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Aro sat on his throne contemplating the events that had just occurred. Young Edward Cullen baffled him to an extent. He had experienced everything in the young vampire's existence and a few things stood out to him. Alice's power of seeing the future. Her mate being The Major. Carlisle being well and still 'vegetarian' (with a rather large coven). The current status of the shifters. Lastly a young woman named Isabella Swan.

He absorbed everything Edward had in his mind about her. Her luscious scent when she first walked into his class. Her observant mind and selfless nature. Her relationship with the shifters, but especially her ability to block his powers in human form. Even her father sounded slightly muffled to him. He pushed back his thoughts about her and focused on the other details with intense scrutiny. He didn't want Edward to see the depth of his musings. Sadly he would have all the time he wanted for that since he is set on dying. He offered him a place in his guard and even had Chelsea try and bind him but his link to the poor dead girl was still too strong.

He hated to lose such a talent but he knew young Edwards intentions. He would end his life one way or another so he would be back soon and they would be forced to end his existence. Of course no one else besides himself would care. Many of the guard detest the Cullen's for their diet and Caius has always been one for executions. Marcus doesn't have any strong emotions anymore so his position mostly remains neutral.

Aro decided to keep his thoughts hidden since Edward would return soon seeing as he would expose himself to the humans forcing him to end him. Aro sat in the throne room waiting but no one ever brought Edward back. Finally he called for the guards near the entrance and reached for their hands. Aro saw that Edward was inches away from the sunlight when he suddenly stiffened and quickly put his clothes back on.

He was curious as to what could have been the cause for such a change in his actions. Very few things surprised him anymore and he was glad to have something new to think about. Edward had no plans on 'living' without that magnificent creature named Isabella so it must have been something of extreme importance to cause him to change his mind. 'Perhaps he "heard" something in someone's mind' Aro thought. Deciding to indulge in his first interest Aro began to think about the girl named Isabella. She was as beautiful as her name. She didn't wear gaudy clothing or excessive makeup, or even makeup at all, she didn't even have that over inflated ego that beautiful girls have these days. Aro could not believe just how women have changed since his day but he was glad this particular girl still held herself with high morals and integrity. No wonder young Edward was in love with her. It was a shame he thought she was his mate. Judging by his thoughts Aro knew he was mostly deluding himself into believing her to be his mate since he was more than likely lonely since he is surrounded by mated couples. He knows he can tell the difference since he can hear their thoughts but he more than likely choose Bella the same way Aro choose Sculpicia.

He had been so lonely and decided to take a mate. He found what he wanted in her so being with her was simple enough. Sadly after his sisters' tragic death he and Caius had no choice but to ensure the safety of their mates and resolved to mostly confining them to their tower. Thanks to Corin they are content with their situation and don't mind at all. Sadly for Aro over the years it seems that the woman he fell for is no longer there. She is still herself but thanks to Corins power she is just content. He missed the passion and fire in the woman he once relished to be with.

Aro allowed his thoughts to wonder on every new bit of information he just acquired. It was brief given that soon his brothers were soon calling for his attention. He was oblivious to the fact that he had spent nearly 5 hours simply musing in his own head. He delighted in the idea that something that would be so insignificant to his brothers had consumed his mind. Thankfully for him he would have all the time in the world to indulge in his little musings.

Edward was on the cusp of being able to be with his beloved. He knew their decision before he heard it. Aro's personality made for some obvious decisions at times. He would never even entertain the idea of being without Bella for a moment so his little offer was wasted. Jane was the happiest at his decision, he could practically feel her wanting to use her power on him if he had said yes, let alone her thoughts were the loudest in protest. Just when he was about to step into the light and be exposed to all of the people enjoying the festival he froze. Images of Bella began to flash in his mind.

She was at her house with that mutt and Alice. She was begging her to come with her to Volterra and save him from execution but she refused. A wave of excruciating pain and relief hit his heart. His own beloved didn't want to be with him or even try to save him. She was clinging onto that mutt and he was comforting her the way he used to. He knew instantly he was hearing and seeing into Alice's head.

"She's alive Edward. Stop this, she isn't dead, Rose should have never told you so please stop." He heard her say.

Edward covered himself up and bolted out of there. He didn't want to give the Volturi a chance to catch him and punish him for almost exposing himself to the humans. Just as he was outside Italy he found and followed his sister's scent. She was waiting for him with a look on her face that showed relief, pain, annoyance, happiness and downright fury.

"What the hell were you thinking? You should have verified the news yourself instead of going off on whatever elusive response the mutt gave you!" She embraced him and Edward let her memories of what happened fill his mind. He knew she would be hurt but he never thought it would be to the point of her refusing to save him. He had screwed up royally. He had to close his eyes and stifle his groan as he watched her get angry and refuse to help the 'bastard' that left her in the woods to nearly freeze to death.

He should have thought of the possibility of her following him but he was too busy trying to put some distance between them to avoid retracing his steps and running back to her side. He had the perfect girl in front of him and he broke her heart and trust. Edward looked into his sisters eyes and wondered why he couldn't see her anymore. 'The dogs, of course. Alice must not be able to see them and since Bella is with the mutt who pines for her she would be blocked from her sight as well.' It took all but a second to decide what he wanted to do and before he said anything he saw it in Alice's vision.

"Okay, let's go home." She said as she bounced on her heels. The

Bella paced back and forth in her bedroom as Jacob watched her from the bed. He decided against holding her down and forcing her to stay put but he was still basking in the happiness of her choice. She chose to let Doucheward die and stay there with him. For a second he thought he was going to lose her to the pixie. The look that passed her eyes when the pixie said his name was hard to watch but in the end she told her to leave her house and go fix the problem herself since they were no longer together. Jacob loved the look on the pixies face as he soothed an angry Bella before she stormed out of there obviously unhappy with her choice.

Bella finally huffed and dropped herself on the bed next to Jacob.

"Feel better honey?" Jacob asked as he kissed the top of her head.

"I was in such a great mood. Why did she have to come back into my life? He promised he and his family would never interfere again and then she shows up." Bella cuddled closer

"I know honey but she left already and hopefully this will sort itself out." Jacob curled her into his body. She fit perfectly into him. "Let's not let them ruin our day okay. Besides I almost lost you today with your stupidity to jump off the cliff without me. Had the guys not showed me they saw you who knows what would have happened."

"I'm sorry I just really wanted to try it and you just disappeared so I figured what the worst that could happen." Jacob shot her a look. "Yeah I know I forget I'm a danger magnet." Bella tucked her head deeper into his chest.

"How could you ever forget that? It's like saying you forgot what you look like." Jacob said with mock astonishment.

"Shut up Jake. I just feel safer around you and the pack that's all." Jacob couldn't help the huge smile that came from her admission.

He had worked so hard to make her feel safe with them and she acknowledged it. When the 'fairy' finally left and left Bella alone and in the woods near death he was ready to kill anyone who got near her. He never left her side night after night and thankfully Charlie was okay with it since someone else was helping him. But soon he felt angrier and angrier every night he felt her shiver and scream in her nightmares because of HIM. September and October passed quickly for him trying to make her wake up and chase away her nightmares. It seemed to work and for a while her sleep was more peaceful. Jacob felt his whole body relax in seeing her change. He also noticed his own change and seeing Sam, Jared and Paul near him as well. He also had this weird feeling of being watched at night when he was with Bella. It infuriated him. It seemed like anything ticked him off but he handled it. Then his dad started saying he couldn't sleep over anymore that it was too dangerous. As if he would ever take advantage of a girl let alone Bella like that in her state. When he yelled at his father for even suggesting he would ever be like that bastard and break her heart he started to convulse violently. He felt like he was breaking apart to his bones. Then he found himself huge and with paws he thoroughly freaked out. Needless to say calming down took some effort.

When Bella finally managed to figure out the truth with his help, and Paul's, he couldn't have been happier. She was good with weird. She came to the realization that her life was just destined to be tethered to the supernatural. Jacob was disappointed he didn't imprint on her but he was determined to never again meet any new women to avoid the imprinting. The guys found it ridiculous but they understood his feelings towards her and the hatred of having ones choices taken away. Paul still didn't like her but when Jacob shows him how she dismissed the pixie he is sure he will change his tune. Bella seemed to wake up after her discovery, that or nearly being killed by Paul must have done it. She seems to do better around the supernatural. Bella woke up from her deep depression and began talking and to everyone's happiness eating again. Charlie and she practically lived at the reservation after that.

A week after she discovered the truth Bella surprised the hell out of Jake when she kissed him and smiled. Jacob froze for a minute and she just smiled and told him she wanted to give dating him a try. Jacob howled in delight and pretty much alerted the guys by accident. Bella blushed deeply since she hated their attentions but got over it. Needless to say Jacob had so much to be thankful for that Thanksgiving. She spent her days at school and afternoons in La Push. The nights Jake didn't have patrol he would sneak out and stay with her. When he would patrol he would just check on her every chance he could. Bella was a perfect addition to their small pack. Sam, Jared, Paul, Kim and especially Emily loved her. Emily had someone to help her fill to black holes the boys called stomachs and she wasn't alone anymore.

November seems so far away now to him since this month has been crazy. Apart from Laurent almost killing his girlfriend (yes you read right) he found out the other wonderful secrets Bella had been keeping from him. She told them everything that happened with James last year. When she showed them all the scar loud roars erupted from them. Jacob hated the fact that she kept that from him but she told him she was looking towards the future not the past. He couldn't stay mad at her if he tried. Now he had to make a hard choice and leave Bella after the evil pixie came.

Jacob told Bella that while he was rescuing her from the water Harry had a heart attack and died. Seth and Leah phased upon seeing this and now he had to go. He had spent the extra time with her since he texted Sam what happened but now he had to go. They needed him but Bella was coming with him since Charlie wasn't going home anytime soon.

Bella kissed Jacob goodbye and went to comfort her father and Billy. She cryptically told Billy that Jacob would need to talk to him about some visitors that showed up uninvited. Bella was worried for her life since Alice departure. She had everything she wanted since she started to heal. She loves Jacob and the pack is like a big family. Billy and Charlie are over the moon at their union and Jacob does his hardest to never imprint. He wants her and only her, he has even begun reading the old records for clues about imprinting and how he can have Bella as his forever.

She sat there with her family hoping Alice can keep Edward away from her. Deep down she knew he would be coming back for her. Bella just hoped he wouldn't cause too big of a mess when he returned.

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