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But they're just friends, right? In fact, rumor has it, they hate each other

Time never ceased to amaze Duncan. He used to think it dragged like hell, that he had to find something to entertain himself to help speed it up. That usually included getting drunk or high, and ending up naked in bed with some girl he'd never see again.

But that was a long time ago. Now Duncan found that time moved too fast.

Yesterday they'd been standing by his staircase, pronouncing their love for one another, today they were painting the nursery for 'yet-to-be-named'. Also known as baby Evans number two.

It had been a whirlwind of ten years. Duncan's music career had kicked off, Courtney had graduated High school and spent four years at college. Much to her parents chagrin, she did not end up studying to become a lawyer at Harvard. Instead, she stayed in LA and studied Musical Business. It was a long four years, but Courtyney came out it on top. She eventually went on to become Duncan's manager. After an argument with Noah, Duncan had gone as far as to fire him. It was a shock to everyone, but things started looking up after that. Courtney did a much better job as his manager and his recording conract was consistantly renewed every year. She inspired him to write and create music.

They moved in together in Courtney's final year of college. She moved across town to his new apartment and everything fell into place from there. Duncan proposed on their first Christmas together in the apartment, Courtney panicked and said no. Courtney came to her senses and proposed to him live on stage during the final night of his third international tour. Duncan said yes and they were married within three months.

From there, they spent two years together, playng the happy couple while Duncan still toured and Courtney still managed him. And then she got pregnant and freaked out. Duncan freaked out because Courtney was freaked out, and it took the full force of both their sisters and best friends to get them both to see this as a great opportunity.

Taylor Evans was born three days short of her parents three year wedding anniversary. Duncan had fallen in love with her the moment he held her in his arms. He cried, which Courtney still teased him about now. He'd never thought he would have made it this far in life from where he once was. But holding his daughter to his chest, it put everything in perspective. Everything bad forgotten, everything good lay in front of him. Duncan knew that things could only look up from there, as if they weren't already.

He was there through all of the dirty diapers and 4am feeds. Courtney never had to lift a finger. It kind of pissed her off, Duncan noted. But he was prepared to do it all over again.

"You don't like it?" Duncan turned to look at his wife, a small smile on his lips. She was standing in the doorway, still wearing her paint-clad overalls with the addition of a cute frown on her face. The baby bump was hard to miss now and Duncan had the instinct to hold his hands on either side, waiting for junior to kick him repeatedly. Courtney usually scolded him for that.

"You've been staring at the wall for ten minutes," she continued to reason. "You hate it."

"I do not hate it," Duncan told her, taking his wife in his arms. "I was just thinking about all the times I'm going to be in here at three in the morning, changing diapers and rocking this little one back to sleep."

"Maybe I'd like a chance to do that too," Courtney told him, hands on hips. Duncan simply laughed, pulling her closer again. Lips on lips, her hands running through his hair. It had taken a lot of convincing for him to shave his Mohawk off three years into their realtionship, but it had ended up being the biggest charity event of the decade. Courtney had done it herself and they'd posted the video online. It went viral within hours.

"Stop it," Courtney giggled, pushing Duncan away.

"What?" He asked, his lips sliding along her neck. "Tay's sleeping."

"Yeah, but Evan's downstairs and Darcy will be back from the store at any moment." Courtney tried to push him away again, her laugh telling Duncan that she didn't want him to let go too badly.

"Perfect. She can distract him and-"

"Daddy?" Duncan looked over his wife's shoulder to the floor, watching their daughter rub her eyes with a yawn.

"Hey there, little Princess," Duncan grinned, scooping the little girl into his arms. "I thought you were sleeping."

"No, daddy," she told him, her tiny arms wraping around his neck as she nuzzled into his chest. "Monsters."

"Oh no," Duncan smiled into Taylor's hair. "I thought I got rid of them all."

"No," the little girl simply replied, her eyes no longer open.

Duncan shfited her, holding her more comfortably. He smiled down at her little face, noting how much she looked just like her mother. She had the freckles, the hair, her eys when they were open. Taylor was always so curious, always exploring, always wanting answers. But she had his passion when it came to music. She would watch him for hours at the piano, and when she thought he wasn't looking, she would tinker playfully with the keys. Taylor was much too young to understand her fathers fame, and Duncan liked it that way. She idolized him, made him out to be a hero he wished he was. There was nothing that made him feel as good as the way Taylor depended on him for such little things, such as getting rid of the monsters at all hours of the day and night.

"How about we go get the monster spray, hm?" He whispered. Taylor nodded sleepily, holding onto her father closely.

Duncan looked up to his wife. Courtney was watching her two favorite people, one hand resting on her protruding belly. The smile on her face meant the world to Duncan. Getting to wake up to this life meant the world to Duncan. He finally felt that everything was going to be okay from here on out.

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