Hey guys, I wrote this story after looking at an artwork made by mika-moon called "Quill?!" which is also the cover for this story. You can find it on deviantart. Enjoy the story!

"Web-cobs…check, vines hanging from the ceiling…check, skeletons scattered all over the floor…check, Patrice Rushen…check!" A man wearing a red jacket says out loud. He pulls out a cassette player and a set of headphones from his knapsack. He rests the cassette player on his belt and clicks on a button: he then puts on the headphones soon after music starts playing, the song "Hang it Up" can be heard faintly by the people standing next to him, who soon roll their eyes when he begins dancing.

"Oh please, now is not the time for this!" A green-skinned woman in white armor shouts. The man lifts off one side of the headphones, "What?"

"Is it really necessary to be using that right at this moment, Quill?" She asks.

"Of course." He places the headphone back on his head and she simply shakes her head.

"He's hopeless." An anthropomorphic raccoon retorts, moving ahead of the rest of the group, "I could never really understand Terrans."

"Hold it Rocket…we're not sure this place is safe-"

The man in the red jacket interrupts her train of thought when he dances his way through the dangerous corridor, appearing to avoid any traps set to kill any intruder.

"Our companion appears immune. This Terran music proves to be a useful tool for us." A humanoid with red tattoos all over his body says. His name is known as Drax the Destroyer.

"That's because the traps are thousands of years old." Rocket looks back toward the muscular humanoid with an angry expression, "How are we even sure this thing is still here?"

"We'll find out soon enough." She retorts before walking down the corridor to follow the human side by side.

"Oh that helps…" The raccoon looks around and groans, "There's nobody to shoot at…this is boring!" Rocket shouts loud enough for Peter to hear. After looking around the area a few more times, he looks up suddenly and then smiles evilly. He takes out several small devices from one of his pockets and places them on a wall.

Meanwhile, the Terran known as Quill enters a large circular room. The center of the room has several circular objects floating above decaying pillars. The ceiling is open to the sky, which reveals a bright blue moon and a bright green star. Once the human walks closer to the objects, the bright light that shines from the floating objects soon reveals identical stone tablets: which have an ancient language inscribed on them. The female warrior enters the room and stands next to Quill: she takes out an orb which lights the entire room evenly and sets it on the floor.

The human takes off the headphones and cassette player and stuffs them inside his knapsack, "I say we take all of them." He waves his finger at the tablets.

"And what if one is fake?" She asks.

"It's not like there's a few booby traps that the Guardians can't handle." He pulls out a gravity mine from his jacket and places it on the floor next to the pillar in front of him. He then pulls out another one and gives it to her, "Let's do this Gamora." He says and she nods.

"Behold, the Tomb of the Unknown Goddess." The red tattoo man says from the entrance, examining the ancient alien hieroglyphics on the walls and parts of the ceiling. He walks along the circular wall surrounding them and stops to inspect what appears to be another door which is closed shut.

"It has a sort of Indiana Jones vibe to it." Quill retorts.

After they place the rest of the devices on the floor, Quill activates them and they begin to force the tablets away from the pillars toward the devices themselves. Once they land on the gravity mines, two of the tablets suddenly disintegrate into dust while causing the gravity mines underneath them to disintegrate as well. The tablet next to the human remains intact. He grabs it and puts it into his knapsack. Quill then looks around the room and then smiles, "I don't see a boulder coming at us or spikes coming down from the ceiling, let's get back to the Milano."

Quill and Gamora begin walking towards the exit; however, they stop when their only way to get out suddenly closes just a few feet away, causing everyone to withdraw their weapons. The human and the alien warrior then look above them to see the roof suddenly close, trapping them inside the tomb. Drax hears a crumbling noise and looks toward the pillars which sink into the ground. Then, a very loud screech is heard from the large doors from which the muscular being is standing next to: he doesn't flinch or take a step back but instead unsheathes his knives, preparing to fight whatever is on the other side of the concrete doors.

Then suddenly, the large door bursts open and slams toward Drax, causing the warrior to be sent crashing toward the floor near Quill and Gamora: they immediately run towards their fallen comrade but stop when they see a colossal monster, a mixture between a feline and a reptile, appear from the darkness of the room which the door had covered previously.

"Um, who invited this thing to the party?" Quill asks, half-joking and half-sarcastic before he presses a device behind his head: it causes his entire face to be covered by a mask with red lens.

It screeches at them before it charges. Quill reacts by firing his Quad Blasters at the creature's head, but it doesn't stop the monster's charge toward the group.

Gamora jumps high into the air and lands on its head as Drax and Quill quickly side-step to avoid the lethal charge. Once it crashes into a wall, Drax retaliates by attempting to stab it in the heart with his twin knives: it's successful to an extent, for he was able to leave an open wound near his intended target; however, the creature roars in pain before it lifts its body into a bipedal position. Gamora had been trying to stab it in the head in order to ensure a swift death and the sudden movement from the creature causes her to almost loose balance: her sword drops on the ground away from the battle as she hangs onto its long fur. The feline/reptile then drops down on all fours once more, allowing Drax to attack. He attempts to strike again but the monster grabs him with one of its hands and tries to crush him afterwards. Quill fires his weapons at the monster's hand from which it is holding Drax but it proves ineffective, "Where's Rocket when you need him!?"

As if on cue, the doors from which they had arrived from is suddenly vaporized by an explosion: as the dust quickly settles it is revealed to be the anthropomorphic raccoon known as Rocket: he reloads his weapon, which is mounted on his shoulder, and rushes toward the group, "Really? I'm away for one minute and you've gotten yourselves in trouble?" He says.

"Less talking, more shooting!" Quill retorts, after examining what little life Drax may have had left.

"Drop those toys and use this instead Quill!" Rocket throws a small item towards the human who doesn't have enough time to catch it: it drops on the floor near him.

"You clumsy humie!" The raccoon responds.

"You didn't give me time to put away my blasters!" He puts away his Quad Blasters and picks up the device from the floor.

"It's not my fault you're not fast enough!"

"Oh stop it, both of you!" Gamora shouts from on top of the creature whilst holding on to its fur: its attempts to get her off become more violent.

Quill quickly examines the small device and presses a button which causes it to transform into a large rifle. Although surprised by how fast and sudden it transformed Quill pretended that he didn't react because of that, "A new one?"

"And you're surprised?" Rocket asks him in a tone as if he wants a review on his creation, "I designed it to be concealed easily."

"As long as it wasn't made with any parts from my ship…I'm cool with it." Quill retorts: he fires at the monster's arm and the blue beam that the weapon produces causes the arm to flinch violently as the monster screeches in pain. Drax is dropped by the monster and quickly gasps for air. The creature remains standing, however, because the wounds on the monster are then regenerated very quickly, and this catches the Guardians, as they are called, off guard.

Quill begins firing once more and Rocket enters the fray soon after: the raccoon fires his shoulder-mounted gun and it also releases a bright beam toward his enemy, while taking a large amount of recoil in the process, he is pushed backwards several feet. The initial blast hitting the creature's side is impressive but it unfortunately does not subdue it, much to Rocket's delight, "Finally a challenge!" he says.

The twenty foot behemoth then starts to run around the room at high speeds. Rocket puts the shoulder cannon on the floor. He then takes out another gun that was holstered on his back, his signature gun, which also transforms into its full size: he begins firing four rounds of heavy plasma at the monster, which destroys many parts of the wall from inside the tomb when they miss their target. Drax stands up and sees the monster heading toward him: Gamora shouts from on top of it, "Drax, give me my sword!"

Drax the Destroyer nods silently and picks up the impressive weapon from the ground. He aims carefully and then throws it vertically at her; however, another person grabs it in midair instead and it turns out to be the human known as Quill, who is flying in the air thanks to his special rocket attachments on his boots.

"Quill!?" She shouts in protest.

"Impressive catch." Drax says from afar.

Quill flies toward Gamora and hands the sword to her, "There you go Gam."

"Quill…" she says. The tone of her voice hints extreme anger and impatience, "…unless you want to be gelded, I suggest you never do that again!" She says before turning toward the team's heavy weapon specialist, "Rocket, stun it!" She shouts to him.

Rocket switches the fire mode and shoots a special variation of his weapon: a blue ball of energy escapes the muzzle of his rifle and strikes its target just after Gamora avoids the electric shock that surrounds the tomb's protector. The monster collapses on the ground very loudly and it causes a small tremor. Soon after, the female warrior proceeds to lift her sword toward the air above its head…and the rest is Darwinism.

Quill is the only one in the room to react to Gamora's deed, "Jeez…it was stunned…was that really necessary?"

"Funny I should ask the same thing." Gamora says to Quill and no one else. She grabs his jacket abruptly and brings him close, "Don't ever do a stunt like that again…if you think I will be impressed by mere showcase, you're sadly mistaken Peter Quill…"

"Whatttt…" Quill retorts, "How was that to impress you?" He smiles from behind the mask he is wearing on his face.

"Peter Quill…so help me!" She lets go of him, she starts to walk out of the tomb as Drax follows her. Meanwhile the genetically modified raccoon holsters his signature gun on his back and picks up his shoulder cannon, and starts to make his way out as well. Soon after, Rocket spits on the ground nearby, "This wasn't fun…I thought that thing was ganna put up a fight." Drax looks at Rocket with confusion, not knowing about the metaphor that the raccoon just said.

Quill shortly follows the group afterwards, but they all stop when they hear a strange noise coming from the other side of the tomb: the monster, with the fatal wound on its body, heals as it stands up again.

"How?" Drax asks.

"Who cares, more fun for me!" Rocket shouts before pointing his gun.

Quill runs toward them and moves the raccoon's gun out of the way, "Forget it, let's just go."

"You've got to be kidding! I can test out a lot of new guns and explosives on this guy! He's perfect!"

"Cry me a river!" Quill shouts as he exits the tomb.

"Let me just try out this new firing mode, just one shot!" The raccoon aims his gun again.

"You heard him." Gamora pulls Rocket out of the room as they all run down the hallway. Rocket mumbles angrily to himself, "You like to ruin everybody's day, huh..."

As they do, Quill examines the walls to see several blinking red dots on them, "R…Rocket…what did you do?"

"Oh, I wanted to test out my new mines."

The beast suddenly crashes into the entrance of the corridor and manages to squeeze through but has a hard time catching up to the four superheroes. Once Quill and the others make it to the end, they make a left into another room: a large spaceship and the entrance to the temple can then be seen.

Quill quickly presses a button on his wrist and it causes the ship to open. Everyone enters the ship and makes it to the cockpit: Quill and Rocket start the ship and take off immediately just before the behemoth enters the hangar to attack. The ship begins to head toward the exit of the temple and Rocket smiles mischievously afterwards, "Watch this." He presses a switch on a device he has pulled out. Suddenly, the ship shakes as the entire building they're in begins to collapse. Once it flies out of the temple and into the sky, everyone looks back to see the entire building explode with brilliant light: as soon as the light fades, what is left of the ancient temple is a heap of rubble.

"…Rocket…" Drax suddenly says to the raccoon as he turns toward him.

"…how does one cry a river?" Drax asks as the others stay silent.

Guardians of the Galaxy: 10,000 Hairs on My Skin: The Story Of My Life As A Furball

Chapter 1: Prelude

The Milano, a Ravager ship known to have participated in countless heists, is owned by the seemingly illustrious Peter Jason Quill. Peter himself had been a part of the notorious Ravagers, a group of space outlaws, for two decades: having grown an attachment to them…until recently.

There have been attempts by the leader of the Ravagers, Yondu Udonta, to contact Peter in the days since his betrayal on Morag and today was no different.

After reaching a safe distance from local outlaw hotspots, Peter and the others rest onboard the ship. Peter decides to check messages on his communication screen: fifteen out of twenty-five messages are from Yondu himself. Quill groans before checking the recorded messages.

After deleting the messages from Yondu, which was basically him ranting at Peter, he went to his room and closed the door behind him. On a counter was Peter's knapsack, the one Yondu gave to him years prior. He sits down on his bed with it and sighs softly, "Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass Yondu…"

He takes out the tablet from the bag and examines it, "100,000 Units…for something of that value, there must be something about it that Broker is not telling us about." Peter says to himself.

Suddenly, a knock on his door is heard and he opens it: Rocket enters and holds his paw out to the human, "My gun, now." Rocket aims a large pistol at Peter. The Terran lifts his arms in the air, "Rocket, can't you just ask like a normal person for once?" He hands the raccoon the weapon.

"Define normal Quill…"

"Well um…just ask me to give it back without pointing your gun at my face." Peter retorts.

"Whatever." Rocket says before he leaves. Soon after, Quill sighs and leaves the room to go to Gamora.

The warrior is cleaning her blade as the human knocks on the door, which is open, "Hey Gamora…listen, about what happened…"

She turns her head around; her face is stern, "Yes?"

"I didn't mean to show off like that."

"It seems like you did at the time." She retorts.

"What…no, I really-"

"Now you're lying to me."

"Alright, alright! I'm sorry okay? I just thought I needed to tell you."

She stares at him for a few seconds before saying, "Apology accepted, but I won't forget what happened."

Quill nods slowly, "Good to know."

Suddenly, a loud noise is heard from the center of the ship and Quill raises a finger, "I'll be right back."

Peter rushes to the communication screen and brings up a screen.

"This is Centurion Alkideth Uromoth of the Nova Corps, head of the Xandarian colony division 3C 48, requesting immediate assistance. An unknown group has attacked us, our shields are low and the base is in jeopardy. Once again, we require immediate assistance from any fleets nearby!"

Quill thinks for a moment and smiles before turning off the communication screen. He runs up to the cockpit and pilots the ship: he speaks into the microphone, "Gang, we're going to take a little detour, come up to the cockpit as soon as you can."

A minute later Drax, Gamora and Rocket, holding what appears to be a humanoid plant in a pot, enter the cockpit and sit down on the seats nearby with Rocket sitting in the co-pilot seat near Quill.

"What's the deal?" Rocket asks.

"There's a colony that needs our help." Quill responds.

The raccoon looks at him furiously, "We got more important things to worry about, like taking that tablet to the dealer."

Quill looks at Rocket, "It's close to us and they might pay us. Think of it like a bonus Rocket. Besides, it'll be fast I bet…nothing we can't handle right?" Peter turns to the others, "Does anybody else agree with me?"
Drax leans toward Quill and nods, "I stand by your decision Quill."

"This is a waste of time." Rocket chuckles to himself but Peter is able to hear it, "Hey you said it yourself, you were bored." Peter retorts.

Gamora nods as well, "I agree with Drax, this is your ship and it's is for an honorable cause."

"I am Groot!" A high-pitched voice rings from the plant as Rocket looks down in surprise before looking at the others, who are staring at him, "Groot, you too huh…"

The Raccoon rolls his eyes and says, "Alright, let's go kick some ass."