Chapter 2 : Killing the introduction

"Brat what the hell wrong with you, that not how I show you to perform that sword technique" said unknown man. Brat reply " look here you old wind bag, unlike you who has know as prodigy. I won't get on fifth or sixth try, cut me some lack will you old fool!" Unknown man smirk sadistic before saying " old fool huh, wind bag huh, brat get ready for spar, I beat those unruly attitude and no manners out here" Brat began to laugh before replying " day is the day, your arrogance cause you evil bastard!"

Unknown place, bedroom

Pitching up from the bed, tatsumi said " why did I had to remember sadistic bastard, the torture and humiliation that I suffer in act of is so call him that old fool my performance last night he would have double no, triple his sadistic training because I didn't defeat my opponent." A thought just pass tatsumi mind, who room is this , how did he get here, and why did he just asking these questions. Existing the bed, tatsumi got to his feet. He took look around the room and he notice it was bland. Tatsumi decide to leave the bedroom and explore unknown.

Unknown place, hallway

Walking through the hallway, Tatsumi was observing area for any clues that will tell him little about the place that he locate right now. He saw some crosses along the wall, Tatsumi mumble to himself " maybe an in a church or monastery but how did I get here, I remember getting defeat and losing conscience. So how did end up here of all places, I get to an general area and speak to someone so I can get an better picture on how I end up here." He continues through /Church, dinning room

When Tatsumi arrive in area that resembles an dinning room, he came upon an figure reading an book. Observing the person, he could tell that it was an female with long purple hair, wearing glasses with purple dress. Tatsumi say " excuse miss, can you tell how I got here.?" Unknown female reply " am glad you are wake, I hope that my comrade didn't rough up to bad with gentle smile on her face" Tatsumi chuckle before an thought came to his head, " she couldn't mean Akame or night raid right, I mean why would group of assassin use an monastery as a base that plain irony"

Unknown female reply " My name is Sheele and may I have name of person am talking to sir" Tatsumi reply " it good to meet you, Sheele and my name is Tatsumi." Before they could continue their conversation, Arm wrap itself around tatsumi shoulder, certain assets of woman push against his back and owner of the arm whisper to his ear " how's my little tatsumi doing, am glad your no to hurt after the beating you take last night. " Tatsumi sigh before saying " Leone" Leone came in view and ask " how you know it was me" Tatsumi chuckle before saying " I got your certain assets memorize in my head" Leone blink smirk before, she said " how naughty Tatsumi, was soft and full to your liking. Hmm." Tatsumi smirk before saying " yes they was, I wonder if I caress , Le-on-e." Tatsumi and Leone both stare at each other before burst into laughter, Leone said " I see you immune to tease, Tatsumi?" Tatsumi reply " I been torment by an certain old bastard, so I have high resistant to teasing. " Leone ask Tatsumi " you saw how the Empire is corrupt right, don't you want changed tha" before Leone could finish her sentence, Tatsumi said " you want me to join night raid right?" Sheele and Leone said at same time " how" Tatsumi sigh before saying " the hints you and Sheele drop but I like to meet rest of the members and leader before I make decision." Leone and Sheele look at each other before chuckling. Leone said " you fit right in with us Tatsumi." Leone grab Tatsumi hand and drag him out of area to Unknown destination.

Monastery, Outside

" yes I get see the forbidden land, Leone mountains, Sheele lovely hills, and Mine wonderful bumps. " said unknown man. Leone approach hidden person and said " so this where you was Labbock , spying on us ladies." Labbock turn around to see the person who was speaking to him and immediate broken out in cold sweats. Labbock appearance was young man with short green hair and red googles. Clothes he was wearing was long green jacket with white t-shirt and dark blue color pants with brown shoes. To finish off his wardrobe was appear of short finger gloves with metal embedded into it in shape of circle. Labbock said " Leone it not what you think, I was take higher position to scope for potential enemy." Leone had deadpan look before smiling nicely before gripping Labbock head and said " well let me help you with your surveillance." She back her arm back with Labbock still in her grasp and toss him into river. Tatsumi thoughts to himself " what did I got myself into when, I got caught by these people." Leone grab Tatsumi and drag him to another area.

Monastery, by the river.

When Leone and Tatsumi made by the river, they notice huge slab of meat on roast over a open fight. By side of roasting meat was an girl. Tatsumi took in her appearance, long black hair, black sailor suit with white tie and black combat boots. On her arms was red forearms protectors. Leone said " hey Akame, I see you got dinner." Akame look at two people are standing in front of her before tossing piece of meat to her. Akame ask " Leone, did he join us?" Leone reply " he want to talk to boss before he made up his mind." Akame nod before saying " boss is back and she want to talk to you." Leone eyes opening wide before break off in mad dash, object fly pass Tatsumi and latch on Leone. Drag her back to it user, Tatsumi look to see user of grappling arm, He notice she have short lavender hair and hourglass body. She was wearing an black suit with overcoat on her shoulders. Second woman said " Leone, you and I will have an talk about straying from mission, okay." Leone said " boss I have reas..." she couldn't finish before she got drag off. Tatsumi turn to Akame and said " can I have piece?" Akame reply " not member no food." She continues to eat her food. Monastery, nighttime

Gather in the room was group of people while in center was a woman with short gray hair. The woman said " I know you notice the coruption that empire has conducted." Tatsumi sigh before saying " I after seeing Aria and family crimes but before I decide, I want to face Akame in one and one battle." Night Raid was shock about what Tatsumi said but Mine burst out laughing like that most funniest she had heard, Leone was rolling all over the floor , Lubbock chuckle, Sheele tilt her head in confusing, Bulat give a thumbs up, Their leader was contemplating if this boy had a death wish, and Akame was puzzle by the request. Their Leader said " why do you wish to fight Akame?" Tatsumi reply " to see where I stand against strong opponent and to test my mettle as swordsman." Their Said " very well we the battle will commence in the morning. Oh by the way, my name is Najenda.

End of Killing the introduction

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