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(Balance and Death)

20 Years Later


"Maybe one day, the Nameless Headmaster will free himself from his predicament and return to the living world," Luna Scamander, née Lovegood said. "But by then, he will be one forgettable face among many. And his name shall be forgotten in time."

"What's his name, Mummy?" Lorcan, one of the two little boys in bed asked.

He was a red-haired child, just like his twin, with wild locks and blue eyes.

The twins looked to be about five years old and even an outsider would have seen that they had been hearing their good-night-story for the first time.

Both of them had been following it with rapt attention and were now looking at their mother in the hopes of more.

Luna smiled at her son warmly.

"He's the Nameless Headmaster," she said. "And that, my darling, is everything you need to know about him."

She stroked Lorcan's hair for a moment, before finishing the story.

"And this is how the Immortal Prince turned into the Crownless King and saved us before a new war could break out," Luna said softly. "His reign would be the beginning of a lot of changes in the magical world. Education would return to old teachings and forgotten knowledge would return. With it, the culture started to slowly change once more towards one that had a lot less place for intolerance than it previously had. The end."

She smothered down the blankets and then bowed to kiss her sons on the head.

"But Mummy," Lorcan said, his voice sleepy. "That's not how to end a story."

His brother Lysander yawned but then nodded.

"No, it isn't," he agreed with his brother.

"Oh," Luna said. "Then what is missing?"

Lorcan yawned as well.

"The end, Mummy," he said. "It's missing the end!"

Luna thought about it for a moment or two while her hand was carding through her son's hair.

"Hmm," she finally said. "What about this then…"

Her gaze sharpened a bit, making her look more like an old advisor than a young mother.

"Even after twenty years, it's not perfect, yet," Luna told her sons seriously. "But one day – maybe in a hundred, maybe in a thousand years, it will be as close to perfect as it will ever be able to get."

She smiled at her sons.

"Does that satisfy you as an end?" she asked them.

Lysander shook his head immediately.

"No, Mummy," he said. "You forgot to tell us how everybody reacted when the king returned!"

"Oh, there were a lot of reactions," Luna told him readily. "But most people were happy. A king is our way to connect to the land, without him, a country is a lot less protected – and people know that deep inside them. We can feel it."

She nodded.

"I know, you don't know what I'm talking about," she said softly, more to herself. "But you were born with that connection that we were missing when we grew up. Maybe, you're happier for it."

She shook her head, removing those thoughts from her mind.

"It's not as if the Immortal Prince would have been able to claim the throne before," she said. "He had needed a connection to the people to do so, and that connection only came into being when he returned to his birth identity and when he started to write those articles."

"Oh," Lysander said.

Lorcan, on the other hand, had another question.

"And what about the Death Eaters?" he asked. "What happened to them?"

"That was one of his first acts as the King," Luna said. "He sent out Aurors to capture the Death Eaters. They all had trials, and some of them were locked away, some of them died and some have been given their freedom after they atoned for their deeds."

"And his old friends? Are they friends again, now?" Lorcan wanted to know.

"That's a question for your Aunt Hermione and your Uncle Ron," Luna said. "But yes, as far as I know, after a few years, they were quite close friends again. It wasn't the same as before, but it was a new and good friendship."

"Oh," Lorcan said. "That's good then."

"It is," Luna agreed and then bowed down to kiss both of their foreheads before standing up.

"Wait, Mummy!" Lysander sat up in bed. "Why did the Crownless King choose what he did?"

Luna frowned at her son.

"You should sleep," she said.

"But, Mummy!" Both sons whined and Luna sighed and sat back down.

"Lie back down, my little Wrackspurt," she said.

Lysander pouted but did what he was told.

Luna smoothed out his blanket before addressing what he had asked.

"If he had chosen death, he would have regretted it because he would have been forced to watch a lot of people die," she elaborated softly. "If he had chosen life without his memories, he would still have lost a lot of people who are still alive now. And if he had chosen to be the Balance on the terms Death offered, he would have never really been the Balance. A true Balance is not influenced by their counterpart, after all."

She smiled softly.

"And as much as Death is a part of Life," she continued. "Life is also a part of Death and therefore can't bow to Death's demands."

With that, she nodded to herself.

"So, this is it for tonight," she declared.

"Aw," both of her sons looked at her sadly.

"No," Luna told them. "I've been lenient with you. It's time to sleep now."

"But Mummy!" Lorcan said sadly. "I want to know why you're calling King Serendu the Crownless King!"

Luna hesitated.

She looked from one pleading face to the other and in the end sighed.

"He's King Serendu right now," she told her sons calmly. "But somewhen in the future, he won't be King Serendu any longer."

"But why?" Lysander wanted to know.

"Because he won't stay," Luna said. "He still has a long, long time to live – and he won't be King Serendu for all of it."


"He will leave and wander the world again," Luna said calmly and caressed her sons' hair. "One day, he will feel the urge to leave and he will. He will return whenever he's needed, but he won't rule us actively any longer."

"So, how does that make him the Crownless King?"

"Because he will officially have no crown any longer," Luna told her children. "People will die and people will forget and when he'll return, he will still be King, but he will be a King without a crown. He will be the Crownless King, watching over us from the shadows and only returning when needed."

"But he will return?" Lorcan wanted to know.

"He will," Luna agreed. "Time after time, he will. And then, sometimes in the future, he will have a son born to him and he will hand over the crown to said son."

"So, there will be a King again?" Lysander assured himself.

"Yes," Luna declared. "It won't be in our lifetime. We will only ever know King Serendu, but who knows how many millennia in the future, the Crownless King will have an Heir and the Heir will take the throne so that his father can put his kingly duties to rest."

"And what will be his name?" Lorcan inquired interestedly.

"Does it matter?" Luna said. "He will come, just like the Immortal Prince came and took up watching us as the Crownless King. Do you really think his heir's name is that important?"

Lorcan pondered this, "Yes," he finally said with a pout.

Luna raised an eyebrow at her son, watching him while he pouted some more.

"No," Lorcan finally admitted. "But I want to know, Mummy! Please! Tell me, what will be his name?"

For a moment, Luna smiled at him and then ensured that both of her boys were tucked in.

"His name will be Arthur," she finally told them.

"Arthur?" Lysander said and sat up again. "That's all? Doesn't he have something else to be called, like the Crownless King, Mummy?"

"Lie back down," Luna admonished him and he grumbled but did as he was told.

"Please, Mummy," Lorcan said. "If you know, can't you tell us?"

For a moment, Luna looked at her sons thoughtfully.

She hesitated.

"Please, Mummy!" Lysander said.

Luna's face turned serious.

"If I tell you," she said sternly. "Then you have to promise me, that you will never tell another soul. This will be our secret, do you understand?"

"But what about when we're big?" Lysander argued. "Can we tell someone when we're big?"

Luna hummed.

"If you have children," she gave in slowly. "You may tell them. But nobody else, do you hear me?"

Both of her boys nodded sincerely.

"We won't, Mummy, we promise!"

For a moment, Luna looked at her sons, then she nodded and smoothed out the blanket before standing up from the edge of the bed.

She kissed each of her sons on the forehead and then she whispered.

"He will be named the same he was named once before," she whispered. "He's King Arthur, after all – the Once and Future King."

And with a wink, she stepped back from the bed.

"But shhh," she held her finger to her lips. "This will be our little secret. The world isn't yet ready to hear that truth. Just like it wasn't ready to hear that the Immortal Prince was still walking the earth before he returned as the Crownless King, it's not yet ready to hear that thousands of years after our time King Serendu will have a son born to him who will be the returned Once and Future King."

Then she stepped back from the bed.

"And now sleep, my little Wrackspurts. It's been a long day and you need your rest."

For a moment, she stood back and watched her sons, while their eyes fell close, then she nodded and turned to the door.

She left the room and closed the door behind her.

"Are you telling them stories again, Luna?"

Luna turned and smiled at Sal.

"Hello, my Crownless King," she greeted him. "What are you doing here this late?"

Sal smiled when she walked towards him and hugged him.

"I'm going to leave for the next few hours," he said calmly. "I wanted to warn you since I know that people will come to you for answers first."

"That's because I'm your right-hand woman," Luna replied in amusement and then crooked her head.

Sal returned her smile.

"You've been my right hand ever since you took over for your grandfather in the Wizengamot," he said.

"I've been your right-hand because I'm the only logical choice," she countered. "Because unlike anybody else, I grew up with stories about you, my Immortal Prince, my Crownless King."

Sal snorted and smiled.

"The Lovegoods always had long memories," he agreed.

Luna's smile broadened.

"Memories of your past… or of your future?" she inquired.

Sal snorted.

"Don't tell me my future," he countered. "I don't want to know."

"If you so wish, my dearest Life," Luna agreed and when Sal sent her an expressionless look, she added. "It's the truth, my Crownless King. You might be King right now, but no matter what, you will always be more Life than King in the end."

The answer was a fond roll of the eyes and Luna decided to take that as an invitation to further ask questions.

"Where are you going?" she inquired.

"Into death," Sal answered immediately, calmly. "I'm going to visit my father."

Luna smiled.

"Asking for advice from the Once and Future King?" she asked amused.

Sal snorted.

"I need a second opinion," he replied. "And unlike most others, he's not going to censure himself."

Luna nodded in understanding.

"Give my love to my Mummy and my Opapa, if you're at it," she said. "Tell them I miss them."

Sal inclined his head.

"Of course, I will," he said and then sent her another smile. "Thank you, Luna."

"You're my Crownless King," Luna replied, and her dreamy eyes met his green ones. "I would do anything for you."

Then her smile turned tender.

"And I know how hard you work," she said. "You need some time off. Visiting your family in the beyond is a good idea."

Sal returned her tender smile with one of his own crooked ones.

"It's still odd, saying I go into death," he said wryly.

Luna just smiled.

"You're the Balance," she said. "And no matter what Death offered you for choices – you made your own decision."

"It's still odd," he countered calmly.

Luna shrugged.

"Without Life, there will be no Death, just like without Death, Life can't breathe," she said calmly. "And even behind the veil, there is existence and therefore a part of you."

"This is not what I wanted to be," Sal said and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Luna hummed.

"You had three choices offered," she said. "But not one of them would have been your own. You had to find your own answer."

"Because I'm the Balance, Master of the Deathly Hallows, and therefore the one who can't bow to Death," Sal smiled wryly. "Because what kind of Balance would I be, if I did that?"

"Exactly," Luna agreed fondly.

Sal shook his head, but his face was thoughtful.

"I still don't understand why I decided to be his Balance," he said. "I still don't understand why I decided to walk this world and the next, free to cross over whenever I want."

"Because this is what Life is all about," Luna said. "Life at its core, is the freedom to walk where your feet lead you. And you are the ultimate Life – the barrier to Death isn't something that should have ever stopped you. You just needed time to grow up and some help to see it."

Then she smiled.

"And you did," she said. "You did and decided the right thing in the end."

When Sal frowned, she reached for his shoulder and patted it.

"For all that he's Death, he's still your godfather in your heart," she said and put her hand on his chest over the heart. "You love him. And you saw that he needed you, and was still willing to let you go because he loved you."

She smiled.

"And tell me, my Immortal Prince, my Crownless King," she looked him in the eyes. "Do you regret it?"

Sal returned her smile, soft and sincere.

"No," he said, without even having to think about it. "I don't. And I doubt that I ever will."

Luna smiled.

"Then what else is there to talk about?" she asked.

Sal laughed.

"Oh, Luna!" he said. "Never change!"

"I won't," Luna promised. "Even in a thousand years, I will still be there to watch you and talk to you whenever you return to death to see those who left for the Veil. And now go, see your family!"

And Sal sent her one last smile before he turned and vanished into death, and therefore from her sight.

"I know you won't regret, my dearest Life," Luna said to his vanished form. "And when you will finally tire of living like that, you will already have a son and successor. And after… well, I guess, being Death will be a new adventure…"


The first step for Sal into nowhere was strange like always.

It didn't feel like apparition and it definitely didn't feel like a portkey. It felt like closing your eyes and daring to take the first step down uneven stairs. A short feeling of uncertainty and fear coupled with the feeling of stepping into emptiness before the step seemed to materialize beneath the foot, securing it once more.

The moment Sal took that step, his vision swam into darkness, a short moment of seeing nothing before stars burst into being and then the light returned.

The world was no different than the one he left – just cleaner and looking a lot emptier than the one he came from.

"Salvazsahar, son," he was immediately greeted by a man he had gotten back only twenty years ago after he had been missing him for millennia.

Sal smiled.

"Atr," he said and stepped forward when the other man reached out towards him, just like he always had since Sal had come back the first time.

They hugged for a short moment before someone else removed Sal from his atr's arms and turned him to hug him as well.

"Kiddo," the other man said. "I have to repeat, had I known who you are, I would have forced you to move in with us."

Sal laughed.

That sentence or something very similar had become something akin to a standard greeting over the last two decades.

"Hello, James," he greeted his birth father amused.

The answer was a mimed slap to his head – that ended up more a soft stroke than anything like a slap at all.

"That's Dad to you," James corrected him mock-seriously. "I know you tried to replace me – but be honest: I'm irreplaceable!"

"Yes, Dad," Sal agreed just like he always did and rolled his eyes. "Totally irreplaceable."

"And don't you forget it!" James said before letting Sal go.

Before Sal could even think about looking around, he was hugged again.

This time, he recognized the one hugging him immediately.

"Mère!" he said and embraced Cathérine Malfoire, his adoptive mother.

"Your père and me are so proud of you and your work, Salvatio!" she told him and kissed his forehead.

"Well, he managed to get raised often enough," the amused voice of Sal's grandmother Aleahkys commented. "If we all didn't manage to raise him right, I would have despaired."

"Mátr!" Myrddin Emrys groaned and looked at his mother in despair. "Really?"

"Don't complain, Moridunon," Aleahkys immediately countered. "You can't say that you were the only one raising him, after all!"

And while those two started to argue, Sal was pulled aside into another hug by Lily and then Morgana LeFay.

"Salvatio," Sal turned and freed himself from his mother's grip.

"Oncle Nick!" He greeted the other man with a smile. "How are you?"

"Oh, I'm just as well as I ever have been since I died eighteen years ago," his Oncle fondly said. "I think I'm lacking a bit of action sadly."

Sal snorted.

"And here I thought you were still recovering from the action you got on my coronation date," he said amused. "Hunting Death Eaters through the Ministry was quite a bit of action for an old man."

His Oncle Nick smiled.

Unlike when the man had been alive the last time, he didn't look old anymore. Instead, he looked like the young man Sal had known when he was a child in the Malfoire household.

"Someone had to go and help pick up the remaining Death Eaters in the Ministry," he pointed out.

Sal raised an eyebrow.

"And a six hundred plus year-old man who knew his life was coming to an end was the only person who could do it?" he asked amused.

Oncle Nick shrugged.

"I've never been that fond of playing a politician, so I decided not to insert myself into sorting out the mess in the Wizengamot Chamber. You also did have the healers well in hand," he pointed out. "Not to mention that the fact that I helped out with rounding up unsuspecting Death Eaters was quite helpful for the DMLE. Who suspects an old man is on the hunt for Death Eaters, after all?"

"If they knew who you were, they would have suspected that you weren't there for a chat," Sal pointed out.

"Oh, but I hadn't been in Britain for longer than most of them were alive," Nicholas Flamel countered one of his hands waving through the air. "And honestly, most were too preoccupied with what little news got out of the Wizengamot Chamber about your light show to suspect me in any way."

"You mean his second maturity," Morgana corrected Nicholas smugly.

Sal rolled his eyes at his mother fondly.

"I shouldn't have gotten my maturity at that time," he pointed out. "Theoretically, I was still too young with me being actually fifteen and all that. If I hadn't had the throne ascension that I did, I wouldn't have gotten it that day, too."

"It doesn't matter," Morgana said calmly. "You were plentily trained for it. Aging a few more years wouldn't have prepared you any more than you already were."

Before Sal could answer, Lancelot suddenly materialized next to him. The former knight leaned on Sal and ruffled his hair.

"Tell me, my Prince," he said amused. "How does it feel to be actually grown up and not just be a child playing grown-up?"

Sal groaned.

"It's King, Lancelot," he corrected the former knight with a sigh. "And can you please stop asking that question? I feel like you've been asking it ever since we saw each other again after my official twenty-first birthday…"

Lancelot just pressed Sal closer, forcing him to bend a bit which Lancelot used to put his chin on Sal's head.

"Huh," the former knight said thoughtfully. "I think I've been remiss in my duties if you have to think about me asking that question. Don't worry. I won't fail you further. From now on, I will ask in a way that you won't have to think about me repeating the question, my Prince!"

Of course, that was what the former knight had gathered from Sal's words…

"You're the worst," Sal said with fondness in his voice.

"Oh, I bet there are some worse people," Lancelot countered immediately and ruffled Sal's hair again.

Sal groaned and tried to shove him away, just to be caught by Gawain in another bone-crushing hug.

They were still embraced when Arthur Pendragon stepped up and ruffled his hair.

"How is ruling, my son?" he asked, amused.

Sal groaned and freed himself from Gawain so that he could take a few steps away from the gathered people around him. The other king followed him amused.

"That bad?" Arthur asked.

Sal just sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"It's chaos," he admitted. "Well organised chaos for the most part, but it is still chaos nevertheless."

Arthur raised an eyebrow.

"There's been a situation with the Swedish ambassador. In Sweden, there's a dark wizard on the ambassador is heavily suspected to be in cohorts with him. The trouble is that there's no proof and his status as an ambassador makes it difficult to act as well - especially because the Swedish Ministry is still in denial and their own King is on sabbatical and not expected to return for at least another year."

"Kings go on sabbatical?" Myrddin asked half-surprised and half-amused.

Sal snorted.

"Their King was newly crowned last year at the age of sixteen," he said with a sigh. "In fact, his so-called sabbatical is actually him going to school."

"How come he has been crowned that young?" Arthur asked, concerned.

Myrddin turned his gaze on the Once and Future King and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm pretty sure you were younger," he pointed out.

Arthur shrugged.

"I had to," he countered. "Uther Pendragon, my father, died if you remember."

"Same here as far as I know," Sal answered with a sigh. "I suspect the death was caused by the dark wizard on the rise, but my concern has been dismissed by the Swedish Ministry."

"You approached them with it?" Arthur asked.

Sal sighed.

"I thought it was the least I could do," he said. "I'm a fellow King-"

"You felt his death through the borders," Arthur concluded. "Like you, their King was connected to the land through his ancestor's magic. His death would have been felt in other countries if it was violent."

"Exactly," Sal agreed. "The Dutch and the Polish Kings felt it as well and they share my opinion."

"And yet, the Swedish Ministry doesn't listen?" Myrddin asked, concerned.

"I think they might be afraid," Sal answered with a sigh.

Arthur hummed in agreement.

"You might want to get in contact with the young Swedish King," he said thoughtfully.

"He's not yet fully trained," Sal countered.

"Then you should talk to him a fortiori," Arthur said certainly. "He needs people he can learn from and the other ruling families are the last people who would try and harm him. They all know what it means to the world to lose a royal family. Losing a family like that will always lead to chaos, after all."

Sal groaned.

"Can't the Dutch or the Polish spearhead this?" he asked unhappily.

"Do you think they would?" Arthur asked, amused.

Sal opened his mouth, just to close it again before rubbing his eyes.

"No," he said with a sigh. "They'd argue that it's my prerogative as the oldest."

"You mean they are chickens and think it's better if someone else does it for them?" an amused voice asked.

Sal looked up and saw Godric stepping up next to Myrddin.

"No," he disagreed with his old friend. "I mean that they're most likely cunning enough to get me stuck with the paperwork."

"And Salazar Slytherin has no other way but let them?" another voice spoke up and Peverell came into view behind Godric.

For a moment, Sal frowned at him, then his lips formed into an amused and a bit evil smirk.

"You're right, Peverell," he said with sparkling eyes. "There are definitely some ways I can explore…"

"Somehow I get the feeling they'll end up regretting it if they leave the whole thing to you," Godric said half-amused, half-horrified.

"Just a bit… maybe," Sal agreed.

Arthur snorted.

"Any other advice that you need, son of mine?" he asked, amused.

Sal raised an eyebrow at his father.

"You're acting as if I'm just coming by for advice," he said with a mock-glare on his face.

"Oh, no," Arthur assured him immediately. "I'm just used to you combining work with pleasure."

"Oh, definitely," a female voice agreed, mock-serious. "Actually, he's been over often enough in the last two decades that I'm surprised he hasn't just put you in his pocket and returned with you to the living world!"

When Sal turned his gaze towards Peverell and Godric, he saw that they had been joined by Rowena and Helga.

"Did you all come to greet me today?" Sal asked, a bit surprised.

"Well, it's not as if we had something better to do!" Godric immediately replied.

Rowena rolled her eyes at her husband.

"Really, Godric?" Helga asked her brother with a sigh.

"Well, he's right, isn't he?" Peverell defended his brother-in-law. "Seeing Salvazsahar again is the highlight of our days."

"In other words, you have been watching me," Sal said dryly.

"Every one of us," Helga agreed, not even trying to sound ashamed. "And we've been doing it for longer than just the last twenty years, too."

"You're important to us," Sal's dead wife Andromeda added. "So of course we've continued to follow your life even after we departed from it."

"We've been waiting and watching," Rowena agreed calmly. "And we hoped the day we would see you again would come."

"And we dreaded it at the same time," Godric said before shrugging. "I think a lot of us feared that you would decide to die. It's good to see that you decided that visiting us would be enough."

In the end, they talked for a time before Sal was pulled aside by his father Arthur for a bit more in-depth advice on how to handle the situation he came to inquire about.

"He's been growing," Peverell commented quietly while watching Sal debate something with Arthur.

"He's Life," Sal's grandfather Fawarx commented calmly, his body human and one of his hands around his human-looking wife. "Life is always growing."

His wife Aleahkys hummed.

"And one day," she said. "Millennia or so in the future, he will stop growing and he will give up living."

"And then?" Peverell asked with concern in his face.

"Then he will die and take over my post so that I can cease to exist," a new voice added.

Peverell turned and smiled.

"Pater," he greeted the new arrival. "Don't you have things to do?"

Death waved it off.

"Nothing that can't wait for a moment while I come and greet my godson," he said calmly.

"You're not planning to force him to be Death as well, are you?" Myrddin asked, concerned.

"Not for a long time," Death replied. "And when he will be me, he will start the circle anew. He will find his own Balance and his way to gain and train them. Don't worry about him. It will be millennia until then and he will be ready when the time comes."

As if Sal had heard him, the current King of magical Britain turned and looked at Death.

"Ollivanneder," he greeted the other entity. "Here to meddle?"

Death snorted.

"No," he said amused. "I just came by to say hello."

Sal smiled and stepped up to hug the other entity.

For a moment, white fire clashed with unending darkness and then the entities stopped hugging and the phenomenon ceased.

"Hello, Godfather," Sal greeted Death.

Death smiled.

"Hello, my godson," he replied.

In the end, the entities and the dead would talk for a bit longer, until finally, Sal decided to go back home.

"I will return," he promised.

"Like always," Godric commented amused.

Andromeda, his former wife, smiled at Sal.

"And we will be waiting," she said and stepped forward to embrace him. "No matter how long it will take you, we will always wait for you."

And with a last kiss to his cheek, she let him go.

"Like always," Godric added, smirking.

Sal rolled his eyes at the other man and then boxed him into the shoulder.

"Idiot," he said and Godric laughed.

With that, Sal said goodbye to the rest before he closed his eyes and took a step backwards.

It felt like falling for a very brief moment.

And when he opened his eyes again, he was back in the living world – even if he wasn't back in the room he left from.

Instead, he was back in his office, which was even after twenty years still situated in Hogwarts' former headmaster's office.

It was day again.

It was early morning from the looks of it. His office was bathed in the early morning sun and outside it was still twilight.

It seemed as if Sal had been gone for a few hours – something that happened if he didn't particularly take care of when he returned. He could return the instance he left – but normally, a few hours didn't matter for him, so he didn't concentrate all that hard on the exact time he wanted to return to.

"Pater!" Ana cried. The next moment, the door flew open. Ana along with Luna's sons Lysander and Lorcan ran in.

Sal raised his eyebrows when Ana proceeded to hide behind him like a small child while Luna's children giggled and hid beneath the desk in front of Sal.

In the far distance, he could hear Severus Prince shouting.

"Do I want to know?" he asked dryly before his door flew open again.

"You three can't hide from me! This time, I'll use you as potion's ingredients!"

Sal looked from Severus Prince to his son and then back before he stepped aside.

"I'm sure, I don't," he said to himself while he watched the enraged, purple-haired potion's master lunging himself at Ana with a furious "You're dead, Uncle Ana!"





Mátr - Mother

atr - Father


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