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The movie had only just started and Aang already had Katara in his arms because she was already scared. Aang was happy he got to hold her though, she was the most beautiful and precious thing he had ever held and saw and he wanted to make sure she did not shatter before him.

"Im sorry Aang" katara apologized while burying her face into Aangs neck.

"Katara you have nothing to apologize for, your just scared" Aang said putting an arm around her to pull her closer.

"Thats not the only reason" Katara said still keeping her face in the crook of Aangs neck.

"What do you mean Katara?" Aang asked confused.

"i guess i just want to be c-closer to you Aang" Katara stuttered nervously.

Aang blushed really hard, Katara saw this and blushed herself. She gazed into Aangs eyes as he did the same to her. She leaned in closer to him as he did the same. There lips were about to touch when Sokka stared screaming like a girl. It was really loud and screechy. This made the two jump. They never got another chance to connect so they continued to watch the movie. most of the time Aang an Katara didnt watch the movie they just sat there thinking about what it would be like if their lips did touch, and their kiss was realistic and not imaginary. They both thought it would be like Magic.

'How can i feel this way about her, we only met four and a half hours ago?' Aang thought to himself.

Katara thought something very similar. She wondered why they had such strong chemistry towards one another. It was un-questionable she found him very attractive, he thought the same thing about her, she was very pretty after all.

It was about half way through the movie by this point. Suki was still with Sokka and Katara was still with Aang. The two were still blushing furiously. Aang still had her in his arms and she was still holding him tight in an effort to relinquish her fears. She could feel how bulk he was through his shirt.

The movie had finally finished and everyone had separated. Katara had wished the movie never finished because all she wanted was to be closer to Aang. Aang got up and put his sunglasses back in even though it was dark out.

"Hey Aang ill meet you back at our dorm okay?" Sokka asked. Aang nodded and handed Sokka the spare key. Sokka opened the door and left the room.

"Well i am going to hit the sheets goodnight" Suki said walking into her bedroom. Katara and Aang just looked at each other.

"Well I guess I should get going too" Aang said "Its getting pretty late"

"Yeah sure" Katara answered.

"Good bye Katara" Aang smiled. He walked to the door and opened it. As he was about to step out he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Aang wait, do you want a tour of the college tomorrow because I know your new and I thought it would be better if yeah..." Katara said awkwardly. She was hoping he would say yes.

"Thanks Katara I would love to!" Aang grinned "Where do you want to meet?"

"Ill just stop by your room sometime in the morning okay?" Katara asked

"Yeah that should be fine, i'm a morning person so ill be up after 6" Aang explained

"IM A MORNING PERSON TOO!" Katara almost yelled

"Haha now we have something in common" Aang smiled.

"Haha I guess so" Katara smirked. She took a small step closer to Aang to reduce the space between them. Aang gave away a small blush and opened his mouth to talk.

"I should get going its pretty late" Aang started "I don't want Sokka to get any bad ideas about me"

"aha im sure he wont" Katara giggled "But it would be best" Katara hugged him. He turned his head and gave her a light peck on the cheek. Katara blushed and opened the door once again for Aang to leave. Aang waved as he started to walk down the hallway. Katara waved back and shut the door. She leaned against it touching her cheek where Aang had kissed her. She smiled at the memory and blushed once again.

By the time Aang made it back to his room he saw Sokka sitting on the couch with his arms crossed. "Oh, hey Sokka" Aang smiled "What's up?"

"Whats up?" Sokka asked "You left my sisters room ten minutes after I left, why were you there so long Aang!?" Sokka started crossing his arms.

"I was just talking to your sister man" Aang began "that's all" Sokka raised an eyebrow and gave Aang an 'I don't believe you' look "Its true, but she did kind of ask me to hang out, I hope that's okay"

"Dude that's fine your allowed to be friends with her bro" Sokka said nodding his head.

"Yeah friends" Aang mumbled to himself

"What was that Aang?" Sokka asked once again raising his eyebrow.

"Look Sokka I don't know why but I kind of like your sister" Aang started "So tomorrow I was going to ask her to go out to a date with me, is that okay?"

Sokka pondered for a moment before opening his mouth to talk "Sure man" Sokka said "Your nice enough to, I think that should be fine"

"Thankyou Sokka!" Aang cheered

"That's okay, but if you hurt her I will kill you!"

"I would never hurt her Sokka, but if I did I would accept the punishments I deserve" Aang said nodding his head.

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