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Small bubbles form pockets of air popping as the breach the surface. A blonde lay submerged open eyes glowing blue as the waters around her swirled with her energy. She didn't want this to happen, but she couldn't seem to stop it. No control.

Reaching out the woman grabbed both sides of the lavish tub and pulled herself up. Water gliding off he skin as a soft sigh escapes pink lips. Running her hands through her wet locks she lets out another sigh. Leaning forward her arms wrap tightly around her legs as she places her head on her knees.

Looking at her right hand she can't help but smile at the pink guild mark displayed proudly for all to see.

This smile, although genuine brings with it a deeper darker feeling. One that she had been trying and failing to deny. Salty drops rolled down her face as the guilt threatened to consume her. Her heart throbbing a pain in her chest. Mavis how had it gotten this bad? She closed her eyes taking deep even breaths.

She was happy of course. How could she not be? After the return of the dragons the slayers were ecstatic. They had completely destroyed E.N.D and the city was getting rebuilt with the help of a few other guilds. All in all things were going smoothly, they were returning to normal. Natsu was reckless as ever fighting with Sting during the reconstruction. Which caused Mira to Satan Soul and from there they had all had a good laugh. So why couldn't she get past this?

She opened her eyes wiping away the remnants of the offending tears. A flash of gold signaled the appearance her loyal lion spirit. Although in his suit he was missing his glasses and staring right at her. She smiled widely at the orange haired man he noticed it did not quite reach her eyes. He felt a pit form in his stomach as he tuned himself more firmly into her emotions.

"What are you doing in here Loke?" She asked slightly annoyed that he had yet again appeared while she was bathing. Her arms fell to her sides pulling her legs closer attempting to cover herself from his view. He may be her spirit and yes she trusted him with her life, but he was a playboy pervert and she really was not interested in encouraging such behavior.

"Lucy" The man began with a slight frown marring his face. "You can't keep doing this! YOU have to go to the guild!" Looking at her face and glistening eyes he knew he was to rough with her.

Pearls of water shot up surrounding her in a protective circle, the little balls speeding through the air. Water from the tub flew forward flowing around the room in waves slashing Loke, cuts appeared on his glowing skin as the pressure slammed him to the wall. A groan fell from his lips as the round pallets of water assaulted him with enough force to instantly bruise his flesh. She screamed as she ran to him.

"Loke!" The water froze eyes flashing blue once more before returning the the warm honey colour, and water fell on the spot as she dropped to the ground beside him pulling herself to him wrapping arms around her spirit.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" She sobbed as she continued to push into him her head resting in the crock of his neck. Tears continued to spill on his already wet skin as she shook devastated by her actions.

"Oh Lucy." He sighed pulling her to rest fully in his lap her arms around his shoulder, her face buried into his neck as she apologized.

It broke his heart to see her this way. So broken. So out of control. It wasn't just her though. All of her spirits were restless. Though it varied in degrees as each spirit contracted with her felt some form of her emotions and it was causing them a lot of distress. They didn't like to see her this way. It hurt them to see her this way.

He rubbed her back trying to comfort the naked mage on his lap. His master sure was something else. Since the summoning of the Spirit King, Lucys magic container seemed to expand exponentially and and with the addition of Aquarius' powers she was struggling.

It didn't help that no one knew what Lucy had scarified for their future. What this had cost her. She had gone against everything she believed in. She had broken Aquarius' key because that is what was demanded of her, the only way to save everyone. It was Aquarius' idea of course and although she refused to admit it she missed Lucy. Aquarius had told him in complete secrecy that because Lucy was gifted with her powers she was still connected to Lucy and would be forever as her children would inherit this gift also. It would be a one sided connection, but Loke was glad Aquarius would be able to watch over her family with him always. That at least was a blessing.

He was quickly snapped out of his thoughts as another loud sobbed past Lucy lips.

"Shhh" He whispered in her ear. "It's alright Lucy, I'm fine. I'll be as good as new when I get back to the spirit world. Nothing to worry about." As if to emphasize his point he began purring softly his chest vibrating slightly. She sighed into him and he smiled.

Looking down at her he begins to wipe away the remaining tears as his face flushes. Seeing his face redden she looks down taking in her naked form she jumps up. Cheeks flare red as she backs away with a glare trying to hide her body with her hands.


A puff of white and gold marked the arrival of her maid spirit.

"Punishment Princess?" The pink haired woman asks in a monotone voice.

"Oh no." The spirit mage denied such an action while waving her hands across her face momentarily forgetting her nudity. Noticing the bundle in her spirits arms Lucy flushed again as the maid handed over said package and pulled the bundle close to her body.

"Thank you so much Virgo!" The blonde smiled brightly at her friend. Satisfied with serving her master Virgo disappeared as quickly as she had appeared in another flash of white and gold.

"Loke.." The mage sighed defeated. "Please. Just wait in my room." Her lion could feel her through their connection and right now she needed to be alone.

"As you wish." he sighed shutting the door behind him leaving her alone once again,

Placing the bundle of clothes on the counter top she started to put on the outfit Virgo had given her. Starting with a lacy black bra and underwear set a smile graced her lips thinking about the pink haired maid spirit. Grabbing the dark blue jean shorts and pulling them on she marveled at the feel of the fabric Aries must have made them for her. The warm material seemed to give off the comforting and renewing energy that seemed to come with all the clothes she had acquired from the celestial world.

Tears again slipped down her cheeks. Hadn't she cried enough? Wouldn't the well of tears dry up? She didn't know if it was a side effect of her newly gifted powers but her body continue to produce the salty liquid.

She loved her spirits! They knew that. She would never be able to show them how much she cares for them or how much she appreciates everything they do for her.

The blonde woman was disgusted with herself if she was brave enough to admit it. She HATED herself. Was ASHAMED of herself. She had given up a friend, her family, her oldest spirit. It saved everyone, and Aquarius wasn't dead, Scorpio had even come to check up on her ever few days since breaking the key and kept her up to date with events.

It wasn't the same though. Aquarius would never be able to venture into the human world again. A new key was not just something you could make or buy it just couldn't be done. So the blonde mage looked up into the mirror at her dark eyes and pale face and with a final sigh looked away determined to talk to Loke.

The rest of her outfit was a pair of knitted gray wool socks and a knitted off the shoulder gray sweater. The warm wool seemed to calm her a gentle smile appearing as she imagined Aries making them for her with care. Clipping her keys to a loop of her jean shorts she assessed herself in the mirror one more time.

She looked tired. Dark circles circled her eyes as a signaling her lack of sleep pale skin hung on her face not quite the look she was going for. Grabbing a elastic she pulled her hair up into a messy bun at the back of her head leaving her bangs free and flowing down the let side of her face.

Taking a deep breath and once again wiping her face clear of any remaining liquid opening the bathroom door she walked forward to her dreaded conversation with her dear friend Loke.