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Tapanga was working one day when she got a phone call.

"Mrs. Mathews," her assistant said, "it's your son's school."

"Thank you Mae," Tapanga said.

She picked up the phone.

"Yes this is Mrs. Matthews," she said.

"Mrs. Matthews this is principal Simmons," the principal said, "Your son got into a fight with Ava Brand."

'Good for him,' she thought to herself.

"Anyway it got physical and even though Ava started the rule is that every student who is involved in a physical fight has to be disciplined."

"I'm sorry," Tapanga said, "My son defended himself and you're saying he needs to be disciplined?"

"Yes. In rare cases like this, assuming it's alright with both parents we paddle the student-"

"That is NOT alright with me," Tapanga said, "and it was never in the handbook."

"It's on the school webite," Principal Simmons pointed out, "anyway be that as it may if you refuse to allow him to be paddled I'm afraid that he will be suspended for 3 days."

"Principal Simmons," Tapanga said, "you go ahead and suspend him. I will file a lawsuit so fast your head will spin. My son was defending himself according to you. There is no reason for him to be punished for defending himself. He didn't start the fight. He didn't attack Ava-"

"I understand but the rules are the rules. Mrs. Matthew you're a lawer. Surely you understand-"

"What I understand," Tapanga said, "is that my son is not going to be bullied by his school for sticking up for himself. It is not going to happen. If I have to call every newspaper and news station in the world I will not allow my child to suffer."

"Fine," the principal said, "But he's got to have some consequences. He will not be allowed to attend the trip to the children's theater tomorrow."

"Principal Simmons," Tapanga said, "you go ahead and take that trip away from him. I will file a lawsuit so fast your head will spin."

"You're not being reasonable," principal Simmons said.

"My responsiblity is to my son," Tapanga said, "Not to your school."

"But Ava is being punished," principal Simmons pointed out, "How will it look if Auggie isn't."

"Is that," Tapanga asked, "it's the sound of me not caring. If my son had done something wrong he would be scolded but he did nothing wrong and I will not put up with him being bullied."

She then hung up. The principal sighed. He had no choice but to comply with Tapnaga's wishes. He knew how tough she could get