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Chapter 2

A figure curled up in his sleep stirred. Slowly opening his eyes, he looked at the clock. 7:38 AM. Great… He thought. About 4 hours of sleep. Yay. He walked to the door, which had a large note with large letters.

'I figured that if I left a normal sized note you would either

A) ignore it, or

B) not notice it.

I highly suspect the earlier… Anyways, You're to report to the lab room as soon as you get all of your bodily needs done. This includes breakfast, we can't have our only test subject starving himself now can we? I don't care how not hungry you are, you're eating breakfast, end of story.

On another note, please refrain from using any sarcasm today, we have a Military General with us today… And you know how Military Bureaucracy is. Unless you're in your completely antisocial, refusing to talk to anyone moods today. Knowing you, I'm hoping today is one of those days, you seem to be allergic to not being allowed to use sarcasm. With you allergic reaction being the use of sarcasm.'

Luckily for the scientist who left the note, he was far too tired to put up much of a conversation today. He moved to take care of some much needed to taken care of bodily functions, then dragged himself over to the mess hall. The breakfast appeared to be leftovers from dinner, which wasn't much, but it would do. For him at least. He could hear complaints off to the side, about how ridiculous that the military would feed this stuff to them, how dog food tasted better, and that it looked like their food just moved. 'Ridiculous' He thought. 'I've had much worse than this… Which happens to be my mother's favorite vegetables. Try eating something that tastes and feels like mucus every night and see how you feel about food afterwards.'

"Hey you, special boy!"

Called out one of the military officers. 'Great… Another day of this.' This wasn't the first time that he's had someone pick on him simply for being the only test subject. No one really paid attention to him on the first week, but when it was announced that he would be the only test subject at the end of the month, they took his silence and avoiding them as a sign that he believed he was superior to them. Needless to say, they didn't take this lightly.

"Still too good to talk to us huh? Hey guys! Doesn't this kid look too scrawny to be looking down on us?!"

Shouts of agreement and indignation could be heard across the mess hall. The officer tormenting him turned to him and picked him up by the shirt.

"And what's with your 'special' clothing? Why aren't you in uniform? You get special privileges along with being the special boy?"

It was true, most people were forced to wear a military uniform. It was regulations, and people disliked regulations being broken. The problem though, was that he hated regulations that were pointless. He and the military were a bad mix, but since this was an experimental facility, rules and regulations weren't quite as strict. Which was one of the reasons he joined an experimental facility in the first place.

"Rules that make no sense are overrated…"

He deadpanned.

"Oh, so you think that they're overrated do you? You think us people who follow those rules are overrated do you? You think that those inferior to you are overrated do you?!"

That's ridiculous, how on Earth did you draw a conclusion like that from my statement? He thought, rather irritated by the officer's outburst. He didn't say anything though, simply staring at his oppressor with emotionless eyes. He knew that saying anything more would just provoke the situation further. Unfortunately, the officer was going to be provoked no matter what he did. It was a train destined to crash, and most likely burn.

"Oh, still looking down on us hmm? Nothing to say to those beneath you is that it?!"

The officer punched him in the face. The boy shifted his face slightly to the right so that it wouldn't break his nose.

"You just hit me."

"Oh, so those beneath you aren't capable of doing anything to you is that it?"

Unfortunately for the officer, he broke one the many universal rules. Which was, 'you can annoy me, you can insult me. But never in your life, can you threaten me'. Unfortunately for the officer, he was about to learn why this was the case.

"You… fucking… HIT ME!"

He screamed. He reared back his head, then slammed it down against the officer's forehead in a painful headbutt. The officer screamed in pain, and dropped the boy he was holding on to, which was probably a bad idea, because as soon as he did, the boy pulled back his fist, then slammed it into the officer's groin. Normally, this was considered to be a cheap shot, and people found it dishonorable. The boy however, followed a different set of rules. Which was, life wasn't fair, and life doesn't follow rules, so why should you? He still had morals, but he never really cared much for what other people thought. The officer collapsed to the ground, one hand clutching his precious cargo, the other one holding onto his throbbing head. The boy glared at him, wanting to hit him more, but couldn't think of anything that would currently inflict more pain upon his downed foe. The crowd watching parted to let him pass, shocked to see that much emotion pouring out of the otherwise stoic young person.

"I heard that you assaulted one of our officers today."

Said what apparently was an omnipresent scientist.

"I came immediately after the incident, so no one could've possibly reported to you yet, and there are no cameras within the mess hall. So how on Earth did you find out?"

"Oh, I have my ways. Don't worry about that though, I also heard about what he did to you first. I must say I'm surprised that you responded in the way you did though, the most emotion you've ever shown before this was impatience and irritation."

"I've learned to keep my anger in check… the hard way. Few things get me this riled up… I apologize for causing any trouble."

The boy said, looking away. The scientist then turned him over to a group of military officials, one of which being the General mentioned in the note from earlier. Initially, the scientist was worried the boy might act up after being handed to the military officials. After awhile, the scientist breathed a sigh of relief. The boy didn't bother to say much after the incident, and didn't give any of his usual snarky responses. He simply just followed instructions during a physical examination, then just sat silently as they took his blood to test for any anomalies. He only began questioning things when they took him to a shooting range, and handed him a repeating laser rifle.

"If I may ask a question?


"Why would you take me to a shooting range? All Tekkamen mostly work with melee weapons, and the few that do have long range capabilities would, and should, be practicing archery or using crossbows rather than guns. I'm no different, and have no long range weaponry in my arsenal at all."

"Valid question, we simply believe we should train our soldiers to have as diverse a skill set as possible."

"Ah… well then…"

The boy picked up the gun, set it on semi-automatic, then pulled the trigger repeatedly on all targets. Results: all headshots, not a single miss.

"And what was this about not needing to practice with guns again?"

"Er… I used to use toy guns as a teen… and participated in many mock wars with my friends. Eventually I started using a penny standing on its side as target practice. The fact that a laser rifle's beam goes straight without ever changing direction helps quite a bit… and a head is a considerably larger target compared to a penny…"

"Really now? You'd think that you would forget the practice you've done as a young teen by now."

"Well… I only dropped the practice a year ago… But still picked it up every few months if I got bored… only stopping about three months ago."

"Then may I ask, why semi-automatic?"

"I dislike using automatic weapons… I personally believe it reduces accuracy, and that accuracy should always come before firepower."

"Ah… Is that right…"

The boy looked at the military general for a second, then turned back to the shooting range. He stared at the burn marks on each head for a few seconds, then decided to hand the gun back to the officer. The general then motioned him to join him in another room, this one for melee weapons training and sparring. The boy chose a wooden staff; it being the closest to his proffered weapon, as there weren't any spears or dual bladed weapons available at the moment. Almost all of those were either loaned out to the other trainees or broken. An officer from the group picked up a sword, and stood across from the boy. Idiot… He thought. Hasn't he heard about my preferred way of combat? He waited for the signal to begin, and began to move as soon as it was given. He lashed out with the pole, using its full length, pressuring his opponent into a block. However, this was used as a ploy specifically to have the opponent block him, as he was already running the full length of the pole, until his hands met the halfway mark of the pole. At this point, he spun the pole clockwise, and quickly disarmed his opponent, then swung the pole so that it stopped just one inch from his opponent's head. Moron… single bladed swords are the easiest to disarm, due to their imbalance in weight. There was one way that boy fought, and that was to outsmart the enemy, followed with swift annihilation. He particularly enjoyed immediate and quick attacks that completely disarm his opponents, then proceeded to the immediate destruction of the enemy. If he cannot disarm, he will put himself in a range that the opponent cannot use their weapon against him, and abuse that weakness that the enemy currently possesses. He'll use any advantage he has, and doesn't hesitate to put his own body at risk while doing so.


The general reviewing the boy clapped his hands while praising the boy.

"Absolutely splendid. You are as fast as they say you are, and rumors of your reflexes were not exaggerated upon either."

"No, your officer was simply too slow to react. If he knew my fighting style, he would've chosen a different weapon. The fact that he chose a sword over my staff already proved his incompetence. I already had the advantage in distance, and even if he got close, disarming is my favorite method of combat. As soon as I swung my staff at him, he should've dodged instead of blocked, then strike at me while I was unbalanced. He gave in to his human instincts of self preservation instead of following logic, and that is why he lost."

The general he spoke to frowned. He did not like being lectured, being a person of high ranking, and the fact that the boy had no emotion in his little speech other than a small bit of annoyance also set him on edge. He wanted to do something to punish the boy, but seeing as he was a valuable asset, and more than likely someone he shouldn't antagonize, he wisely dropped the matter. However… He thought. It's clear that he's not suited for military life. Someone as rebellious as he is simply cannot work will with high ranking military officials, no matter how much sense he makes. I do admit… After thinking it over, what he just stated does make sense. However that doesn't make it any less hurtful to my pride though. The worst part about it though, was the fact that the boy was just that, a boy. Barely an adult, he dares to speak to his elders in such a condescending way. And because of his rebellious attitude, it seemed that putting him in a position of command would be a bad idea, not to mention that the boy seemed like he wouldn't enjoy being handed such a title one bit. What was worse was his 'does not play well with others' attitude, turning away many of his fellow peers, and even antagonizing some of them. If he was already such an uncharismatic and unpopular person as a regular volunteer, it would be unthinkable what kind of chaos he would cause if he were in a position of command. The officer shuddered as he imagined a violent coup-d'état breaking out for the sole purpose of tearing this young man off of the seat of command. He motioned for one of the other officers to take the place of the downed officer. The new officer chose a small axe and a scimitar, a rather strange combination to work with. The general almost smiled. The officer he chose to challenge the boy was renowned as the best in his army, cunning and strong, and knew a variety of martial arts. The scimitar and small axe were his own personal fighting style he developed to fit his own tastes.

The boy narrowed his eyes, already knowing that this was going to be a hard fight. He was now the one with the disadvantage, with only a staff to work with, and the fact that the opponent had a small axe, which was already considerably harder to disarm in the usual fashion. He had to make sure that the battle didn't last for too long either, long drawn out fights weren't his forte, and if he was forced into one, the sheer amount of improvisations that would've been necessary were simply too much for his taste. The worst part was that he didn't have a plan to deal with this particular situation. If it was just an axe, or dual wielding axes, he certainly would have been able to instantly devise plans for that. But this was the first time he'd seen someone choose both a small axe alongside the curved scimitar, an improbable combination that should not have existed. The boy also had very little martial arts training, everything he did in a fight was dictated by logic, and that simply wasn't going to work right now. The signal to begin was issued, and the boy lunged forward with the staff. The officer dodged to the side, and the boy immediately swung the staff so that it was angled toward the man's head. The man blocked with the scimitar, forcing the boy to withdraw the staff, lest it get caught between both the scimitar and the axe, which would have been unfavorable. The boy backed away, then began circling the officer, with the officer following suit. The officer was the one to initiate the fight this time, lunging at the boy with the sword, to which the boy responded by slightly shuffling to the side and swinging his staff at the officer. The officer blocks with his small axe, then spun the sword so that the edge was pointed towards the boy, then swung. The boy took the moment to withdraw the staff, and lunged forward into a roll, putting him in a position behind the officer. He positioned his pole to jab at the officer's elbow to cause enough pain for the officer to drop the scimitar, which was the more dangerous of the weapons, but the officer had already moved fast enough to point the scimitar at the boy's throat. The boy looked at him, with a bit of respect.

"Point goes to you. I'm glad that not everyone in this army is useless. I look forward to sparring with you again in the future."

"Ah, you're not bad yourself. Even though you barely had any martial arts training, you were able to mostly match up with me, even though you were at the disadvantage."

"Liar… You were holding back. Half of your movements felt half-assed, and you clearly have more strength than you're letting on."

The boy deadpanned.

"Then why would you want to spar against someone so vastly superior than you?"

"To be humbled is to learn… Winning all the time won't teach me anything and you know it. And maybe... You'll be able to teach me a bit more about martial arts. Obviously not a whole course, just a bit. Enough for me to survive."

"Why not a whole course?"

"It's the reason I only have a little bit of martial arts training, I simply have no patience for long repeated practices."

"Shouldn't you work on that?"

"It's one of those things that I've come to realize is never going away. I'm a person who wants to keep moving without things to tie him down."

"… I think we shall still work on that, I'm taking you in as a student."

"Hell no. I said sparring partner, not student."

"Student and sparring partner then."

"Dammit, no. I will not be a student. I simply do not have any time for that."

"No time you say? And what exactly do you do? Do you study for classes? Do you have a job?"


The boy had no response to that, and was backed into a corner. There goes all of my reading schedules and online gaming time the boy thought in despair.

"By the way, if we're student and teacher, we need to give names. I can't just go around calling you 'boy' all day long now can I?"

"I actually wouldn't mind that…"

"Oh, and why?"

"Too many people share my name. It get's confusing and quite annoying."

"I insist you give me your name. Otherwise I'll put you in a choke hold."

"Oh, grappling eh? I'm actually quite capable of getting out of a grip, it's really hard to keep hold of me."

"Well then, I may ask the scientist here to put an extra session of blood tests on you. You might have contracted some kind of new disease recently. We can't have our beloved test subject falling ill now can we?"

The boy sweatdropped.

"Er… No, I think that things don't need to go quite that far."

The officer loomed over him and gave him a leering stare, with a predatory grin.

"Well then. Tell. Me. Your. Name."

The boy stared a the man, thought for a second, then cleared his throat. He held out his hand, and said,

"My name is Alex, volunteer officer and test subject of the Allied Nations Military Government Alaskan Experimental Branch."

"Last name?"

"That's one thing I will not be disclosing, regardless of whatever threat you can come up with."

The man pondered for a second… Then took the boy's hand saying,

"Well then, my name is Colonel Byron Calligan, of the 421st Experimental Sol-Tekka Brigade. It seems that I'll have quite a bit of a fun time working with you, and training you to be a better soldier."

"Ugh… I don't think I'll be having as much fun as you are… I find training regimens to be quite boring."

"Don't worry, by the end of the day, you'll be too sore to be bored."

"Right, that makes me so much more relieved, knowing that my whole body would be aching so badly that my mind won't be able to function properly."

"I'm glad to have cleared your nerves."

The boy stared at him for a second. Then burst out laughing.

"Bwaahahahaaaa! I have never met a military officer who has put up with my sarcastic comments, let alone returned it. I think that we won't have to worry about me disobeying any orders from you anytime soon."

"I think you might be changing your mind by the end of the week. You'll be trying to slip away every chance you can get. I'll guarantee you, my training will be worse than boot camp."

"My high school did boot camp in the stead of physical education once. I came out perfectly fine."

"Didn't I say worse? I also never specified just how much worse."

The Colonel had a look in his eyes that said 'If the first day doesn't do you in, I'll get you the next day. If not, then the day after for sure.' The boy could feel a chill going down his spine, providing an bad omen of a week of long and strenuous training.