So I did a bad thing and started another fic. This was inspired by waitingforyouonce's fic Complexity; specifically chapter 3 Latch-Luke Cates. The fic is very awesome so I encourage everyone to go read it. The chapter also encouraged me to watch Wolf Lake. It's a shame the show ended at a first season because it had potential. By the way Sherman is my favorite character on the show. He is super funny. Anyway this is a crossover with Wolf Lake where Paul Wesley played a werewolf named Lucas Cates. In this show, Mia Kirshner (Isobel Flemming) played his older sister Ruby Cates so the idea was too good to resist. So on with the show. I hope you like it so read review and enjoy and don't worry I am currently working on my other ones.


She had been dreaming again running through the woods or she thought it was the woods. She would only see in colors of blue, green and red. The blue and greens smelled of earth and wet leaves. The red was what attracted her and the sound. The heart beats of the animals in the forest were so loud and echoing that she thought that was only thing that existed in her world. Her mouth started watering. She headed towards the sound and realized she was tracking it; her prey. She could taste the sinew of the muscles in her jaws and the hot burn of the blood sliding down her throat. She heard a deep growl coming from inside of her. It was so primal. She felt her belly tighten with a need she could not name.

"Bonnie," someone whispered to her. She growled again low and throaty; a warning to the intruder. This was her prey.

"Bonnie," someone said louder and her blue, green and red world swirled as she finally felt the cold hands of death shaking her awake. She gasped. For a second all the lights and sounds overloaded her system and she screamed at the blue eyes that were staring at her with concern.

"Hey hey its okay you're okay," the face whispered.

"God Caroline," she finally said.

"Hey sleeping beauty," Caroline said smiling at her.

"Ugh…," she groaned. She ran stiff fingers through her hair and ran her tongue over her teeth and tasting a bad taste. She got up out of her bed and adjusted her tank top and her shorts.

"I will see you downstairs when you're fit to be human," Caroline said getting up from Bonnie's bed and walking to the door of her bedroom. She heard a grunt from the thing that was her best friend.

She felt extremely bad. It had been a week since Abby had left and Bonnie had not called or texted her in any way. She was dealing with Tyler's disappearance and then the group was dealing with serial killer Alaric. From the looks of Bonnie's house, she hadn't done dishes and from the looks of those dishes she had barely eaten anything. She had failed her best friend. Well actually Elena had failed Bonnie. How had their lives gotten so messed up?

She heard the shower turn on upstairs, so Caroline went and put on coffee, set the dishes in the dishwasher and went to make Bonnie lunch.

Bonnie walked into the bathroom and the yellow lighting made her look jaundice. Her lips were chapped and she had dried crusty stuff in the corners of her eyes. She herself felt dirty from dry sweat from her nightmare. She ripped off the tank top and shorts and turned on the hot water. She ran the brush through her hair. She took out the tangles and then wrapped it in a bun that she held in place with a clip. She jumped in the shower and stood under the scorching water and she began to cry.

Twenty minutes later after finishing all her other things like putting on lotion, brushing her teeth and breaking the bathroom mirror, Bonnie put her fluffy white robe and walked downstairs. On the table there was a grilled chicken salad and a glass of iced tea and true to form her napkin had been folded underneath her utensils and there was a lemon edge on the side of the glass.

She shook her head at Caroline who was sitting sipping her own glass of iced tea.

"Hi," she said brightly.

"Hey," Bonnie said; her voice coming out sounding tired and exhausted. She sat down heavily on the chair and stared at the food.

"Thank you," she breathed out still looking down at the salad.

"No problem," Caroline said staring at her friend. With her heightened eyesight, Caroline could see what sadness had done to her friend. She took note of the receding bags under her eyes, the lack luster of her hair, and the darkness swimming in her eyes.

They ate in silence.

"Thank you Caroline," Bonnie said again when she was done.

"I said it was no problem but if you're so grateful than you can get dressed and go shopping with me in Alexandria for the day," Caroline said getting up and grabbing the dishes to set them in the washer.

"I don't know Caroline. I have a lot to do in here and I have been putting it off for the last week," Bonnie said.

"Yes I can see that," Caroline said swiping a finger over the counter, "but you can put it off for another day. You should know that I am not going to take no for an answer." She stared at Bonnie and cocked her head and raised her eyebrows daring Bonnie to challenge her will. It was a battle. Finally Bonnie huffed and said, "Give me twenty minutes and we can go."

Caroline smiled and clapped her hands. Bonnie just stomped her way up the stairs again and got dressed. She grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor and an old t shirt. She brushed the stray hairs around her face into a pony tail and grabbed her purse.

"Girl, where do you think you're going in that outfit," Caroline said eyeing her from the door way.

"What," Bonnie said looking down at her outfit.

"I hope you don't think you are going anywhere looking like that with me," Caroline said walking into the closet.

She was right, Bonnie thought but she had no desire to look for anything particular.

"Bonnie what have I always taught you—"

"To be on point with your armor you have to start with your shoes." She threw a pair of leather Marc Jacobs open toed pumps and frills on the strap around the ankles at Bonnie. Then she threw a cream colored skirt and a black shirt that was scrunched up on the sides. Bonnie took the items and went into the bathroom.

"You're lucky I shaved today," Bonnie said from behind the door.

"Yeah yeah. Hurry up so we can have lunch at that café in old town," Caroline said.

"But we just ate," Bonnie said.


"Uh let's remember that I am still human and those pounds still accumulate on my ass," Bonnie said stopping herself from putting on mascara.

"Fine we'll eat there after we shop at Landmark Mall for a bit," Caroline said. Bonnie put on the finishing touches and walked out.

"Missy you look ready for war. Let's go find you a man and walk all over his heart," Caroline said.

He found that he liked it in the city. Sherman had told him that he would find what he was looking for in Virginia, so when everything went south in Wolf Lake, he hopped on the first plane out. It was such a cluster fuck. John and Sophia had flipped because they had killed ungulates. Then he executed Luke's mother for the murder of his father. Then Tyler executed Sophia's father for going against pack law in trying to stop her from flipping and sending her away. He would have killed Ruby, John, Sophia and him as well but Sherman was able to get them out, sending them to different parts of the world. Sophia was off to Florence, John and Ruby were off to Vancouver and he was sent to Virginia.

He hadn't met any wolves in the week he had been in Alexandria but he did like all the ungulate girls he met while he was just walking around. In Wolf Lake, he had never bedded an ungulate but when in Rome as the saying goes. He knew that he could have loved Sophia and be her mate for life but she had first hated him for sleeping with Presley and then went off with that ungulate piss ant. Then she blamed him for flipping. But everything got confused when Tyler made his move to take over the pack and now he was here in Alexandria and she was in Europe living it up without him.

Sometimes he just wanted to punch something.

He decided that he was going to do the first teenager thing ever and hang out at the mall and maybe find a tour guide in the form of a pretty ungulate girl. So he dressed, gelled his hair and made his way to the mall.