It's been five months since Naruto started studying the Ninja arts, and experimenting with his sensing abilities and while quite advanced he figured out early on that he could only go so far with a mediocre understanding of chakra. So he asked the Hokage for entrance to the ninja academy. In the academy he showed his immense natural intelligence and aptitude in the Ninja arts by understanding the basic material and making intuitive leaps in understanding the more advanced subjects. Impressing the teachers enough to let him have access to the more advanced teachings. In the coming months he would make incredible progress in both knowledge and ability in Shurikenjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Chakra control and other core subjects. Being capable of the leaf sticking exercise with five leaves in constant motion while going through katas, he knew that this would teach him patience and help him keep his chakra calm flowing and under control.

Walking through the park after that day at the academy, he saw a girl about his age crying, taking in the entire scene noticed some other kids pointing and laughing at her, so without a second thought walked over and introduced himself to her.

"Hey I'm Naruto what's your name?" he asked as he sat down in front of her. "Huh" she said while looking up and noticing a boy around her age sitting in front of her before remembering he asked her a question. "Oh I'm Sakura" she replied, "well what are you crying for?"

"Everybody keeps making fun of my forehead and picking on me, not letting me play with them."She said with tears in her eyes. "well it is kind of big" "SEE" "I think it looks really cute on you" he finished with a smile on his face "Really?" she asked with a little hope in her eyes, "yeah so don't cover it with your bangs anymore." He said as he gave her a headband he kept in his bag. "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" she yelled as she hugged him and jumped around before they both broke off laughing and fell to the ground. "So does this mean we're friends?" she asked after calming down " yeah it does." he replied.


"Well I guess I gotta go." she said getting up "Bye Naruto" she yelled as she ran to her mother "Bye Sakura." he said as he watched her leave, happy he'd made a friend. Continuing on his way home thinking to himself .' I'm glad I could help her and make a friend out of it.' Proud of himself for making the right decision.

Over the coming months he would continue to meet up with Sakura after the academy, before she told him she would be attending the next week at the start of the new year.

"Really?" Naruto asked excited she that would coming to the academy with him.

"Uhuh I'm so happy I get to spend more time with you and make mommy proud."

"We'll be in the same class because of our age group, maybe we'll make more friends."Naruto said excited at the prospect.

Naruto was currently sitting in the third row of the class reading a book on advanced chakra theory when the teacher walked. " Good morning class." he said turning around to see everyone ignoring him. "I SAID GOOD MORNING CLASS" he yelled with a big head, veins bulging and snot flying out of his nose. "Good morning sensei"they all said at the same time.

"My Name is Iruka. You can call me Iruka-sensei, now I'm going to call your names answer when you hear your name. Okay?" "Yes Iruka-sensei"

"Shino Aburame" "Here" Shino replied in monotone.

"Choji Akamichi" "Here" he said as he munched in some chips.

"Sakura Haruno" "I'm here Iruka-sensei." she said happily.

"Hinata Hyuga" "H-here s-sensei." she said shyly 'I'll have to try and help her with that' he said to himself in thought.

"Kiba Inuzuka" "I'm here and don't forget Akamaru sensei." "and Akamaru." "Woof"

"Shikamaru Nara" "Here sensei." He replied lazily. "R-Right" Iruka said with a twitching eye.

"Sasuke Uchiha" "Here sensei" Sasuke said with as much confidence as a six year old could have.

"Naruto Uzumaki"He said with somewhat tight voice. "Here Iruka-sensei" Naruto replied as he looked at Iruka with a small smile to relieve his tension. "Good" Iruka said relaxing after looking at his new student.

"Ino Yamanaka" " I'm here Iruka-sensei." She said looking up at him and beaming.

" Good now the we know everyone is here we can start the lesson, so who can tell me what it means to be a ninja and what their role in the world is hmm. " He asked with a smile while looking around at all the hands that were raised.

As Iruka asked the question Naruto remembered his first meeting with Shisui Uchiha.


Naruto was standing in a training ground preparing to launch the last of his shuriken at the targets he had set up. He jumped in the the air and let loose all eight of them, six burying deep into the targets vital areas while two curved around to bounce off each other to land deep in the targets hidden in blind spots, back flipping smoothly he let fly the kunai he had grabbed just after launching the shuriken and watched in satisfaction as all the kunai hit there targets in blind spots. Smoothly transitioning to land on his feet, just as he was landing he sensed a chakra he associated with the Uchiha clan just at the edge of the trees. Looking to where he sensed the person he saw a young boy about eleven walking out of the tree line, so he turned and waited to see what he wanted.

Shisui was curious, he was on his way home after reporting a mission success to the Hokage when he saw a boy about Itachi's brothers age training, now this wasn't unusual. What was, is that he was preforming advance shuriken techniques that even he couldn't at that age. So he went to investigate. Geting to the edge of the tree line just as the kid finished his hitting all his targets, he was surprised again though he didn't show it when the kid actually sensed him , so as he walked out of the trees,he watched as the kid turned to where he was walking to wait for him.

When they met in the middle of the field he introduced himself "Hello I'm Shisui Uchiha, what's your name."

"Naruto Uzumaki it is nice to meet you Shisui-san, can I help you with anything?" he asked politely wondering what the young Uchiha could want with him.

"Now now, none of that san stuff it makes me feel weird." He laughed as he said this "I was just wondering where you learned such advanced techniques." He stated curious and only mildly surprised at how polite he was.

"Oh I learnt it myself, I would hit the other targets," he said gesturing to the targets littering the training ground, "but I ran out of kunai and shuriken." He said with a small laugh as he turned around and looked at the small lake present,before asking Shisui, "Your a ninja right?" turning his head to look at the older boy.

"Yeah why" He asked wondering why he asked a question with such an obvious answer since he knew from his interaction with him so far he seemed like a kid who didn't freak out from meeting a ninja like some do.

" My ji-san asked me a question about what my dream was, so I told him it was to be Hokage,the only problem is I don't know what it means to be a ninja. I was wondering what being a ninja meant to you." He said to him with a small smile on his face.

To say Shisui was flabbergasted would be an understatement, he knew the kid seemed smart but to hear from a kid who wasn't even ten ask a question that most ninja never ask shocked him enough for it to show on his face.

Naruto clearly saw the shock on his face but still waited patiently for his answer.

Shisui considered his answer carefully. "Being a shinobi a true ninja means to protect all that is precious to you, from your village, to your family with everything you have, that self-sacrifice… to be a nameless shinobi who protects peace from within its what it truly means to be a shinobi." He said looking out at the lake as a wind blew through the clearing blowing his short hair back, before he turned to Naruto who was looking at with respect, and smiled back at him with happiness in his eyes.

"Thank you Shisui." Naruto said before asking if he would like to meet here again.

"Yes I'd like that, maybe next time we can train together."

Naruto agreed before going to collect his kunai and shuriken as Shisui left to go home.

Flashback End

Before paying attention to the class as Sasuke answered the question, smiling to himself at naivety of his classmates. ' It's going to be an interesting few years.' He thought to himself looking out the window.

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