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Book 1: Water

Chapter 1- News

It had been thousands of years since the last time the Avatar had walked the earth. The four nations have ceased to exist, their landmasses coming together, forming modern-day earth. New governments and new people scatter the world and Benders of all types are virtually extinct. The Avatar is gone while the world faces a new foe...

'Today marks the first day that North America and South America have become one continent and one country! The world leaders from North, Central and South America have been in a large assembly meeting for the past nine months, trying to decide what to do with the "One America" plan, first purposed back in January by President Kelvin Bloodworth of the United States. Now, the plan seems to be solved as the entire Western Hemisphere has been transformed into one country. The world leaders have decided to call their country: America. With the Western Hemisphere becoming one, issues such as, travel, oil, currency, food and government have been resolved. Law issues have also been resolved and the new laws will be set into motion for America tomorrow.

Assemblies for world leaders seem to be happening for Europe and Asia as well. Talk about the same formation as America may happen for Europe and Asia, and it seems as though progress is going quite well. No news on whether or not world leaders from Africa want to join in on the formation, and the Prime Minister of Australia, Beau Windsor, has not made any contact at this time.'

Solomon Muto clicked off the television set while shaking his head and sighing. Things were changing more and more everyday. When Solomon first heard about the President of the United States plan, he knew it was a bad idea; he had a strong gut feeling about it. Now it was going to affect his country, but more importantly the future of his grandson, Yugi.

"Hey, why'd you turn that off Gramps?" A strong, Brooklyn accent asked.

Solomon looked at the young blonde that was Joey Wheeler, Yugi's best friend. He sighed and spoke, "Because it's complete garbage, Joey."

"What do you mean, Grandpa?" Yugi asked innocently. Both Yugi and Joey were sitting on the sofa in the living room, wide-eyed and confused by the old man's sudden action of switching off the television.

Solomon walked over to the teens and took a seat in-between them, "Look boys, ever since this whole thing started I've had a bad feeling about it."

"What!?" Joey exasperated, "This is good news. The world is finally becoming a better place."

Yugi piped in, "Joey's right, Grandpa. The world leaders are deciding to come together in peace. Peace is a good thing."

Solomon sighed, "Well I suppose so…. But, not when peace is backed by power."

The teens were silent, staring intently at the old man sitting in-between them, waiting for him to explain himself. Solomon knew that they were expecting an answer; he would gladly give it, if he had one. The only explanation he had was his instincts. Even instinct wouldn't be enough to convince them.

Slowly rising from the sofa, his old bones cracking, Solomon began to walk towards the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Joey questioned.

Solomon turned around and smiled, "I'm going to make a cup of tea, would you boys like some?"

Yugi smiled beamingly up at his grandfather, "Sure, thanks Grandpa."

The old man nodded and slowly left the room.

When Joey was sure that Mr. Muto was out of earshot he turned to Yugi. "No offense Yug, but I think your Grandpa's losing it."

Yugi thought for a moment. Joey had a good point. His grandpa was acting strange lately. Ever since he had first heard about the world nations forming together his grandfather would become angry or upset at any new news, almost as if he knew something that everyone else didn't. However, every time the subject was brought up, Solomon would not give any answer to his assumptions or actions. Yugi was confused by this, but for some reason he felt as though his grandpa was right, even if his grumblings were just assumptions.

Peace backed by power. There was something about his grandfather's phrase that made sense. World leaders, obviously the most powerful and influential people in the world, coming together to make one nation for peace? How could peace be obtained when there were so many powerful people involved? Someone would eventually want to rule the majority. The only question that remained was who would rule and by what means would they get there? This thought made Yugi shiver.

"Joey, I think…." Yugi paused. He wanted to say he agreed with his grandpa, however, this wasn't a subject he felt like talking about anymore. Regardless of what happened to the countries, it was out of his control now. Atem was gone, they had sent him to the afterlife, and now Yugi's work of 'saving the world' was done. He didn't need to worry about these kinds of things anymore, especially not pointless politics. "I think we should call Tristan and Tea. They said they'd be here a half-hour ago."

Joey's eyes widened, "You're right! Where are those morons?"

"Right here you jerk," a voice from behind them said.

Joey and Yugi turned in their seats to see Tristan and Tea standing in the doorway.

"Hey! Who are you calling a jerk, Tristan!?" Joey barked at his friend while pointing his figure at him.

"Hey," Yugi said, "What took you guys so long?"

"Traffic," Tea replied. She gave Yugi a sweet smile that made the short teen blush.

"Ah!" Solomon walked out into the living room with a tray full of cups and a steaming teapot, "You two are just in time for tea!"

Constantly glancing at the clock was making Seto Kaiba anxious. It was 10:57 in the morning, but Kaiba wished it were later. He wanted to go home and sleep all day. He'd been up for two days straight due to nightmares. No matter how hard he tried, he just could not fall back to sleep after the dreams. He'd tried sleep medications and relaxers, but nothing seemed to work.

Kaiba painfully typed away at his laptop as he took a sip of his warm coffee. Work at Kaiba Corporation was going to be excruciating today. As CEO of KaibaCorp., Kaiba had to be present at a few meetings this afternoon. The meetings would last until about five o'clock. Kaiba didn't know if he could make it that long, his throbbing headache and fatigue was catching up to him, not to mention the horrible people he would be meeting with later. The board members were boring and self-centered, and Kaiba didn't feel like dealing with that today. He didn't feel like dealing with anything today. Sleep was his main concern.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The intercom on Kaiba's desk buzzed as Roland, Kaiba's right-hand man and personal business advisor, appeared on a small video screen next to the intercom.

"Mister Kaiba, a Miss Ishizu Ishtar is here to speak to you. She says that it's important."

Kaiba pressed the intercom button to talk, "Is it for personal matters?"

Roland nodded, "Yes it is, Mister Kaiba. Miss Ishtar claims that it's urgent and she needs to see you right away."

A stern frown crossed the brunette's face. As a CEO of one of the most popular and powerful gaming corporations in the world Kaiba didn't have time for personal problems, especially not when he was running on no sleep for two days. "Tell Ishizu that I don't have time for her nonsense and to leave me alone, forever," Kaiba grumbled.

"Yes, of course sir," Roland said.

"And one more thing, Roland," Kaiba said before Roland could disconnect the call, "I don't want anymore calls today. Send everyone away who comes to see me."

"Yes, sir," Roland replied, his arm reached out across the screen to disconnect the call.

"I'm not done yet." Kaiba spoke sternly, "Have an assistant bring me another cup of coffee."

Roland nodded, "Yes, Mister Kaiba, is that all?"

Kaiba nodded back, "For now." He clicked off his intercom, the video screen went black, and Kaiba sighed as he sunk into his office chair. He wanted to sleep. He wanted to sleep badly, but worry was creeping its way into Kaiba's mind. What if those bizarre nightmares hit him once he fell asleep? What if the nightmares persisted, what would he do? What if he could never sleep again?

Kaiba quickly retrieved control over his thoughts, realizing how stupid he was being. They were just dreams, they couldn't harm him, and certainly Kaiba wouldn't let them control him. However, recalling the dreams, they were unlike anything he'd ever had before. They were vivid, dark, and just downright horrifying. Every night they were almost the same; Kaiba would be walking alone at night, then suddenly he'd hear a voice and his body would freeze. The voice would always come from behind him but Kaiba could never turn around and move to see whom the person was. His body always froze, but that wasn't even the worst part. Moments after Kaiba was frozen, his body began to move on its own, like his limbs had a mind of their own. The voice would say one thing every time, right before Kaiba's hands grasped his own neck…. Die….

Kaiba shuddered, remembering the creepy events of his awful dreams. After the voice would tell him to die Kaiba's own hands would ultimately choke him to death. That's when he woke up every night, terrified. Kaiba wished he knew what his dreams meant.

A knock on his office door brought the young CEO out of his musings, "Come in," he said flatly.

The door opened but Kaiba didn't look up to see who it was, he knew it was just the assistant bringing him his coffee. He continued to tap away on his keyboard, paying no attention to the other person in the room. Slowly, the assistant made their way over to Kaiba's desk and set down the coffee cup with a fluent, graceful motion.

Kaiba continued to type, not looking up from his work. He could feel the assistant still standing there, almost as if they were waiting for a thank you or something. They should know him better than that. Seto Kaiba never thanked anyone.

"You can leave now," Kaiba said rudely. He still did not look up.

"Is that how you greet your guests, Kaiba?"

At this, Kaiba looked up to see the face that matched the familiar voice. Ishizu Ishtar stood over him. The last time Kaiba saw Ishizu was in Egypt when Yugi dueled Atem, nothing had changed only Ishizu's long, straight black hair was pulled up into a modest ponytail.

"I thought I told you I didn't want to see you," Kaiba said harshly as he crossed his arms angrily over his chest.

"You should know by now that I don't take orders from you, Kaiba." Ishizu countered.

Kaiba scowled at her, "What do you want, Ishizu, and make it quick, I don't have time for your fantasy bullshit today."

The Egyptian woman sighed heavily, "How many times do I have to tell you that what I speak is the truth?" Ishizu shook her head before continuing, "Look, Kaiba, I know that you've been suffering from nightmares, I can see it on your face, you haven't slept for days."

"Yeah? Your point?" Kaiba was annoyed, he didn't have time to deal with this woman, and the last thing he wanted to do was talk about those weird dreams.

"Your dreams may be a sign of what may come in the future?"

Kaiba laughed loudly, "Whatever, Ishizu."

Ishizu glared at him, "Believe what you wish, Kaiba, but dreams can tell us more than we could've ever imagined."

"So?" Kaiba mocked.

"So," Ishizu mocked back, "I didn't come here to argue you, I came here to ask you if you've ever heard of elemental bending."


"Elemental bending, when a person can bend the elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Have you heard of this?"

Kaiba's mocking tone turned into a deep, stern one, "Look, Ishizu, I don't have time for your bullshit, so I suggest you leave before I call a psych ward to come a get you."

"Kaiba, I know this sounds absurd but I have a point to this!" Ishizu raised her voice, the look on her face was almost pleading with him. "I have something," Ishizu began digging into her brown satchel that she had brought with her, "my team of archeologists recently discovered ancient scrolls just outside of Cairo. These scrolls seem to have information on civilizations that I've never even heard about. It seems as though we've discovered an entirely new historical period!"

"Great," Kaiba stated sarcastically.

Ishizu ignored him and continued, "I have not been able to decipher the entirety of the scrolls yet, but I have found something that will shock you, Kaiba."

Kaiba rolled his eyes, still speaking with thick sarcasm, "Here we go again…"

Ishizu dug deeper into her bag until finally pulling out a small scroll, unraveling it to show Kaiba. The scroll contained some early form of Asian writing with a small symbol that resembled swirling water on the bottom right-hand corner.

"This is an ancient document from a city that practiced one of the four elemental bending. The people were water benders from a tribe known as the Northern Water Tribe and they eventually established their own city on the coast of North America. This city was never officially documented due to the disappearance of its water bending people."

Kaiba bore his eyes into her angrily. He wanted nothing more than to kick Ishizu and her nonsense out of his office.

Ishizu could sense Kaiba's tension and decided to get to the point, "The city was named after the peoples prophetic water bending successor, Seto."


"The city was named Seto."

Kaiba laughed, "You actually think that out of all of the Seto's out there that I'm the one that stupid scroll is referring to? You've lost it Ishizu…"

The Egyptian woman dug out another scroll from her bag and unraveled it to show to Kaiba, "This scroll is from another ancient city around the same time that the city of Seto was founded. This city was created by air bending nomads and was also dedicated to their prophetic successor, Yugi."

"What?" The slightest shiver made its way down Kaiba's back. Ishizu was lying, this couldn't be right. Two ancient cities, founded around the same time, named after a futuristic Seto and Yugi? It sounded completely crazy!

Ishizu could tell by the look in his eye that Kaiba was a bit unnerved, "I told you you'd be shocked."

Kaiba didn't say anything. He just glared at her, pissed at the fact that she had to unload all of this information on him.

Ishizu placed the scrolls back into her bag, "There is still more research to be done, however, the scrolls indicate that the prophecies would be fulfilled by this year."

"What does that mean?" Kaiba demanded.

Ishizu began to make her way towards the exit. She turned the knob and slowly opened the door, "That you may become a water bender by the end of this year. I presume you'll find out soon, it is November after all." Before she completely shut the door behind her she left Kaiba with one last comment, "Consider this a warning, Kaiba, for you may experience a new way of life very soon." With that, Kaiba's office door shut. Leaving Kaiba alone to think about everything that had just happened.

Pulling up a search engine on his computer, Kaiba began frantically searching everything that Ishizu had told him. She was right. There was no information on any of the ancient cities. However, Kaiba found just one website that had the slightest information on elemental bending. According to the website, elemental bending was literally bending the elements to a persons will using trained moves.

Kaiba leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples in frustration. He was so tired, and now all of this was happening. He just did not have the time, or the energy to deal with this in his life right now.

Grabbing his coffee cup and taking a sip, he was surprised that it was still hot. It seemed like forever ago that the substance was brought in. Setting the cup next to his computer and leaning forward to search more on bending, Kaiba found himself staring at the peculiar pictures of a person bending. The pictures were very old, but they looked like a martial arts form. The waving of arms and the stances differentiated depending on what element a person was bending. The water bending forms looked rather easy, most were just a few fluid motions with the arms. Kaiba lazily raised his left arm to match the picture on the screen and swiftly swished it upward.

There were very few moments in Seto Kaiba's life that his heart practically flew out of his chest. This was one of those few moments. Kaiba's jaw dropped as he stared at his levitating coffee as it rose out of the coffee cup. His arm still hanging above the hot liquid, Kaiba could not believe what he was seeing! He thought for sure he was hallucinating! He had to be! He had not slept in forty-eight hours! People are classified legally insane if they haven't slept for this long, right? It was just a dream; this all was just a dream. As Kaiba swung his arm down, the hot coffee spilt everywhere, seeping onto his lap and flooding his computer.

"OUCH!" Kaiba yelled as he felt the substance drench him, leaking through his clothes.

If this was all just a maddening dream, then why did it feel so real?

Serenity Wheeler tapped her foot nervously. She had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the results from her doctor. Sitting in a small, white doctors office room was getting to her, and Serenity could feel herself growing more and more anxious as the clock on the wall slowly ticked away. Impatiently running her fingers through her hair, Serenity wondered what her older brother, Joey, would think if the results came back positive. Would he be upset? Would he sympathize with her? Serenity didn't know.

Just when the thought of her brother hit her, the door opened. A middle-aged doctor with think rimmed glasses walked in and shut the door behind him. He was carrying a clipboard that looked flooded with papers. He flipped through a couple of them until he found the sheet he was looking for.

"So, Serenity…." The doctor began, "it seems that your test came back positive."

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