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This is also my first fic, so tell me what you think.

Chapter 1:

A Different Beginning

When I came to, I was in a burning field.

I guess there was a big fire. The familiar town had turned to ashes, and it looked like remains of a battlefield from a movie. But that didn't last long either. The fire had died down by the time the sun rose. The tall wall of flame had shortened, and most of the buildings had fallen.

...It felt strange, being the only thing in that place that still had its original form. I was the only one who was still alive around here. I must have been really lucky, or my house was built in a very lucky spot. I don't know which it was, but the point is, I was the only one left alive.

I felt that since I survived, I should live on. I started walking aimlessly because I thought it would be dangerous to just stay there. I wasn't really concerned about getting burned up like the people lying around me. ...Probably because, over and above not wanting to be like them, I had a stronger feeling in my mind.

But still, I had no hope.

It was already a wonder I was still alive, so I couldn't expect to be saved. I won't survive. Whatever happens, I won't be able to escape from this red world. It was such an absolute hell that even a small child could understand it.

And I collapsed.

Was it because there was no air? Was it because I had nothing left to give in my body?

Either way, I collapsed and stared up at the clouded sky.

A mountain of corpses.

People crumbling away.

A time when everyone wished for help, yet none received any.

That was painful. It was so painful that even living was painful, and I even thought I would be at ease if I just disappeared.

With a fading consciousness, I reached out for no reason. I didn't reach out seeking help. I just thought the sky was a long way away.

...In my last moments, that what I thought.

And then, my mind faded away, and the raised hand fell to the ground.


It should have fallen to the ground.

A big hand grasped the falling hand.

That person came into the fire to save anybody and found me.

...I remember that face.

A figure of a man, with tears welling in his eyes, delighted from the bottom of his heart that he has found someone alive. It was because he looked so happy...

...I even thought that he was the one that was saved, not me.

So, looking enviable even in my dying eyes, the man saved an unfamiliar child as if thanking something.

And yet, all I could think of as I was captivated by that dazzling smile of his was...

Was he smiling...

...because of me?

I remember our first meeting perfectly.

Over a field of grass, dyed red by the setting sun, a sphere of light flickered to life. It pulsed weakly for a moment, its blue light wavering in the air before finally gaining strength and solidifying.

How could I not?

Slowly, almost hesitantly, it began to move through the air, leaving a trail of shimmering light in its wake. Twisting and turning, but never rising or falling, the sphere began to pick up speed as an image began to form from its trailing lights.

Like a paintbrush on canvas, the sphere drew a circle in the air. And within that circle was another circle and a third one within the second. Between the borders of the circles were strings of archaic runes, numbering in the hundreds, leisurely revolving within the limited space within the boundary of the ring of circles.

When the sphere, at last, appeared to have finished its work, it hung in place, motionless for a few moments, before slowly drifting towards the very heart of the design, to the small patch of empty space located in the middle of the smallest circle.

Aligning itself in the center of the magic circle, it pulsed once and then twice, before it unfolded like the petals of a flower. The former sphere twisted into a new form, a two-dimensional shape that was clearly a symbol of some kind, though one far too complex to be a mere rune and vaguely resembled a stylized necklace.

Once the symbol was completely formed, it started to glow. Radiating a light so bright and blue, it appeared to have been set aflame from within, which soon began to spread as the rest of the magic circle began to glow in turn.

Once the circle began to shine to the point that it was almost too bright to see, a figure started to emerge from its surface. The top of her head was the first thing to appear, revealing a raven black mane, which was soon followed by the rest of her body. Once her feet were pulled out, she hung in the air, momentarily suspended, her toes dangling just inches above the circle.

Its job now completed, the magic circle began to disperse into specks of blue light, which soon faded into nothing. The figure slowly drifted downwards, and once her feet were firmly planted on the ground, she opened her eyes.

They were eyes of violet, shining like gems of amethyst. She was a small woman, one that could easily be described as petite, though one impossible to be mistaken for a child due to her fully formed figured. Her hair was in pigtails, held in place with violet ribbons, and she was dressed in what appeared to be a magical girl costume made out of pink and white cloth. She held a matching coloured wand tipped with a star in her right hand, while with her other hand she shaded her eyes as she gazed around the place she found herself in with open curiosity.

It's not every day that a Maou gets to meet a hero after all. Being summoned by one was a rare event, to say the least.

Surrounding her were swords. Peerless swords out of legends were planted point first into the ground around, spreading outwards towards the distant horizon, numbering so many that they were beyond counting. In the gold and crimson skies above her lay metal gears. They hung, suspended in the air with nothing to support them as they ever so slowly turned and ground against one another. Their smooth, steely exterior was polished so thoroughly that they acted like mirrors, reflecting the cloudy skies on their surface.

Let alone one from another world

But she paid them no mind as something else had captured her attention.

Usually the only heroes who come looking for me are of the variety that are trying to slay me.

Stepping forward, she began to make her way between the swords towards the one that had held her interest. She didn't travel far before she stopped just outside the edge of the magic circle that was carved into the ground.

Eyes wide with wonder, she gazed at the figure seated within.

It was a young man approaching the end of his teenage years. His hair was coloured an auburn red, though he had a streak of white staining one of his bangs. A man with eyes of brown so bright that they were almost gold. He was tall for his age, easily topping six feet in height, though he didn't look it seated as he was on the ground.

Cradled in his arms was a little wisp girl, barely a teenager.

With hair as white as snow and skin so pale, she looked ethereal, like something out of this world. Almost like a fairy out of legend. The colours of her eyes could not be seen as they were hidden behind her closed eyelids. With a peaceful smile adorning her face, she would have looked like nothing more than a slumbering child if not for the unnatural stillness that took hold of her body and the crying boy that embraced her ever so tightly towards his chest.

So imagine my surprise when I came upon you in that summoning circle of yours, cradling your dying sister close to your chest and clinging to her frame so tightly, as if she would disappear the moment you loosened your grip.

As tears continued to run down his already wet cheeks, the boy looked up to girl before him and begged for help.

You were bawling your eyes out as you wailed out for someone, anyone to save her.

The girl observed the boy for a long moment before her eyes hardened.

Gone were the violet eyes, replaced by slits that burned red with hellfire. The face that framed it was drained from any warmth or emotion, looking as if it had been carved from stone. Wings, twelve twisted crooked black wings emerged from her back, surrounding her frame like a ring of shadows.

Where once stood a young woman, now stood a being of darkness. Shedding her façade of humanity, it revealed its true nature, that of a Lord of Devils.

A Maou.

Power, unadulterated power radiated out of her like heat from the sun. The entire area was drowning in it as the air around her form rippled from her mere presence.

With her eyes of crimson red, the devil in the shape of a girl looked back down at the boy, who looked back unflinchingly.

The devil offered the boy a bargain, a contract. She will grant his wish. She will save the life of the girl.

I offered to grant you your wish

But this was a devil's bargain, where nothing came for free and very rarely cheap.

But at an impossible price, one too high for anyone willing to pay.

The girl would be saved.

But for a price.

A hint of disdain made its way to her face as the thing that was a girl but wasn't, stated her price.

Your soul.

And without hesitation, you accepted with a smile on your face so dazzling it looked as if I had offered you the world.

The girl seemed startled, shock written clearly on her face as she stared at the boy. For a time, the world around them seemed to freeze as the girl simply stared at the boy in incomprehension. Slowly, the girl's frame began to shudder slightly. The shudder quickly grew and grew until it sent her whole body trembling. From between her tightly clenched lips, a small laugh brought out.

She threw her head back and laughed. She laughed and laughed so long and loud it appeared that it will never end. However, there was nothing malicious in that laughter. On the contrary, it was a joy-filled one.

It was a pure thing, like rays of sunshine after an endless storm.

I could not help but smile. I could not help but laugh as I released my joy to the world.

The laughter of one whose hope was renewed long after all hope was lost.

I have found you. At long last, I had finally found you.

It was the laughter of a tired soul that finally found a home.

It seemed to go on forever, but when her laughter finally ended, she lowered her head and gazed at the world through the eyes the colour of brilliant violet, her eyes shone with unshed tears as she looked upon the boy and asked a single question.

I remember the first time I heard your name.

Emiya Shirou.

The boy asked a question in turn.

And I first told you mine.

Serafall Leviathan.

And that was how a Demon Lord, and her hero, met.

Author's Note:

And here it is, my first chapter of my very first story.

While I'm not a fan of DxD (stopped reading by the fourth book or so) I am however a big fan of DxD fanfics and crossovers (funny how that works - I think it's because DxD is such an interesting universe). While there are a ton of great stories in this community there are an amazing amount of Cliches used in them and they were driving me nuts. And by clichés I mean how the exact same things keep happening in each story. But I didn't want to be one of those people who just complained about other people's work through reviews while they sat back and do nothing. So instead I decided to write a story of my own as a form of protest to those Clichés...Stupid reason I know, but the next thing I know I'm typing on the computer and I have 20K words out in a week.

Ok, Cliché number one: Why does every powerful character from another verse suddenly get weak when fighting Raynare (the weakest of the weak in terms of fallen angles), get killed then resurrected as a PAWN by Rias, where he happy serves as her willing slave without trying or even seriously considering running away? I mean there are a thousand and one ways they can be turned into a Devil but they keep using that one over and over again.

So here's my take on it. Devils can RESURRECT the dead. For that power, a lot of people will be more than willing to surrender their lives for. I'm honestly surprised that it hasn't been done more often.

Now onto the Fate/Stay Night side of things. When Shirou was saved by Kiritsugu, his first thought was 'I want to smile like that', this Shirou, on the other hand, thought 'I am the reason why he's smiling like that'. What changes will it have on our favourite distorted hero? Wait and see.