We are officially one chapter away from the end of this story. Wow, i never thought i could make it this far. So many writers blocks and delays and now here we are at the cusp of the end.


The room was filled with so much positive energy that Bella was on top of the moon. Now all she needed was to make it through the delivery and she would be happy. She had everything she had always wanted and would hold onto this moment for as long as she could.

(August 17, 2011) (Wednesday)

The mood could not have been happier in the castle. The queen's health was improving. They would be getting two little princes soon. All was right with their world. They should have known it was always calmest before the storm.

(August 19, 2011) (Friday)

Jasper had arrived unannounced to the castle in the wee hours of the morning. Since he was not expected by anyone he was asked why he had come only to tell that Alice had said he would be needed and should arrive at the castle as quickly as he could. Not knowing what else to do he was escorted to Aros chambers where he would be 'read' by their king to see what he was needed for.

They had been approaching the wing of Aros' living area when they heard running and shouting coming from up ahead. A moment later they heard the blood curdling screams of Bella as well. Not hesitating Jasper rushed as fast as he could to the room with the sound coming from inside and was then promptly tackled by the guards. The proximity to Bella did not help as he was struck with the pain and fear she was producing. The emotions from the others were not helping but Bella was the worst and she needed him.

Jasper began to shout for them to let him go so he could help her. He needed to help her. His shouting must have been noticed because a terrified looking Marcus appeared before them and had Jasper released so he could go inside the room with him. Once Jasper crossed the sound proof doors he was hit by Bellas wailing cries as she held onto the bed and stumbled from the waves of pain and fear radiating from her. Speaking quickly to everyone he maneuvered himself behind her and pulled her into his arms as his hands went around her and cradled her stomach from behind. He blocked out everything but the emotions from the three people in his arms. Whatever movement the boys must have done had caused Bella the pain she was currently in so he had to calm the three of them first.

Distantly he could hear Aros shouting and Carlisle's shouted orders but he shut them all out and concentrated on the three important people in his arms.
The twins were genuinely distressed and seemed to be able to know that they had hurt their mother and were panicking and causing more movement which hurt her more. He sent them calming waves slowly so as to not overwhelm them and tried to lull them to a sleepy state as he did for Bella when she couldn't sleep. The twins seemed to take well to his gift and stopped moving around in the womb. To Bella he decided that it was best to just numb her to her pain and put her in a calm and sleepy state like the twins as well.

As he was doing this everyone else in the room was working quickly to get Bella set up and hooked to the machines they had in the 'mini hospital' as quickly as they could. Aro had read Jasper as he had been using his gift and told everyone what was going on with Bella and the twins. He loved how his sons seemed to be aware of the world around them and envied Jasper for being able to feel that first hand. He was telling Carlisle who was simultaneously doing half a dozen other things as he was finally able to give Bella a painkiller through an IV.

Everyone had been glad for Alice sending Jasper in the nick of time to help them when they needed him most. No one had been prepared for Bella screaming bloody murder as she walked around her room. The twins had apparently stretched and kicked her ribs painfully and then began to squirm around as they heard their mothers cries. Aro Rosalie and Carlisle had moved as fast as they could to get her into the 'clinic' but her screams had been surely heard by the entire castle. No one dared to do anything less, they accidentally trigger anyones wrath so they waited impatiently as Carlisle examined Bella and nearly half an hour later Carlisle told them that the twins had cracked two ribs when they moved. Bella would be on permanent bed rest from now on.

Aro was beside himself and was considering having the twins removed immediately but one look from Carlisle had him rethinking that idea. Rosalie and he were on either side of Bella and Jasper as they waited for her to wake up and tell her the newest development.

(time skip)

Bella had not been happy in the least once she was told of her newest restrictions but did not fight them once the danger to the twins was explained. Aro had suggested removing the twins then but her hissing retort had him backpedaling. A glowering Rosalie was by her side through it all.

Aro and Carlisle had gone back through the information they gathered and told Bella plainly that she would more than likely have to have a cesarean performed in order for her to survive the birth since it was most likely that the twins would forcibly exit her body some other way. What no one dared tell her was that all legends they had come across involving damphires ended in the brutal death of the mother by the 'child' ripping its way out of her. So it was decided that she would need a cesarean to avoid this. The only tricky part was when they would perform this.

All of their math was pretty useless since they had nothing to base it off of and all they could do was estimate her growth rate but that was not reliable given that she was carrying twins. No ultrasound machine could penetrate the embryonic sack so they couldn't see the children to get a better read on their development so they couldn't use that. Bella refused to risk taking them out too early so they had to wait.

(August 19 - 24, 2011)

The entire week had come straight from hell.

No one in the castle or outside of it was calm. The constant cries coming from the main room were agony to anyone who heard them. Never before had Jasper been on the receiving end of gratitude for what he did for Bella and the twins. He was the only one able to help them and keep the twins from hurting their mother more.
Aro had ensured that Jasper had plenty of animal blood brought in for him so as to not risk an accident but thankfully he did not find Bella appetizing given the lack of bloodlust around him and his own desires to not hurt the children.

The twins had ended up hurting Bella four more times during the week she spent on bedrest and it was driving Aro to a murderous frenzy. He refused to lose her in order to save the twins and deep down Bella knew that Rosalie would not be able to help her keep the children alive to avoid it. Bella did not want to do anything to endanger her boys but knew that she was not doing well. It also did not help that Charlie was firmly behind Aro in having the twins removed from her and turning her to save her. As she currently had to have a tube to help her breath as three more ribs had been broken as well as having her entire stomach covered in bruises. The boys were getting too big as evident by the increase in blood she had to consume and her gigantic belly.

Still, Bella was stubborn in keeping the boys in her womb for as long as she could. She knew it was stupid but she did not want to lose them. It would be her only chance at being a mother so she did not risk them. All of her stubbornness changed however when Alice called.

(phone rings*)

"Hello?" Carlisle said.

"Get them out of her now!" Alice's voice said in a panic instantly causing all of the vampires in the room to freeze.

"What did you see?" Carlisle asks before Aro could.

"She will die if she is not changed within the hour! Get them out of her now!" Alice yelled and then hung up abruptly spurring Carlisle into action.

"Change of plans Bella, you are giving birth now." Carlisle said as he gave out orders to those around him. Immediately everyone began to zoom around the main room and out of it.

"Why?" Bella asked, alarmed for a second before Jasper appeared by her side soothing down her worries.

"Alice saw you dying if we don't get the twins out of you now." He said succinctly. "We are out of time."

"Will they be okay?" Bella asked in fear for her boys.

"They should be. They are big enough to survive out of the womb and we have everything ready should they need help." Carlisle replied as Alec appeared with blood bags.

One went to Jasper who quickly drank it as he stayed focused on Bella. The other went to Carlisle and the rest into the storage fridge they had set up for Bella should she need any. Rosalie appeared in the room wearing nurse scrubs as she set up the two baby carriers for the twins. Aro was wearing something similar and stood on Bella's side as he held her hand. Carlisle arrived with a long box holding a large needle with Aros venom inside. He too was wearing doctor's scrubs.

"This will hurt Bella. I will numb you as much as I can and Jasper will help me as well but it will hurt." Carlisle said calmly as the room emptied out except two guards who kept by the door.

She took a deep breath in as she tried to have her mind catch up with everything that had just happened.
"Do it Carlisle. I want to meet my sons." Bella said.

Carlisle nodded and began the process of removing the twins from her stomach.

The screams should not have happened. They had taken every precaution they could have to limit the amount of pain Bella was in but she still screamed. Her agonizing screams bounced off the walls as Carlisle cut into her body layer by layer. Jasper was trying his hardest to stop anything from affecting Bella but something seemed to be wrong as her wails of pain bounced around the stone walls. When Carlisle had finally reached the embryonic sack he had to use a special knife made out of a vampire's tooth to cut into it as no scalpel would work.

Jasper had stopped breathing minutes ago and was slowly failing in keeping the pain away. The emotions in the room were becoming unbearable and he had never had to do it on such a large scale. Rosalie was the calmest next to Carlisle but her eyes betrayed her anxiety as she helped deliver the twins into the world. Bellas breathing had finally begun to even out and the screaming had subsided. The drugs seemed to finally be working which was sadly a little late for her.

Carlisle was carefully moving the 'scalpel' and was trying to avoid any unnecessary pain when a tiny fist burst through the embryonic sack by the incision he had made widening it further. Everyone in the room had startled at the little hand for a fraction of a moment until Carlisle reached in and took the baby out carefully.
The sounds of a baby's wail filled the room and Bella's small laugh was heard through it. She looked pale now and Carlisle motioned for Aro to hook up her blood bag.

"Congratulations, it's a boy." Carlisle said happily as he and Aro detached said boy from Bella and then passed him to an overjoyed Rosalie.

Aro had moved to Bella's free side and whispered words of encouragement to her as Carlisle tried to get to their second son. "You can do this my love. You are almost done."

A hiss had Aro snapping his attention to a grimacing Carlisle who was pulling their second son out of his mothers womb. The baby had a hold of one of Carlisle's fingers and must be the cause for his pain. Aro was momentarily struck by the strength of his newborn until his shrill cry broke the silence.

"Congratulations, It's another healthy baby boy." Carlisle said happily as once more Aro helped him free the boy from his mother.

This time Aro himself took his son to Rosalie who helped clean him up as well and change him into a small onesie. Aro could see the overwhelming love and devotion Rosalie had for his sons as they touched briefly. He still did not like how much Rosalie wanted to involve herself in their lives but would allow her to be near them as it would be Bellas wish, for now.
He took both boys into his arms, both dressed in different outfits so as to be able to tell them apart and walked with them over to Bella who still had Jasper glued to her side.

Bella was able to groggily snap to attention when she saw Aro coming closer with her sons. She could feel Jasper pulling back his influence on her as her mind cleared. She could 'feel' Carlisle taking out the placenta and carefully stitching her back together before he would inject her with the venom so as to not make the process last longer for her. Still, she was fighting the urge to let the drugs send her to sleep like she wanted.

"Meet your sons mio amore." Aro said happily as he held the boys close to Bella.

Bella beamed groggily at her boys as they looked at her with their intelligent eyes. Too intelligent. They whimpered and gestured towards her, as if they wanted to get closer only for Aro to not give them to her.

Aro nodded his head.
"You can't really hold them right now love, you don't have the strength. It is time for you to be changed." He said.

Still Bella lifted one hand towards her first born. His little hand was fisted tightly around his blanket as he whimpered and gestured impatiently in his fathers arms. Oh how she wished to hold them.
"Mercury." She said happily.

The little boy scrunched up his face a little before cooing at her with his dark eyes piercing hers. He seemed to accept it.
Her hand went to her second born who was already looking at her while he squirmed in his fathers arms as if waiting for a name as well.
"Sorin." She said happily as she lightly touched him only for her hand to fall down and for her energy to leave her.

"She's crashing." Carlisle said as he moved Jasper away and pulled out the large syringe of venom out of its box.
"We can't wait any longer." He said as he plunged the needle directly into her heart and emptied it.

Aro had to move away quickly from Bellas bedside so as to not get in the way. Both boys began to wail for their mother as if knowing something wrong was happening to her. Aro touched their little hands and received a swirl of opaque thoughts and visions. The biggest thing standing out was their mutual desire to be with their mother. As if they instinctively knew that she needed them.

Aro was floored with the muddy visions he received from his sons. As he watched Carlisle giving Bella his venom filled syringe he knew this new chapter of their life would be anything but boring. He watched as everyone fluttered around the room as they tried to be useful. Carlisle pulled Rosalie into helping him clean up his mate as she had been hovering near him since he took the twins. He did not appreciate the attachment she had for his sons, he understood her ache for a family but his sons were his and his mates not hers. Alec came over to him with two bottles prepared with Bella's breast milk she had been able to produce prior to her impromptu delivery. The boys settled down as they ate. Aro could only watch as his mate had gone eerily silent after being injected with his venom. Carlisle assured him that she was going through the change but the lack of sound did not help him.

Deciding to distract himself in order to keep his sanity he stationed Felix to stay in the infirmary and stick to Bellas side meanwhile Marcus and Caius were to follow him to his quarters in order to get to know the twins more and to distract him. He knew Rosalie was itching to go with them as well but he would restrict her access to the twins until Bella woke up once more. He would not let her pretend she was their mother like she had been thinking before. He would watch over them until Bella returned.

(During Bellas turning ) (3 days)

Aro had video called The Swan residence early in the morning after he and his brothers had settled into his main bed chambers with the twins. Aro did not feel like moving the twins to the nursery they had made for them just yet. Charlie had been over the moon when he saw the boys and was happy to hear that Bella was going through the change and was doing well. Sue, Leah and Seth had all gotten very emotional over the boys and soon enough he could hear the howling coming from far away once Seth left to tell everyone else.
Charlie asked for any and all pictures they could take of the boys and Aro had agreed since even he could tell that the boys were looking 'fuller' after a few hours out of the womb.

That had been an understatement. Carlisle had found that the twins were growing rapidly as each hour passed. It had caused a massive panic in the castle residents. They believed that they would watch the twins age and die within the year and that had been unacceptable to everyone. Jane and Alec had both been ecstatic to share the status of twinhood with another pair and visited often. The rest of the Cullens had been video called as well to meet the twins and with the news of their rapid growth everyone doubled their efforts to find any information they could.

Aro allowed Rosalie to watch the twins alongside Jasper whenever he took time to sit with Bella. He did not fully shut the girl out but he was very clear in showing her that taking care of his children was his responsibility and there were plenty of people in the castle who were willing to watch them besides her. He knew she was not happy about it but he did not care. Hopefully when Bella finally woke up she would want to monopolize the twins' time as well. He hoped.

He had asked Athenadora to set up multiple photo sessions for the twins as they grew. He did not know how long he would have with them so he would ensure to document everything he could. The twins were loving little boys who usually fussed terribly if he did not take them to see their mother at least twice a day. Both had cried mercilessly the first few hours alive and only calmed once he took them to the infirmary where Bella was in order to have Carlisle to look them over only for them to quiet down and reach for their mother. He would not let them climb onto her but he did allow their little hands to hold onto her arms, he just didn't let their mouths near her. They had discovered very quickly that both boys were venomous so keeping them away from Bella in her delicate state was a must. Still, he did his best to allow the boys to be near their mother in order to help sooth them.

(Bella wakes up) (3 days pass) (August 27, 2011)

The three kings surrounded the bed that held their newest addition to their coven. Their rigid postures betrayed nothing as they waited for the heart to pump for the last time. Looking at Bella now they could see no evidence of the woman they had seen on the verge of death three days prior. She looked breathtaking as she laid in bed. Athenadora had dressed her in a magnificent purple gown with the Volturi cloak as well. Aro was holding himself the stillest out of his brothers. He had been terrified that she would wake without any memory of him or their twins. With their bond being how it was it was terrifying to not have that reassurance that she would still love him when she wakes up.

His depressing thoughts were cut off by the room going completely silent as her heart gave out. It was done.
It took a moment for Bella to open her eyes, a beautiful crimson shade greeting the world. A second later she was crouching on the bed and snarling at them. Marcus and Caius slowly stepped back as they showed their hands. Aro however stood still as he gazed at his mate. Even in her distressed state he found her beautiful, even as she was glaring at him. And oh what a look.

He did not need Marcus's gasp to know that their bond had finally solidified both ways. He could see it in the way her eyes dilated and had her springing to him when she felt it. Aro could not help but smile as he brought his hands up to Bella's face to stare at her, never once breaking their eye contact.

"Mio Amore." He said reverently.

"Aro." She whispered as she gazed at him and melted into his touch.

They were finally complete.
This is what they should have had from the beginning.

"I can feel it now." She said.

"I know cara. I can feel it too." Aro said happily.

Marcus and Caius allowed them a moment of privacy as they merely held the other. Slowly however Bella began to get fidgety. Aro knew what this was about and hoped his beloved would not hate him for it. He signalled Caius who slowly went to the sealed cooler that held the extra human blood they had in stock for Bella.
The move had its intended purpose as Bella ran to the cooler and devoured bag after bag of precious human blood to sate her hunger. It was only after she had consumed three bags that she had frozen in horror at what she had done. Frankly it amazed the three brothers who were sure she would have emptied the cooler before she was able to calm herself or gone into a frenzy looking for more.

"What have you done?" She said in her melodious voice that now belied her rage.

"I figured you would rather have human blood to quench your thirst now so you can regain enough control faster to see the boys." Aro said.

His words did the trick as Bella was quickly scanning the room for them. She then zoomed to Aros' side and inhaled him deeply. She could smell her children on him and with their scent she felt a deep longing pulling at her core to find her babies.

"Where are they?" She hissed out.

Aro brought his hands up trying to calm her down.
"They are with Rosalie, Jasper and some of the guards. They are safe my love. We visited you everyday, they wouldn't calm down without seeing you."

Bella calmed slightly at his words. She still wanted her babies though.
"Take me to them." She ordered.

Marcus was trying hard not to laugh. He could see her bonds strengthen to her family now that she was one of them. Whatever had been impeding the bond before was no longer an issue now. Seeing the bonds of a mother vampire was new since he had not come across one who still had infant children around after being turned.

"I will amore. But first we need to get you fed and establish some control so you don't hurt them by accident." Seeing her about to protest while her body tensed Aro knew he had to convince her less she tore her away across the castle to find them. "The boys are half human, my love. You could hurt them as you are now without meaning to." He said quickly.

That brought Bella up short as she thought about what he said. She stayed still for a few minutes as if she was working out a problem in her mind. Something Aro still had no access to, much to his continued annoyance. One decisive nod to herself and Bella went back to the cooler and drank two more bags of blood. She paused in between them as if she was waiting for something.
She walked back to the three brothers and crossed her arms across her chest as she glared them all down.

"I'm full, take me to them now." She said sternly.

They could do nothing but gape at her as they processed that a newborn vampire had remained calm and collected before them after their first feeding. Something that had never happened in their entire existence. Even Carlisle went on a feeding frenzy with animals when he was first turned. This was unexpected. The irritated tapping of Bellas shoes snapped them out of their thoughts as they took in the sight of a very angry mother.

"Are you sure you feel no need to feed anymore sister?" Marcus asked gently.

Bella still glared at him though.
"Yes. I'm fine. Take me to my sons." She all but hissed.

"We will need to do this slowly sister." Caius spoke up as he saw that they needed to tread lightly. "We will walk to where they are and the moment you pick up their scent you must tell us if you have any need to feed again."

Bella glared but nodded in agreement. She knew on some level that they were trying to keep the boys safe but it did not feel that way to her at the moment.
Aro grabbed his mate's waist and onto one arm as they followed behind Marcus and Caius who took the lead. It was better to make themselves obstacles in her path than to let her have none at all.

The walk to the nursery had been tense and silent. Along the way they encountered a few vampires in the halls and each that they did pass greeted them all with the respect they were due. It shocked Bella how much she could now see of the vampires she had come to know over the years. How much more there was to them now that she could see them with new eyes. The scars many of them sported had never been known to her before now.

It was when they had turned into their wing of the castle that Bella inhaled deeply and went rigid, momentarily scaring the others, and then relaxed.

"I can smell them." She said happily.

The three brothers relaxed with her at her proclamation. There was no evidence of hunger in her voice nor her body language. It gave Aro the hope that the boys could be introduced to their mother safely today.
Arriving at the door that held the door to their quarters had them all pausing once more. Taking in a deep breath and waiting for a response that never came bolstered everyone's confidence in what they were doing. Upon opening the door they were all greeted by a nervous looking Alec and Jane who were standing in front of the group surrounding Rosalie with the twins.

Bella inhaled deeply as her senses were assaulted by everything and everyone inside. Her eyes flashed black for a moment but it was quickly gone as she smiled brightly at her sons. Both of them were squirming in Rosalie's arms to try and get to their mother whom they could clearly see now. Jasper was tense and ready to spring into action the moment Bella's mood shifted but he was not truly worried since he was basking in the love and happiness that was radiating off of her. He did not think he would have the strength to leave her side for a while.

"Still in control tesoro?" Aro asked as he held firmly onto his mate. The cries of his sons making him want to go to them but not being able to leave his mate unattended pulled him apart emotionally.

"Yes." Bella said happily as she stared at her boys. "Bring them to me." She said.

Rosalie looked conflicted but did as she was told when Aro nodded for her to get up and bring the boys.
Jasper was the only person aside from Aro who knew how much he envied Bella at the moment and how reluctant she was to ever let the boys go.

Bella could not stop beaming as the boys came closer to her. Mercury and Sorin did not hide their happiness either as their movements became more excited as they neared their parents. Aro helped Rosalie hand the children to Bella one by one as his brothers moved behind her and got ready to leap into action should she lose control. Aro did not need to see behind him to know that Alec was ready to intervene as well.

Bella let out a sobbing laugh of delight as Mercury was handed to her first. The little boy giggled in delight as he was held in his mothers arms for the first time. Not to be left out Sorin fussed in his fathers arms and held his little hands out to her to be held as well. Chuckling at his demands at three days old Bella scooped him up with ease and held him as well. Bella could not help but wish she could cry of happiness as she held them. Here in her arms was all she had ever wanted. Her family was complete. She cuddled them to her closely as she deeply inhaled their calming scent. Nothing about them made her thirst.

Mercury cooed at her and tried to keep her attention on him as Sorin was trying his hardest to steal it from his brother. Bella merely laughed and gave them each her attention and kissed them repeatedly.
Mercury looked more like Aro than herself with his dark straight hair and his light brown eyes that she can only guess resembled Aros human eyes. Sorin had her rich thick brown hair and her dark brown eyes. Both had skin paler than hers when she had been human but with a 'oddness' to it that did not look normal. Whereas newborns babies would have a healthy flush to their skin her children seemed to have skin that was so pale she was sure it would glow in the moonlight. In the end it did not matter much to her what the boys looked like so long as they were healthy and happy babies. Thinking of newborns Bella began to frown the longer she gazed at the boys. They were big, bigger than she remembered when they had been born. The change only takes three days, the boys looked weeks if not months old.

"Why do they look older?" Bella asked and immediately plunged the room into silence.

Carlisle was the one who broke the silence.
"We noticed within the boys' first hours of life that they are aging at a rapid pace in comparison to a normal human child. That is why they look like they are a month or two old."

Bellas grip tightened slightly around the boys causing them to whimper. She immediately loosened her grip and bounced them on her arms as she apologized to them. She ignored the way the others had either tensed or gotten closer to her.
"What does this mean for them?" She demanded.

"We don't know mio amore." Aro spoke up. "We have never come across this before of course. So we are unable to speculate as to what their growth rate will be." He said trying to pacify her knowing how fickle a newborns emotions could tilt quickly to unbridled rage.

"What is it that you have guessed already?" She asked, knowing they were keeping something from her. "Do not lie to me."

Aro took a deep breath as he told her.
"Given their current growth rate we do not believe the boys will not live past their first year."

Bella hissed and snarled at that proclamation. Both boys began to cry in fright. Bella stopped and tried to sooth the boys once more in her arms by bouncing them. Rosalie made to step forward and was stopped by Bellas glare and defensive position. No one else moved as Bella soothed the twins. Aro was the only one allowed near her and he did not try to take the boys away from her. Finally after a few minutes of calming down her children Bella glared at her mate.

"I don't care what it takes Aro. You WILL find a way to stop that from happening. I don't care what you have to do or who you have to kill but my boys WILL live a long life." She said imperiously.

No one dared say a word. They all wanted the same but were powerless to do anything about it let alone know where to begin to look for a cure. Their only hope were the people currently roaming the earth trying to find anything that could help.

"I promise Amore, we are working on this right now. We have many people looking for an answer." Aro said as he approached her and encircled her in his arms. "They are my sons too." He said softly even though everyone could hear them.

The room stayed silent for the new parents. They all hoped they would find anything that could help the twins.

(The rest of August 2011)

Bella was fed every single day bags of donated human blood. Carlisle had been disappointed that it wasn't their diet but he knew better than to protest. This was his queen and he had no right to ask her to follow his coven's way of feeding. He did believe however that she had excellent control over herself but no one was willing to risk it given how close they were to humans. No one wanted her to slaughter the small city in hunger.

Charlie had been relieved to see Bella when they video called them. The family back in the states shared the concern for the boys and everyone was hoping to find answers soon. Sue and Charlie loved to 'play' with the boys through the screen the most. Both ecstatic to be grandparents and wished they could see the boys in person but knew why that would not be possible for a while.

They spent the days with the boys and cataloging their growth with Carlisle. Bella had to spend a few hours of the day with some of the elite guards to help her exercise her new powers in order to avoid accidents. During her time away she would have Rosalie and Jasper watch over the boys for her as Aro liked to be close to her. Bella had noticed how Aro kept Rosalie at arms length from the boys and when she had asked him why he told her that he did not like how attached Rosalie had become to their sons and how disturbed he had been over some of her subconscious thoughts. Not wanting to pry on what those thoughts were, Bella let the subject go and decided to trust Aros' decision. Besides, she liked monopolizing the twins' time.

(September 8, 2011)

They talked!The boys had actually spoken. Not full sentences of course but they talked. Aro had been able to read their minds just fine and knew what the boys needed by reading their minds, which he found fascinating, so it had not been a problem. They had asked to be picked up by both parents and had rendered both frozen. They had spoken in full sentences. It had been a shock enough for Aro to hear them from full speech within their first week of life but to hear them speak it out loud for some reason drove the truth home that their boys were growing fast.

The news had spread fast and both boys had been congratulated on their excellent speech. Bella decided to look at the silver lining and clung to the memory of the boys telling her they loved her. All her anxieties could be dealt with later.

(September 13th, 2011)

Mercury and Sorin taking their first steps had been the greatest present Bella could have asked for. Everyone had been amazed at the twins taking their first steps and encouraged them to keep doing so. They looked so big now, they may have been close to 3 weeks old but she would place them somewhere around the 15 month mark now. They had stayed her babies for so little time. She would treasure each moment she had with them.

(September 26, 2011)

The day had started out normal for the small family in the castle that day when Mercury had decided to spice things up. Aro had been getting the boy's food from one of the guards at the door delivering it when he had frozen on his way back to the table. Bella had been perplexed as to what he was doing until her mind was overcome by a strange presence. She heard Mercury's voice in her mind as she saw the food in Aros' hands in the forefront of her mind while he said "Momma, food please.".

Both she and Aro had snapped out of their daze and ran to Mercury who was looking very put out at not being given his food as Aro had left it behind. They had discovered that Mercury had the gift of true Telepathy. From what they could gather he could transfer thoughts, words and emotions both ways. It was similar to his fathers gift except that he did not need to touch anyone but it was more similar to Edwards. The entire coven had rejoiced with that bit of news and Aro looked as if he was on cloud nine with the newest development. Bella had made sure to remind her husband that their son is not a weapon and if he ever got the idiotic idea to send them into war she would personally rip off his manhood. A very thoroughly chastened Aro assured his mate that he would never do such a thing.

(September 26, 2011)

If the previous day had been a surprise then this day had been a true shock. It seemed that little Sorin did not like to be outdone by his brother so he decided to show them his power that day. Bella had been standing in the shade in one of the private gardens when Sorin had fallen hard from jumping around when she immediately went to his side. The sunlight caused her skin to shine like millions of flawless diamonds decorated her skin when her skin began to return to its normal pale complexion. Bella had been stupefied as she turned her arms over and tried to find any sparkle to them but nothing was there. Sorin had told her that now she could play with them in the sun with the biggest grin she had ever seen.

Bella asked him to change it again and watched mesmerized as her skin began to sparkle once more. The guards with them had all watched in astonishment as the second Prince of the Volturi coven had a gift as well and one that could allow them to walk freely in the sun. Once word had spread to the rest of the coven both parents hoped that this would be the last of the shocks to come. Although both could not be happier with the powers both boys possessed it did raise the potential for threat from a rival coven looking to enhance their coven by taking their sons. Security had been high from then on and Aro made it a personal mission to check the minds of everyone within the castle regularly to ensure no one betrayed them.

(December 11, 2011)

Bella watched as her little family enjoyed the day outside in the full sun. Sorin could only influence two vampires at a time with his power, Heliokinesis. There was hope that one day he could expand his power to affect more of them but for now this was more than enough. Marcus speculated that he could only affect two vampires because he had two vampiric parents Sorin wished to have with him in the sun. Either way no one was complaining.

The idealistic scene was cut short with her cell phone ringing. Seeing the number she immediately picked up expecting another disappointing result only to be mistaken.

"I found someone who can help with the twins." Alice's voice rang out like a gong silencing the others near them. Aro rushed to her side as he stared at the phone.

"T-Truly?" Bella asked, shocked that they may finally get answers.

"Yes. We are heading to Volterra and should be there within two days. We have to take the long way." Alice said with a little exasperation in her voice.

"Who is it?" She replied.

"They wish to introduce themselves in person." Alice replied.

Bella and Aro did not like that answer but knew they could not argue at the moment since this could be their best chance.
"Fine, we will expect you in the castle within two days. Should I recall the others?" Bella asked. She would rather the rest of the Cullens return and reunite with the others. Phone calls were not the same.

"Yes, I can see this meeting resolving everything." This time Alice sounded upbeat and it calmed something deep within Bella.

"Very well. See you soon Alice." She said as she hung up.

Bella and Aro looked at each other and held hands. The boys walked over to them and sat with them in solidarity. They did know if they would live out the year and were hoping Alice was bringing good news for them both. The small family sat together under the Italian sun as they merely basked in the other's presence, each hoping for more days like this for them in the future.