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The song is Numb by Pink

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Trust Issues

Her release from hospital had been intense. Boston police had been a hell of a lot more proficient than the idiot who dealt with her case in Seattle. It hadn't taken long for Detectives Rizzoli and Frost to pick up the pieces of the trail and catch the shooter. He didn't know who had hired him. Then Frost had managed to find that the money had come from a shell company set up in the Bahamas. After the trail went cold, Rizzoli told Hotch how she had had a blazing row with the idiot in Seattle who was suggesting that JJ had set the whole situation up as a publicity stunt. The dark haired Detective told him that she wished she could help more and suggested that they looked into getting some investigators that knew what they were doing.

Back home JJ had to learn to sing and breathe deeply at the same time; although, her lungs had healed, she kept having panic attacks at not being able to pull enough oxygen in. Only Henry could pull her out of the deep dark mood that she was in. She was pushing Hotch, Haley and Spence away. She was close to giving up until Spence suggested she pushed what she felt into a song; she needed to get out of her head instead of living in it.


Emily pushed herself again on the salmon ladder in the gym at Quantico. It wasn't used very often; only the hardcore freaks that wanted a body and abs to die for used this piece of equipment. The raven haired profiler was determined her body would heal and be better than before she was stabbed by Doyle.

Garcia and Morgan watched her going through another punishing race to the top of the ladder using only her power to take the metal bar up to the next rung.

"Derek, I'm not saying it isn't sexy, but she is killing herself here. She has gone way beyond where she was. What is she doing this for?" Garcia asked. "Doyle is dead; she doesn't need to do this. It is like she is punishing herself for everything she's been through."

Morgan nodded in agreement, pressing a cold compress against his jaw where Emily had caught him with a solid elbow during hand to hand. "She's on the edge; she has her psych eval later, and if she doesn't cool down she isn't going to pass, she is so out of control; I've never seen her like this. Never mind the fact that Strauss wants to see her first."

"Why? Is she trying to push her so hard she messes up her psych eval? You know how much the wicked witch hates her," Garcia said, fearing for her friend if she failed her evaluation. She had no relationship with her mother; she hadn't even tried to start a relationship since Todd. All she had was the BAU.


Morgan heard the shouting before he saw Emily moving towards the BAU offices with Strauss following.

"Agent Prentiss, this is a dramatic gesture by you..." Strauss shouted trying to pull Emily back towards her office.

"Well, I am a rogue agent, so why would it surprise you what sort of gesture I'am?"

Strauss hated every time that Prentiss called her that; the woman had a way of making it sound like any curse word you can imagine. Why couldn't she understand that there was no way she could let the fact she had thrown a flash bang grenade into a car go. Even though they were working for a known terrorist and arms dealer, the FBI could not take the law into their own hands. She was suggesting that Emily take some time away and consider if she was in the right part of the FBI, or whether the FBI was the right place for her.

Emily unclipped her gun and reached into her pocket for her I.D. "Gideon, consider this my registration," and she was away at speed; no way was any security guard going to escort her off the premises; Morgan didn't even think; he was off and running and had just missed her as he smelt burning rubber as she left the parking lot as fast as possible. He stood there in disbelief; his partner, his best friend was gone. It had been hell in the field without her while she recovered. He knew he didn't trust anybody else to have his back the way Emily did.

"What happened?" Garcia's voice came from just behind him. "I saw her unclip her gun, her badge, everything.

"I think she jumped before Strauss pushed her," Morgan said with a sigh.

"Well, we follow her; she is our best friend. She has been through hell, and I, for one, will not let the wicked witch push her over the edge."

"You think she would do something stupid?" Morgan asked, his heart hammering, like he was about to go into a dangerous situation in the field. He had almost watched Emily bleed out in front of him; he was not prepared to lose her now. "Let's go."


Emily threw her keys into the little bowl on her hall table and let a small sigh of relief out. It was over; she could put in place the plans that she had been thinking about ever since she had been in hospital. She was tired. Tired of playing by other people's rules. Tired of looking at mangled corpses. She wanted to do something else. Stop the crimes before they happened. Her train of thought was interrupted by the party her front door was having by its self. The bell was going crazy and it sounded like someone was trying to knock a hole in it.

She unclipped her backup gun from her ankle holster and, with a great deal of trepidation, looked through the security spy hole in her door to see her two best friends there. She slipped her gun back into its holster. "Why didn't you use one of your keys, and why are you here?"

"Well, for one, my brooding ex profiler, you put your dead bolt across, and two, we were worried about you," Garcia marched into the living room pleased to see that there was no sign of open booze or anything smashed up.

"I... look guys, you don't have to worry. If anything, Strauss has given me the push that I needed. I don't want to do this anymore," Emily admitted.

"Oh come on princess, we know this is your dream job. You're a profiler; it's what you are. You were just going to leave us?" Morgan felt hurt; he knew Emily was independently wealthy and she could stop working and see the world.

"No far from it; I wanted to offer you both a partnership. A high end, high tech security company..."

"Security guards? Are you crazy?" Morgan stared at her in disbelief.

"What part of high end did you miss? I was thinking more bodyguards and private investigators. No more plans messed up; we'd be our own bosses. Morgan, I'm scared, I thought I was dead, and I realized I wanted more than waiting for the next call into peoples shattered lives, to look at any more mangled corpses. I don't want to do that anymore."

"Oh, thank God," Garcia said. "I thought it was just me.

"Look, I checked; with our amount of hours work experience, we don't even need to study to become investigators. What do you think?" Emily asked.

"Be honest. Will we be more working for you than being partners? I'm not stupid; you'd be putting the money up front." Morgan was caught in a moment of indecision.

"You know the money means nothing to me; I will be doing this whether you're with me or not." Emily answered.


Gideon hadn't taken too kindly to losing so many members of his team at once, but accepted there was little he could do about it.

Garcia came up with the name of the business; Andraste, a Celtic goddess of war that Boudica had invoked before leading the Iceni on their blood soaked revolt against the Roman Empire. Emily had liked it, and Morgan pretended to hate it when really he had delighted in the confidence the name seemed to bring to his partner.

At first, Garcia was earning them the big bucks, catching hackers and tracing industrial espionage in some of the top 500 companies. The Prentiss name gave a few lucrative protection gigs for people who had the money to buy their top level security on properties and people. Evidence against an ex-politician's daughter's violent ex-boyfriend was easy. Morgan got to take a couple of trips down the red carpet with an actress who was sure she was being stalked; it turned out her paranoia had more to do with the Columbian marching powder she was snorting, as Morgan informed her agent.

Garcia was in her element; hacking big companies' systems to show their weaknesses was easy and paid well, and she had a license to snoop. She had designed the company's logo keeping to the Celtic theme and using the sign for the Trinity and one of its many meanings as their slogan; Power, Intellect, Love. The relaxed atmosphere that the three good friends had in the office was fun. Garcia started to pull pranks like changing Morgan's name plate to chocolate stud muffin, which took him a week to notice.

The money was flooding in, but Emily and Morgan knew they were missing one big case. One case that would really make their names.


JJ had hit the top of the Billboard charts with her first song since she was shot. The song was a snarl and she performed it dressed in black leather. The starkness and aggressiveness of the song had knocked the critics back, with no one even sure that she would perform again. Never mind a snarling piece of punk. They song worried Hotch; he felt the feeling behind it and knew that JJ was still lost inside herself. He needed to help her and not leave her in her now admitted state of being NUMB.


No sleep, no sex for you from your ex-girlfriend

I was too deep, I can't let you go and just jump in

At times I would push my feelings aside to let you feel

I'm Novocaine I'm numb and nothing's real

Like the coldest winter, I am frozen from you

I was weak before now you made me so numb

I can't feel much for you anymore

I gave you my all, my baby

I'm numb, numb, numb

But the tears were silent inside you see

But the tears were silent inside you see

I laid there quiet, watched you have your way with me

I might have cried, the tears were silent inside you see

You called me names, made me feel like I was dumb

I didn't feel a thing and now I'm gone, gone, gone

Like a battered child I got used to your pain

But you know its cuz

I was weak before now you made me so numb

I can't feel much for you anymore

I gave you my all, my baby

I'm numb, numb, numb

I was weak before now you made me so numb

I can't feel much for you anymore

I gave you my all, my baby

I'm numb, numb, numb

Don't feel a thing, don't feel the pain

Numb, numb, numb

Say it

I was weak before now you made me so numb

I can't feel much for you anymore

I gave you my all, my baby

I'm numb, numb, numb

I was weak for

Said now I'm numb, numb, numb

No, no, no, no

He watched her perform a song he hated only for the sentiment. He moved out of the studio to take a call. He was surprised that it was Detective Rizzoli calling from Boston to find out how things were going. When she heard nothing had changed, she offered him the name of a new agency that had been set up by three top former FBI agents called Andraste.