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Chapter 1

An explosion blinded everyone present. Shots were fired back and forth between two opposing armies. It's been 113 years since the last rumors of Tekkaman Blade sitings, and at this point the Earth sphere has lost all hope of ever seeing the legendary red and white armored figure ever again.

However, this is probably for the better. Everyone knew, that man would never want to see the Earth he fought so hard to protect in the state it was in now. Split in two factions, the Earth Sphere is witnessing the largest civil war since the Black September rebellion, in fact, this could be said without a doubt the worst civil war in the history of mankind, causing even more havoc and destruction than the Radam ever could, even during the First Year War. 30 years ago, a group naming themselves the Anti Allied Nations Millitary Government surfaced, claiming they would wipe out the lies and evils of the ANMG. After the declaration of war, they immediately attacked every and all ANMG bases with a heavy artillery strike, then followed by invading the recovering bases with stolen Sol-Tekka technology. A few bases managed to push back the invading forces, but the ANMG lost more than half of their resources. Eventually the ANMG retaliated, and the civil war boiled down to an arms race that left many innocents caught in the middle.

The barrage of weaponry from the ANMG side stopped, followed by screams of pain and fear.

"Dammit! We're being slaughtered here! Bring in backup! HELP!"…..

A splatter of blood could be heard in the background as the cry for help was silenced.

"They brought Tekkamen forces! Not just Primary Bodies! FULLY FLEDGED TEKKAMEN FORCES! We're done f… AAAGH!"….

Tekkamen forces? The AANMG have Tekkamen forces?! Were the thoughts raging through the minds of the people sitting in the military command center. They then heard an explosion in the background. This was too close to have been over the headsets they were all wearing. Suddenly, the reinforced doors that were said to be able to block anything from coming in slammed into the ground. The defense troops within the command center immediately fired into the open doorway, though they may as well have been shooting air guns, as the enemy slowly advanced towards them, not paying any attention to the laser fire bouncing off its armor.

"HA! You call this a millitary base? I haven't seen anything this easy to take over since my training days as a child!"

One sweep of his halberd beheaded all of the defense troops within the command center, leaving only the commanding officers alive in the building.

"Hmmm…. You should be glad that she hasn't decided to show her face here… She enjoys playing with her prey, so I believe I shall spare you from that suffering."

The commanding officers all tried bolting towards the door, hoping that he wouldn't be able to get all of them. They may as well have been standing still, before they got out of their seats, every last one of them had been impaled, cut in half, or beheaded.

"I may be speaking to dead bodies, but I do enjoy a good gloating session. Do you really think, that normal humans such as yourselves, have a chance of outspeeding a Tekkaman? Eh, I'm bored now. Anyways… Hello? Anyone out there? I do hope you're finished playing with your new toys out there, I allready took over the command center while you were up there messing around."

"What do you take us for? We're not all like Whiplash you know. This fight was rather boring, they were all weakling cowards stuffed in armor. Not one of them stood up to us as soon as soon as the first one went down. Not like the last base we took down, they at least went down fighting."

"Ah… Well then, let command know, luckily we managed to get here on time so that they kept all equipment here intact, unlike the last five bases."

"Finaly, a stroke of good luck. Seriously, it's almost like they predicted they would all die or something… Now we can finaly move on with project CRUSADE."

"Hah! Like we actually need it. That project is just overkill. Our team is clearly enough for this war."

"I'm not too sure about that… Team Saggitarus was reported to have been completely wiped out about a week ago."

"That team was headed by an idiot, and half of it was just primary bodies. The Tekkamen enlisted on that team were just training failures tossed together."

"It still proves that the enemy have Tekkamen of their own. We should still use every resource available to us. What was the saying? Pride comes before the fall?"

"Mmmph… yeah. I suppose you're right. I still say project CRUSADE is overkill… We could just make more Tekkamen. We allready have the technology to create fully fledged Tekkamen, not just the half-assed rejects the Space Knights coughed up in the past."

The tall armored figure ended the connection there. Picking up the bodies, he tossed them into a bloody pile out the door. Let the cleenup crew sort out that problem. And the rest of the mess he left outside.

Darkness… a cold place, sheltering one from the truths of life. Sadly, one would eventually have to step out into the light, into the cruel world that one was born into. A figure inside of a bubbling tank slowly opened his eyes. The top of the tank hissed, as the seal that kept the top closed was released. People in wetsuits reached in and pulled the newly awoken figure out of the cold liquid that filled the tank to the brim.

"Aaaaagh… The light… It's blinding."

Moaned the figure, as soon as his head surfaced.

"Oh do stop your complaining… You could be dead."

"That may be prefferable… But then again, I don't want to die. Not now, not ever."

"I think we've been through this before, but no one can live forever."

"I'll find a way somehow, even if it involves dying and coming back somehow."

"Once again, we've allready had this conversation. What you just stated is just simply impossible."

"Yeah, yeah… How did the proceedure go?"

"We'll have to put you in there once more, in one week's time. After that… We'll begin the augmentation and enhancements."

"Great… you get to cut me open and put more needles in me. Fun."

"That's not all we're doing, we're putting you in another tank after we're done doing that. Then we get to poke around in your brain."

"Somehow you just made it sound much less appealing than what was going on in my mind. That's pretty amazing, considering what goes around in my mind."

"Oh, I'm certain. The only reason you're selected for this project was because for some damn reason you and your broken body is the only one compatible for our research."

"One man's trash is another man's treasure eh?"

"Did you just compare yourself to trash?"

"So what of it? As you said, I'm broken goods."

After that self degrading comment, the figure got off the counter and got himself dressed. He walked towrds the door, glancing back only once, before walking to his room. Though it could be said to be more of a closet, he didn't need much space, and it was easier to defend one's territory in a smaller space, because it would be much harder to get in. The figure didn't look older than 19, short black hair and dark brown eyes that looked devoid of life stared at the bed within the room. The person tossed himself onto the bed, sighing as he stared up at the ceiling.

"Even though 18 is the legal age to become an adult, I never really felt like I grew up… I guess it was because I never had much of a childhood."

The person said to himself. Continuing to stare up at the ceiling, he decided to sort through his thoughts. He'd been in this millitary base for about a month now. This past week he'd been spending time in and out of that annoying tank. This was for the best though, and afterwards they would probably be able to fix his broken body to a good extent. After the traumatizing experience he had as a 10 year old and onward, he could safely say that this probably wasn't the worst thing in his life. Being turned into a human weapon was much better than waking up in the middle of the night, clutching one's arm in pain as pains seared through the flesh of his muscles. They claimed he would become invincible after everything was done. He knew better, nothing was invincible. He'd just be much harder to kill. Add to the fact that his nervous system was virtually shot, and his pain tolerance was ridiculously high, he'd become an important asset for sure.

"Hmph. As long as they don't have the gall to try and order me around… I never did work well with authority figures. If they asked nicely though…"

It was true, he was quite rebellious when he believed something didn't make logical sense. He would do everything his way, and would only go along with your ideas if it would actually make sense… Either that or it was the best option available. He decided he was bored with staring at the ceiling, and decided to pull out an old age laptop.

"Heh, I work well with the new holographic keyboards and screens… But the feel of a solic keyboard and the sight of a screen allways felt right to me. I suppose it's because I like something solid to hold on to."

He pulled up an MMO computer game, logged in, and queued himself into a PvP match. He allways found computers boring players to play against… While it was necessary, he only did it as much as he had to, then proceeded directly into fighting against other players. Although…

"Eh… I've gotten too good at this, I seriously hope that some veterans would show up. I'm tired of singlehandedly mopping the floor with the entire other team while my team just sits uselessly AFK in the spawn room. Although… I should get used to this… Real life is about to become just like that. If not sooner, then later."

He turned off the laptop, then moved to get a change of clothes. Unfortunately he chose a pair of shorts that were too large for him.

"Oh yeah… I forgot that I got slimmer recently. Hypermetabolsm and all."

He used to be slightly pudgy, though that also wasn't allways the case. He used to be called 'as thin as a stick'. That was, until the age of 10, due to his body not receiving enough exercise, because of an injury, his metabolism became stunted. Ever since the age of 10, his body became 'broken', so to speak. Every time he attempted to break his limits, his body would be 'broken' with it. He never broke any bones, amazingly, with all the crashes and mishaps he got himself into. Unfortunately, his muscle system just couldn't handle the stress he puts on it. He used to be called a black hole… He could eat large ammounts of food, and it wouldn't make his girth any wider. Until about 4 years ago, but really, 6 years of inactivity and repressing your physical activity could do that to you. As a result, he had an excess ammount of energy that had nowhere to go. Until recently that was.

"I really should clean out my clothes and toss out the shorts that are too large for me… Eh. I'll do that later. Then again… When I say that that tends to be the span of a month. At least my procrastinating never leats to never getting it done."

It was true, when he said he would do something, he would do it. It was just a matter of when and where. He decided that he was tired enough, but checked the digital clock on the counter next to his bed anyways. 3:15 AM. Another night where I'm awake for too long… damn insomnia. He covered himself with the sheets, and eventually fell asleep.