Title; Andraste

Author; Magrat 70

Disclaimer; not mine blah, blah

Rating; T

Songs used;

I Don't Need a Lover-Texas

Edge of Seventeen-Stevie Nicks

Kids in America-Kim Wilde

Thank you for sao21 for beta and plot discussions

And to Call Me OT for song suggestions

Spoilers for Lauren, I have used some of the script from Lauren but not necessarily to the characters that spoke them, the reason for that will become evident.

Summary; totally AU Jennifer Jareau is a Canadian ex wild child rock star living in Seattle who has had a stalker for years. Spencer Reid is her younger half-brother, who writes songs with her and designs her artwork and live shows. Hotch is her manager, still married to Haley and with their son Jack.

Emily Prentiss quits the FBI after her lack of support after her almost fatal fight with Ian Doyle. Morgan, who shot and killed Doyle after he stabbed her, has left the FBI in support of his best friend. Garcia can't look at the sights she sees every day and can't work without her two best friends. The three start a high end, high tech personal security company.


She felt the nerves hit her, the first live gig in 18 months. The media believed the story that she had been in rehab. What they didn't know was that JJ Jareau had had IVF and eight months ago Henry Jareau had been born. The reason for the secrecy was simple, for the whole seventeen years since she started playing in small clubs in Ontario and her subsequent move to Seattle, she had been stalked.

It started with letters and presents. It moved to her car being keyed to brakes being cut. Videos of her being mixed with pornographic images. Her cat had been strangled and an ex-boyfriend had been stabbed; her ex-girlfriend had been threatened with sexual assault. There was no way the sick fucker was going to find out about him.


"Why did she run? We're her family," Garcia, said, barely holding it together.

"Doyle is killing families," Rossi answered. "Prentiss doesn't have a partner, she isn't close to family. She ran to protect us."

"She's a trained spy; she knows all of her tricks. We don't know any of hers," Morgan was so angry with Emily, she was his best friend and she was on some damn, stupid, suicide mission.

"That's why we treat this like any other case, Prentiss is our victim and Ian Doyle is our unsub. Because terrorism isn't something we specialize in, I have reached out to someone in counter terrorism who can shed some light on Prentiss's past," Gideon informed the team.

"Who?" Mick asked.

"Her," Gideon answered as Jordan Todd entered the bullpen.

Morgan groaned Prentiss was going to be so pissed to find Gideon had brought her ex in on this. Things had not ended well when Emily had come back early from a case and found Todd in bed with some guy.

"Let's get to work," Todd said, trying to avoid the dirty looks being shot her way by Garcia and Morgan. They would never forgive her for hurting Emily, and she hoped by helping her now she could get a little forgiveness.


"How are things going Spence?" JJ asked, waiting for her brother's usual tirade.

"The sound system is barely adequate..."

"That's because it wasn't designed by a genius, like our recording studio," JJ indulgently ruffled his hair.

"You sounded and looked great," Haley said. "The show should be kicking tomorrow."

JJ gave a little shiver. "Tell me again why we started a stadium tour in March in Boston?"

"Because it is fifteen years since you landed your big deal," Hotch answered simply. "Maybe we should have started further south. Anyway, you're Canadian, so this should be tropical to you."

JJ turned to Haley. "Were my ears deceived or did boss man make a joke?"

They all laughed. Since the stalking had become more intense, the four of them had retreated further away from close contact with anyone else. JJ was terrified that anyone else would get hurt.

Haley and Hotch drifted away from the brother and sister. "She's scared, isn't she?"

"More threats came in yesterday, saying she wasn't going to survive the tour. I've employed extra security. Haley, I tried to have her cancel the tour, but you know what she's like." Hotch answered, he had only one client now and most of his time was spent looking out for her.

"Why won't the police do more?" Haley knew they had had this conversation so many times that it was getting old for all of them.


Emily sat in the car listening to the message from Garcia, tears stream down her face. She wished with all her heart that her team hadn't got involved. The only thing she was really concerned with was that Ian didn't try and connect the team with Declan's whereabouts. If she could make sure they were all safe, she didn't care if she lived or died.


'This is it,' thought JJ as she stood in the dark waiting for the first song. She was dressed in a pair of tight ripped jeans, the front of the right leg patched with a maple leaf flag, a white tank top and an old leather biker's jacket. The first song she was in total control, it is her and her guitar. She played the chords that introduced the song and the spotlight was on her and her alone. JJ was lost from that moment; she lived within the music.

I don't want a lover

I just need a friend


Emily threw the flash bang grenade into the car and got caught by the sucker punch of someone pretending to be Doyle. She turned and caught the bullet straight in the chest. The last thing that went through her mind was 'thank God I was wearing a vest'.

She regained consciousness to find herself strapped to a chair. The first time she really showed any emotions was when she was asked to choose who was going to die; the rat or Rossi and Ashley. Prentiss wondered exactly what Doyle was going to do to her when he pulled her shirt open; then the excruciating pain as he branded the four leaf clover on her breast.


"Okay Boston, going back to an oldie," JJ called into her mic; she was flying, the show was even better than she hoped. She wondered how the crowd would react to Spencer's artwork. A huge back drop of JJ depicted as a dove in flight was released.

Just like a white winged dove

Sings a song

Sounds like she's singin'

The sniper lay on the lip of the amphitheater; he had been there all day. He had been paid a hefty sum to take the singer out. Shame, she was stunningly beautiful, and she knew how to use her body. Still those weren't his concerns; he was there to take the shot at the time given by his client.


"I beat you Ian," Emily said as she tried to throttle Doyle. "I beat you before you even before left North Korea." The lights were suddenly cut and Doyle used Emily's drop in concentration to throw her off him. She eventually managed to get hold of the table leg and started to slam it into is face with all her might. Emily tried to. land a killing blow but holding on to somethingwit h both your hands in handcuffs meant the wood slipped from her grasp, Doyle picked it up and stabbed it into Emily's abdomen.

Morgan came into the room as the wood pierced Emily's body; without thinking about it, he shot Doyle right between his eyes. He started to call for a medic as he held Emily's hands.


"Our last song tonight, you've been a brilliant audience."

Hotch, looked at Haley and Reid blowing out a breathe of relief. He couldn't wait to get everybody back to the hotel.

Looking out a dirty old window

Down below the cars in the city go rushing by

I sit here alone and I wonder why

JJ turned and caught the eye of her grinning drummer, she jumped up to get on his on his plinth. That one action saved her life as the bullet went through her back, lodging in her lung and not her heart.

Spencer ran onto the stage ready to do anything to save his beloved sister.

The sniper cursed but didn't have time to take another shot; he needed to get down and away before the police came.


Hotch, Haley and Spencer were taken into the waiting room. There was already a group of devastated people sitting in there.

Both groups sat there for hours waiting for the news on whether their loved one had survived. Two surgeons came out and were able to give good news. Despite serious injuries, both women had survived.