Author's Note: Story idea given to me by snake1980.

Chapter One- Remembrance

2014, November 20

Kim Possible, a twenty-six year old woman with flaming red hair and piercing green eyes stood in front of a tombstone in an isolated part of the Middleton Cemetery. On the tombstone were the engraved words. 'Ronald Dean Stoppable, Born 1987, Died 2003, True hero and friend.'

"I miss you, Ron." Kim whispered to the tombstone as a few tears escaped her eyes. "Josh asked me to marry him, and I said yes to him. Ron, how I wish that you were still alive to be there with me at my wedding." She added before she looked around all of the open space between his grave and all of the other graves. "Even in death you are alone, Ron. How could I have been such a terrible friend to you? I never gave you credit for our mission, I never realized that you were always home alone and that your parents abandoned you. They adopted a little girl you know? She just the cutest little girl that you would ever see." The red head wipes her tears away and a sad smile formed on her lips. "She's nine years old now, and she is quite the skilled little fighter."

"Hey there, girlfriend." Monique greeted as she walked up right next to her best friend and peered down at the young man's grave. "Hey there, Ronnie." She tearfully greeted the grave. "I still can't believe it's been eight years since he died." She whispered to herself more than her best friend.

"It will be exactly eight years in three days." Kim commented before she got onto her knees and brushed some of the dust from her best friend's grave and placed a rose on it. "I won't be in Middleton or even America then so I got you a rose today. I leave tomorrow so I'll be back to wish you a happy birthday when I get back." She told the tombstone with tears that she had been fighting all along. "You…I-I can't believe that you died a week before your birthday."

"It's not your fault, Kim." Monique assured the woman who stopped crying to glare up at the dark skinned woman.

"Yes it is, Monique!" Kim growled. "If I was paying attention! If I wasn't daydreaming about my date with Josh then maybe Ron wouldn't have had to save me and maybe, JUST MAYBE MY BEST FRIEND WOULD STILL BE ALIVE TODAY!"


Teen hero Kim Possible and her partner, but most people called him a sidekick or just flat out didn't acknowledge him, Ron Stoppable were on a rescue mission in Siberia of all places where Dr. Drakken had kidnapped a teenage daughter of a prominate Russian diplomat.

"Are you ready for this, Ron?" Kim asked her best friend and partner, but to be honest her mind was elsewhere. In a fancy restaurant that she has a reservation with her possible boyfriend Josh Mankey. 'I can't wait for this date with, Josh.' She thought before she pushed forward without listening to her partner saying no to her question.

'Come on KP, pay attention!' Ron scolded in his head. 'You need to have your head in the game so I can just run around like a chicken with my head cut off.' "Wait up, KP!" He loudly whispered when he saw that his best friend was quite a ways away from him.

Hearing her best friend and partner the teenage hero turned around and saw the blond boy running to catch up. "Hurry up, Ron!" Kim yelled at her friend to catch up with her. "I got a date to not be late for!"

"Gottcha, KP." Ron responded after he ran next to his best friend. "Now let's save a Russian kid." He cheered.

"She's eighteen Ron; I don't think that counts as a kid." Kim told her partner.

"She's eighteen…is she cute?" Ron questioned his partner.

"Her file in your kimunicator." Kim informed with a smirk. "And whether she is cute or not shouldn't be a factor when rescuing her."

"Maybe she would be my date to the dance next year." Rom commented as he followed his partner's movements with just some minor struggling to do what she did.


Monique shook her head and grabbed her back her shoulders who was currently on her kneels again as she cried some more. "Come on girlfriend. We gotta meet the other girls before you leave for Europe with that Du guy and Betty." She told her friend as she pulled her to her feet and forced her to their cars. "I can drive you if you need it, Kim. I can have a tow truck pick up my car or yours, and we can take the other." She suggested.

"No Monique, I can drive. Not like I'm blinded by my grief or something." Kim replied with a sad smile.

"Alright. Come on girlfriend. Let's get to Bonnie's house and get our girl talk on until you need to leave." Monique suggested in an obvious joking manner, but her red haired friend couldn't agree with her more.

"That's a great idea, Mon." Kim agreed with a skip in her step now. "It's kind of funny how many of the girls actually had crushes on Ron back in high school and middle school." She commented in a sad tone. "I bet Ron would have been happy and not so alone then." The woman then stars to cry.

"Okay Kim, you can't drive yourself. I'll just have a tow truck or have my parent's pick up my car and I'll drive you in yours to B's house." Monique stated as she took her friend's keys and pushed her into the passenger side door. "Why don't you just rest, and I'll wake you up when we reach our destination." She friendly ordered her friend before shutting the door. "Who would've thought that baby boy would have had so many female admirers?"

'Ron could have been happy.' Kim thought before she drifts back to sleep.


"Are you ready, Ron?" Kim asked her partner, but she noticed that he is looking awed struck at the captive girl who is being guarded by Shego and a couple henchmen. "Pay attention!" She sharply whispered to her friend as she softly smacked the back of his head.

"Hehe sorry, KP." Ron apologized. "I guess I got distracted. She is just so pretty." He commented with a dreamy sigh.

"Then you can ask her out after you save her. By the way her name is, Alexis." Kim whispered back as she lurked forward and prepared to strike. "I'll take out Shego and you handle the henchmen."

"So like every other mission that involves, Shego." Ron whispered back in a joking manner.

"Just please don't lose your pants again, and if you are then please be wearing underwear this time." Kim teased her partner before making their presence known. "Hold it right there, Drakken!"

"Kim Possible!" Drakken yelled in shock which surprised his green mercenary sidekick and the blond male member of Team Possible and surprisingly the captive girl who looked at the blue man before looking at her male savior and froze her sight on him.

'He is so cute.' Alexis thought which surprised her as she is currently being held captive by a blue man and his green partner. 'He isn't overly buff or even muscular, but he strangely enough looks quite handsome. I hope he saves me.'

"Why are you surprised?" Ron and Shego asked at the same time which threw them both through a loop. "Kim/Princess always stops you." They once again looked at each other only this time Ron blushed and Shego narrowed her eyes.

"Shut up, Buffoon!" Shego ordered as she ignited her plasma hand. "Stop talking the same time as me!" 'He's blush looks kind of cute.' She thought before she shook her head and turned to the real threat. "Your lap dog is flirting with me, Kimmie. Are you going to allow that?"

"I'm/He's not my/her boyfriend!" Ron and Kim shouted at the sometime which made them both blush. "Just give up, Kermit." Kim suggested before she got into a fighting position. "Ron, save Alexis and them come back for me. I'll handle Shego so you can escape." She ordered.

"Right, KP." Ron agreed before he ran towards the five henchmen surrounding the captive girl.

Alexis Natasha Romanov a striking eighteen year old daughter of a very powerful Russian diplomat and rumored descendant of the Russian Czars. She has shoulder length coal black hair and oddly enough emerald green eyes that got her lots of compliments and cat calls from the boys at her private school in Moscow. She watched as if by pure dumb luck the blond boy one by one defeated the henchmen guarding her and her heart swoon at his chocolate eyes peering into her's as he unties her.

"Are you alright?" Ron asked Alexis as his concern shown in his eyes and the Russian girl had to stop herself from kissing the lanky boy before her.

"Yes thank you, king sir." Alexis replied with a small smile.

"Names, Ron. Ron Stoppable." Ron greeted before taking her hand and leading her to the exit. "Got Alexis and I'll back as soon as I can." He yelled to his partner before picking the girl up bridal style which makes her squeal and ran her to safety.

"Looks like the sidekick is getting pretty friendly with our ex-captive." Shego commented with a smirk as she lunged at the cheerleader who dodged with a jump to the side.

"Ron, isn't my sidekick, he's my partner." Kim replied as she threw a kick at the green skinned villain, and got the hit which made the green woman stumbled back before getting hit again by the girl's fist. "If anybody is a sidekick then it's you, Shego."

Shego's blood boiled at her arch rival's words and let out an animalistic roar as she charged at the teen hero with bloodlust in her eyes. "Die, Possible!" She roared as she took a swipe and got the teenage hero in her chest and blood spurted out of her wounds. 'This time I won't lose!' She thought as a little voice in her head told her that she doesn't kill and she has her limits.

'Hurry up, Ron.' Kim thought to herself as she starts to play a game of keep away from green balls of plasma that were being thrown at her by the said mercenary throwing them. "Come on, Shego! Is that all you got? Ron can do better!" She mocked before she drop kicked her opponent in her face and smirked when she collided with the wall.

"Umph!" Shego groaned as she lifted herself back up, but got knocked back down by a fist knocking her unconscious into the wall and slumped to the floor.

"Score one for Team Possible!" Kim cheered as she ran to catch up with her partner. 'Mission done, and all that's left is to go home and go on my date with, Josh' She thought as she ran out of the base.


"Ron! Alexis!" Kim shouted as she saw the two people standing close to each other, but jumped a part when they heard her yell. 'Were they kissing?' She thought in shock.

"H-Hey, KP!" Ron yelled as he blushed a bright red that matched the Russian girl's blush.

"Greetings Ms. Possible, I must thank you for yours and Mr. Stoppable rescuing me on such short notice," Alexis commented as she avoided the red head's eyes from embarrassment. "I'm sure my father would like to give you both a medal for saving me." She added.

"Medal? That's badical!" Ron stated with a big smile on his face. "Maybe a medal given to us by a pretty girl." He added shyly as he covertly looked at the Russian girl.

"I think that can be arranged." Alexis replied as they all heard the roar of a Global Justice jet hovering over them.

"Climb the ladder, Ms. Possible." One of the agents yelled down which prompted the three teens to follow his instructions and climb the ladder into the jet.

They all climbed into the jet and took off back to Moscow with the dark haired girl holding onto her blond savior.


"Wake up girl, we here." Monique stated as she shook her best friend awake. 'Girl must have had that nightmare again? She was mumbling about Ron and that Russian girl he saved.'

"W-Wh…at?" Kim mumbled as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "What is it?"

"We arrived at Bonnie's house." Monique informed before she got out of the car and walked to the house, leaving the red head to sluggishly take her seat belt off.

Kim felt the tears brimming in her eyes before she willed them away. 'I must be strong!' She thought as she climbed out of the car and walked to her once arch rival's house.


Bonnie Rockwaller, Tara King, Monique Jackson, Kim Possible, and the rest of the old Middleton High School cheerleading team sat in the once Queen B's living room as they gossiped about their private and professional lives. They all took seats in the big living room on the multiple couches and chairs spread out across the big room.

"It's almost been eight years, how are you doing, Kim?" Bonnie asked her once enemy and now friend.

Kim looked at her friend and pondered on her question, as she thought back to the following months after her best friend had died and her near comatostic state as she simply numbly walked through her school and home life, and her extra credicular activities took a major back seat as she hardly slept and nothing that Monique, Josh, her parents, school counselors or any of her fellow cheerleaders could snap her out o fit. But one day a certain tanned skinned girl had enough of the red head's moping and self pity and slapped her right in the face and yelled at her saying that her best friend wouldn't want her to spend the rest of her life morning and simply move on and be happy.


"How would you know what Ron would want? You hated him!" Kim yelled as tears brimmed in her eyes, but she was confused when a pained look appeared on the tanned girl's face.

"I didn't hate him." Bonnie replied. "I've had a crush on Ron for a while now, but I thought that because how I always treated him that I never deserved him. Someone like Tara desered him." She explained as a tear threatened to fall from her eye. "You need to fight on, and you need to be the girl that we all know. 'Kim Possible, the girl who can do anything.'"


"I suppose I'm fine…well as fine as I can possible be." Kim replied softly. "I can only hope that there is a god and that Ron is enjoying a great afterlife."

"If reincarnation was real then Ron would be reborn as the next, Hugh Hefner." Tara joked which got some chuckles from her fellow ex-high school cheerleaders and Monique.

"He'll probably have a whole harem of women, and be hung like a moose." Monique added with a giggle, which made the blond woman who just spoke blush in embarrassment at the dark skinned woman's words.

"I know you girls like it, but can we please not talk about Ron's genitalia?" Kim begged with a red face.

"We weren't talking about Ron's genitalia, we have never seen it. We were talking about what he would have if he was reincarnated after he died." Bonnie snickered with a lone tear in her eye.

"Whatever, can we just watch a movie and maybe do our nails before I leave for Europe?" Kim asked her friends as she checked her watch and saw that she had eleven hours until she had to leave for the local air port where she will be travel in commercial flight with her Global Justice partner and friend, Alexis Romanov.

"Yeah girlfriends, let's watch the new Fearless Ferret movie!" Monique agreed which got her a chorus of agreement, but one disagreement from the once Queen B. "What's wrong with you?"

"I can't stand the Fearless Ferret; I don't understand how Ron could like such a show." Bonnie complained to her friends.

For several hours before all fell asleep except for Kim who peered across the room at her friends who were all fast asleep, but she however haven't obtain that luxury as she looked out the windows and found a sense of peace while gazing at the stars. 'One day, Ron.' She thought as the stars provided the calming sensation to fall asleep.


"Wake up, Kim." Bonnie told the red head as she slowly woke up on the floor. "You need to get to the airport before your flight takes off."

"I need to go!" Kim yelled as she ran without paying anybody any attention and drove away in her car while leaving her friend's bewildered at her antics.

"She sure left in a rush." Bonnie commented.

"Well she did have to catch her flight which leaves in half an hour." Tara replied with a soft smile.


Alexis sat in her seat as she nervously bit her nail and waited for partner to arrive and they would then be able to leave for Europe. 'Where are you, Kim?' She asked herself as she held her Orthodox cross in her hand. 'Hurry up!'

"Sorry I'm late." Kim stated when she sat down which startled her partner.

"AAAH!" Alexis yelped in her seat. "Damn it, Kim! Can't you just tap my shoulders to announce yourself like normal people?" She demanded as she narrowed her eyes at the red haired woman.

"Whatever, Alexis." Kim replied with a smirk. "Do you have the intel on our new assignment?" She asked her partner.

"Right here." Alexis replied before she took a folder from her bag and handed it to the woman next to her. "He's name is the Winter Soldier."

Kim looked through the folder and was impressed, appalled, but impressed none the less. "He has had over twenty eight kills in the span of three years, and he has been involved in ten other assassinations that are unconfirmed."

"I need to sleep, and I suggest that you do the same. You can finish reading the folder tomorrow." Alexis suggested to her partner.

"I already slept." Kim argued. "I need all the info on this 'Winter Soldier' that I can get."

"Fine." Alexis grumbled as she relaxed herself against her window. "Wake me when we get there." She fell asleep without hearing the red haired woman replying okay.


"Good job today, Possible. Same to you, Stoppable." Dr. Director stated as she stepped out of the jet's cockpit and walked into the area of the jet that they were located. "Ms. Romanov, we will have you home in two hours."

"Thank you, Dr. Director. Ms. Possible and Mr. Stoppable did a great job saving me." Alexis told the one eyed woman. "Especially, Mr. Stoppable."

"Oh I'm sure." Dr. Director responded with a coy smile. "I need to debrief you, if you would please." She told the girl who nodded and they both walked to the back of the plane leaving a grinning Kim and blushing Ron.

"Looks like somebody has a crush, Ron." Kim commented which made her best friend blush even more.

"It's probably just hero worship, KP." Ron replied with a sad face. "She is much too hot and old to like someone like me." 'Why do I have this feeling that something bad is about to happen?' He asked himself before he saw a long line of smoke following a small missile heading their way, and heading right to the door that his best friend was standing in front of. "KP, watch out!" He yelled as he ran to her and threw her to the back of the jet as the door gets blasted off by a small explosion that sucked him out of the plane before the jet's security kicked in and a secondary door took the destroyed ones place.

"RON!" Kim yelled in anguish as she peered out a window and found that she couldn't find her best friend. "Ron?"


A six foot three blond hair man in full body armor, wearing a mask that covered his mouth and jaw, and a metal arm that replaced his old flesh one walked into a secret room in a secret facility and walked up to a eye patch wearing man with a metal hand and stood at attention.

"You called for me." The masked man stated in a cold manner.

"I want you to kill these three women." The man answered as he showed his employee three pictures of Kim Possible, Alexis Romanov, and Betty Director. "I want them all dead, Betty Director first."

"What is she your sister?" The man cruelly joked to the man as he snatched the three pictures.

"Yes, in fact she is." The man replied with an equally cruel smirked as he ignored the joke.

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