I saw you today. Your hair bouncing as you hurried down the hallway. To everyone else you looked determined, but to me, to me you were broken. I broke you. I broke you.

I wrote you a thousand letters. Letters apologizing, letters full of tears. I never sent them. Why send something that will just be destroyed? Destroyed the way I destroyed you. I destroyed you.

Some of your things are still here. Books, quills, sweaters. They all smell like you. I sit surrounded by them, close my eyes, and pretend that you are there with me. If I concentrate enough, I can still hear you softly reading, mumbling to yourself about equality of half-bloods or the idiocy of pureblood traditions. I smile until I realize you're not there anymore. That I made you leave. I made you leave.

I want to take it all back. Merlin, I want to take it all back. Will you let me?

I want you back. I want you back.