwind, away from the waterfront. With both of them in the cockpit, there
was plenty of room to spread out. They tucked in a few jibes before turning upwind to see how the Flying Lavin could close-hauled. Eyal realised that they worked well as a team. Sharon seemed to anticipate his moves and followed suite and he the same! 'Good for the sailing part, hope we do the same with this business of ours!'

Eyal was a fast learner. He had the basis. After solo race-sailing for a while, he came to detect and react to the shifts. It was already becoming second nature, his body was doing what it must to make the boat go fast and high. For racing, the body weight
played an important part.

The sensation of racing, getting knocked around, the rough-and-tumble of the water, the danger of capsizing or getting walloped by the boom… looking at them, one could easily see that they were having fun, fed on the unexpected even temped it. Regular
yachtsmen would have called them 'reckless fools'!

"Love this side of sailing: The adrenaline from wind gusts lifting up on the hull, feeling the edge of the water, the wind shifts with little or no warning, the flap of the leech, the hull under my bare feet, the hurt raw hands and the bumps and bruises
certain manoeuvres are giving me. Bought this boat as a calm getaway but this….. "

Sharon smiled at Eyal and continued,

"Told you! When I'm sailing, maneuvering lines, watching the wind - the water, my brain gets quiet in a way it doesn't otherwise. I am completely at peace. I love the feeling of trying to trick the forces of wind and water. I'm not finished with you,
Mr. Lavin. The best is yet to come!"

She proceeded to prepared the boat to be anchored, checked the wind/breeze, trimmed the sails, engaged auto pilot, no other boats in sight and plenty of open water all around.

"Mr. Lavin… NOW the table is set!"

She approached Eyal. He was fast to respond, he knew just what she had in mind and WAS ready!

Putting her hand on his shoulder she said, "Slow down, take time to feel the boat moving. E. I want you to make love to me like you just raced this boat: Ride me, don't lose that edge, the sensation of being walloped and knocked around."

Eyal closed his eyes while Sharon sensually pulled down his bermuda's. He roughly brought her close, untied her bikini bra while she wiggle out of the bottom.

Eyal shot in her hear "Love sailing, not much clothes to take off."

"Shut up and show me how you can rock me, sailor!"

Eyal gently picked her up and laid her in the hammock attached between the mast and the inner forestay. He rapidly hoisted himself to join her. Raising his upper body, his arms extended on the hammock on each side of her shoulders, his weight resting
on his knees, their eyes locked for what seemed like eternity.

His arms and legs were tingling, the muscles reacting to having worked hard maneuvering the boat. That hurt and his body still revved up from changing his weight fore and aft to minimize the bow from smashing into waves combine with his burning sexual
desire was an exhilarating sensation.

Her hands went to his torso, her fingers moving lightly over his tight abdomen, she felt his muscles clench under her touch. Closing her eyes, she was engulfed in his warmth.

His eyes gazed down at hers, his lips broke out in a contented smile, bringing one hand up to of her face, and his index softly traced the contour of her jaw. She snipped to bite at his finger. Gently, very gently he brought his mouth to hers. Realising
she was ready when she pushed her hips to his. Without losing eye contact, they kisses passionately. He groaned. "Sharon…you have no idea…" while gently easing inside her.

She responded. "Close your eyes and just feel the waves."

Eyal being a fast learner, used the motion of the water to their advantage. He positioned his body so the rocking movements intensified each thrusting motion instead of taking away from it. The unexpected splash of cold water on their sweat drenched bodies
was all it took to make them lose control and surrender to ripples of pleasure!

Regaining their senses, Eyal possessively kissed Sharon's head. "THAT was intense! Having known …. I would have invited girls on this boat well before!"

That got him a firm punch just below his abs.

"Ouch, hey be careful with the plumbing! Seriously, Love, I been around and this tops it all. Bought this boat for calm and escape from my life in the field. Never thought it could bring this much rapturous delight"

For the next hour, they lied on their back, relaxing and enjoying the gentle rocking of the waves!

As he was pulling her onto him, she resisted. Surprised he asked. "What's wrong, did I hurt you?"

"Do you know what day it is?"

His face lightened up. "Was wondering if you'd remember! I'm so use to being the only one to recall important dates that I stopped invoking them. Thanks for remembering… mean a lot to me!"

"Happy first anniversary, Mr. Lavin. That first day we met in Joan office, I felt something stir in my body. Since then, it's been a year of changes. Things move fast and big with you around. I love what you bought in my life and hope I've been up to
what you expected in a lover and partner."

"More than you can imagine. I had given up on love, my life being what it was. Meeting you changed me in big and better ways. Because of you, I now want to live my life instead of working at finding ways to end it!"

Sharon kissed his forehead at those last solemn words! "Love you and thanks for all you sacrificed you did for me, for us. I might be naïve about the dark side of our covert world but I know what you gave up Eyal. Your career, a small part of your country,
your independence and your cherished liberty. Must admit, it scares me that one day you might regret it all."

Eyal drew Sharon close to him. "I'm well trained at taking the right decision in dangerous even deadly situations. I love you and did NOT sacrifice nothing."

A drift of wind hit them, Sharon shivered, cuddle up to him and noticed that he was up and ready for round 2!

"You recuperate fast for your age!"

He responded "Fast and Dangerous…

Their second bout at ecstasy was slow and steamy sex!

The nautical route they had chosen was the Argo-Saronic one week archaeological escapade;

Athens (Aergina), Epidavros, Ancient Epidavros and Mycene, Poros, Sounic (Poseidon Temple), Aegina (Aphaia Temple) and back to Athens; all in all 131 nautical miles and a 7 day outing! Every day had a special activity planned.

It was Sunday afternoon and they were in Epidavros. Their daily planned activity was a visit to the Epidaurus Theater. It was a wonderful site, beautiful acoustics, and surprisingly no crowds.

Eyal was in his element, explaining to Sharon the history and purpose of this site.

She looked around and said, "This Theater is beautiful and grandiose but seeing so many very skinny cats is spoiling it for me. Nobody seem to care about them."

"Sharon, it's life and no we are DEFINITELY not adopting a stray cat! (Sharon shot him a pouting face). It's one of Greece's lesser known battles. This country is struggling with legions of stray cats and dogs roaming the streets. These conditions are
due to barbaric attitudes toward animals and the lack of legislation on their behalf. Let's say Greece's priorities are the sovereign debt crisis, an economy on the decline, and an exceptionally high unemployment rate. Priorities, Sharon… priorities."

Sharon took pieces of bread they had in their back-packs and gave some to a mother feeding her 4 kittens. Suddenly, Sharon's eye lighted up and she pulled on Eyal sleeve…

"Eyal, have an idea. You told me the auditorium was carved into the side of Mount Kynortio at an incline of 26 degrees, had 34 rows plus another 21 rows were added at the top, probably during Roman times. It can seat around 14,000 people. But the cool
thing about this theatre is its acoustics. You did say that even individuals sitting in the last rows, about 60 meters up, are able to hear performers without any amplification. Eyal have a tiny tiny favor to ask…. Could you walk or run to the last
row? I'd sing a Capella and test this out!"

"How crazy of me to tell you all of this! Sharon, it's mid-afternoon and 29 degrees and you know I hate to run!"

"Eyal, please. You're Israeli, use to desert like temperatures and very much in shape… it'll be a walk in the park for you!"

He took her hands and kissed them. "My lady, you know I can't say no to you. Can I at least choose the song?"

"Agreed, have I told you I love you today?" She kissed him teasingly.

"Many times…. Tell me again by saying I don't have to climb up those stairs!"

"No way, you said yes! What song would you like to hear?"

"I'm not getting out of this, am I? (She shook her head right to left!) Well what do you think about 'Someone like you' from Adele. You know it."

"Nice…. yes I know it. Get going… up.. up..up"

"Hate you!"

It didn't take long for Eyal to get to the top of the stairs but no running just a slight jog! Sitting and looking down at Sharon, he signed 'OK'. She started signing and to Eyal surprise, her voice did carry up to where he was sitting. It was not as
hearing her close up but it was a surprisingly good sound.

Someone Like You"

I heard that you're settled down

That you found a girl and you're married now.

I heard that your dreams came true.

Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you.

She finished the song as he was coming down. He wasn't surprise to hear applauses from the crowd. She shyly thanked all and joined Eyal.

"How was it?"

"Sound was pretty good. I was impressed! You miss singing don't you?"

"Yes, it's been a long time. They told me my mother would always find a way to sing/perform while on a mission. Never needed it that much but this year haven't had much of a chance to perform."

"Well at the marina, where we are docked, there are always small gatherings. Tonight instead of having a five star supper, we can join other boaters. I have my guitar and could accompany you."

Sharon jumped on Eyal. She knew he was not a fan of 'exposing' himself so this offer was special for him! "Love you, but it would be exposing ourselves…"

She didn't have time to finish that Eyal responded "We are retired remember. It's time I / we join the real world. It's OK, I've been docked at this marina a couple of time and only the locals attend those small gatherings."

"And you guys need to promote this new business of yours!"

Eyal had his gun out in the flash of a second, rapidly turning around they saw Ryan McQuaid in person with an 'I'm not impressed' expression on his face.

Looking at Eyal's weapon, McQuaid whistled "Some piece, you must be the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith now owners of Dark Control! Cute couple but cute is not a quality needed in our world."

Eyal snickered at him "Glad you decided to finally show yourself. Was getting annoyed with your little spy game!"

"You had spotted me?"

Both Sharon and Eyal showed their phone with a picture of McQaid observing them.

"Seem your lady friend was faster than you. She has of picture of me at the marina. Eyal fast forwarded his photos and showed the first picture he had taken of McQuaid…. also at the marina!

McQuaid continued "We need to talk, Mark read me up on you Mr. Lavin and I got a file on your Misses here. You guys came highly recommended! Mark was a dear friend and no competition whatsoever between us. Hope we can continue in the same way."

Eyal looked sideways at him and said "Don't see why not as soon as I'm certain I can trust you!"

Sharon noticed Eyal's demeanor had change, he was in spy mode: Confident, assertive, cautious and very professional. She'd always liked and admired the way he conducted himself on missions.

"Mr. McQuaid, you must know we are on our honeymoon. I don't conduct business with pleasure. We could meet at the marine, next Sunday, before we leave for London."

'Have a better proposition for you. I can play guitar pretty well, why don't I accompany your misses at the marina gathering. Afterward we could talk, like old friends."

Rapidly Sharon and Eyal scanned themselves for possible bugs

"Don't worry, didn't place bugs on you. I had a friend right next to you when you told the Misses about the marina gathering. Look, I'll even bring the wine and whiskey."

Eyal turned toward Sharon, he chuckled silently, just one look at her and he knew they were going to meet up with Ryan tonight!

Sharon spoke. "Mr. McQuaid, it's Sharon. Don't like the Misses! You're Australian aren't you?"

"Yes. Well, I prefer Ryan to Mr. McQuaid. Know your father by the way. Saved his but some time ago!"

Sharon pinched her lips and smiled sideways….."As I recalled he saved your hide… See, I was the one driving the helicopter that got your sorry self out of that hell hole you got yourself in. My father was at a consulate meeting on some simple PR business
and met up with you. An hour later you were both held by gun-dealers…. He called on an extraction team.. I was sent! Seems you borrowed a container full of MK-47! You try lying to me one more time and you can kiss this cooperation deal good-bye."

"Lavin whose running things here?"

"She seems to have YOU pretty well pegged! I agree with her about the lying part but let me clear up one fact: You lie, you die: IS THAT clear. I'm not getting involve with a lying sonofa_itch of your kind."

"Look, I put a feeler out and got my answers. You guys lived up to your reputations. Did you think I'd open up to a couple of amateurs? I'm in serious shit here and need help. The fact that I'm asking for help is proof enough that I need some objective
eyes. I'd like for us to meet tonight."

Sharon snapped "You won't be alone?"

"I'll have my personal assistant with me, she can be trusted."

Eyal's turn to respond "You come alone, no bugs and unarmed. You can't follow those rules, you solve your problem by yourself. I couldn't care less of how your company fairs, I'm a competitor remember! Doing this as a favor to my friend Mark."

"You guys drive a hard bargain but in the circumstances, I'll abide by your rules except the gun part. Lavin, you're an exceptional shoot, you'd have me down the second I went for my gun. I keep the gun, we have a deal?"

Sharon looked at Eyal and he nodded his head. They shook and parted ways.


"I know Eyal, we are cutting this expedition short and getting back to the Flying Lavin. You want to be read in on what me and Mark figured out. Also WE are going to scan the boat and us for trackers/bugs and anything else McQuaid could have hooked on
us! Hope you have the necessary equipment. If not I can call Daddy!"

"Don't get Daddy involve. I have what's needed. By the way I'm impressed, Mouse!"

"First time you've called me by my code name! What's up?"

"I now know why you got that code name. Quite a game of cat and mouse you just played ….. Hand it over!" Eyal shot her a stare as she gave him McQuaid's sim card!

"Must be out of practice, I usually don't get caught! Hope HE didn't!"

"He didn't, I'm sure. Seems we have the same MO, had I not watched myself, we would have bumped hands. We seriously have to get familiar with our ways!"

After checking the ketch from top to bottom, they sat on the deck and Sharon gave Eyal a resume of what she and Mark had figure out from the intel in the file.

"So we have three possible culprits; Caitlyn Cook- Ryan McQuaid's assistant, Borz Altan – his employee and a Muslim veteran plus and this one I have a problem with - Ryan McQuaid. I trust both your deduction logic but why would Mark make me look into
this is he suspected Ryan. Just leave McQuaid deal with his own problems!"

"Think Mr. Master Spy… because Ryan is not aware he's the mole and that unstoppable mouth of his is going and going, talking and talking!"

"OK, that could be. How did you two, in a couple of hours, come down from 10 suspects to only three."

"Easy, with the info Mark gave me, I was able to piggy-back and hack the Sirius satellite data SSL 128 Bit Encryption. Didn't really eliminate any one 100%. Those three have very suspicious purchases on one time credit cards. The ones you stocks up and
then discard, no traces! Put all the purchases in the file, you just have to look at the list. Seems Caitlin and Bortz are buying enough construction items to build an office building and after make it blow up! Plus McQuaid purchases, with his personal
credit card (not good!), detonators in an industrial quantity! Something just doesn't add up."

"Sharon, we need to be careful with this. I'm intrigue but if we take this on, we are 'alone' no agency or Dark control backup. ARE YOU SURE?"

"Eyal, if I opp out you are only going to go solo to get to the bottom of this story. I'm in!"

"I'm won't be your babysitter or your lover. If we work together, I'll be expecting a Master spy to show up, if I don't see that, you're out. From what I'm reading from your file, it implies Russians, Muslims, army trained personnel and possible bombing
attempts adding that their home base might be McQuaid Security: a company full of vengeful ex-spies, mercenaries in it for the money and hungry/greedy politicians! It's a dangerous situation, dangerous people especially with no backups. By the way,
you and Mark did very good work on sorting out a very thick file bringing it down to a couple of pages!"

"Seems just like your type of mission Mr. Lavin! Thanks and here is more of my work. Got all I could out of McQuaid sim card. All of his contacts and I'm screening them against Caitlins and Borgs phone records. "

"How did you get those phones records?"

"Easy, they paid their bill with their credit card… a little bonus for little old me. I was more than well trained in hacking phone companies. What do you think I did on maternity leave? Never thought that boring job would come in handy!"

Sharon could feel Eyal's interest with this opp. He was not about to pass it up. Also she wanted / needed to prove to Eyal that she could get the job done, be his equal!

Ryan McQuaid was on time and had very expensive alcohol as gifts. He was also quite a good guitar player. The three of them were a hit at the small marina gathering. Back on the boat, their guards went back up.

"Look guys, something needs to break here. I know you don't trust me, I don't trust you either. By the way, care to give me my sim card. My cell phone needs it to work and at the moment I need the contracts."

Sharon smiled at him and dialed his phone, it rang. "What's your problem, your phone is working fine."

McQuaid looked at her and shook his head "Hell she even had that Angelina Joly smirk! Lavin, you have a reputation of a women's man, you try to cheat on her and your dead!"

Eyal responded "OK, let's get down to business. Ryan, do you have any idea of who could be doing this and why?

"NO, have a lot of enemies but wanting to put me under, it just doesn't stick. Not many companies in our line of business. We get the dirty jobs done, give black opp. very good paying jobs, and governments are off the hook…it's like community services!
(Eyal rolled his eye at that comment). I thought about ex-employees, had a couple checked out, found nothing. I'm at a dead end."

Eyal and Ryan looked at Sharon sitting on the deck surrounded by papers. Quite an unusual way to work but since both man had to get to know each other they let her be. Suddenly, she let out a loud 'Qualice' (French swear word). Ryan and Eyal jumped!

"Guys can you both come here, think I stumbled on to something."

As soon as they were up and above her paper puzzle, she ran them through her line of thought.

"Ryan, the contracts you lost are all government relate plus they have one thing in common: They concerned military equipment (helicopters, gums, tanks, bombs, missiles even drones) I triangulate these contracts with worldwide attempts against such military
equipment - BINGO: All the contracts you lost had their merchandise stolen. My guess is that your company was used to get the intel on the these merchandises: What, When and How. Made sure you didn't get the contracts for not to arise suspicions on
your company and then somebody stole the goods! You don't have a mole who wants to destroy your company, you have an organisation that is USING your company to plan a dreadful and deathful attempt maybe attempSSSS! They don't give a damn about your
company, there like vampires sucking the juice, feeding on it then they will toss the host when it dries up! Eyal, we need to get this info. to proper channels. It's too big for us to handle on our own. It would be suicidal!"

"Ryan, if she right, I'm with her, we need to alert proper authorities. This organisation must have quite an arsenal at their disposal by now. We are talking about worldwide security here!"

Sharon had been observing Ryan "You son of a bi_ch you knew all of this. You were using Mark to get to someone and now you counting on us."

Ryan approached Sharon in a menacing way 'Girl you better have proof of what you are insinuating!"

Sharon just got closer to him and snickered "I do. Was wondering why you bought a series of detonators. Just checked the dates and it's at the same time as a full container of bombs where stolen. You manage to intercept this shipment, replaced the detonators
with yours (detonator which you bugged). But that shipment was intercepted at the Russian's border and destroyed. Somebody tipped them off on your doing. You know the mole is in your company, you know it's a person close to you and you know why you
are losing your contracts. Eyal, I'm out, not working with this bas_ard."

Sharon looked at Eyal and he had his gun drawn out, silencer on it and pointed at Ryan head

"Remember me saying 'Lie and Die'"

Ryan went to speak when a shot nipped his left ears, so close it must of shattered his eardrum because blood appeared in his ear. A knife also put quite a nip in his shoulder. Ryan looked at both Sharon and Eyal and fainted.

Eyal was mumbling in Hebrew "Care to tell me why you stopped me from killing this bas_ard. If you ever try that again…"

"Eyal, he's the mole, he's been feeding the information to the targets. We need him alive if we want to have a chance of finding out who's running this operation."

"Sharon, I agree with you when you said it's too big for us and needs to be in the hands of government security."

"Eyal, we need to get more proof of what we are advancing and McQuaid is a controllable go between. We control McQuaid, get more proof and then hand it over to the proper authorities. Eyal, if we give them the info as is, what will they do. Remember 9/11
think Mossad had warned the US of what could happen. Look the good it did! We need to get more proof!"

Eyal looked at Sharon in disbelief. He was beginning to realise why Ziva had stayed paired with her. Her logic could spin one's head out of control: the information she gave was to the point and brutally filled with truth. She had just stopped him from
committing a grave mistake. To step in like she did, against him….

Eyal was brought out of his thought by an awaking McQuaid. Eyal lifted him up by the shoulder (the hurt one!) and dragged him below deck. Sharon followed them.

"Ryan get your act together. We have another possible 9/11 on our hands. Have a proposition for you: We need to keep you in the field so to speak. We're going to help you try to save your company but we want you to act as a guinea pig. You figured out
you're the mole. Somebody is feeding on you so let them feed and when they get fat enough we can hand the information over to government authorities. It's a live or die proposition, you choice."

Looking at Eyal, Ryan asked "Do I have a choice?"

Both Eyal and Sharon said "NO".

"You two are a dangerous twosome. Don't know if Mark knew who he was selling his company to. Hell, you're borderline skizos, both of you. She's intel and he's actions, nobody going to be able to stop the you two! All I can say is the Mark's company is
in good hands…."

Sharon replied "Sorry for being so blunt, we had to establish a line of communication, nothing personal. Now that we have you attention and your life in our hands we can do business in a more normal way."

"You two are good… never mind Angelina and Brad… I have Mickey Roodney and Judy Garland, Hollywood's best!. OK I agree, I'll be your go between. Now what?"

"Just do as if nothing happened, be yourself. They'll come…. don't worry! We'll be keeping an eye on you. Don't try to contact us, we'll come to you."

"Care to give me the name of your suspects?"

Again Sharon and Eyal said in unison "NO"

"OK, just checking! By the way, plan on trying to hire Arthur Campbell to work with me. He's not welcome in the rank of the CIA and I owe him."

Eyal responded "Good, when time comes, Arthur can serve as a resource to get our info into the right hands. He has that knowledge. That way we won't have to compromise Robert, Rivka or Joan!"

Sharon nodded in approval and Eyal continued "Ryan sit down. I need to tend to that ear and cut of yours. Not polite to have our guest leaving and bleeding all over themselves.

Eyal fixed Ryan up and he was off.

All felt silent, Sharon and Eyal just looked at each other, and not a word was said. Eyal picked her up and brought her in the master bedroom.

"Love, got to fix the nip you made on my hand, I'll be right back. Next time please just ask for me to put the gun down."

Sharon looked at the deep gush and it was bleeding a lot.

"Leave me help you, I'll stich you up. Where do you keep you first aid kit?"

Eyal handed her the kit and she stitched his wound.

He was thinking 'Funny, she didn't even say she was sorry or felt guilty at the sight of my wound. Lavin what you want, you told her not to pity you and now you want some TLC from her!'

"Here all is fixed. I miscalculated the recoil, it should not have cut you. My timing was a little off, I'm going to have to practice more!"

"Boysssss… I swear I'm hearing Ziva talking. Can the real Sharon come back to me, like her better?"

"We off duty?"

"We're officially off duty!"

Sharon came up to him, took his hand and kissed it.

"I'm so sorry, didn't want to hurt you."

She cuddle into him and he responded like any newlywed would!

To be continued.