Killing the killer #2

Residence distinct, midnight

Running across the tops of building was three figures, the first figure said " are you sure this Intel is dead on?"

Second figure reply " it dead on and how dare you doubt my hardwork!"

Third figure sigh before saying " we need to focus on the mission or did you two forgot, that we currently on a assignment ."

First and second figure said " sorry"

Before they could continue on their journey, a unknown voice said " well, well, well, it same that today is my lucky day."

Three figures stop in their tracks, a figure appear in front of the trio. The figure then said " where are you lovely ladies going with all that speed?"

First figure response " it doesn't consider you, step aside and let us continue on way."

Unknown figure chuckle before replying " no need to rude, it unusually see three beautiful women running and jumping across building but obviously your busy. Don't mind me, just continue on your path."

As trio begin to walk pass the figure, as last of trio pass the figure, figure whisper " Hello, Akame." Before Trio could react a rope wrap itself around the Akame waist before dragging her back towards it locate, the figure then dash at second member of trio and unleash strong kick to the back that send across the roof to next build."

" Now that I have you all by yourself , let see how you fair without your backup." said by Unknown figure

The last member of trio whisper " damn, trust Leone and her so call dead on information."

Unknown figure appear behind his opponent and whisper " you should focus on what in front of you instead of grumbling about your situation."

Instead of replying, the first member of trio turn around and begin to fire multiple shots of energy beams at her foe. Unknown figure roll out of the way of his opponent attack and in return execute a sweep that cause his opponent to jump back to evade the his leg. His opponent fire a quick shot that blast him a few meters away.

Figure got up from the ground and begin to dust himself off, he said " just as powerful as I remember but that would have kill the old me but me as I'm now it just a annoy."

His opponent thoughts was " how the hell did survive close range shot from pumpkin and act as it nothing plus he remembered taking a shot pumpkin before. Who hell is this?"

Before both combatants could continue their fight, aloud noise of bones being broken echo throughout the area follow by a female screaming out in pain and agony. Unknown figure said " well it same that your friend is need of assistance but don't worry joining her in same situation very soon." Mine thoughts was " darn it what the hell is going on."

15 minutes ago, next roof top

After landing on the roof of next build, the person got up and dust themselves off. Their thoughts was " when I get my hands on that punk who sucker punch me, I'm going to make him regret his life choices."

Before she could leap back to her previous location, she had to block a sudden attack out of nowhere. She begins to take in appearance of her attacker, his apparel was : black long trench coat, black long pants with combats boots. " my, my, my, I have interesting prey tonight." said by Unknown figure voice. Her response was " the only prey here is you."

Jumping back a few spaces from his opponent, he begin to smile insanely before saying " I'm Trooma and I will be your executor for tonight but don't worry, I will make sure you feel every agoniagonizing strike that, I'm going to inflict upon your very being but before that can you tell me name of person who I'm about kill."

His opponent didn't reply, Trooma then said " now that just rude, didn't your parents taught no manners, but don't worry because before you die, you will have being taught manners by me. No need to thank me for such a act of kindness, your death will be gratitude enough."

A silent develop the area, as both combatants was stare at each other for a window to strike down their opponent . A few seconds pass before both opponent dash at each to begin their battle, as soon as they was in the range of one another, Trooma lash out with palm strike but his opponent brush it away and in return unleash her own palm strike. Trooma grab his opponent palm and execute a knee strike but his opponent counter by a elbow strike that stop the knee strike in it track. Thinking quickly, his opponent shift her weight and use the momentum to slam him into the ground. Instead of showing pain on his face, when he got slam into the ground hard. He had a giant smile on his face, he then said " well, a least your not a dead fish in battle but it my turn now." Before his opponent could respond, Trooma wrap his legs around the enemy arm. He then use his weight to bring his foe to the ground, after that he tighten his hold, on his opponent. Trooma grab one of his opponent finger and said " do want to hear a little song I come up with, I promise you like it?" His opponent reply was " hell no!" Trooma had a blank look on his face before he reply " to bad, this little piggy when to market, this little piggy when home, and this little piggy when crying all the way home." Before his opponent could respond, she heard something snap follow by wave of pain shoot throughout her body. His opponent grit their teeth and try to break the arm lock but was unsuccessful in their attempt.

Trooma smile insane before saying " now that I got your full attention, let begin with the next song but since you decide to be unruly. You need to be punish." He then snap two more of her fingers, his opponent grunt out in pain. His opponent thoughts was " darn it, I need to get out of this hold and crave this psycho face in, then get back to mine and assist" Before she could finish her thoughts a huge wave of pain rush throughout her, she scream out in pain.

Two minutes ago

Trooma notice that his opponent wasn't reponse to him, so he apply more pressure to her arm an till he heard a snap, follow by a loud scream.

Back to the fight

Before he could speak, his opponent broken his arm lock and slam her heavy blow right in center of his unprotect stomach. The effects of punch cause roof to crack up as well cause Trooma to cough up good amount of blood. His opponent look at the unmoving body of her foe. She begins to walk to edge of the roof. She turn around to check her dead foe before leap to her previous location to help her.


Back to Mine vs Unknown

Mine quickly fire multiple shots of energy bullets to keep her opponent from get close to her, Her opponent was dodging onslaught of projectiles that came at him. He in return launch throwing knifes to keep his opponent unbalance. It was a stalemate, each opponent know if they allow their foe to get the a inch in this fight it lead to death. Mine thoughts was " I need to make an opening, so I can end this fight quickly." her opponent thoughts was " hmm she not allow me to get close enough to land critical blow but I guess it time to show her that this was all futile."

Before Mine could pull trigger of her gun, her opponent appear in front of her, she was to shock to put up her guard. Her opponent unleash fierce assault on her body, he first hit her chest with straight punch, follow by uppercut to the stomach, then knee strike to her head and lastly roundhouse kick to her chest that send her across the roof, her weapon slip from grasp as she send flying.

Her body stop at edge of rooftop, she could hear her opponent walking towards her, he pick her up by the head. He turn her around to face him, he then said " you know that it was annoy when you blast me with your teigu right in the center of my chest, it took awhile for me to heal but after I'm done with you. I'm going after that purple hair bimbo that stop me from claiming your life that night but don't worry I'm going enjoy." Before he could finish his sentence, a fist slam into face that send him flying to another side of the roof. The figure caught Mine before she hit the floor. The figure begin to shake Mine, while saying " Mine , wake up, don't go to sleep." She heard a groan before purple eyes looking back at her. Mine groan a bit before saying " what took you so long?" Leone sigh before replying " I explain back at the base, anyway what did this guy do to get you in this sorry state." Mine scoff before replying " he caught me off guard with his out of nowhere burst of speed, it leave me in valuable and left opening for him to strike." Leone help Mine up from the ground. Leone said " we need to deal with this obstacle then find Akame and return to the base."

Unknown man said " well look at this, I got another fool to stomp to the ground." after taking in the new arrival appearance. He said " I like what I see, I'm going to make you into my pet." He just his stance before disappear and appear in front of Leone and begin to enage her in combat while two combatant was fighting. Mine made a mad dash for weapon but flying projectile stop her inch away of getting her weapon. Unknown said " that was not nice of you kitten." Mine quickly grab her weapon and fire where the voice came from. A figure land in the center of the roof, Leone and her opponent stop to see the new arrival. Leone was shock but her opponent chuckle before saying " what took you so long?" Figure reply " kitten was rough."

End of killing the killer #2

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