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So we have here the first meeting between new Percy and the Olympians and Olympian demigods


Expect the classic bashing of Olympians, but not in the normal sense

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"How long will she be out?" Percy questioned as he watched the various healers circle around Elisa's hospital bed.

"We hope she'll be up in several hours."

"We'll be gone by then."

"Then we'll have her pack quickly," the doctor stated with a frown and lightly pushed him out of the hospital room.

That left the young Perseus Jackson with walking alone back to the Main Hub. There he found everyone that was currently close to him waiting. Rose was leaning against a wall, an ice pack in her hand which pressed it against the side of her jaw. Tess was tinkering with her wrist mounted crossbows on the floor, not minding the hard, cold metal as she fixed what may have been broken or strained. Then there was Luke who sharped his familiar sword, Backbiter, capable of slaying mortals and non-mortals.

His eyes scanned over the trio, then moved onto a lone man in the dark corner. It was Apex Prime, technically Prime by what he wanted to be called. From what Percy saw, he had been granted his old armor which Chaos had literally torn off his body before banishing him. It fitted him perfectly, not to bulky, but not to slim. The metal plates that seemed to shift over his body were colored silver and crimson, a nice sort of combination.

Soon, Percy's gaze moved from the ancient warrior's body to his head, looking at the glowing red eyes of his. Memories of the dreams he had witnessed flashed in his head and he almost stepped forward to ask him who the Jaine girl was.

He didn't get to, unfortunately, as Chaos appeared in a flash of light behind them all. Once the Primordial had flashed in, all heads turned in his direction. The ancient being graced them with a welcoming smile before dropping it once Prime turned his head.

Void black eyes locked with crimson suns and for a moment they stood in silence before the creation god spoke up, "It is time, my friends."

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!" Luke shouted as he clapped his hands together and grabbed the hilt of Backbiter, sliding it into a sheathe at his side.

"Hope dad's ready for this," Tess mumbled, her arms crossed and face shadowed in anxiety while Rose patted her on the shoulder.

Chaos nodded, his face solemn as he snapped his fingers. A set of cloaks appeared on us, shrouding our bodies in black cloth and shadowing our faces.

"Those cloaks are enchanted, made of the finest fabric and woven to be comfortable and strong. Only you may lift your hoods and no one shall see your face unless you reveal it."

"Ooh, that means we can really use our secret identities," Luke said, his eyes sparkling in awe and anticipation.

"Yeah... so, let's go?" I spoke up and Chaos nodded, raising his fingers.

"All of you prepare yourselves, as I cannot physically go to Olympus it will be you making an entrance worthy of Order," he joked and we all snickered under our breaths, knowing how dramatic the other creation god could get.


Zeus smashed his Master Bolt into the arm of his throne, the weapon casting a resonating boom throughout the throne room as a wave of electricity made every hair stand up straight. His eyes scanned over the occupants of his domain, the demigods, both Greek and Roman, and then his children and siblings, the Olympian Council.

Folding chairs had been set up in neat rows for the half-bloods to sit in, the immortal few among them getting swivel chairs next to their parents. The lightning god turned his head towards his son, now a god sharing Poseidon's domain. Lance, god of Tides sat in a swivel chair between him and Poseidon, his wife, the goddess of architecture Annabeth in another swivel chair.

"Father, if I may," the Tide god spoke up and stood, raising his symbol of power, a broadsword with the blade painted with blue tides that glowed with an ocean blue color.

Everyone quieted as the camp director silenced them, and so they all sat with eyes full of wonder.

"Thank you, son. Now, let us being the-"

Zeus was unable to finish as a great explosion rang through the throne room. A sphere of burning orange light erupted into existence before blasting out in a cloud of orange color, dissipating to reveal a group of five beings in cloaks.

"Who dares!" the King of Olympus bellowed in fury, raising his Master Bolt.

"Silence yourself," the tallest among them, a ten foot tall man spoke, his voice baritone and cultured, rich with power, "you stand in the presence of lords and ladies."

"I am Zeus, king of the gods and god of lightning!"

"And we are servants of Chaos, god of chaos!" the foremost of them spoke up, his voice full of command and... having a familiar tone to it.

"Chaos?" Athena muttered, her eyes narrowing as she leaned forward.

"I care not for whom you serve! Explain your interruption of this meeting or die!"

"And if we don't?" the smallest among the five, a girl questioned with a tilt of her head, the hood shadowing her face shifting with her gesture of disrespect.

Zeus seemed to had enough as he stood, pulling his arm back. His muscles flexed and his chest broadened as he sucked in air while his face remained red in anger. He tossed the Master Bolt, his symbol of power, and it sailed towards them.

Before any of them new it, however, the foremost man had keeled over and magical power erupted from him. A cloud of smoke poured from the beneath his cloak, showering out of his hood as his body tensed. Blue light shot out of the smoke and suddenly he lifted his arm, the Master Bolt striking his open palm. There was a flash of light, a great boom, a sudden heat, and then the smoke blew out into a dark halo around him that dissipated quickly.

Percy didn't know what was going on, his body had suddenly spasmed out of control. He couldn't control his limbs and he couldn't do anything, but watch as another power controlled his body.

"Fear not, Perseus. It is I."


"Indeed, I have taken your body as a host temporarily too... settle down these arrogant children."

"Go for it."

Percy chuckled mentally as he felt power roll of his possessed body, his spine straightening as Chaos controlled him. His friends watched in awe as he pointed an accusing finger at Zeus, his voice coming out in a new tone.

"Zeus!" he boomed, his voice vibrating and rumbling with power as his tone emanated command and demanded respect. "Have you forgotten me!"

All remained silent as they watched, observing in shock as the smaller being faced down the Olympian god. The demigods stared in horror as this man demanded death while the Olympians watched in fascination and slight annoyance. The four out of five newcomers stared in confusion, but some kind of realization dawned on them.

Rose nodded her head, nudging Tess and Luke next to her who did the same. She looked back at Prime, but could see from his laid back body language being his crossed arms and relaxed shoulders that he knew what was going on. All four stared in anticipation, eager to see their friend/leader put the lightning god in his place.

"Who... what are you?" Zeus questioned, turning his head in confusion and wonder as Perseus, possessed by Chaos spoke once more.

"I am the god of chaos, creator of worlds, the crafter of this world, and the first parent of your lineage."

"Chaos," Athena spoke up, "you are... Lord Chaos."

She immediately got up, and to the surprise of all the throne room's occupants, kneeled. Many eyes widened and bugged out, seeing one of the most prideful gods show obedience to a lesser man. He lifted his hand, then pointed down in an dominating gesture.

"Kneel," Chaos rumbled malevolently and the Olympians, one by one got up and fell to their knees. The demigods followed, copying the actions of their parents as the few minor gods and immortal demigods also did the same, all but one however.

"Lance," Annabeth hissed at he husband as he stood with a frown.

"Why should we kneel to you?"

"Lance, that's the creator of Earth," his blonde wife hissed and he let out a 'pft' in disrespect.

"Yeah right, if someone that powerful still existed, then why isn't he ruling the world."

"You show arrogance, boy," Chaos spoke up, answering him with a statement. "That arrogance is the only power you truly have."

Everyone continued their state of silence, watching as a vein seemed to bulge on Lance's skull.

"I am Chaos, Lord of the Void, Ruler of the Chaotic Legion. Armies have risen to test me, fleets have formed to oppose me, millions have attempted to overthrow me, and none have succeeded in taking my place as ruler of the universe."

"I... uh," Lance stammered, his voice shaking as he stared wide eyed in shocked. "I... uh, yeah right!"

They stared at him, eyes narrowed in anger.

"Can we just beat him up already?" Tess whined, and Chaos sent a chuckle her way.

"No, my dear Tesla. We may not," he replied, "we don't want to scare them off just yet."

The four nodded in agreement, muttering some words as well. They exchanged a few sentences before turning their attention back to Lance whom still stood defiant.

"Would you continue to disobey your superior, boy?"

"I am a god."

"As am I, but I have lived since creation's second coming. With my immortal age comes the patience of stone and the will of stars. I could smite you with my pinky if I did so wish," the primordial of the Void proclaimed with a swipe of his arm. "All you are is an arrogant child whom seeks only power for himself as I seek balance for the betterment of all things."


"Kneel!" Chaos/Percy demanded again, the rumbling and ancient voice more demanding and more powerful.

Hesitantly, the god of tides complied and fell onto his knee, albeit with a scowl and a glare. Both were gone in moments upon seeing two glowing rubies that were Chaos/Percy's eyes, empowered by the creation god's magic power. Once he met the glare from those glowing eyes, the mortal turned god looked down with a squeak. After making sure the obnoxious immortal had submitted, the possessed Disciple of Chaos turned his attention to lightning god on his knees.

"Now rise, Zeus. You know who we are," Chaos stated with crossed arms, "what shall you do?"

The black hair shimmered as small electric volts zipped through it invisibly. He had risen up from his kneeling position, seating himself back in his throne which had caused all others to do the same. His Master Bolt had disappeared, leaving his hands to tightly grip the arms of his throne. All eyes were on him and so he kept up the appearance of dominance he was used to.

"I... I humbly request why you are here, my lord."

"I have come bearing news of war."

"We already know about that!" Ares shouted, interrupting the creation god whom stared in his direction. "Uh, we already knew that, my lord."

"You know of Gaea and her children," he began and waved Perseus' arms in a gesture, "but you do not know of the hidden force that empowers them."

"Hidden force?" Annabeth questioned and he turned his eyes towards her.

Percy growled mentally, glaring through his eyes that did not narrow as he wished them too. He felt anger and hatred burn at seeing her, but calmed himself after realizing he couldn't snap at her.

"Yes, child of Athena. A hidden force, one, I fear, that has returned from the dark corners of creation."

"The Hades is that supposed to mean?" Lance spoke up, scowling with narrowed eyes.

"It means you will require aid, I am here to gift you that aid," the possessed Percy spoke, Chaos' voice coming through in an annoyed tone. "My rescued heroes, the Chaotic Legion, shall come to strengthen your forces. They shall bolster your numbers and hold the line as you prepare yourselves."

"I would assume those four with you are a part of your forces?" Athena questioned and he nodded in confirmation.

"The body I possess now is my disciple for I cannot physically leave the Void, my home. He shall be my communication to you and also the temporary leader of my forces when they arrive until the higher powers of the Chaotic Legion return from their campaign of war afar. The rest of them are some of my most trusted and skilled warriors, they shall stand with my disciple."

The goddess of wisdom nodded, cradling her chin with her fingers as she contemplated. As she did so, her counterpart Ares observed the group, his eyes traveling their bodies as he eyed the protrusions that would be sheathes for swords or any kind of hidden weaponry beneath their cloaks. The rest of the council eyed them warily, a few not so much as that, however. Aphrodite held a lustful gaze, but also an interested one at their relationships while Apollo and Hermes stared with awe. Poseidon and Zeus gave wary looks, but nodded in acceptance of their new allies. Hephaestus was indifferent with the rest of the council, Demeter, Hera, and Dionysus.

"Our alliance begins now, my armies will arrive by dawn tomorrow," Chaos claimed and left, Perseus' body stumbling back as he regained control.

"Whoa, that's a rush," he joked and Luke gave a stifled chuckle as he grabbed his best-friend's shoulder and patted him on the back.

"It should be, man."

"You just hosted Chaos, why would it not?" Rose inquired and Perseus shrugged his shoulders, giving a nervous chuckle.

"Ahem," Zeus coughed and the five turned in his direction. "Perhaps we should introduce ourselves?"

"We know who you are, Zeus," Tess spoke, her voice nearly brittle as she tried to hold her emotions together. "And we-"

"We don't feel like giving out our names," Luke interrupted and nudged his small friend. "But we do have code names for you."

"Then let us hear them, that will allow us to identify you," Athena responded and they all nodded.

"I am Void, Disciple of Chaos," Percy spoke, his voice loud and proud as he smiled beneath the enchanted shadow of his hood.

"Tesla... C-chaotic soldier and science expert," Tess stuttered, eyeing Zeus, her father, whom stared in confusion, obviously sensing something about her.

However, before he could speak to her, Luke stepped in protectively, introducing himself to interrupt, "Lucas, skilled Chaotic soldier."

Sensing that he was finished and his action had interrupted their thoughts, Rose stepped up to keep on the act to derail their thoughts on Tess.

"Thorn, Chaotic Commando and intelligence agent," Rose spoke, giving a more respectful bow than the rest of her compatriots, but still holding back a larger amount of her respect.

The Olympians nodded, now knowing the identities of four of the five. However, their attention turned to the final member of their group, seeing Prime with his hood on and cloak draped over his form. He looked up at the jet black haired King of Olympus and tilted his head in confusion.

"Introduce yourself," Void aka Percy whispered and he turned his gaze towards the Disciple of Chaos.

"I am Prime," he stated, firmly and simply without continuation or any sign of explaining his status.

Athena narrowed her eyes, seeing this final member of the Disciple of Chaos' entourage to be more mysterious than the rest. She let him go though, not asking any questions, but instead relaxing back into her own throne as the demigods silenced their murmurs and gossip to listen to the Disciple's voice.

"So... uh, I guess we'll need to stay at Camp Half-Blood... or maybe on Olympus?"

"It would take time to create a proper, temporary housing for your men, my lord," a voice claimed and Percy turned his head, a bright smile widening on his lips as he recognized Chiron's voice. "It would be best if you stayed on Olympus until we can make enough housing for you five alone."

"A perfect suggestion," Rose surmised, hands behind her back respectfully as she acknowledged the centaur's claim. "Void? Your input?"

Percy nodded his head, body relaxed more than the rest of his friends as he left his hands by his side, "Sure. We'll stay here."

"This is our temporary home?" Tess questioned, eyeing the large temple.

"It was once Zeus' until he demanded a new temple near the Throne Room," Chiron explained with a sigh. "Needless to say, it was constructed and this one was abandoned."

We all nodded and began bowing slightly in respect to the Centaur teacher. After our goodbyes, we walked in and separated.

"I'm going to check for bugs!" Tess shouted as she scurried down a hall, a toolbox in hand.

Rose went into the rooms where we'd be sleeping as Luke started carving a marking into the entrance of the temple.

"What're you doing?" I asked while walking up to him, watching Backbiter in his hands easily cutting through the marble.

"Making a Mark of Invitation so no one, but a Chaotic can get in. You know, because they'll try to sneak in on us sleeping," the son of Hermes shrugged and I smiled.

"Alright," I stated and shot two fingers at him like guns, "keep at it, bro."

"Will do, bro," he replied with a smirk, both of us stifling laughter.

After that, I moved down the main hall to a large room. It was an open ceiling sort of garden, a crossroad of marble tiled paths going forward, then another shooting across it in a perpendicular relationship. Where both paths crossed there was a large statue of Zeus while around the garden, which was circular in shape, were more statues of different woman and men. I recognized a few from the lessons I got at Camp Half-Blood, they were the sons and daughters of Zeus from World War II.


I turned around to see the massive sized man, er- Prime walk in. Prime stared at me for a brief moment before directing his attention at Zeus, eyeing the eyes that seemed to follow us.

"This would make a fine training room," he stated as his gaze moved up to the open ceiling.

I noticed his nostrils flare as he took in a deep breath through his nose. His chest expanded and fell while the markings that were barely visible in his shadowed neck took a really, light blue shade, glowing faintly.

"We only need to discard of these," he stated and with a swift movement of his arm, he had pulled a sword from his hip and cut down the statue of Zeus, cleaving it off its forelegs in a single slice.

The sky thundered above us, the bright blue turning dark and becoming hidden by black clouds.

"Oh shut it, lightning brat!" I shouted and a smile crossed my face as it started raining. I stopped it, keeping the water above us from getting into the garden with my abilities. "So you just want to get rid of the statues?"

"Strike them down."

"Uh, what?"

"Strike them down, let me observe how you cut them down."

"Oh, uh, okay," I replied with a roll of my shoulders and an unsure glance at the ground.

I uncapped Riptide and raised it, preparing to cut down a marble statue of a particularly arrogant looking son of Zeus. With one swing, I broke the marble and made it fall off. I did it again with another, but I tried swinging with one arm. I ended up getting my sword stuck halfway through it and eventually resorted in using the laws of physics to break it like a lever.

Thank you, science class.

At least half an hour later, I was breathing heavily from trying to cut all the statues down. I looked to my left, wiping away strands of raven black hair from my skin as it stuck from the sweat I gave off. Wiping that away too, I looked at Prime's inquisitive and observant stare, watching him watch me.

"Your swings are strong, but they lack the full body movement necessary to preform a deadly strike."


"You only moved your arm."

"Well I thought I only needed my arm."

"Still unacceptable."


"Go get some rest," he ordered and started walking away, nonchalantly brushing me off. "We begin training in the morning."

With a swift turn of his heels and a wisp of the cloak he wore, the last Prime wandered down one of the halls that converged at the garden. Watching him move away, I stared with disbelief before falling backwards into the grass with a groan.


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