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Chapter 3

Push… pull… push… pull… boring… Why do I have to do this?! Were the thoughts of Alex, given a regimen of extreme sorts. The sun was beating down upon him, while he lay in hot sand, pushing up a dumbbell that weighed half a ton. What made things worse was that it was the middle of winter. I should be outside in the snow, not in this climate simulated room, in this ridiculous heat! He had asked for a colder environment, but the man who was supposed to be his teacher and sparring partner had said,

"Absolutely not, I already know about your extreme tolerance of cold weather, and the fact that it was amplified after becoming a fully fledged Tekkaman. I also happen to know about your unfortunate intolerance of heat, which will allow wearing you out much, much easier. Besides, after the workout I'm giving you, your body will be so heated up the snow would just melt, and the cold wouldn't bother you after that point anyways."

Of course, it was not long after that he discovered the Colonel's real motive. He glared in the Colonel's direction. As he did the source of his ire turned his head to him and yelled,

"What are you stopping for? Keep pushing!"

"Right, while you get to lounge about in the pool while I fry here in the hot sand and sun! What kind of teacher are you?! You're not even the one teaching me the martial arts!"

"Right, as you've stated before, those program simulators most certainly are not me. However as I've stated just as many times, they're the best way to get those movements drilled into your skull. It seems putting you in iron restraints and sticking you into that mind simulator is the only way we can keep you from running off from boredom. Not to mention the fastest way to teach you everything within the week."

"I never asked for a full course of martial arts training! You forced it upon me!"

"Right… and how exactly are you going to deal with an opponent of equal power, but more skilled than you?"

"By using my head and intuition… like always."

"That worked so well with me. You handed me my ass on a very shiny silver platter, flatulence and all."

Alex flinched and grimaced, that was one particular mental image he could've done without.

"Right, that was you; someone considered the strongest in your entire brigade. Which isn't lacking in members I'd presume?"

"Right, and one of the reasons I was given the rank Colonel. Imagine, what if someone with my rank, happens to be someone of the same level of power as you? And has the same amount of skill that I possess? I know most of your current weaponry, but people like me are used to making do with what very little we have. It's not inconceivable that you will be left with the most basics of your weapons sometime in the future. So quite your whining, and finish your physical training!"

The Colonel suddenly seemed much closer than he did about five minutes ago. Alex directed his eyes a bit further back, seeing the Colonel standing just about five feet behind him. The Colonel took a step forward, and slapped two 250 pound weights upon either side of his dumbbell. To his credit, Alex was able to hold the dumbbell up for a solid five second, before giving into the weight, allowing the dumbbell to fall back, dragging his arms along with them. Luckily for the Colonel, he had already stood back two steps, the dumbbell standing about two inches from his toes.

"What the hell?!"

Alex was absolutely livid. He'd be up and trying to strangle the Colonel if his arms didn't feel like they were no longer attached to his body.

"Eh, your time was up anyways, I just wanted to have some fun."

"By ripping my arms out of their sockets?! I can't even feel them anymore!"

"You'll be unconscious for the next two weeks anyways. Besides, you should have been able to lift a whole ton by now, not just half a ton. Your slacking off and always coming in late around midway through the week was not desirable."

"It's not my fault! Things just started to feel boring! I'd rather be reading, my preferred activity."

"You've read enough books during your stay here. In fact, that was almost the only activity you were actually participating in during the whole month you've been here. You're done feeding your brain, we're feeding your muscles now."

The boy grumbled something unintelligible, cursed a little, and tried to get up. Unfortunately, his arms simply just wouldn't follow his directions. He would've screamed at the Colonel a bit more, but he began to hear footsteps in the background.

"I see that you've somewhat incapacitated our little experiment here. Well, that's somewhat welcome; at least we know that if he does want to act up, he won't be able to. Help me drag him to the transfer tank could you?"

Alex felt two large hands wrap around his arms, and nearly screamed as he was dragged out of the room.

The Scientist stared at the monitor for a few minutes, making sure that everything was currently stable. They had moved Alex into the large tank of liquid about 5 minutes ago, and the artificial coma that came with the experimental process was just setting in. If anything had gone wrong, there could be seizures, heart attacks, and who knows what else could be possible, a brain hemorrhage wasn't unlikely either, nor was permanent brain damage and amnesia. In fact, since they were in the final stages, even damaged muscle tissues… Essentially anything could, and would happen if things weren't monitored closely throughout the first stages and the final stages. This wasn't quite uncharted territory, but it certainly wasn't clear hunting grounds either. It was somewhere in between, a No Man's Land in science and discovery if you will. After making sure the transition into unconsciousness and that the energy infusion process wouldn't go awry, he turned to the Colonel.

"How has the training been going? I hope that the week hasn't been wasted… After this, further training will be nearly impossible."

"He'll do… I forced his natural healing abilities and muscle strengthening into overdrive. It's quite lucky for us that becoming a Tekkaman allows for one's healing rate to be increased dramatically. I remember reading somewhere that when Blade himself was first found, he was bleeding profusely, as well as having sustained a fall at terminal velocity AFTER going through atmospheric re-entry. The next day he was threatening the Space Knights, infiltrating the compound, and hijacking spaceships. Not only that, he also took on what was comparable to a small army of spider crabs right after that and was winning. I simply took the opportunity to capitalize on that amazing healing factor. He's able to lift half a ton now, and the running exercises that I've been putting him through allows him to currently run at athletic levels. His current best currently clocks at 27.3 miles per hour, with an average of 25.925 miles per hour. However I haven't seen what he's like when he's driven by pure adrenaline, from what I've heard that's when his best performance comes out, as well as when his body begins to break down."

"That's good for his physical levels, but what about skills and fighting ability?"

"He is currently what is a blue belt level in Aikido and Judo, and a black belt in Jujitsu. The later doesn't surprise me one bit, he's one who likes to fight tactically, and loves to disarm his opponents before going in for the kill. He's mastered various different Chinese martial arts forms, all in weaponry, mostly with the staff and sword. I've had him run a swordplay program, and he's mastered everything in that particular program."

"I suppose that's going to have to be good enough to send him into combat. If he didn't literally throw himself at the doorstep, I'd be worried about the morality of using someone as young as him for an experiment to turn him into a living weapon. What worries me however, is how he doesn't seem to give a damn about what happens to his body. He'll allow anything to harm it, as long as it won't just outright kill him. It does allow him to fight quite efficiently, as I've seen, but I don't know what this could do to him in the long run."

"Sadly, it doesn't matter, besides, his pain tolerance is insane, and the transition into a fully fledged Tekkaman just made it all the more impressive."

"His skeletal structure is what intrigues me; I've seen his medical records, and his history. There were quite a few situations where they should have been broken in some way, but never were. It should make enhancing it much, much simpler. His muscle structure is a different situation… But I already have a remedy for that."

The scientist began to ponder for a moment. After being lost in his own thoughts for a few minute, he faced the screens again, making sure that no anomalies popped up while he and the Colonel were playing catch-up, turned back to the Colonel, and said,

"I've heard word from the engineers that they've finally finished the new model of Sol-Tekka for you and your brigade. About one thousand models have been completed, and another ten thousand are currently in progress. Follow me to the hangar room; the engineers were quite vocal about how they really want you to see just how amazing their new product is."

The scientist led the Colonel out of the experimental chamber, closing and locking the door behind him, leaving Alex alone in the comfort of the dark.

Four armored figures stood outside the city limits, next to a sign that had been completely defaced. To outsiders they would have looked like they were staring at the city, as if transfixed by the scene. After all, it wasn't very widespread news that Tekkamen could telepathically communicated with one another. Other groups of four were also gathered around city exits, waiting to receive orders from their commanding officer.

'What we currently have is a hostage situation. The Anti-ANMG forces have taken the city, and has declared all resources within the city as theirs. The higher ups apparently really want this city back. Apparently quite a bit of money was invested upon this city, and quite a few resources in the military also stems from this city. All units currently hidden within the city will engage the enemy when I give the command.'

'Captain, all Primary Bodies are in position, Sol-Tekka Units have just been fully armed with serrated Spider Crab blade cannons, and have taken position on the rooftops."

'Put them all on standby, the Tekkamen units are to engage the enemy first to keep them occupied. Ranseur, Flask, Acheri, and Falx, you four are to keep your squads outside the city reaches to take care of any stragglers. Nobody leaves the city until we force a full surrender.'

'Command acknowledged.'

'Mission parameters are understood.'

An unsettling silence drifted among all in contact. The sudden unexpected silence unnerved the Captain, he sent his telepathic signal out to search for the two suddenly silent squad commanders.

'Ranseur? Acheri?'

The Captain is now further unsettled that his telepathic search was unable to find either of his subordinates.

'Captain, a couple of our scouts have returned with some rather unsettling news.'


'Sir, according to our scouts, there is absolutely no one in the city.'

The Captain's eyes widened in disbelief. Nobody? That shouldn't be possible, telepathic warning signals alerted him to a large Tekkaman presence within the area. He renewed his telepathic call to his two wayward subordinates.

'Ranseur! Acheri! Respond damnit!'

"I suspect that you may be looking for some of your men, I'm afraid that they may be rather occupied at the moment."

The blade of a large halberd appeared inches away from his neck.

"I'm sorry, may might be rather incorrect. I should know, my men are the ones trying to end their lives after all. Of course it wouldn't be inconceivable that three or four of them have already died. I must say I'm rather disappointed in your people. I suppose intelligence gathering simply isn't what it used to be. Then again, a world used to invasion probably doesn't have much use for espionage now does it?"

The person who stood behind him was most certainly a Tekkaman. The Captain could easily make out the outline of his figure.

"I'm sure that you're also wondering, where exactly is everyone in the city? I'm quite sure that your warning signals are alerting you to quite a large number of my men. I'll give you a hint: we already took everything we needed from the city. I'm going to enjoy watching your reactions as you watch your men being wiped from the face of the earth, with nary a molecule to signal that their presence ever existed."

The person standing behind him chuckled.

"I'm afraid your men don't stand a chance. I've got quite a few overzealous folks within my little army here, all of them would love nothing more than to have every last one of you die. Of course, that's perfectly within my mission parameters. In fact… I'm afraid, that is my mission."

"Hahaha! Die ANMG scum!"

"Burn in hell where your sinful souls belong!"

"A quick death is too good for you! But so is any other death!"

"HA! It's your own fault you fell for our little trick! You deserve to die like animals bred for the slaughter house! You're just as mindless!"

These were just a few of the multitudes of voices that seemingly fell from the sky like rain. However, it was the following unanimous cry from every being that hovered above the city that sent a chill through the bones of every person gathered inside and outside of the city.


A large flash of multicolored light rained from the sky, encompassing the entire city, blinding all who stared closely enough at the spectacle. The flash of light coalesced into a dome of energy, shifting from one color to the other at a rapid pace. Eventually, the residual energy from the massive air strike faded away, revealing that nothing remained of the once large city but a large crater that was so deep that one wouldn't doubt that a person could take the largest standing mountain in the world, place it within the crater, and that there would still be room to fill. The Captain could only stare at the destruction that lay before him, speechless at the loss of his own men, and at the sheer magnitude of destruction he had just witnessed.

"I would kill you now, but I believe that my men would be rather frustrated with me if I had taken away their opportunity to inflict painful vengeance upon yet another victim of circumstance. I would bid you a good day but… You and I know that sadly it won't be a very good day for you, nor will it be a very long one. I do wish you the best of luck though."

The halberd retracted from its position next to the Captain's neck, and the man who had held him prisoner took two steps, before flying off to an unknown destination. The captain could only continue to stare at the crater in front of him as the ground on which he stood began to be swarmed by a large number of enemy Tekkamen.

Author's Notes:

The city at the end of the chapter is a large metropolis that is easily the size of a large island. The crater left could easily house Mt. Everest, and then some. Also note that events like this happen on a worldwide scale, although maybe not quite as destructive as this particular event, but it should tell you just how bad things are at this point.

The basis for how Tekkamen are created in this universe, is partly speculatory. The way that they are originally created implies that the Radam believed in a degree of Fascism and Darwanism, where only the strong can survive, and that all must ruled by a strong leader(In this case, the Radam).

Based on this, I imagine that they wouldn't have a very inefficient method of creating new Tekkamen by constantly sending new members of their newly built society into the pods. I would instead imagine that the Tekkamen of the newly taken over planet would be bred like horses, taking the strongest attributes of either parent and creating a new, potentially stronger Tekkaman. The same can be said for Primary Bodies, and Earth has quite a few of those, even after the Black September event. Don't forget, this is set to be 113 years after Tekkaman Blade disappears, which in this particular Fanfiction is set to be around 50 years after the original invasion event. That would be more than sufficient enough time for humanity to have repopulated the planet, and to have quite a large number of Primary Bodies and Tekkamen.

The army that was sent to counteract the supposed invasion held 500 Tekkamen, 10,000 Primary Bodies, and 45,000 Sol-Tekka units. Aside from the unusually large number of Tekkamen, the number of primary bodies and Sol-Tekka units are actually quite common within the ANMG army, and the Anti-ANMG's forces has armies comparable to that. It should tell you just how widespread the collateral damage is.

You can also imagine that during all this, the orbital ring isn't holding up very well. The truth is that it's already no longer a factor in this particular Fanfiction. The war has already damaged key structures that held it in place, and it is now mostly dead metal drifting in orbit.