Scene 2: Mirror

Characters: All

Summary: Is what Amu sees in the mirror all in her head... or real?

A/N: Soo…. I should probably mention a few things before this one-shot. The feelings expressed are not romantically oriented. It'll make sense what I'm saying as you read, but just remember, it's pure obsession. Yep, it's creepy, it's twisted. Ah, insanity. Lovely. :P

Amber eyes blinked open, focusing on the plain pattern on the ceiling above. The owner of the eyes, a small girl with pink hair, slowly sat up in her bed, her hand reaching to turn off the alarm.

Monday morning. The start of a new school week.

She yawned, rubbing a fisted hand on her eyes to rub the sleep out of them.

She swung her legs over the side of the bed, her feet coming to rest on the cold floor. Getting up, she quickly got ready for school, dressing in the uniform and running a brush through her hair.

As she was brushing her teeth, she kept her eyes down. But even then she could still see it. Something moving from the corner of her eye in the mirror. She quickly rinsed out her mouth and rushed out of the bathroom, grabbing her hair clip on the way out. She didn't want to be around there any more then she had to.

"Good morning, Amu-chan." Greeted Yukari Sanjo, one of the ladies who worked in the orphanage she lived in. "Have you eaten?"

"Good morning." Amu greeted quietly. "I'm not hungry. Thank you, Sanjo-san. I'll be leaving now."

Yukari nodded. She'd already learned long ago to not bother trying to make Amu eat in the morning. "Have a good day, Amu-chan."

The pinkette opened the door and walked down the steps, entering into the brisk wind. She kept her head down, burrowed into her jacket as she walked to school. She didn't look up but simply stared at the ground, watching her feet shuffle along the pavement.

Since she wasn't looking, she bumped into someone. Stumbling back, she glanced up when she heard gasps. She froze. Before her stood the one she'd accidentally bumped into, the one they called "The Prince of Seiyo High".

Tadase Hotori.

He stood there, flanked by two girls, looking as perfect as ever. Sparkles seemed to permanently exist in the air around him.

"S-sorry." She apologized, looking down.

"It's fine. Good morning, Hinamori-san."

Now, Tadase himself wasn't that bad, since he didn't do anything in fear of destroying his princely reputation. But he didn't really need to do anything. Why? Because of the two girls beside him, Nana and Iru. His favorite fangirls, who were currently seething in anger. Who dared to even look at their prince, let alone bump into him?

Everyone knew why he kept them around. Their wrath and revenge was like no other. Before he could even think of wanting to hurt something, they already had it done.

"Hey brat, get rid of that piece of trash you call a necklace. It's hurting my eyes." Iru snapped.

Amu gulped and brought up a hand to cover the necklace, which had been reflecting the sun into the girl's face.

"What's that, Hinamori-san?" Tadase asked curiously.

"You haven't seen it before? She wears it all the time." Nana scoffed. "It's an insult to real jewelry."

The necklace was a simple small mirror, with roses and gold embellishments decorating the edges. It did look quite old-fashioned, however it was pretty. But that wasn't why Amu wore it.

"I-it's a necklace." Amu stuttered shyly. "m-my friend gave it to me."

"Wow, you mean you actually have friends?" Iru laughed.

"They're probably imaginary. Or dead." Nana giggled.

Amu's eyes filled with tears, but she tried to hold them back. That struck a sensitive nerve, one that still hadn't completely healed from her past. Amu wore the necklace because she had asked her to. And she's been avoiding her so much lately, it was the only thing she could do…

Acting as if the two girls beside him weren't bullying the girl to tears, Tadase gave another charming smile. "Well, we'd best be getting to school, Hinamori-san. See you later."

With that, he turned and walked to school, Nana and Iru each clinging to one of his arms. Both girls gave her one last nasty sneer before they left.

Amu looked down, her hand holding the necklace dropped limply to her side. Her hands began to shake slightly, and she tightly gripped the material of her shirt. She was hurt, and scared.

Why does it have to be this way…? She thought miserably as one crystal tear dropped and splattered on the pavement.

Knowing she was going to be late if she didn't hurry, she sniffled and continued walking. She made it into her class before the teacher did.

As she was walking to her seat, a leg suddenly shot out and tripped her. She crashed to the floor, while the whole class erupted in laughter. She gathered her scattered belongings and continued to her seat with her head down, still trying hard not to cry.

The teacher took attendance and began class, while Amu stared down at her table. Instead of taking notes, she began to draw in her notebook. She drew a girl with large, happy caramel eyes, and two carrot-colored pigtails held up big red bows. She held a lollipop in her hand, and she offered a bright, joyous smile.

Yaya…. I miss you.

The bell rang, and Amu slowly proceeded to pack up her belongings and head to her locker. As she was taking out her books. A beautiful girl with long, golden pigtails and amethyst eyes approached her own locker, which was next to Amu's. She was another wildly popular girl by the name of Utau Hoshina.

The girl slammed open her locker, causing Amu to jump. Utau leisurely pulled a mirror out of her locker, topping off her red lipstick. She took a side-glance at Amu, a cruel smirk twisting her lips.

"You know," she stated slowly as she turned. "It's reeeaaallly easy to tell you've been crying, honey. Look at yourself." Utau turned the mirror towards her.

She knew! Of course they did. She might as well have written it in bold red print on her forehead when she refused to face the mirror when cleaning the dance room. Amu immediately flinched, stumbling back, trying to get away.

Both her arms were seized harshly by Saaya and Lulu, two of Utau's friends. Utau slapped Amu across the face.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Her face morphed from an angered snarl to a vicious sneer. "So, little crazy orphan girl doesn't like mirrors, does she?" She cooed. Saaya and Lulu snickered. Amu scrunched her eyes shut, shaking her head violently as tears poured down her face.

"Hey." A hand wrapped itself around her neck, manicured nails digging into her soft skin. "Open your eyes, freak."

Knowing she would be hurt more if she didn't do as Utau said, Amu slowly opened her teary eyes. The blonde raised the mirror above Amu's head and prepared to smash it down. Amu looked up fearfully, her eyes meeting the reflective surface of the mirror.

Immediately she was sucked in. The world around her seemed to disappear. All that existed was what was reflected in the mirror. Amu, and... her. The one Amu wore the necklace for.

An arm wrapped around Amu's waist in a hug and a hand was placed on her cheek, gently wiping away her tears. Amu's eyes widened and she struggled to get away, only unable to when she tightened her hold.

"Don't be afraid, Amu." She whispered. Her eyes softened, and she looked at Amu, her eyes gentle, concerned. "Please don't cry. You don't have to."

Amu sniffled, trying to control her tears, but they continued to pour down her cheeks.

"If you came with me, you wouldn't have to suffer or be sad anymore."

Amu closed her eyes, shaking her head back and forth.

"Okay." Fingers stroked her cheek. "But I'm still here. And I'll still protect you."

The girl looked up, her long, curly golden hair spilling over her shoulders. Her sharp gold eyes focused on the mirror and narrowed, glaring at the object. And then she disappeared.

As she did, the mirror shattered, and Amu was reminded of the world around her. She didn't even have time to duck her head, but she didn't need to. Not a single shard of the glass hit her. Instead, the pieces were directed at the girls surrounding her.

Saaya and Lulu screamed, releasing her arms to jump back. Utau looked stunned as well; her eyes and mouth open wide in shock.

As soon as she was released, Amu took of down the hall, her books and bag forgotten.

She ran to the library, back to the back corner where nobody went. She sat back against the wall and buried her face in her knees, which she pulled up to her chest. She wrapped her arms around her legs, curling up into a little ball.

She stayed silent in that position for a few moments, relishing the peace and quiet. It wasn't something she got much of anymore.

But, all good things must come to end, and in this case it was ended upon the arrival of a certain blue-haired demon by the name of Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Amu detested the playboy. Why did he have to come to the library of all places? She hoped he didn't notice her, but sadly, her bright pink hair was hard to miss.

"Hey," he poked her cheek. "What's wrong?"

"You don't care." She muttered to herself, but her still heard.

Smirking, he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. "Nope," he stated. "You're right. I don't."

She struggled, attempting to get his arms off of her. "Let go." She said quietly but firmly.

"Why?" He asked, still smirking at her attempts.

"Just let go!" She said, louder this time. She was starting to get scared. She hated him, hated him down to his rotten core. Not only for the horrible way he'd treated other girls, but what he'd done to her.

"No." He whispered in her ear.

Amu's attempts to escape increased, but she still wasn't stronger than the older male. If anything, her struggling only amused him and made him squeeze her tighter. Amu was very scared by now.

"I haven't seen you in such a long time. I missed you, did you miss me?" He said, burying his face in her hair. As if he even cared. Amu squirmed away from his touch.

"Tsukiyomi." A cold voice said.

Ikuto stopped and looked up, scowling upon seeing Kairi Sanjo standing before them with his arms folded across his chest.

"Please let go of Hinamori. This is a library."

He sighed, roughly shoved Amu aside, stood, and walked out.

Amu looked up when a hand was placed on her shoulder. Kairi looked down at her with concern.

"Are you okay, Amu-chan?" He asked. She nodded meekly in reply. Kairi was the younger brother of Yukari. He'd met Amu once when coming to the orphanage.

"Thank you." She said quietly.

"Was he the one who hurt you that one time?" He asked.

She nodded.

He sighed, almost sounding like he was annoyed, but Amu could hear the anger in his voice.

"If you see him again, come find me Amu-chan. I won't let him hurt you again." He handed her a slip of paper. "I'm leaving school early today, so if you need me, call this number. And I'll be sure to help you." He gave her a tight smile and left.

The bell rang.

Amu realized with a jolt she had forgotten her books at her locker, so she ran through the now almost empty halls to reach it quickly.

Finding her belongings scattered across the hallway, she collected them as quickly as possible and hurried to her class.

"You're late, Himamori." Her teacher said disdainfully. Even the teachers seemed to dislike her. He didn't even bother to learn the correct spelling of her name. And he didn't care when or if she corrected him.

"Gomen, sensei." She muttered, walking to her seat with her head down.

He only rolled his eyes. "Today, class," He said, "We'll be viewing different objects under the microscope."

Amu glanced around the classroom as he explained the procedure. The classroom was ideal for doing labs in, as it had a large sink in the corner, next to the cabinets that held the microscopes. Oddly enough, the room had no windows. The only thing that unnerved her was the large mirror. It was so big it reflected the whole classroom. Amu averted her eyes before she saw something she didn't want to.

I'm crazy. They told me so. She's not real.

"Come forward and get your microscope, class. Now, I have a call to make, but since this lab is easy, I'm sure you'll all be fine. I'll be back later. If you finish your lab, you may talk quietly." With that, he left.

The students stood and headed to the front.

"Let's get this over with." Amu heard a kid mutter as they went by.

"Tadase-sama." Nana said in a sugary-sweet voice, "Don't worry about doing anything, you can just stay here. We'll do it for you!"

Tadase gave her a million-dollar smile. "Thank you, Nana-chan."

Nana quickly turned and marched to the front of the class with Iru, both blushing.

Amu slowly stood and walked forward, entering into the crowd of students.

Suddenly someone shoved her, and she lost her balance and fell backward, slamming into someone. They both crashed to the floor, Amu awkwardly on top of whoever it was.

"Hey!" A voice screeched. Immediately all eyes were on them.

Amu quickly rolled off. To her horror, the person on the floor was Utau.

"U-Utau-san!" She stuttered, scrambling to her feet. She offered her hand. "I-I'm so sorry, someone pushed me – "

Utau smacked her hand away, stunning Amu into silence. She quickly leapt to her feet and glowered down at Amu, a burning glare on her face.

She backhanded Amu across the face – again – and roughly shoved her backward. Amu crashed into one of the open cabinets, knocking her head on the shelf. All of the glass beakers and such tumbled out, smashing to pieces on the floor. Amu fell down, landing hard on her backside. Tears were already forming in her eyes.

"As if!" Utau shouted angrily. "What lies are you spinning now, freak! Huh?!" She stomped over and stood above her menacingly. "I bet you did that on purpose!"

"She did, Utau-san! I saw her!"

Several voices shouted out their agreement as the rest of the class formed a semicircle around Utau and Amu. Nana and Iru entered, standing beside Utau.

"Utau-chan," Iru began in a sing-song voice, "She seems to be on a roll today. She shoved Tadase-sama to the ground this morning on the way to school and claimed she bumped into him." She and Nana giggled.

"She's so violent. I bet she's mental."

"Yeah! I heard she murdered her parents."

"She lives in an orphanage."

"She broke a mirror over Utau-san's head! Utau was just trying to help her look pretty!"

"Oh yeah? I heard she was all over Tsukiyomi-sama!"

"Me too! I saw it! It was disgusting!"

"Poor Ikuto-sama."

"Just die!" Saaya screeched. "Nobody likes you! You're nothing but trouble! You're a just a crazy, psychotic murderer! We'd all be so much happier if you just offed yourself!"

The crowd shouted it's approval.

Amu was finding it nearly impossible to hold back her tears now.

Leaning forward, Utau swiped a decent sized glass shard off the floor. A twisted smile etched itself onto her face. She swung it at Amu's cheek.


Amu screamed out in pain as a red gash appeared on her cheek, red blood beginning to drip from it. The students shouted louder, laughing and screaming for more.

"Do it again, Utau-san!"

"Show her her place!"

Nana and Iru began to kick her. Amu had nowhere to go; her back was against the cabinet and she was surrounded by students. With a cheer, the rest of them surged forward, each wanted to get a kick or punch in on the 'freak'.

Wave after wave of pain burned across Amu's body as the students beat her. She didn't bother stopping the tears now. The students were so loud! Why wasn't someone coming?

"Hey," Utau held up a bottle of blue liquid. "I heard this stuff stains your clothes and skin." She quickly took of the cap and dumped it all over Amu.

"There's more!"

Several containers later, Amu's hair, clothes, and skin were covered in blue blotches. Someone had splashed some on her face, getting it in her eyes. She was sobbing hysterically now, only giving them all the more reason to laugh at her.

Someone grabbed her wrist, and Amu looked up. All she could see through her tears was a silhouette holding her wrist and then –


Amu cried out in pain again, bloud pouring down her wirst. She screamed, the cut was deep.

Am I going to die?! Are the y going to kill –"

Everything went black.


"Who turned out the lights?!" Utau shrieked.

A piece of glass cracked as a sinister snicker rang out among the darkness.

Several of the students ran towards the door, stumbling and crashing into the desks, knocking them over.

"It's locked!" A girl screamed.

"Locked?! What do you mean locked?!" Nana yelled.

"It won't open!"

Everything went silent again.

Nothing but the harsh breathing of the students was heard.

Amu's heart still pounded in her ears. She wrapped a hand around her bloody wrist, feeling light-headed from blood loss.

Nails dug into her skin. She was pulled sideways roughly and slammed against the mirror on the wall. A blood-curling screech tore from her lips. The students around her screamed too.

"What's going on?!"

"Was that Hinamori?"

Amu gasped as she felt something peel her hand away from her wrist. Something was placed over the cut, a wet sensation sliding across her skin.


Is something sucking my blood?

Amu's eyes opened wide in shock.

I'm against the mirror…

"I-is it you?" Amu asked quietly, her voice shaking, She glanced around, but the darkness masked her vision.

"Don't worry Amu." The voice soothed. "I'm here to help you." A hand stroked her hair.

Suddenly there was an explosion, and the glass shattered outwards. Amu screamed, lurching forward as glass pieces burst out, flying across the room. Screams ripped out as glass dug into the student's skin.

Though the lights weren't back on, Amu could somehow see. Though it was still very dark, the only light source swaying like the light of a flickering torch, it was enough to see a girl standing before her.

Long, luscious golden curls fell perfectly down her back. She was tall but thin. A twisted, malicious grin distorted the illusion of her perfect doll-like face. Blood was smeared on her round, childish cheeks. The girl from earlier, in the hallway with Utau.

"Who are you?!" Utau screamed, scrambling back against the wall.

Her golden eyes darted to the blonde, narrowing, a look of absolute hatred diluting the color.

An almost too innocent smile alighted on her face, her head tilting to the side in a docile manner.

However, the words that came out of her mouth next shook even Amu to the bone.

"Anata no saiaku no akumu." Your worst nightmare.

Utau suddenly screeched loudly, and it took the observers a minute to realize why. In less time than it took to blink, the mysterious girl had Utau pinned up against the wall by her throat, her legs dangling useless beneath her. Nothing but choked gasps and gurgles escaped the amethyst-eyed teen.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting to do this." The voice, low and rough, with an ugly, threatening undertone spilled out of the girl's throat. "Do you want to know how much pain you caused her? How many times you made her cry? You made her life a living hell!" She viciously slammed Utau into the wall, the audience jumping and gasping. "I'm going to make you feel what she felt. With pleasure, Hoshina."

Utau's eyes were wide in terror, her mouth opened in a scream, but nothing but choked syllables escaped.

Somehow, the girl was holding a piece of glass.

Amu closed her eyes, half due to exhaustion, half because she didn't want to see Utau get hurt.

The students began to scatter and squeal like pigs, scrambling to hide and get away from the suffering girl they had previously devoted themselves to.


"SHE'S CRAZY! SHE'LL KILL US!" Students banged on the door hysterically.

"I warned you all, and no one listened to me!" The girl's voice yelled out, drowning Utau's screams of pain and terror. "I gave you multiple chances! You deserve this! All of it!"

The girl dropped Utau's body to the ground, leaving it to be soaked in her own blood as it began pooling out of the wounds created by the same glass she'd used to cut Amu.

The girl faced the room and the cowering students, growling.

"Look at all of you!" She laughed, the guttural sound ringing out into the semi-darkness. "Just minutes ago you were teaming up against a single, innocent girl, and now you're squealing like stuck pigs!" She spat. "Pathetic!"

With that, she reached out and grabbed the student nearest to her. Ignoring the girl's begs and pleas, she took a hold of her throat.


The girl's lifeless body dropped to the ground, neck broken.

The students broke out into hysteria and panic, scrambling to get as far away from the blonde as they could.

Despite her exhaustion and fading conscious, Amu crawled forward, each movement bringing another wave of pain through her. I have to stop this…

She felt herself being lifted, and she found her eyes staring into stone cold emerald orbs.

"This is your fault!" Saaya screeched. She glanced to Nana and Lulu, who were holding the beaten and battered pinkette. "Hold her." She commanded.

"Hey!" Saaya yelled, catching the mysterious girl's attention. The blonde slowly turned, her deadly gold eyes burning into the teen's with the intensity of hellfire. Saaya gulped and stumbled back, her words dead on her tongue.

"Ghu-gah – " She gasped, flailing about for her sanity.

The blonde snarled, leaping forward with an animal-like ferocity towards Saaya, taking a hold of her. She gripped Saaya's neck with one hand, and clutched a bloodied glass shard in the other.

"Sayanora." She whispered menacingly before slashing the glass across Saaya's neck.

Lulu and Nana screamed, and shoved Amu forward. The pinkette collapsed at the blonde's feet, now too weak to move.

"We know why you're here! Take her and leave!" Lulu screeched, clutching to Nana for dear life.

The girl glowered, but her eyes widened in surprise and disbelief as she eyed the collapsed form by her feet.

The classroom hushed slightly in expectation as the girl knelt, lifting up the limp pinkette's face.

"Amu…" She murmured, placing a hand on her pale cheek.

Lulu and Nana sighed in relief.

"I knew she was nothing but trouble." Lulu muttered.

Nana nodded. "She totally deserves whatever's coming to her. She's caused the deaths of countless people."

"Finally she'll be leaving." Iru sighed loudly from across the room. "Thanks for taking her out of here, blondie. She was a pain."

"We're sorry you have to take care of her. We were trying to help earlier." Tadase stood and bowed to the mysterious blonde.

The girl appeared to pay them no heed, as she gathered Amu's limp form into her arms. She stood, holding the girl almost protectively, which baffled the onlookers.

"Why is she even bothering? Just kill her and get it over with!" Iru shouted.

This appeared to finally catch her attention, as she looked up and surveyed those around her.

A smirk appeared on her face.

"You're right…" She said lowly. "I did come for Amu." She looked down at the girl in her arms, who stirred, coming back ton consciousness. When she looked back up, her eyes were full of evil and malicious intent. "I came to pass judgment on those who have sinned."

The students gulped, but nodded.

"So…" The girl trailed off innocently, glancing around, "What exactly did she do? Tell me from the beginning." She glanced around, her eyes scanning the audience, making them shrink back in fear.

"You." She called. Iru gasped, shrinking back in terror, which the girl appeared to miss. "Stat telling me the story from the beginning."

Iru gulped and nodded. "Well, she was a pain from the second she stepped into the school. She was a complete showoff, acting like she knew everything. She tried to upstage Utau-san in drama, and then threw herself at Tsukiyomi like a the desperate, pathetic slut she is."

"I heard she murdered her parents. She was also the cause of the disappearance of a girl, Yaya Yuiki, several years ago. Everyone who goes near her disappears." Nana piped up.

"And then she bullied Utau-san, and made up a bunch of stories on how Tsukiyomi-sama forced himself on her, and dissed Tadase-sama!"

"And she still dared to keep up that innocent façade!"

The students stopped their tirade, confused, as the mysterious girl began laughing. It wasn't a nice laugh, either. There was something off about it. The students shivered in fear, backing away, fear prickling their spines, as the laughs began to increase, building with hysteria.

"Watashi wa anata o korosu!" She belted out, her laugh reaching a crescendo. "I'll kill you!"

Amu's honey eyes hot open and she gasped. "W-wait, R-ri –" She stuttered weakly, barely able to talk, before she was cut off.

"Shhh." The blonde whispered softly, placing a hand over Amu's eyes. "Don't look, Amu. Everything will be fine. No one will hurt you again."

Amu found herself unable to move.

And that was when the screams started. Horrifying, terror-filled shrieks that shook her to the core. And then everything went black.

Her hand was touching something wet.

Wet? But I'm in the schoolroom, right?


Amu's eyes shot open.

What are those splotches on the ceiling?

She sat up, ignoring the pain in her body, and glanced around. She gasped.

Blood. Blood. Blood.

She covered her mouth to hold in a scream. She stood up shakily, her knees wobbling.

Tears once more cascaded down her face. She searched frantically through the room. Iru. Nana. Lulu. Saaya. Tadase. Utau. All of their bodies were there, some in worse conditions than others. Everyone. Every single student in the room is dead. She couldn't stand it.

Amu collapsed to her knees, burying her head in her hands as she sobbed, her school uniform soaked in blood.

Arms wrapped around her shoulders as she was pulled into a gentle embrace. Amu looked up into her eyes, once gold that had now turned black.

"Why...?" She whispered, her bottom lip quivering.

The girl smiled gently, bringing up a hand to stroke Amu's hair, almost like a mother would to comfort her child. She gently pushed Amu's head so that it was leaning on her shoulder.

"They were hurting you. I warned them, and they didn't listen." She said softly, still stroking Amu's hair.

She allowed Amu to quietly cry in her embrace. She relished Amu's presence, she needed it and yearned for it with everything in her being. To be able to see her in the mirror was one thing, but to be able to be here with her, to touch her, to protect her... Ah, to think, if only Amu knew what she was doing the first time, with that old mirror she'd gotten in the pawn shop. Amu was so young, so innocent, she easily believed the shopkeeper when he told her how to use her blood and the mirror to summon a 'friend'.

For a long time, it was heaven. It had just been them two, the best of friends. It was easy to convince Amu that she was the only friend she needed.



"Will you promise, that we will be together forever?"

"Of course!"

Amu's parents began to worry, fussing over Amu and telling her to abandon her childish habits, and her "imaginary friend".

"But momma, she IS real! Tell them, ****-chan!"

She looked softly at the pink-haired girl, allowing a small smile. "I can't, Amu. I'm only here for you."

Her parents had tried to solve the problem by getting Amu a friend. She was an annoying, childish girl with caramel hair tied in pig tails with red ribbons. She was loud and boisterous, different from Amu's endearing, shy manner. But the babyish girl stuck to her Amu like glue, never leaving her side. She was able to make Amu smile, in a way that only she herself was allowed to make her smile.

She fixed the problem one night when the girl, Yaya, came to spend the night at Amu's house. No one understood why, in the morning, she was nowhere to be found. Amu was upset, but that only allowed her to be the one to comfort her.

"Don't worry Amu, I'm here, and I'll never leave you." She said, petting the pink hair of the girl. "I'm all you'll ever need." She whispered as a twisted smile came to her face, pleased by how successful her plan was. Not only was the annoying child out of the way, but now Amu would depend on her even more.

Unfortunately, she had to take care of the parents as well when the mother had tried to shatter the mirror once in a fit of rage.

This also had added benefits, since after her parents disappeared, rumors began to circulate on how Amu was cursed, and anyone who got near her disappeared. A wicked grin flashed across her features. They were getting her message.

Amu is mine.

Comforting Amu after her parents death also pleased her as this meant she got to spend more time with her beloved rosette. The orphanage wasn't a problem, as Amu was to shy and troubled to make friends.

But then, Amu was allowed the chance to go to school.

And then they started causing problems.

She couldn't comprehend in the first place how anyone could not like the pinkette, with her bright beautiful eyes, loving and caring attitude, and friendly but shy demeanor. Or maybe that was why those sluts were jealous of her. They tormented the poor girl relentlessly. Ikuto, the playboy of the school had messed around with Amu once and possessive Utau had overseen, that caused her further problems. Amu, sweet, forgiving Amu had said that Utau didn't mean it, and it was only because she was jealous.

Amu was leaning over the sink to wash her hands when the nearest stall door opened and Utau walked out. Immediately focusing a glare on the pinkette, she stalked to the mirror and washed her hands quickly. She began applying makeup. It was painfully obvious that she was only stalling to have an opportunity to further attack Amu, but of course the girl didn't realize that.

As Amu was drying her hands she looked up, only to have her eyes widen. She was there, in the mirror, glaring at Utau.

"D-don't hurt her, please…" Amu whispered.

Confused at the murmur, Utau glanced over at Amu only to notice her talking into the mirror with a fear-stricken expression. Utau promptly burst out laughing, earning a bewildered look from the girl and an even fiercer glare from the one in the mirror.

"What, so the slut's crazy, too? Talking to mirrors, ha! I don't know what you're imagining, sweetie, is it maybe the illusion that Ikuto likes you? Come back to reality. It's never going to happen."

Amu looked down as Utau left the bathroom, her honey eyes filling with tears.

"I'm… crazy?"

Even if she didn't realize it, that day installed a fear somewhere in the pinkette that her friend in the mirror wasn't real, that she was crazy, and, even if she didn't realize it, began to fear her. She began avoiding mirrors, and shied away from her when she saw them. The mirror in her bathroom was so big that she could always see a portion of it from the corners of her eyes.

She was devastated by this. Amu didn't understand, she needed her.

If Amu had only given her more blood, she might be able to go out there to talk herself, but, sadly, she wouldn't be able to do that for a while, until she'd been with Amu ten years.

Well today was the last straw. She couldn't stand it anymore. She had warned them time and time again not to mess with her Amu, and they hadn't listened. They paid the price, and she had done her job of protecting Amu. Today was the ten years mark, the day that she could finally come out, with the help of Amu's blood.

And now, no one would bother her again. Rima had one question left to ask. Though she hated to use her blood influence over Amu, it was for her own good. And she wanted to be with Amu forever.

"Amu," she cooed, lifting the dazed pinkette's head off her shoulder to look into her eyes. She'd stopped crying a little while ago, and after all the excitement and adrenaline, she was exhausted and sleepy. The blonde inwardly smiled, it only made her job easier.

She allowed her now black eyes to bore into Amu's honey orbs, making her gaze into the swirling darkness, her mind clouding over in a hypnotic state.

"Amu," she said again, stroking her cheek with the back of her hand, "do you promise that we can be together forever?"

Her eyes, like deep, bottom-less black pits, reined and sucked her in, fogging her thought, confusing her, twisting her around until she was hopelessly lost beyond all reason. Amu's mind, in its trance-like state, bent itself in exactly the way she wanted it to.

"Y-yes, Rima-chan."