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Jedi Master Dorak stared at the very sight before him. What had been a meeting between the remnants of the surviving members of the Jedi Council concerning the survival of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic itself had turned into a heated and unnecessary debate. With the seemingly unlimited forces of Revan's reorganized Sith Empire crushing the Republic forces on almost every single battlefront, backed up by the Star Forge facility, heavily defended behind the bulk of the enemy's forces, the Republic's end was forfeit.

"I knew we shouldn't have wiped Revan's memory when Bastila bought him to us" said Atris, her voice bitter. "We should have killed him right then."

"We thought he could be redeemed." Zhar Lestin spoke. "We were wrong. He fell pray to darkness-"

Vrook Lamar interrupted him. "And now, not only did Revan succumbed to the dark side, but Bastila Shan as well! Two of the Order's best!"

"What's done is done, Master Vrook" interjected Zez-Kai Ell "The war with Revan started eleven years ago. Now we must end it."

"There simply is no way to win. The best course of action now is to surrender." Every head in the council turned to look at Master Dorak, who had spoken for the first time since the meeting started.

The Jedi Council continued to bicker among themselves on the Republic capital of Coruscant, while another meeting was held on a planet far away from the rim. The planet not yet discovered by the Republic. The planet that, since end of the Great Hyperspace War, had served as a sanctuary and hiding place for the Jedi Order's real mortal enemy. As many years passed, the defeated civilization that settled on the planet began to prosper once again under the rule of the ultimate leader, the one who instigated the Ritual of Nathema.

The chamber of the Dark Council on the planet Dromund Kaas carried an air of unease, respect, and...fear. On twelve seats sat twelve figures. Robed figures. Armored figures. Humans and Sith purebloods. But what drew their attention was the holographic image in the middle of the room, projected by a middle-sized holoprojector. The hologram stared at each members of the Dark Council with eyes as black as the void of space itself. Its face deformed beyond comprehension. When it spoke, many voices, male-female-young-old, rang out at once, a grim reminder of what happened to the planet Nathema and its inhabitants. Of course, the knowledge of the ritual on Nathema was never revealed to the public, so none of the Dark Council members would know.

"The plan to reveal ourselves to the Republic has been delayed. The rogue Jedi who I had once controlled and sent to be a vanguard of the Empire's invasion had been repurposed by the Jedi, turned to the dark on his own doing, and amassed his own forces with the use of an ancient alien device, the Star Forge."

The entire council waited in anticipation on what would come next.

"My true loyal servants, extensions of my very will, had reported to me with the location of the Star Forge, as well as the news that, Revan, the Sith Pretender, had left the command of his renegade army to one of his servant, while he embarked on a journey into the deeper parts of the Unknown Regions."

The Dark Council never expected what would happen next.

"You will wait until Revan has crushed the Republic and shaped it to his own image, then...we will strike."

With that the eyes as dark as the void disappeared, as the hologram deactivated.

-line break-

Darth Revan had taken the liberty of flying the Ebon Hawk, with its built-in cloaking device, all the way to a secured part of London to drop off his apprentice. And with that, Darth Tenebron found himself in front of the space between platforms nine and ten. Oddly enough, he could sense life forms lurking behind the space where platforms nine and three quarters was supposed to be.

"This will be rough" the Sith apprentice thought, as he rushed with all his might at the wall, projecting a wall of invisible Force energy in front of him just in case, his school trunks being dragged behind him in his wake.

Surprisingly, Tenebron emerged unscathed on a wide platform filled with people. A scarlet train loomed ahead, with some people, all of them school students, starting to board the train, some still talking with their friends on the platforms, or hugging and saying goodbyes to their patients or guardians. Wastng no time, he quickly found an empty compartment on the far end of the train. With nothing to do but wait, he stretched out with his Force senses, probing the presence of life signs aboard the train. More and more people boarded with each passing moment.

The Sith opened his eyes at the same time as someone opened the compartment door and stepped in. A redheaded, freckled boy looked at Tenebron, smiled, and asked, "Can I sit here? Oh, by the way, my name's Ron. Ron Weasley."

"I could not have cared less." said Tenebron. He was not planning to make friends here. Not now, at least.

Ron Weasley, still determined to test a Sith's patience, went on. "What's your name?"

"That is none of your concern."


Waving his hands in front of Ron Weasley's face, Tenebron told him, loud and clear, his words backed with the power of the Force. "Get out this compartment, now."

With the redheaded idiot away, the Sith apprentice had some time to meditate until the arrival at Hogwarts. After what seemed like mere moments, but was actually two hours, the conductor had announced that they had arrived at Hogsmeade Station. As soon as, Tenebron slipped out of the train along with the majority of the crowd, a man unusually large, even for a human called them.

"Fir's years this way!"

The giant man led them to a fleet of boats at the lake. Looming ahead was the so-called Hogwarts school. The students around Tenebron began muttering and chatting excitedly. He could sense excitement, anxiety, and doubt from the students, but most of them radiated an air of excitement at the prospect of going to a school that taught magic. Though the idea of spending an entire year with these children and pretending to be equal to them in terms of skill still disturbed him somewhat.

The small journey across the lake did nothing but bored the Sith further. He was unfortunate enough to have to share a boat with a group of naive children, consisting of one Neville Longbottom, a Seamus Finnegan, and a boy named Justin Finch-Fletchy. The three was talking about which house they would most likely to be in, or want to be in, when Longbottom turned to Tenebron and asked.

"Hey, what house do you want to be in?"

"I personally could not care less." he paused, and continued. "The house system you and the other two talked about is completely flawed. By dividing the place up, you pave way for competitions, which will lead to needless loathing and infighting."

"I hadn't thought of that." replied Longbottom thoughtfully.

Finnegan spoke up. "No matter, I'll be a Gryffindor! I'd rather kill myself if I end up in Slytherin!"

The boats neared the castle, and came to a stop in an underground cave. The giant-man walked up the a door on the rocky beach, followed by the students, and knocked. Almost immediately, the door opened to reveal a familiar face: McGonagall. The professor's cat-like eyes scanned the crowd. She seemed to not remember ever seeing Tenebron before, a fact which amused him greatly.

"Follow me." she said. McGonagall led them to a small chamber near the entrance hall, closed the door, and turned around to face the students.

"I am Professor Minerva McGonagall. You are about to be sorted into your houses when I lead you into the Great Hall. Before I return, use the time to smarten yourself up a little." And with that she walked out of the door.

After several minutes of having to tolerate the presence of the Britian wizarding world's children chatting excitedly like the weaklings they were, McGonagall returned and led them into the great hall. Tenebron made sure to wait until all the others walk out before him, then followed at the end of the line.

As they walked up through the great hall, with they eyes of older students and teachers up at the staff table locked on them, the bushy haired girl in front on him told the person next to her. "The candles above are charmed. I read it from Hogwarts: A History."

Sure enough, the candles suspended in the air above the tables were held there by Force energy, but the effect was permanent and it felt..converted, like the one who made the candles float did not draw forth the Force from his or her surroundings like a regular Force-user but instead utilized it from their body and converted it into a similar, yet entirely different, source of power.

McGonagall placed a hat on a wooden table up at the front of the hall, then explained that the hat, which revealed itself to be a sentient inorganic object capable of speech, will decide which house to put them.

Personally Tenebron did not care at least one bit which house he would be in, as it would not make any noticeable difference whatsoever. However, he decided it would be best if he be put in a house where the majority of the members would be easily manipulated and bended to his will.

McGonagall started calling names, beginning with "Abott, Hannah", who turned up in Hufflepuff.

Surprisingly enough, the bushy haired girl, Hermione Granger, ended up in Slytherin, whereas Neville Longbottom was named a Hufflepuff, and Draco Malfoy a Ravenclaw.

Then McGonagall called "Potter, Harry"

Groaning under his breath at his birth name, while the crowd began to whisper among themselves, Tenebron walked up to the stool and put on the hat.

"Interesting, the nearest thing to a dark wizard I've ever encountered since I was made. Yet so full of power I cannot even comprehend."

"Just get this over with." Tenebron thought.

"If that is what you wish, then I will place you in.." the last word was shouted out loud "SLYTHERIN"

-line break-

Ron couldn't believe it. Harry Potter...the shining beacon of the wizarding world. The boy who destroyed the evil You-Know-Who when still a baby, was put in...Slytherin. He looked across to the Gryffindor table, where Fred and George sat. The twins looked back at him, confusion etched clearly in their eyes.

Soon Ron would join them in Gryffindor. But a thought that crept at the end of his mind was constantly telling him to befriend Harry Potter. But Harry Potter was in Slytherin.

I'll do anything to be friends with Harry Potter.

Then his turn came. McGonagall called out his name loud and clear, and Ron walked, trying to look as confident as ever, up to the table at the front of the hall. he put the hat on.

"Brash and fiery, you will become a great Gryffindor" the hat said into his mind.

"I want to be with Harry Potter. I WILL be with Harry Potter. I will be his best friend."

"Be careful what you wish for." the hat spoke, before shouting "SLYTHERIN!"

-line break-

Albus Dumbledore couldn't believe what he had heard. Harry Potter, Slytherin?! Molly's son, also Slytherin?! Something had gone awry. When Minerva returned from visiting Harry Potter at his new home somewhere in the Forest of Dean, she had said that she did not meet Harry potter or whoever he was living with. Albus then suggested checking her memory in the pensive, but her memory of the event was blank. After visiting the Dursleys, who had claimed that they never found an infant lying in front of their home eleven years ago, Albus had come to a dead end.

I have to ask Harry himself...