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My name is Red. I live in Pallet Town, and have lived here for as long as I can remember, although my mom says that we haven't been here my whole life. I've been waiting for the chance to start battling Pokémon and earning gym badges from all across the region. I've been preparing for my journey for as long as I can remember, learning the type advantages and disadvantages, along with some battle strategies.

"Hey, Red!" Blue, my brother, said to me. I was on my bed, reading a short story about a previous Indigo League Champion. His room was across the hall, with a similar setup to mine. "How come we don't have any Pokémon yet? We should go on a Pokémon journey! I heard that Green's only been out for six months, and look at her. She already has six gym badges!" I looked up. Blue was wearing a green jacket, a black shirt, and blue jeans, while a blue pendant hung from his neck, just like my own matching red one: gifts from our grandfather, Professor Oak.

"I'm not sure; maybe we should ask Mom." I got up off my bed, and walked downstairs to ask my mom. "Mom, Blue and I would like to go on a Pokémon journey. What do you think?"

Mom shook her head gently with a knowing smile. "I don't think I'm the one you should ask. Professor Oak is the one who'd be giving you your Pokémon."

"Thanks. I'll go do that. Take care of yourself while I'm gone." I walked out the door, half expecting Blue to run me over in his haste to get to Oak's lab, but was pleasantly surprised to see that he was calmly walking behind me. "Why didn't you say anything? I thought you'd butt in like you always do, and completely monopolize the conversation."

"Nah. I didn't need to. Now that there's nothing standing in my way, I'm not worried about and 'ifs', just 'whens'."

"Ah, there you are!" We looked around for the source of the voice, and saw Professor Oak, just outside his lab. He looked a bit rumpled, as if he'd just had a hard time putting a fussy Pikachu to sleep. "I've been hoping you'd come. I have a couple of Pokémon for you. These are the Pokémon your mother wanted you to have when you left on your journey. Ah, here they are!" One of his aides came out, carrying a Pokéball in each hand. "Now. Red, yours is a Charmander, and Blue, you get a Squirtle." The aide handed us each a Pokéball, and returned inside the lab. "I also have a surprise for you!" The aide returned, now carrying what looked like two hinged red pieces of metal. "These are the prototypes for what I call a Pokédex. Whenever you see a Pokémon, these will document it and record any known data. They can also communicate with each other over long distances, which allows them to sync their databases. No, there is no messaging function. These are not toys. There is only one other Pokédex at the moment, and Green has it. That means that there should already be plenty of data for you two to peruse and make use of. The last notable feature is the recording function. You can record a single video on each Pokédex, up to two hours in length. This allows you to watch any battles you see, and learn from any mistakes you might or might not make in your own." At this, he finally handed them over. "Take good care of these. There are only three, and I want them back when they're filled."

"Thanks Professor! We won't let you down!" Blue and I chorused.

"Hey Red. Battle me! I want to see who is the better trainer right now!" Blue challenged. I nodded, sending out my Charmander.

"Charmander, scratch!"

"Squirtle, tackle!" The two Pokémon met in a shower of sparks as Charmander's scratch met Squirtle's hard shell. A few scratches from Charmander and a few tackles from Squirtle, and we both knew who won this fight. Squirtle lay on the ground, while Charmander stood tall and proud.

"...I'll just have to train my Squirtle more, right, Red? I'm sure that was just a fluke." Blue shrugged, returning Squirtle to it's Pokéball. He turned and walked out into Route 1 without even a backwards glance.

"Thanks Charmander. I'll call you Firebreath. Let's go earn our first badge," I said, returning him to his Pokéball. I ran after Blue, and then promptly got mired in Route 1, hung up on battling every Pokémon I saw. Eventually, I made it to Viridian, several hours later. After poking around the city, I knew that Blue must have left, because the Gym here was closed; there was no reason for him to stay. Due to how late it was, I decided to stay the night on the second floor of the Pokémon Center, and had a good night's rest.