It's been two years since Naruto had started training with Shisui, coming farther with him than he would've without, and he couldn't have been happier with his progress. He was also happy with his social life having made two friends in Shikamaru and Choji.

Flash Back

Three months since the academy started, and Naruto was bored. Having just come back from training where he made significant progress with the leaf sticking exercise, he was feeling a little lonely since both Sakura and Shisui were away. So he was walking around the village looking for a way to alleviate his boredom, when he saw his two of his classmates Shikamaru and Choji playing ninja with some other kids, so not having interacted much with them outside the academy he decided to observe them. Disappearing in a blur and appearing on the roof of a building close by, he sat down to watch. A short while later something Choji was doing caught his attention as he had stopped running, to watch a butterfly stuck in a spider web, before gently freeing it and letting it go. Naruto saw that he wasn't the only one watching this scene as Shikamaru was observing to. As Shikamaru looked on he felt someone watching him but before he could check the feeling disappeared.

"Troublesome." he sighed looking at the sky. Before walking over to where Choji was now sitting, as he walked he noticed his enigmatic classmate Naruto was walking with him.'Tch I didn't even feel his presence, troublesome blond.' before seeing him send a small smile hiss way and felt the need to smile back. As they reached Choji he asked " is it okay if we sit here?" looking towards Naruto and then back to Choji. "S-sure that's okay."Choji said as he looked at them and smiled as they sat down, before they all looked toward the sky in companionable silence.

Flash Back End

That's not to say he got along with everybody, Sasuke is notorious for his dislike of him, which started after their first sparing session together.

Flash Back

Two months in to the academy Iruka knew it was time to start sparing. "Alright lets head outside its time for some friendly sparring." Iruka said with a smile waiting till everyone was gone before he to headed out.

"Now I'm going to be partnering you based on your taijutsu level you've displayed in class so far."

"Okay Sakura, Ino your up." He said gesturing to the ring.

"Yes sensei" they both said at the same time before glaring at each other as they walked into the ring and settling into the academy taijutsu stance waiting for the match to begin.

"Alright Begin." He said after he walked to the edge of the ring.

"You'll never beat me forehead girl"Ino taunted as they ran at each other and exchanged some punches and kicks "Oh yeah Ino-pig" Sakura yelled back as she kick Ino in the side before punching her in the face and out of the ring. "Oooh that hurt." Ino groaned as she sat up and rubbed her face.

"Winner Sakura. Good job Sakura." Iruka said smiling at his student. "Thank you sensei. she said as she sat down on a bench nearby.

"Alright Shikamaru Choji your turn." Smiling as he heard Shikamaru groan as he got up.

"Man what a drag." he said as he dragged himself into the ring with smiling Choji following him

"Alright you two begin." said Iruka as he waited for the to start the only problem was the y didn't, they just stood there staring at each other. Five minutes later and you could hear the crickets chirping and Iruka's eyes were twitching so badly he looked like he was going to have seizure before yelling out "Just fight already!"

Before shikamaru called out that he forfeit, and they waked out of the ring smirking.

"Alright Kiba Shino your up" he said calling them over. "Woop come on Akamaru let's go." Kiba said excited at finaly getting to fight. "Sorry Kiba but Akamaru can't fight with you." "What why?" Because nin animals count as ninja tools Iruka said sternly. "Sorry buddy guess I have to fight without you." "Woof" He said as he put Akamaru down and walked into the ring where Shino was waiting for him.

"Now begin." As soon as he finished Kiba jumped at Shino with a claw strike that he dodged by jumping back and countering with a side kick before immediately jumping up as he tried to swipe his legs out from under him kicking him in the head, as he tried to recover Shino rushed at him and kicked him out of the ring.

After the last par was done he called Naruto and Sasuke. " Alright guys now shake hands," which they did "and Begin!"

As they stood in the ring Naruto waited for Sasuke to make the first move which he did and just as he was taking his first step forward with his fist raised, his eyes widened as Naruto dashed to the side disappearing from his sight before appearing behind him and pinning him before he could even finish his first step.

"Wha! okay Naruto let Sasuke up" Iruka said, even though he was shocked that an academy student could move at such speed. "Okay Iruka-sensei" Naruto replied as he let Sasuke go,

"Here let me help you up. " As he gave him his hand but Sasuke slapped it away "I don't need your help. Sensei I want a rematch." Sasuke said never looking away from Naruto.

"Okay Sasuke," So they both went back to the starting position in the ring"and Begin!"

This time Sasuke was prepared for Naruto when he lost sight of him and threw his punch where he knew Naruto was going to appear, but Naruto had anticipated the move so instead of going to the side he went up, appearing on Sasukes shoulders just as he overextended his punch by hitting nothing but air. Sasuke didn't even have time to realize his mistake before he was pinned again. "Winner Naruto." Iruka announced, before Sasuke stood angrily and attempted to hit Naruto but he dodged by stepping back and pinned Sasuke's arm behind his back. "Now that's enough." Iruka shouted as he walked over to them "Sasuke detention for attacking you classmate outside of a spar and Naruto." Iruka trailed off as he hadn't done anything wrong. "You did very good in the spar, I didn't know your skills were so advanced." Iruka stated with a smile on his face acknowledging him for the first time as his pupil. Ever since that day Sasuke has harbored a deep anger at Naruto for his defeat at his hands and no matter what Naruto tried it didn't help.

Flash Back End

Shisui was worried he had just informed the Hokage of the coup the Uchiha are planning and was given permission to use his Sharingan to subtly discourage his clan, only on his way back to the compound Danzo one of the shinobi elders confronted him and attempted to take his unique sharingan for himself only to be effortlessly subdued by genjutsu, so using Izanagi a technique he was able due to use due to a sharingan he had stolen, he escaped the genjustu surprising Shisui and managed to take his right eye, before he escaped. Now he was standing on a cliff overlooking the Naka river waiting for Itachi to show up.

As Naruto walked to the training ground after the academy that he wondered how Shisui was doing so activating his sensing technique Mind's Eye of the Kagura he located him and was worried when he sensed that he was injured and very worried about something, wanting to help his friend he took to the rooftops as fast as he could and disappeared in a series of body flickers arriving shortly after, landing in the clearing he made his way to Shisui.

Itachi was worried Shisui was acting odd the last time he'd seen him and now he was calling him out to a remote river away from the clan with a message that relayed its urgency, he made his way there as fast as he could. Getting to the river in time to see shisui finishing a conversation with a boy around Sasuke's age before giving him something, what it was he couldn't see but could tell it was important. He walked into the clearing just as the boy body flickered away.

When Naruto arrived at the river he was concerned to see that Shisui was missing an eye, and knowing just how powerful his eyes were was mildly worried. Making his way over to him," Shisui what happened?" Naruto asked concerned for his well being.

"Naruto what are you doing here?" he asked startled that his young friend was here.

" I sensed you were injured so came to help you." He said worried about him

"I'm fine Naru" "your not fine Shisui you missing an eye" he said semi hysterically before he to was cut off "That's not important Naruto! sigh sorry for snapping at you but now isn't the time to worry about me, sigh the reason I'm missing an eye is because one of the village elders ambushed me and stole one of my eyes before I managed to escape. Listen Naruto, events are happening right now that I tried to stop on my own. But now I see the futility of that action, this isn't something that do away with so easily.

"What events are you talking about Shisui. Tell me please." Naruto pleaded desperately.

"The Uchiha clan is planning a coup d'etat , there planning to take over the village and I was going to stop it without any bloodshed by using Kotoamatsukami on the clan head, but Danzo ambushed me, and something he said has me doubting myself, sigh, Naruto promise me something. Promise me that no matter what you will always protect the village, even when you learn of its darkness you'll never let it weaken you resolve."

"I promise you Shisui I will protect the village no matter what." Naruto promised with all of his conviction.

"Good" he said as he smiled gently, looking out at the river, before turning back to Naruto and reaching up with his left hand and ripping out his left eye without flinching and giving it to Naruto who was shocked at watching his friend ripping out his own eye, but still took it knowing this would be the last time he saw him. Smiling up at him with tears in his eyes he whispered "Goodbye Ni-san." Before he body flickered as he sensed another Uchiha approaching.

Arriving at his apartment he placed the eye in a glass jar filled with a liquid that would preserve it so he could put it away where no one would find it knowing it would be dangerous in the wrong hands and not having any need of it right now but knowing he could use it in the future.

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