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Book 1: Water

Chapter 8: The Princess and Her Helper

The water that was healing Sholeh felt refreshing on her skin. Her wounds had been aching for a while and she needed relief. She was grateful she had found another avatar but worried about their future. Anything could happen at this point and it was only a matter of time before something would happen.

"You're an avatar?" Kaiba stated, "That's how you knew I was?"

"I knew you were an avatar because I know you're Seto Kaiba, the infamous CEO of Kaiba Corp., and the only person I can think of with the name Seto."

Kaiba let out a laugh, "Oh please! There are more people with the name Seto. You're delusional!"

Sholeh chuckled at him, "Considering I saw you waterbend in the ocean…. Pretty sure you're the Seto of the ancient waterbending city. The one who'll bring balance back to the waterbending tribes."

Mokuba decided he'd asked questions, seeing as his brother was getting nowhere with her. "So, how do you know about all of this avatar and bending stuff, ya know, besides being an avatar yourself?"

Sholeh politely smiled at him. She liked Mokuba Kaiba; he wasn't a dick like his older brother. She cleared her throat before explaining. "For centuries, the Fire Nation Royal Family has passed down the secrets of bending and the tales of the avatar. You see, the avatar disappeared thousands of years ago, along with most benders, but now four different avatars will arise, and so will new benders. Balance needs to be brought back into the world, and the last four avatars ever are going to do that. After your brother and I pass, the legacy of the avatar will be gone, but benders will live on, ushering in a new bending era to the world."

"So, usually there was only one avatar?" Mokuba questioned.

Sholeh nodded, "Yes! Darkness from thousands of years ago had chased out the spirit of the avatar, but the avatar's spirit had promised to return in four forms, one of each element. That's why there will be four avatars instead of one. But…" Sholeh looked Kaiba seriously in the eyes; "our jobs will be harder than most avatars before us since we will be the very last avatars. That's why it's important to bring balance back, because we only have one shot at this."

Her words sent a slight shiver down Kaiba's spine. If she was right about all of this, then Kaiba really had no idea what he was getting himself into. He adjusted his gaze away from hers. He couldn't bring himself to face her. There was something about what she'd just told him that made him… afraid… and Seto Kaiba was hardly ever afraid….

"People who know the same information as I do will be after us, trying to kill us. The Fire Nation has waited for this very moment, for the rise of their nation, and so have other leaders, but they will be powerful benders, trying to bring us down."

"Just like Kelvin Bloodsworth?" Mokuba asked.

"Exactly like Kelvin Bloodsworth," Sholeh confirmed.

Kaiba remembered her words early, how she questioned him about Bloodsworth before entering his home. He wanted to know more. "What did he do to you, besides what happened to your sister, to make you so afraid of him?"

"He tried to kill me. That's why I jumped out of a window."

"How'd you live?" Mokuba asked.

She smiled, a cocky look upon her face, "I'm a master firebender."

"Master?" Kaiba questioned.

"Yep! That means I've mastered the element. I've been training since I could walk. I am the heir to the Fire Nation throne after all."

"Meaning?" Kaiba questioned.

"Meaning I'm the next Fire Lord, ruler of the Fire Nation."

Mokuba smiled brightly, "Does that mean you're a real-life princess?"

Sholeh shrugged, "Yeah, technically…."

Kaiba narrowed his eyes, "What'd you mean by technically?"

"Since Iris, my sister, is dead, I'm the next in line…. But…."

"But what?" Kaiba asked. Unknowingly, he yanked out a rather large chunk of glass from a sensitive place on Sholeh's arm.

"Ahhhh! Shhhhhh!" She winced in pain, "What the hell!?"

Blood was quickly oozing out of her opened wound. Kaiba swooped up the blood with a swish of water, before the blood could drip onto the carpet or any valuables. He began healing the spot intently, "Not my fault you decided to jump out of a building. Don't blame me for your pain."

"Asshole…" She whispered under her breath.


Sholeh looked up at him, "What?"

Kaiba gave her a hidden smirk, a rare one that only she was blessed to see, "I'll admit, I've jumped out of a few windows myself, so I feel your pain."

She just stared blankly at him for a while, not knowing what to think. Did he just sympathize with her or mock her? Maybe both?

"But…." He said again.

"But what?" She asked.

"But is where you left off in your story. You're the next in line…. But…."

Sholeh laughed, "Wow! I can't believe it!? Seto Kaiba is actually interested in one of my stories! This is too great!"

Kaiba huffed, "Are you going to continue or not? I need some form of entertainment while I heal your pathetic ass, and unfortunately, your damn story is all I've got right now."

Sholeh rolled her eyes, "Oh whatever! There's a TV on the wall behind me! If you really needed other entertainment besides me, you could flick that stupid thing on. Just admit it, you're interested in what I have to say."

"Not at all, I just think TV is an even worse form of cheap entertainment than you."

"I'm surprised you haven't been punched in the face more often Mr. Kaiba."

He smirked, "And who says I've ever been punched in the face?"

She smirked right back, "Then please, let me do the honors." She moved to roll up her sleeve, but Kaiba's healing process stopped her.

"I'll let you have a swing at me when you're healed and when you've finished your damn story."

He had a point and Sholeh knew it. "Okay, fine. I can live with that. You'll be great target practice."

Kaiba chuckled at her comment. He was getting quite the kick out of this spunky woman. She seemed to have a great head on her shoulders, and Kaiba briefly let his walls down just to soak that in.

"So, you're a princess?" Mokuba butted in.

Sholeh nodded, "Yeah, but like I said before, it's complicated. You see, I have extended family that really wants to rid my side of the family from the throne, and even though that is treason, there isn't anything I can do. The Fire Nation isn't fully established yet, and my sister, who would've been the Fire Lord, is dead. I'm on the run… there's nothing I can do… My extended family is just too powerful. If she builds up the Fire Nation, she'll claim full control with no regard to the fact that the crown doesn't rightfully belong to her."

"Who is this extended family? This she?" Kaiba questioned.

"That extended family is my cousin."

"Wait, you're going up against one other person? That's it? It should be no problem for you to reclaim the Fire Nation; you're a master firebender and an avatar! There's no way anyone can beat you!" Mokuba eagerly exclaimed.

Sholeh sent him a slight smile, "Oh, if only I had your optimism, but it just isn't that easy… You have no idea what my cousin is capable of and the allies she has. I have no one…."

"That's not true," Kaiba whisked away the last bit of glass from her wounds, dumping the remains in the dirty bucket. He formed the water around his hand like a glowing blue glove. Noticing the scratches on her cheek, he gently cupped it, letting the water heal the marks. He looked into her eyes intently, not breaking the gaze for anything, "Sholeh, you have us."

Everything was perfect and went according to plan. Valerie Von Brandt was officially the Fire Nation's royal princess. The ceremony was flawless; the guests behaved perfectly, no one made a fuss. Valerie was the established ruler of the Fire Nation for now. No one was going to stand in her way, no one except her pesky cousin Sholeh….

Valerie growled. She would become Fire Lord one way or another, she just needed her cousin dead, and then the Fire Nation would be hers completely. After that, the other nations would be under her control. She would recreate Fire Lord Sozin's dream of uniting the world, and it would all be hers!

She sat in her throne room of her new palace. When first becoming chancellor of Germany, she had a building established, eventually to be used as the Fire Nation royal palace. Her thrown room was exquisite, with the finest pieces of art, stone, and gold from all over the world. There was no place better than this palace. Soon, the world would know of the Fire Nation and idolize the palace and all its glory.

She was positioning herself to meditate, when a royal guard addressed her.

"Your majesty," He bowed, "Your High Nobel is here to see you."

"Let him in."

The heavy, elegant, and enormous throne room doors opened as the former Emperor Haru walked in, along with a young woman by his side. They knelt at the presence of their new princess.

"Your highness, as your High Nobel, I am here to present you with an…. old friend," Haru glanced at the young woman next to him. She gave him a nod, her wavy black hair bobbing as she did so. She rose with grace and fearlessness, stepping toward the princess without hesitation.

Valerie smirked, "It's been a long time, Maja."

"Yes," Maja smiled, her eyes gave off a devious, chestnut-glimmer, "it really has, Val." Maja bowed slightly before giving her long-time friend a hug.

Valerie embraced her with elegance. "What've you been doing for all these years?"

They separated, but kept each other at arms length. Maja grinned, "Oh, you know, same old, same old…."

Valerie cackled, "Killing world leaders and covering up your tracks?"

Maja nodded, "You got it!"

"Well, I hope you're getting decent pay…."

Maja smirked, "You'd be surprised."

"I hope you're not here on a mission to kill me. I know how betrayal runs in your business," Valerie whisked her hair out of her face, showing no fear.

Maja chuckled, "Just because I'm the top assassin in the world doesn't mean I'd have the heart to kill my best friend! I'm not that cruel!"

Valerie snickered with her eyes, "I sure hope not."

The two laughed before sitting down together.

"I'm fortunate my best friend is in the assassination business…. I have an important mission for you, and I'm guessing that's why Haru brought you here in the first place."

Maja nodded, "That's exactly why. So, what do I owe the pleasure of serving the most powerful leader in the world?"

Valerie placed a hand on Maja's shoulder, "I need someone dead."

Maja grinned mercilessly, cracking her knuckles ruthlessly, "You name it, and you got it."

Serenity Wheeler's vision had been leaving her for a while. Slowly but surely her vision depleted. Sooner rather than later, it would be gone completely. The doctors had tried to do all they could to save her eyesight, but it was no use. She was going blind, and nothing could be done.

Her family had tried their best to comfort her, but she still felt empty from something she had grown so accustomed to. This was her fate, and she needed to come to terms with it, but that was hard, especially for Joey. Joey had worked his ass off trying to prevent her from going blind, but even his hard work couldn't save her now.

For the past several weeks, Serenity had been having these dreams, where she could 'see.' The vision she could 'see' out of wasn't her eyes, however, it was the earth. She could feel and 'see' more than she ever could with her eyesight, but Serenity didn't know what to make of these dreams. She would wake up with crappy, diminishing vision, but go to bed and dream of a supernatural sight that was unlike anything she'd ever felt before! Part of her wished that after her eyesight was gone completely, that she would be able to 'see' the way she did in her dreams.

Serenity flicked through the evening news. She noticed a lot of news channels were talking about the new countries being established and the rise of benders, people with the ability to bend the elements. Serenity decided she'd listen.

"People known as 'benders' have been rising up all over the world since the coming together of nations. These so called 'benders' have the ability to bend the elements to their will. Apparently, this skill has been around for thousands of years, but only now is it being rediscovered. Some think it has to do with the rise of the four nations of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air."

The announcer chatted on as Serenity listened more intently.

"Moments ago, we were told that world leader, Kelvin Bloodworth, has announced his rule over the 'Water Tribe,' which was once North and South America. People seem to be supporting him greatly, along with people who have discovered their abilities to 'waterbend.' Also, earlier today, former Chancellor of Germany…."

"…Valerie Von Brandt, who helped to unite Asia and Europe, was crowned the Fire Nation's Princess. She has also announced that the areas of former Asia and Europe will be known as the Fire Nation. Von Brandt has also announced herself as the sole leader of this country and that she will gain full control after she has been crowned Fire Lord. It is unknown of the support she has over this country, but so far the citizens of the now Fire Nation seem to be handling this well. Overall, Valerie Von Brandt has majority support-"

Sholeh flicked off the Kaiba's TV and hung her head in her hands. She shook her head in despair and let a few stray tears fall. What was she going to do? Now that Valerie was in control, she'd surely be killed. She needed to get out of Fire Nation territory, and fast!

She rose from the Kaiba's living room couch. Thankfully, both of the Kaiba brothers had left the room to attend to some sort of Kaiba Corp. business. They had let her stay and recover from her healing for a bit. Mainly, Mokuba didn't want to say goodbye just yet. Unfortunately, Sholeh was going to have to let him down.

She pulled herself together and attempted to leave the living room as quickly as possible. Rushing towards the front door, she looked back, making sure no one was around. She turned the corner into the foyer and was stopped by none other than Kaiba who was walking down the stairwell.

"Leaving so soon?" Cynicism dripped from his voice like a contagion.

"Uh, yeah," She stuttered, "I have s-some s-stuff to attend to. I gotta go!"

He got to the end of the stairs and swiftly made his way to her before she could slip away. "What? No thank you? I let you into my humble abode and heal your pitiful ass, and I don't get any gratitude?"

At this point, Sholeh was panicking and did not have time for Kaiba's harassment. Knowing Valerie, someone or something was probably already after her and they could all be in danger. A thank you to Kaiba would be letting her run for her fucking life!

"Look, Kaiba, thank you, but now is not the time. I have to go! I'm sure I'll see you again and be able to properly thank you, but for now I really have to get outta here!"

As she turned away, Kaiba grasped her wrist, "Where are you going to go? You're on the run."

She whipped her hand away, "Exactly!" She was about to make a run for it when Kaiba's right-hand man, Roland, came into the foyer with urgency.

"Mr. Kaiba!"

Kaiba frowned, "What is it, Roland?"

"One of the mansion's guards has been gunned down! We just found his body!"

"What!?" Panic danced across Kaiba's deep, blue eyes.

"I didn't hear a gunshot!" Sholeh imputed.

"We believe whoever shot down the guard was carrying a silencer," Roland replied.

"Call the police at once!" Kaiba demanded.

"We're already on it sir! They said that we need to get all residence and staff out of here immediately!"

"Then what are we waiting for!?" Sholeh fumed.

"Seto!" Mokuba came running down the hall, gasping for air. He had a frightened look in his eyes. "We have company!"

From down the hall, the sound of shattering glass was heard, followed by a gunshot. This time there was no silencer. The intruder wanted to be heard.

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