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10 years ago

The darkness seemed to swallow the world as the car raced onward. Small flecks of light gleamed from the street lights and rain pelted down upon the windscreen. They sped as fast as the small engine could manage but it was already huffing and puffing. The car was like a creature of the night as it blended into its surroundings, turning swiftly as the road took a sharp corner.

Tension lay thick in the air like a large suffocating blanket and the silence was almost deafening. In the back a small baby wrapped in a blue blanket starts to cry softly, his 5 year old sister gently rocks him in her arms and starts to sing a soft lullaby.

The song is high-pitched and eerie as her voice blends in with the squeaking tiers. In the front of the car the mother puts her head in her hands as she hears the soft sobs of her son. The father takes her hand and squeezes tightly as he to is traumatized by the tears.

"Okay, does everyone know the plan?"

His voice rings around the car and the baby covers his ears, as his now sensitive hearing begins to activate. A nod is shown from his wife and daughter.

"Max," he asks his young daughter," can you go over the rules?"

She sighs annoyed,

" Dad, we've been over the rules a thousand times, I'm not stupid"

"Well, without them we would be dead"

"Fine, 5.) Remember they are always searching.

4) keep your head down

3) don't get involved

2) don't get attached

1) never trust anyone"

The car continues to speed on through the night. Going to a new city, a new school, a new home, like they've done many times before. Soon enough the row of street lights begin to end as they enter the country side. Mountains rise high on one side and bushvelt carries on for acres and acres to the right. Three black jaguars appears a few hundred meters behind them.

"Uhh,... dad " Max says looking back anxiously.

" Jeb, drive faster" the mother says ,fear creeping up in her voice.

Jeb pushes the peddle to its end point and dims the headlights. Max cradles the baby to her chest protectively, as he begins to sob louder.

"Sh,sh Ari, it's okay I'm not going to let anyone hurt you" she whispers to him, before starting another lullaby.

hush, little brother

Please don't cry

The cars behind them starts to speed up, matching their pace.

Your sisters going

Make everything alright

Jeb curses loudly driving in the middle of the road, so that the car behind could not pass.

Hush, little brother

Please don't weep

The car behind them opened their sun- roof and a man stuck his head out pointing a AK47 at them.

"Everyone, get down" the mother shoutes, crouching into the foot rest, Max crawled into the foot - rest and curled around Ari. She brought him up to her face and sang louder.

Your sisters going

To have you in her keep

The gunshot rang out, loud and clear as it pierced into the seat where Max had been sitting, Ari screamed and Max shushed him softly. Gunshots continued to pierce the air hitting the car in random spots.

"Val, get the gun" Jeb shouted, as Valencia reached into her bag pulling out a shot gun.

Hush, little brother

Don't you have tears

Valencia opens the window and shot precisely hitting the black car in the windscreen, sending glass sprawling and the driver crying out.

"Max, climb over the seats and get the rifle"Val says" but be careful"

Your sisters going

Chase away all your fears

As the shooter reaches down to get some more bullets, Max jumped over the back seats into the boot swiftly heaving the gun over the back seats. " Clang" the gun fell onto the back seats, and just as she was about to jump over,


bullet pierced her shoulder. She took a intake of breath and cried out in pain, a single tear rolling down her cheek. Cradling her shoulder she jumped over the seats, swiping her tear away, she took her jersey and wrapped it around the wound trying to stop the bleeding. Wincing, she passed the gun to her mother.

"Are you alright?" Her dad asked looking at her worriedly.

"Fine " she answered, no more words were said as she returned to her place by Ari. Her parents knew she would be fine because she had been dealing with pain her whole life.

Hush, little brother

It's alright

"Kay?" Ari asked her, prodding her shoulder softly. She closed her eyes and smiled softly at him. The sound of the machine guns many rounds sent her eardrums crying out in pain and Ari's face dropped with tears.

Your sisters not

Going without a fight

It all went in slow motion. A bullet pierced into the tire and the car took a violent turn. The car flipped over and all Max could see was a glimpse of her mothers fearful bloody face as the windscreen broke and pieces of glass lodged into Max's back as she protected Ari. A scream broke the silence and Max realized it was her... Then their was silence...

Line break, line break, line break, line break, line break, line break, line break, line break, line break

Far away an owl sang softly watching the events with a curious eye. The gentle hum of an engine approaching was all that kept Max conscious, as the world swayed around her. Groaning, she slowly uncurled from her protective position around Ari and almost wished she hadn't. Ari was breathing softly and seemed unharmed except for a cut on his forehead that was bleeding lightly.

She looked over at her parents and gasped. Her moms neck was lying at an unnatural position and her bright brown eyes were open and gazing unseeing. Max looked over to see her dad with a large chuck of glass stuck in his chest and blood seeping through his shirt.

She let out a loud wail of pain, that barley sounded human, as all the anguish, sadness and all other emotions poured out. She collapsed into a sobbing heap on the floor and somewhere in the back of her mind registered that they were on top of the roof. Max allowed 10 more seconds of weakness before she pushed the pain away, hardened her heart, wiped away her tears and held the reality away.

She swiped the debris off and crawled towards the window. Hitting it, she found that in her weakened state, she could not break it, so she crawled back to Ari and gently tried to shake him.

"Please, wake up Ari" she whispers," You're the only family I have left and I love you"

The only response was a soft moan. Sitting back, Max checks her scrapes, cuts and now almost healed bullet wound. She was and properly always will be grateful about her healing powers. Her powers rant to the proper extent though and never will be, as she has gotten out of the School before they were finished. Another thing she was grateful for.

But right now, right then she wasn't feeling grateful. She sits like a statue, her stone face emotionless as she gazes into the bright headlights of the two left over cars. She's looking but not seeing, listening but not hearing and feeling but not comprehending. If her brother had no chance of living, she would have continued to stare, letting them take her away. She wouldn't have resisted. But as she sat there, listening to the approaching footsteps, she made two more rules:

Do whatever it takes to survive

Protect Ari

Plus, she's Maximum Ride, she can do anything.

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