This chapter is kind of a filler chapter. It is just getting everything ready for the rest of the story. So, I kinda rabble on in some parts.

Snow softly fell from the dark, night sky and collected on the ground. A breeze flew all around, rustling the leaves on the ground. Light poles hummed brightly, creating shadows in the darkness. There was a long, slender road full with small businesses and family homes. All the homes had smoke rising from their chimneys, disappearing in the sky. While the businesses had all their lights on and their neon lights flashing. On the edge of the road sat a run down Christian church. Parts of the wall were staring to chip off and vines crawled up on the wall.

Two men walked down the road, laughing and enjoying themselves. Their breaths were white fogs as they talked about various topics. The two both wore long, black winter coats and had jet black hair. The man to the right had soft, red eyes and had a warm expression on his face. The man to the right had honey colored eyes and had on a sharp expression.

"You need to lighten up, Claude," The man to the right said with a chuckle. Claude halfway rolled his eyes and turned his head away from his friend. He rose his index finger and pushed up the bridge of his glasses further up his face.

"And you need to learn to be more serious, Sebastian," Claude replied, his eyes glued to the sidewalk in front of him. The two passed the run down church and Sebastian stopped in his tracks. He noticed a small basket on the steps that had a blue sticky-note attached to the top. He casted a glance over to Claude who was still walking and then walked over to the basket.

Sebastian plucked the note from the top of the basket and read it. "Ciel…" he read as he turned his head back to the basket. Inside was a dull and torn sky, blue blanket bundled up a small ball. Sebastian squatted down and tugged the blanket down.

Inside the blanket was an infant. He had dark blue hair that covered the top of his hair and his fringe partly covered his eyes. Sebastian placed his hand on the child's bare chest to find it feel like ice. He felt a small pulse and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. He could see the child's small breaths as he tried to breathe the cold air.

Claude looked to his side and realized that his friend wasn't there. He spun around on his heels and saw Sebastian crouched down beside a basket. He sighed and straightened his back. He began to walk over when he saw Sebastian pick up a ball from the basket. Sebastian held the bunch of sheets close to his chest, looking dreamily down at it.

"Sebastian; what the hell are you doing?" Claude asked, his voice layered with ice. He got closer to him and saw that the bundle was in fact a small baby. He looked down at the child and grimaced. It had round features and deep blue hair. He returned his glare back to Sebastian, his eyebrows slanted. "You can't possibly like that thing, it's a human child." Claude's voice was icier than before.

Sebastian pulled the child closer to his chest and looked up at his friend. "For one, it is not an it. And two, you can't expect me to leave him here." Sebastian said as he stared at Claude. Claude rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest.

"And what? You will mother it? Psh," Claude teased. Claude rotated his head to profile and looked at the house across the street.

The blinds were open and revealed a family eating dinner. The family was all laughing and enjoying themselves as they ate their dinner. Young children raced around the house, laughing as well, as they chased their siblings.

Sebastian followed Claude's eyes and saw the happy family. His warm expression quickly turned sad as he placed his eyes back to the child he held. His cheeks were starting to have color in them as the rest of his body. He smiled as he nuzzled his small head into Sebastian's chest, absorbing his warmth. He cracked his eyes open and raised his head and looked into Sebastian's. He had bright, blue eyes, full of innocence.

"Yes, I guess I will," Sebastian said softly. He raised his head and faced Claude's.

Claude's shocked expression quickly turned to a humorous one as he let out a small laugh. "This shall be interesting," he said with a wide smirk as he turned on his heels. He began to walk down the street, leaving Sebastian with the child.

Sebastian stared after Claude in confusion. He heard a small gurgle and turned his attention back to the child. He looked up at Sebastian, soft noises omitting from his throat. Sebastian tightened his grip on him and tried to catch up with Claude without spooking him.

"I would never expect you to do this, Claude," Sebastian said as he sat down in the passenger's seat. Claude sat down in the driver's side and slipped the key into the ignition.

"I am only a spectator," he said with a soft smile. Claude placed the car into reverse. He backed out of the parking lot and then placed the car into drive.

"Are you sure they will allow this?" Sebastian asked, biting his lip. He turned his attention to the small infant in his arms. His body laid completely still as his chest raised up and down with every breath he took. Sebastian had thrown out the blanket he had been wrapped up in earlier. He now had a blanket with black and vertical stripes wrapped snuggly around his fragile frame.

"Of course, just tell them what I told you," Claude said as he brought the car to a halt at a red light.

Sebastian nodded in response and stared out the window. The red light turned to green and Claude drove off. Houses and businesses flashed by Sebastian as he looked outside. He unconsciously tightened his grip on the child as he was unsure for the future.

"We're here," Claude said as he placed the shift into park. Sebastian nodded and unbuckled his seat belt. He opened the car door open and stepped out, closing it with his foot.

Before them was the main courthouse for the city. Lavender and daisies aligned the outer gate as vines sprawled against the edges. Sebastian and Claude walked up to the gate and saw a large map.

Claude walked up to it and placed his index finger on the sign. He trailed it down until he found the one he looking for.

"Ah, here it is, child adoption and custody, room… seventeen." He walked back to Sebastian and the two started to walk into to building. Claude held the door open for Sebastian as he walked in. He casted a look down at the sleeping infant and a warm, tingling feeling washed over him.

Inside the building, comfy chairs laid in all corners and paintings of town leaders hung on the walls. Sebastian quickly noticed a receptionists desk and walked up to it.

The woman had bleach-blonde hair tied up into a bun on the top of her head and wore a formal, business suit. "Um excuse me, maim, but where would I find room seventeen?" Sebastian asked politely. The woman raised her head and revealed that she had emerald green eyes. She raised a manicured hand and pointed to a long hallway in the back of the room.

"Fourth door to your right," she answered in a dull tone. She returned to typing on her computer, no longer paying attention to the trio.

Sebastian and Claude began to walk down the lengthy hallway. Sebastian stared down at the child in his arms as he slept peacefully. Hopefully, this worksHe thought to himself, biting his lip.

"And here we are," Claude teased as he opened the door. The two stepped in and Claude quietly shut the door behind himself.

The room had vibrant yellow wallpaper with pictures taped to the walls. Off to the left there were barbies and transformers all over the floor and the right papers and crayons littered to the floor. There were a few young ones and their parents. The children played and colored while the parents were on their phones. Directly in front of them was a desk with a young woman sitting behind it.

Claude nudged Sebastian towards the desk and shot him a wink. Sebastian gulped as he gathered his courage and walked towards the woman.

The woman was in her early twenties and had lavender colored hair. She had bright amber eyes and a warm expression. She wore a beige, cashmere sweater and a pair of faded jeans.

"Hello!" She greeted as Sebastian walked up to her. She quickly noticed the bundle in her arms and smiled widely. "And who might this be?" She asked as she stood up in her chair.

"Well, that was what I wanted to figure out myself. You see, he was a home birth and I need to fill out the paperwork," Sebastian said, trying to stay cool. The woman smiled widely and turned around and began to dig in a large officer drawer.

"Okie dookie smoky! My name is Bunny, by the way," She pulled out a pile of papers paper clipped together and tossed it onto the counter. "Don't worry, you don't have to fill this all out. Most of this is doctor work. 'Cause since he is, like, a home birth. He will need to have a check up and all that good stuff. And, oh you can pull up a chair." Bunny talked quickly, smashing her sentences together. She pointed to one of the chairs behinds Sebastian with a purple, manicured nail. Sebastian turned around a dragged a chair up to the desk and took a seat, careful not to spook the child.

"And do you think the mother will be able to show?" Bunny asked as she grabbed a pen from next to her. Sebastian looked the ground with a sad look, just like Claude told him to, and casted a sad expression over his face. Bunny noticed his sad expression and formed a small pout on her lip. "Oh, I am so, so, so, so sorry, sir!" She said as she flipped the first page open in the packet.

Sebastian gave a nod of his head and turned his head back to Bunny.

"Anyway," Bunny said as she slipped a page from the packet. "Is the cute, baby, a boy or a girl?" She asked with glee in her voice.

"He is a boy," Sebastian responded, looking at her amber eyes. Bunny circled a question on the document and looked back up at Sebastian.

"Date of birth?" She asked, tilting her head to the side a little.

"December second." Bunny wrote down the date and moved her eyes to the next question.

"And you said home birth right?" She asked, biting the tip of her pen.

"Yes," Sebastian confirmed.

"Annnndddddddd, wow! Boy, am I dumb!" She playfully slapped her forehead with palm of her hand and let out a small laugh. "What is the boy's name?"

Sebastian turned his head to the floor and thought of what his name was. He then remembered the note attached the basket.

"Ciel," he said returning his eyes to Bunny's.

"And could you respond that please?" she asked, placing her pen on the paper.

"C-I-E-L," Sebastian spelled out. Bunny copied the name down and opened her mouth to ask another question.

"And last name?"

"Michaelis, M-I-C-H-A-E-L-I-S," Sebastian spelled out. Bunny nodded her head and jotted the name down.

"Okie dookie," she said as she turned the paper to face Sebastian. "I just need a signature and then I will find out when I can get you a doctor's appointment for young Ciel here." Sebastian reached out his hand and sloppily scribbled his signature down. He placed the pen down and Bunny snatched the paper and examined the signature. She gave a nod of her head and spun her chair around and began to type on the computer behind her.

"And the closet appointment I can get you is… um… boy, you are sure lucky!" She turned her head around and looked at Sebastian. "I can get you an appointment today at… let's see… it is ten o'four now… I can get you an appointment by two p.m.!" She spun her chair back around and walked to the other end of the office to the printer.

A paper printed out from the printer and Bunny snatched it up quick. She jogged back to Sebastian and handed him the paper.

"All the information is on there. And do not worry about the appointment. It is just to make sure he is healthy and other medical information like that." She grabbed the other papers from her desk and placed them on the paper. "And just hand these to the doctor. He will fill them out and then send you out on your way!"

Sebastian picked the papers up and held them under Ciel and started to walk away. "Thank you, Bunny. You were most kind." Bunny gave a wide grin as she placed the chair back to its original spot.

Claude was leaned against the door with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. "I know a person who works at that clinic, so don't worry about all the biological info crap," Claude reassured as he straightened his back.

The two left the building and were now back in the car. "Perhaps, we should go shopping for Ciel now," Sebastian suggested as he buckled his seatbelt.

"Oh god," Claude said as he placed the car into reverse.

Claude pulled into a parking lot and placed the car into park. He yanked the keys out of the ignition and practically jumped out of the car. Sebastian undid his seatbelt and calmly got out.

"I do not see why you jumped out," Sebastian teased. Claude shot him a glare and the two descended into the store. On the way in, Claude grabbed a shopping cart.

The two wandered around the store until they came to the infant's section. Sebastian placed some one-pieces in the cart of various designs. He also picked out some baby bottles and a few baby-sized utensils. Claude pushed the cart, while trying to not seem as if he was with Sebastian. It was harder than it seems.

While on their way out, Sebastian noticed a soft blue crib and urged Claude to put it in the cart. The two walked up the cashier and checked out. Sebastian pulled out his wallet and slid his credit card on the pin pad.

Claude placed all the bags in the cart and the two soon left the store. Sebastian helped Claude put some of the bags in the trunk while Claude placed the box in the back seat.

Sebastian slipped into the front seat, his eyes locked on Ciel. Ciel's eyelids began to flutter open as he yawned widely. He looked up at Sebastian and rested his head back on his chest. Claude opened the driver's door and slid into his seat and jammed the keys into the ignition.

"And now off to the Baby Doctor," Sebastian teased as Claude began to drive down the road. Claude shot a look over to Sebastian and then returned his head back to the road.

Claude pulled into an empty parking lot and turned the car off. Sebastian stepped out of the car and shut the door with the heel of his shoe.

"I'll stay in the car," Claude said as he passed Sebastian the papers through the window. Sebastian took the papers and smiled widely.

"I'll see you soon then," he said as he straightened his back. He gave Claude one last grin before turning around and head for the large facility.

Claude slumped deep in his chair as he removed his glasses from his face. He tossed them onto the passenger side and groaned. He let his head fall back and hit the head rest. He stared at the ceiling of the car with complete, udder boredom.

He straightened his neck and brought both of his hands to his temples. He placed the key back in the engine and turned on the radio. He switched the channels until a classical channel popped up. He turned the volume up and slumped even farther in his chair.

He stared out at the empty parking lot and groaned aloud again. He tossed his head to the side and looked at the passenger's chair.

"He'll get over that human infant in a matter of months. It'll just take time, then that stupid Ciel, will be gone," He muttered as he closed his eyes and reclined his chair. He locked his fingers together and placed them on the back of his head, his elbows facing the sky. "Just a matter of time," he repeated to himself.

Sebastian walked into the facility and spotted to receptionists desk. He pulled out the sheet of paper Bunny had handed him and placed it on the counter.

"I am to see…" Sebastian looked at the doctor's name. "Doctor Ginny?" The receptionist looked up at him and gave him a sweet smile.

"Ah, I will call him now," she said sweetly. She punched numbers into the phone next to her and placed the phone to her ear. "Hello, you have your two o'clock patient here." She placed the phone back down and turned her attention back to Sebastian.

"He'll be out any moment now, so, just take a seat," She pointed to a large row of chairs behind Sebastian. Sebastian grabbed the papers from the counter and took a seat in the front of the row. He looked down at Ciel and smiled.

Ciel was bright awake now, looking at Sebastian with attentive eyes. Sebastian lowered his neck down and gave him a small kiss on the forehead.

"Mister Michaelis? You may come in now." A tall man in a lab doctor's coat said. Sebastian looked up and smiled. He rose from his chair and followed the man out of the waiting room.

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