A few days later( still 10. Years old)


The cold, tense atmosphere thickened around them.

" what?" Max asked softly, her voice barely heard over the thoughts that raced through their minds.

" what did you say?" Her hollow voice rose as it sliced through the atmosphere.

Mr J looked at her sympathetically, yet his eyes held nervousness.

" As I said, a nice young family has been looking for a child to adopt and they say Ari is a perfect candidate. They live on the better side of Town and as they can't have a child themselves, they have a lot of love to give. Think of it, Max, Ari could have all the opportunities that you or I could never give him. I know this is har-"

" No, you don't know because you haven't gone through what I have with Ari. You don't spend every waking day worrying about how he is or how you could give him a better life. I know this is selfish but Ari's the only thing I have left."

Max fell to her knees," please don't take him away, please don't take my baby."

Tears poured down her face, as she hunched herself in, wanting to keep everything back inside. You are pathetic, she told herself, you must stay strong, who else is gong to keep Ari safe.

No matter, how many times she reprimanded herself she couldn't keep the tears in.

Mr J pov

Mr J watched as the young girl sobbed on the floor. Sometimes he forgot how old she was, her personality and maturity always made her seem older. But no matter how many hardships she had withstood, she was still a 10 year old child.

As she kneeled there on the floor, hunched in, it suddenly struck him how small she was. Not a spot had appeared on her skin yet and her mouth was full of small white teeth with the front two elongated and protruding out her mouth.

Yet there she sat, mourning for her brother, the same way a mother would mourn for a son. No, she didn't cry because Ari could leave, she was crying because in her opinion he was already gone. No matter how much she resented it, Mr J knew that Max would make sure Ari took this chance.

Ari rushed towards his sister and wrapped his skinny arms around her and they cried together. Mr J had always thought of them as unbreakable but the truth is, they are human too. An unbreakable mask can only hold so long.

Mr J watched as a young boy for once in his life could think of the future and a girl lost the only person she had left. He decided that, he had never seen a more horrid and beautiful sight before.

Line break

When the sun ascends into the sky, the two children walk along the pavement. Hand in hand, their emotions hold them in their last moments together. They walk past the grocery shop, through the park, across the town until the rumbling in their stomaches and the darkening of the sky become tangible. As they walk, with slow steady strides, they talk. About the future, the past and the present. Dreams, hopes and their plans to one day meet again because they know that arriving back home means saying goodbye.

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