Chapter 7

The Party and announcements

A little while later food was done and everyone came in the house to eat to celebrate Brian, Bridget and the twins officially becoming Camdens.

As Bridget was serving dinner she went to get up to get another tray of food she walked by Lucy and she leaned over and whisper to her "when I come back in the room, how bout you and Kevin make your announcement"

Lucy whispered back ok I will tell Kev

Bridget came back with with the tray of food a few minutes later then nodded to Lucy and Kevin. Kevin got up and stood next to Lucy and cleared his throat

"Lucy and I have been sitting on a little bit of news for a while, we wanted to make sure that nothing would go wrong like it did before" then he paused

"What Kevin is trying to say is that we are expecting a baby and I am 14 weeks so I am way past where I was before when I miscarried"

Everyone congratulated them then it was Adam and Marjorie's turn

"We have some news of our own and Brian had the idea that we should tell everyone today too" Adam spoke up then Marjorie held up her hand

"We are engaged again" Marjorie blurted out, And everyone congratulated them too

Then dinner continued, the babies woke up and were fed by various adults

Econlodge in Los Angeles

Lillian Davis paced back and forth and said out loud " I can't understand why Brian isn't getting back to me" Lillian was once again off her meds or at least not taking them correctly and she was starting to get manic again and she had no Idea about the Camdens, Nicole had never told her because she had thought it would set her mother off again and because she had not had any contact with Brian in over a year since he had seen her in Mexico he never told her either. Lillian looked at the address book that she took from Nicole's purse the other day and found Brian and Bridget's address and googled maps and got directions to his house in Glen Oak. Then she thought to her self "If he won't call me I think I will just head over their myself " and she left the room and got in her car and headed to Glen Oak

Thirty five minutes later she pull up to the address that she had gotten out of Nicole's address book "It looks like there is a party or something going on here" she said out loud

In The House

The dinner had been cleared and some of the women had cleared the plates to make room for desert, the big cake that simply stated congratulations on it and Ice cream As it was being brought into the dining room the doorbell rang. Nicole who was closest to the door said "I'll get it and opened the door to find her mother standing there.

"Mom what are you doing here? This isn't a good time." Nicole told her

"Of course it is a good time I just don't understand why I wasn't invited to the party, after all I am Brian's mother!" Lillian replied

Just then Brian Yelled "Hey Nic who is at the door?"

"I will tell you later Bri" she said as she pushed her mom out the door " Really mom go back to the motel I will call you later I promise There is so much you don't know"

"So why don't I come in and you just tell me!" Lillian said in an agitated voice

"Not with so many people here and with Brian still being upset about the issues with Dad, do you really want to upset him more, oh by the way how did you get Brian's address?"

"Oh here Lillian said as she handed Nicole back her address book" I borrowed it Well I will go for now but I will be back in the morning NO IFs ANDs OR BUTs about it" and she turned and huffed away

"Thank god she left this would have been really bad especially where she is so manic" Nicole said to her self

Nicole went back in and rejoined the group Brian was heading to the bathroom and she seized the opportunity to grab him when he came out She grabbed his hand

"Where are we going Nic?"

"Outside!" she said

"Why" Brian asked

"To tell you who had been at the door and you owe me one" she replied

she pushed him out the back door and closed it behind them, once she felt they were completely out of earshot from everyone else she sat on the bench at the picnic table

"alright Nic what's going on? Who was at the door?" he asked her

"It was mom Brian she took my address book from my purse, I hadn't noticed it was missing and she looked up your name and address and since you haven't called her back she decided to show up unannounced" Nicole replied

"Holy Shit, Boy it would have been a disaster if she came in tonight we have to break things to her gently, not that I hadn't tried to get in touch with HER but she was not easy to find

"Brian I think she is off her meds again she has been extremely manic" she told him

"Oh no not again" Brian said and then sat next to Nic with his head in his hands

"Oh it gets better Bri she said she will be here tomorrow IN THE MORNING NO IFs ANDs or BUTs about it" Nic told him

"Oh Swell Hmm Maybe I should have mom, My real mom go home with dad tonight then I sure as Hell don't want a scene tomorrow" Brian said

"I think you are right I will come over with her and then together we can help her understand about the Camdens and if she looses it we can maybe help her through it together. Well let's go back inside before they miss us" Nicole replied

Then Brian and Nicole went back in the house and to the dining room

"Hey where did you two disappear to" Bridget asked

"Oh we just needed to have a talk and went outside, then whispered to his wife I will fill you in later" Then kissed her

Around 7:30 everyone started to depart. By 8:30 pm the only people that were left were Nicole and of course Bella and Eric and Annie (Ruthie took Sam and David home)

"Well I think I am going to head out soon too" Eric stated plainly "Have to make sure Sam and David get to bed, so they will get up for school tomorrow"

"Dad Wait a minute, Mom you might want to go with him tonight, but just for tonight" Brian told them

Then Brian explained the situation and the fact that Lillian may show up in the morning

"Its not that we are not going to tell her its just she is very volatile and fragile when she is manic, better not to have you here mom when we tell her"

Bridget agreed with Brian.

"Ok I will go home with your dad," Annie said "Call me in the morning or whenever you mother either leaves or it is just ok for me to come back. Annie said and then went to kiss both babies then Bridget and Brian and then they headed home.

Nicole told Brian and Bridget she would go over to the motel in the morning and talk to their mother and then come over with her and help explain the situation, she asked Brian if he wanted her to tell her anything, He just said no and they would do it together tomorrow

"Wow what a crazy day I am glad its over" Brian said as he blew out a tired breath

"You look tired" Bridget said as she touched his cheek

"I am and pretty stressed about tomorrow morning"

Well lets get the rest of this stuff cleaned up and then get the babies settled for bed

They finished cleaning and Brian turned on the dishwasher then they scooped up the babies and brought them upstairs.

Next Morning

Brian didn't sleep much as he was anxious about seeing Lillian. He honestly didn't know what he was going to say

Bridget and the twins were still sleeping, he got up to take a shower. He dried off and threw some clothes on and went downstairs to put on some coffee and make breakfast, he also heated up one bottle so he could feed a baby while Bridget fed the other.

Just as he had pours coffee for himself and Bridget, he heard crying. He went up stairs coffee in hand bottle in his pocket.

Bridget was up and saw Brian as he walked in the room, "I knew I smelled coffee" she said as she took the cup from Brian, took a sip then set it down. Brian put his coffee down and put the bottle next to it on the dresser

Each grabbed a baby to change. Once they were changed Brian grabbed the bottle and picked up Emma to feed while Bridget sat back on the bed with Ethan and leaned against the pillows to breast feed. Once they were burped and fed Bridget and Brian brought the babies down stairs and put them in their carriers and then They ate While Brian was cleaning up Bridget went to take a shower. A little while later Nicole arrived at the front of the house ( Bella was home with the Manny) Brian heard the knock and let Nicole in.

"Hi Nic you're here early" Brian said.

Nicole replied "Well, I didn't sleep well last night. Between Bella and her teething and my anxiety over mom"

" I know what you mean same here except for the teething, too early for that stage "he chuckled " still have no idea how to tell her about the Camdens she may go off the deep end and you sad she appears manic and off her meds oh boy"

"Well Bridget is in the shower why don't you sit and have coffee while we discuss what to do. Oh Nic we have bagels if you want one"

"Sure Bri Why don't you pour me a coffee and I will toast a bagel."

They were sting n the kitchen watching the babies sleep and discussing how to handle their mother. Bridget had finished showering and dressing she even popped on a bit a makeup to freshen up her look. As she was almost down stairs the doorbell rang (thankfully it didn't wake the twins) sad loud enough for Brian to hear her " I got it" Bridget opened the door and a perfectly coiffed middle aged women was at the door. Bridget looked at her puzzled as she didn't recognize her"can I help you?"

" I am looking to speak with my son Brian" At that moment Bridget knew it was Lillian. Bridget just shocked just kind of stood there.

'Well May I come in?" Lillian inquired?

Bridget was brought out of her momentary daze,"Oh yes come in" She led her to the living room "I'll let Brian know you are here"

She must have been as pale as a ghost. Brian has his back to her and started to say "who was at the door" and Nicole chimed in "Are you ok?'

All Bridget could say was" your Adoptive mother is in the living room as she plopped in the kitchen chair.