chapter 1

After the honeymoon and back to reality

Brian and Bridget settled into there new routine as husband and wife they were looking for a house not only for themselves but Matt and Sarah too Mary and Carlos and the kids went back to New York with in a months time they Brian and Bridget and Matt and Sarah had through Bridget's help found the homes they had been searching for and the homes were within 2 blocks of one another.

They were also within a mile from Eric and Annie's home and the church. Matt and Sarah settled nicely into the practice with Dr Hastings and Matt and Sarah relented and let Rosina watch the boys for now.

Brian was doing phenomenally well at KC Gaming. Winning account after account, he became the fastest young exec in the company. Over the next few months Brian completely healed and was given a clean bill of health and was able to drive again there was no permanent damage

A few months later Bridget's morning sickness was over and she was had a big tummy now. She was 7 and a half months but felt as though she was already at 9 months She was on her way to see Matt at his office

Brian called her. "Hey honey how are you feeling?" he asked her

"Like a beached whale. You know Brian pretty soon, I won't be able to drive I can barely fit behind the steering wheel now."

"Where are you headed off to I thought you only were working this morning and had the afternoon off.?" Brian asked her.

"Remember I have that doctors appointment with Matt this afternoon, I think he is going to do another ultrasound."

" Hey Let me see if I can get out of the meeting with Natasha and I will take you. I will call you in five minutes OK" Brian said.

Brian changed his meeting with Natasha until the next day and called Bridget from the car and told her he was on his way. He picked her up a short time later and helped her into the car. They got to the appointment a little early.

Sarah was finishing with a patient and was in the waiting room. "Hi guys, Are here to see Matt?" She asked

"Yup" Brian said " we are a little early She stayed there and chatted with them until her husband came out to grab them for Bridget's appointment. Matt brought them to the exam room the ultrasound equipment was already on the room The Nurse got Bridget's Vital signs and weight Matt frowned when he saw that Bridget's weight was not where he wanted it she should be gaining more weight than she had been especially carrying twins

He decided he would mention it after she got changed so Both he and the nurse stepped out so Brian could help Bridget undress in the paper gown thing she needed to put on with in a few minutes Matt was back. "I want to do an internal exam first to make sure everything is as it should be."

He proceeded with the exam and everything was fine her cervix was closed.

"Now to do the ultrasound. Matt told them "If we can do you want to know the sex of you babies since the twins are fraternal and not identical, you could have both the same gender or one of each."

Brian looked at Bridget and asked " Do we want to know?"

Bridget shook her head yes. then she said "If you can see we would like to know."

Matt did the ultrasound examined both and got pictures too all the standard measurements. and went back to the first one Baby a

"You see that?" he zoomed in on a particular area It was very obvious" this one is most definitely a boy,"

Brian and Bridget hugged each other. He worked at trying to see Baby B. It took awhile but finally he got a got to see what he needed to see he was able to see the tiny internal organs and could see her ovaries,

"OK" Matt said Baby B is a definitely a girl"

Brian sat back on the chair "Wow one of each" he looked at his beautiful wife and saw her tear stained cheeks

" I am so happy Brian"

Then Matt with a concerned look on his face said "Bridget there is a concern I do have which I mentioned on you last visit, You need to gain more weight"

" I am as big as a whale she replied you want me to gain more" You may be gaining in size because of they babies' growth but not in weight which means you are loosing you own body mass I am going to have you see a nutritionist I will set something up for you"

" I will keep on her too" Brian said Bridget then said "not to change the subject but I know that we want to tell everyone"

" I have an idea" Brian said "After you and Sarah are done working come over with the boys. We will have to have a family get together to celebrate and so we can tell everyone what we are having."

"Well you know Sarah knows you are having an ultrasound today, I won't be able to keep it a secret from her she will just look in the chart she is one of your doctors too" Matt laughed

"Of course she can know but the two of you keep it to yourselves until we tell everyone tonight ok" Brian said

They left the clinic and both Brian and Bridget were on their cell phones making phone calls to invite family and friends to their house. They stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get supplies for a the party. Even though they lived in California and it stayed warm most of the time mid October gets chilly in the evening but they figured they it would still be ok to have some of the party outside anyway. Brian like having a yard and wanted to use his new toy THE BIG GRILL they bought when they moved in.

They got home and started to prepare for everyone's arrival it was about 3 pm when there was a knock at the door. Brian opened the door. It was Brian's parents and along with Sam and David.

"Hey your early" Brian said with a surprise in his voice.

"Not to early I hope Annie said. "

"Of course not" Bridget replied. "We would love the help" Sam and David asked if they could go outside and play Basketball Brian opened the door to let them out.

"So what's this end of the week get together for anything in particular going on is there something you have to tell us?" Eric asked.

Brian just grinned and Bridget giggled "

"I knew it" Annie said "You had an appointment with Matt today. Spill it."

"We really wanted to wait until everyone was here before we said anything" Brian said

"We can tell them Bri" Bridget said then looked at Annie and Eric " You have to promise not to say anything and let us tell everyone else when they rest of them get here."

Eric and Annie said in unison, "We promise"

"I had another ultrasound today and we found out the gender of each baby" Bridget said ,

Then Brian added "Matt told us the babies are fraternal not identical, which I had to have him tell me what the heck that even meant I didn't know there was a difference any way we are having one of each a boy and a girl isn't that spectacular."

Eric and Annie hugged them both and then Eric asked them "I know that you have been discussing names any idea what you are going to call them yet"

Annie then said "Eric its a bit soon for that they have 2 and a half months left."

"Actually Bridget and I already had some names and we are pretty certain we have them picked out" Brian said.

There was a bit of a pause, then Eric finally spoke up "Well, are you going to tell us or do we have to guess or worse are you going to make us wait until they are born."

" Should we tell him Bridget or do we wait until they are born?"

"No we have to tell them, as long as they don't say anything I really want to tell them, I would at least like their opinion." Bridget said "We are fairly certain they we are going with the names Ethan Matthew and Emma Rose, what do you think?"

"Emma and Ethan that's precious" Annie said, "I love the names" Eric agreed also.

Eric helped Brian get the stuff ready for the party outside and Brian also took several breaks to play some hoops with Sam and David. Meanwhile Annie and Bridget started with the food inside By dinner time everyone had arrived and they said grace and sat down to eat

Bridget didn't eat too much and Brian noticed she wasn't eating much again "Your not eating"

Bridget looked at Brian and rolled her eyes at him "I have no room, the babies are pushing against my stomach there is no room for food"

"You have to eat sweetheart" He replied

"I know I do,but what I have decided to do is pick at food all day long so I will get the correct amount of food just not in big meals ok, when I see the nutritionist I will come up with a plan on how best to do that."

He kissed her on the nose and begrudgingly he let the discussion about her lack of eating for now be tabled. After the dishes from dinner were cleared Bridget and Annie brought out dessert, once everyone was seated again and eating, Brian stood up and motioned for Bridget to come and stand by his side. Brian began with a huge grin on his face

" Well as everyone knows by now its old news we are having twins, but today we found out that they are fraternal and we now know the gender of each baby. We just thought you would all like to know."

Before he could finish Bridget blurted out" we are having a boy and a girl one of each"

Everyone erupted in cheers and hugs, the rest of the evening went by quickly by about 8:30 the only ones who had remained were Matt and Sarah, Noah and Jacob had by this time passed out on the couch.

" Hey Bridget, I forgot to mention I scheduled you with a nutritionist tomorrow at 3 pm if that is ok" Matt told her

" Yeah that is fine" Matt gave her all the information and then both he and Sarah picked up the sleepy boys and went home. She went to the nutritionist the following day and got a good idea of the diet she should be eating and he gave her a program that would have her eating 6-8 small meals a day which helped her tremendously.

The weeks went by a lot slower than Bridget had wanted and Matt was happy with her weight gain although she wasn't, she felt as big as a house and she was having a hard time moving around. it was now mid November 3 am in the morning the babies were so active she didn't know how they even had the room to move around in her tummy but they sure did. She was trying to get comfortable her moving around woke Brian.

" Still can't sleep huh" Brian asked her

" Not with the way these babies are moving around I can't" she replied.

Brian lovingly rubbed her tummy and spoke ever so softly to the babies he. "Hey in there don't you know your mommy is trying to sleep"

He was so amazed watching them move inside her. He had seen pregnant women before, especially his sister Nicole and he was around during Deena's pregnancy but never so up close and it was so amazing because these were his babies this time. After a little while they seemed to settle and Bridget was finally able to fall asleep. He was afraid to stop rubbing her tummy because they may start to move around again, and he knew his wife needed to sleep. He finally drifted off to sleep himself.

Annie and Nicole had been busying themselves getting everything ready for a surprise baby shower. Nicole was so happy for Brian, she knew he would make a terrific father, he was so good with Bella and pretty much all he other nieces and nephews even though somehow Brian doubted his parenting skills.

Two Saturdays before Thanksgiving would be the day of the shower, they figured that they could get her over to the Camden's under the guise of having her help with holiday preparations. They had hoped they didn't wait to long. Her due date was 12/05 and twins usually came early.

The day of the shower came. Bridget really had no idea and was shocked when Brian got her there.

Most of the cars had parked next door at Kevin and Lucy's house so she had no idea that anyone was even at her in laws house and the Camden's house was packed. When she waled in with Brian they all yelled " Surprise" and Bridget burst into tears.

Her heart was filled with so much happiness she couldn't contain it. " Well now I know why Brian has been putting off taking me shopping for the nursery we only have the basics, I should have known about this knowing how this family is but I really had no idea" she said in amazement. The shower went very smoothly and with all the gifts and furniture it took everyone's car, truck and all other vehicles to get the stuff to their home.

During the next week or so Brian with the help of his mom and Matt they pretty much got the nursery put together. the week before Thanksgiving Bridget was very antsy she made sure she had her bags packed for the hospital and put it in the car just in case.


Bridget woke up earlier than usual she felt very crampy today as she and stood up

Brian woke up and said "Wow you look like you dropped. Your tummy is practically between your legs honey."

" I know and boy are they pressing on my bladder" she said as she hurried into the bathroom she asked Brian from the bathroom "What time are we suppose to be at your parents"

" Well we can go there at anytime but dinner will be at 2ish mom said"

" I think we should go there earlier so I can help out your mom. You can go watch the wildcats, I know your dad wanted to go to the high school and watch them play football. I think Matt, Kevin and Simon were suppose to be going too"

" Not to put a damper on things Bridget, but how much can you actually help? You can barely move"

"I can at least sit at the table and cut up veggies and peel potatoes or something I am not completely useless" She laughed.

They arrived at the Camden's a little before 9:30. The guys left taking both Sam and David and Noah and Jacob to the game Lucy came in with Savannah as they were leaving.

The door bell rang around 11 am it was Nicole with Bella. She put Bella in the play yard with Savannah in there to keep her occupied and the women proceeded to get the food prepared. The phone rang it was Mary she had called to say Happy Thanksgiving. she and Carlos were not able to get out to California because her pregnancy was to advanced to fly she was due shortly after Bridget.

Bridget was still not feeling well still very crampy every so often, but she didn't want to say anything yet because she didn't want to wreck the holiday.

She was peeling the potatoes sitting next to Sarah when a much stronger pain hit her and took her breath away, She tried to hide it. but Sarah caught her reaction to the pain.

" Are you ok" she asked "

" I am fine" I have just been a little crampy today. She tried to shhhh Sarah, but Sarah being an OB/GYN herself and one of her doctors knew that Bridget could deliver at anytime and had been surprised she hadn't already, given she was having twins.

Sarah quietly asked Bridget to go into the other room so as not to alert the other family members yet.

" How long have you been having the pains"

"I woke up crampy" Bridget replied

"I know stairs are a bit hard for you but lets go upstairs so I can take a look at you and see if you are dilated and from now on we need to time the contractions. As they were had gotten upstairs the guys got home from the game and went in the back door all cheering that the Wildcats had won.

Sarah told Bridget " Go and Lay down on mom and dad's bed I will be right in"

Then Sarah called for Matt to come upstairs.

"What's up" Matt asked

"I think Bridget has gone into labor" she replied "If you want to check her I will go and get your bag from the car" Sarah said

Sarah went to go get Matt's bag and Matt walked into his parents bedroom where Bridget was laying.

She looked at Matt, "You didn't tell Brian yet did you?"

"Not yet let's get you checked first. He got her ready to be checked and as he positioned her

Sarah came in the door with a panicked Brian. " oh my god are you ok honey?" he said as he sat on the bed beside her

"So far I am ok but I think our Thanksgiving plans have changed."

Matt checked her cervix, "You are 2 Cm dilated" he said "lets keep track of the contractions how far apart are they. Sarah looked at her watch. "well the last one she had was 12 minutes ago downstairs "as she was saying that another pain ripped through Bridget

" Oh my God I can't believe how much this hurts" Bridget said through Gritted teeth. Just then a gush of water came from Bridget and then a second Gush. both of her waters broke, Sarah spoke up "well looks like it is time to go to the Hospital."