Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of anything in this drabble other than my own imagination.


He could feel it...

Liquid lifeforce,

Staining his skin...

92% water

With every swing and every slash

8% other elements

Spilling more and more.

Made up of 4 blood elements

Dying his hair,

Erythrocytes, red blood cells

Relentless scrubbing that didn't seem to get rid of the flakes under his nails,

Leukocytes, white blood cells

Every sip of sake tasting like iron.

Thrombocytes, platelets

Every bite of food tasting like copper.


Clothes feeling wet and sticky, a metallic tang in the air


Scarlet liquid dripping from the crossed scar


Mixing and swirling in the clear liquid trickling from his eyes


He screams.


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