Chapter 1

Passing through Earth's atmosphere, the freighter called the Ebon Hawk flew downwards until it soared above a large forest before nearing a cliff face. As the ship descended directly toward the cliff face, a small strip of rock slid away, revealing a large hangar with black foreboding durasteel walls. The boarding ramp was extended a few seconds after the ship landed, and out walked a tall figure clad in black robes with a red-tinted chestplate, his hooded face hidden behind a steel mask with a T-shaped visor.

Sith Lord Darth Revan.

Three months ago, Revan had decimated the Republic Fleet at the Battle of Rakata Prime, gained Bastila Shan, former Jedi Knight, as a Sith apprentice, killed Darth Malak, and reclaimed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and the Star Forge, a machine capable of producing massive armies. After searching through his old databanks on the Star Forge, the ones recorded before the Jedi Council wiped his memory, the Sith Lord discovered the locations of his hidden strongholds scattered across the galaxy. But one of them attracted most of his attention: the stronghold located on a planet deep in the universally undiscovered parts of the Unknown Regions, Earth.

Placing Bastila in temporary command of his Sith Empire with specific instructions to not attack the Republic until he returned and moving their fleet to Malachor Five, the site of the last battle of the Mandalorian Wars and location of the Trayus Academy, Revan went on a journey to re-discover his old strongholds, most of them built during the Mandalorian Wars and the early stages of the Jedi Civil War, and housed large supplies of Holocrons, lightsaber crystals, weaponry, and starships. But some of them were established during the break between the two wars, where he and Malak investigated the origin of the True Sith.

And here he was, standing in the stronghold on the planet that the databanks on the Star Forge had called Earth. The hyperspace jump to the isolated planet was quite long, and took a total of fourteen standard days. Walking to a metal door that led him out of the hangar into a long, winding corridor, Revan made his way to the nearest room. The blast door opened and the Lord of the Sith strode into a large room with computer terminals and a rectangular holo terminal in the center. "A communications room" Revan thought.

After exploring the entirety of the stronghold, Revan returned to the Ebon Hawk. As he walked up the boarding ramp and turned right to walk to the lounge, and then to the cockpit, the Sith Lord was greeted by his droid. At first, he didn't want to bring this droid along, but thought better against it. The droid's skills could prove useful if Revan ran into something amiss.

HK-47 asked him, excitement and longing in his voice "Question: When will I get to disembody or pulverize meatbags, master? My photoreceptors are twitching to see them squirming on the ground."

Revan looked at HK-47. Beneath his mask, he smiled. The droid's thirst for bloodlust was why he liked him so much. "Soon HK, soon." He answered, his voice deep as he said it with his mask on.

Then suddenly it came, like a torrent of gushing river. Revan saw a boy, a baby. He could sense the raw Force energy that the baby projected. Raw...and powerful. With this thought the baby disappeared. He had seen a vision. A vision from the Force.

"Master, master..." HK-47 called him.

Ignoring HK-47, Revan opened himself to the Force, letting its waves flow through him as he tried to sense the boy's very location. When that didn't work, he focused on anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, and pain to make the Force obey him. Closing his eyes, the Sith Lord could now sense the boy clearly through the Force, the infant's presence rang out like a beacon to him.

Engaging the engines, Darth Revan lifted the Hawk up and into the sky.

-line break-

Albus Dumbledore apparated away with a 'pop'. The street, the houses, the lamps, and Privet Drive as a whole seemed to be swept into the harmony of the night. Harry Potter, the-Boy-Who-Lived, slept soundly on Dursley's doorstep. All seemed to be in peace. That was until the dark figure that was Darth Revan walked silently toward the Dursley's house. The Sith Lord looked down at the male infant lying in front of a primitive door attached to a primitive-looking dwelling of some sort.

"Now, young one..." Darth Revan spoke, his eyes never leaving the baby. "A great Sith you will become..."