Epilogue – FSOC

When we flew back from Anchorage, one of our first visits was to see Dr. Greene. We both felt confident about the fact that my wife was pregnant. In fact, we'd taken three home pregnancy tests and all of them gave positive indications. However, there's nothing like a visit with a gynecologist to confirm it all and get things rolling with prenatal care.

After the doctor gave Ana her pelvic exam and a blood test, she gave us both a broad smile and squeezed my wife's hand with enthusiasm.

"Well, it looks as if you two are going to be parents in several months."

I picked Ana up from where she sat on the exam table and spun her around. I kissed her face and head several times as she looked at me from under her lashes with a proud grin.

"We couldn't be happier, Dr. Greene. I can't wait to have a little one running around our place. I hope she looks just like my wife."

"I'm thrilled but afraid, after what happened last time."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Grey, you're quite healthy and hardy this time around. Everything looks great now. In two months or so we can start running Ultra scans just to see how your fetus is developing. In the meantime, I want you to start taking your vitamins."

I was so pleased with the fact that we were going to become parents that I actually contacted a breeder in Alaska about selling us one of his best Siberian husky pups. It was shipped to us in a crate two days later and had already been paper trained. It was a stunning looking animal.

I surprised Ana with it one night after she came home from work. She was exhausted due to a heavy workload and the pregnancy. I put the pup in the spare bedroom. It actually settled down and took a nap for a while. I knew this incredible looking dog was a winner then.

As soon as my girl came through the door of Escala, I greeted her with my usual enthusiasm. That meant a long kiss and embrace.

"How were the manuscripts today?"

"Fascinating. We just signed a contract with a major celebrity. She's going to write a book, with my help, about telling the story of her career in a series of Hollywood blockbusters. Her initials are KS. I took everyone involved out to lunch and now I'm exhausted. She's a lovely person."

"That's great, baby. How are we feeling?"

"If by we you mean me and our baby, the answer is wonderful. Now that my morning sickness has passed, all I want to do is eat and make love to you."

Her answer was all the motivation I needed. I led her into our bedroom and began stripping off her clothes. Just as I was about to move in for the kill, however, we heard yelping from the other room.

Ana sat up on our bed and looked at me with a startled expression on her face.

"Christian. I hear the distinctive sound of a dog in another room. Have you started in on a new phase of BDSM or do we have a new pet?"

The smile on her face extended from ear to ear.

"Dumb dog. I thought it was down for the count while we made love." I put myself back together with reluctance while Ana jumped up from the bed like she'd been shot from a rocket.

"Oh my. We can't let it cry alone in that room. Let's go see the puppy."

"Come on now, I'll show you the scoundrel." I led her by the hand to its location.

"So you bought me one of the puppies we saw in Denali?"

"Yes. I did. I thought we should learn to take care of a husky pup as preparation for parenting."

"Oh Christian. That was so generous of you. I really wanted that puppy too. Thank you, baby. I know how hard that decision must have been for you."

"Well let's go and meet the little fluff ball, shall we?"

By the time we reached the bedroom and opened the door, the husky was howling and leaping with enthusiasm. As a puppy, he was already a good size and came up to Ana's knee. He was a beautiful animal with jet black fur on his backside and a pure white underside. There was a wide black and white stripe on his nose. His light blue eyes reminded me of Anastasia's hue.

The pup immediately ran in circles around Ana. They both fell in love with one another at first sight. She hugged him around his fat little belly as he licked her face and neck with enthusiasm. I was absolutely delighted with their bond.

"Togo is perfect. He's so alert and friendly. Maybe I should take him for a walk."

That's when he jumped up and shoved his nose in my privates. Jeez. "Not you. I'll ask Sawyer to take him for a run in the park. He needs a bit of training, first."

Our home at Escala would never be the same after Togo joined us. Within days of arriving, he'd managed to chew up the front of our living room sectional. Then he actually had an accident on the mattress of the guest room. I couldn't wait for little Togo to grow up.

This puppy was running up expenses left and right. He was worth every cent though since my wife was head over heels in love with him. I was almost jealous about the love and attention she devoted to him.

The saving grace for the pup was when he finally went down for his nap. That's when Ana showed me how grateful she was about the addition to our family.

"You've outdone yourself, Mr. Grey. Let me show you what you get as a thank you," she began. Then she gave me a great time between the sheets with both an oral and vaginal reward. Let's just say I was more than pleased with her moves.

"I love your energy today. I should buy you pets more often. What you did with your hands and mouth really made my week. There's nothing better than getting buried in you."

"That's because I love you so much, Christian Grey. You and all your control issues. And to think that you actually broke down and made room in our lives for a big, messy dog. You're the best."

"You're the bomb, baby. I love you so damn much. I'd do anything to make you happy."

"Me too. You know what?"

"Tell me."

"With the dog and a baby, I think we need a house. With a yard."

I'd been mulling over the issue for weeks already. "I agree. I'll call an agent and set up a few showings this weekend."

Within the space of a few more months we'd sold Escala, moved to a gated community on the outskirts of Seattle, and prepared for the birth of our child. Togo got plenty of exercise in our yard and was completely adapted to our family within that time frame. By then we'd learned that Ana was pregnant with a baby girl.

We decided to name the baby Olivia. Her pregnancy was a breeze. Ana grew as large as a house in her last couple of months and actually took maternity leave a month early.

"I feel like a beached whale," Ana complained.

"You're always beautiful to me, baby."

I didn't care what she looked like. I adored my girl and the courage she showed during our pregnancy.

Getting all the right kinds of support for my wife became my top priority. We'd found out about a top rate nanny who was experienced and well trained in a matter of weeks. Her name was Lauren. She was middle aged and very fit. She'd be living in our home in her own quarters. She became interested in my dog trainer who was named Max. They made a perfect pair walking both the husky and our little Olive around the neighborhood.

I actually went to birthing classes with Ana and acted as her coach. She practiced her breathing exercises every night. I was having a harder time with my anxiety over the birth than she was. As it happened, Olivia's arrival went like clockwork. I spent every moment at my wife's bedside massaging her back and giving her hot packs as well as helping her push and breath at just the right times. Watching by daughter's head as it exited the birth canal was miraculous and life changing. I marveled at the power of nature to take charge.

She opted for pain medication during the vaginal birth. Her labor only took about eight hours. Holding our precious little Olivia felt like a miracle. She was all of seven pounds at birth and so tiny I nearly got intimidated holding her. Of course, she looked exactly like my Ana. Even at birth her hair was dark and thick. She had bright blue eyes. That meant she was perfect in every way. I felt so proud of the fact that I was finally a daddy that I sent my entire staff her picture and gave them all Macy's gift cards. That was their reward for taking on a little extra work while I spent time with my beautiful family.

Ana was more than thrilled to be a mother at last.

"Christian, you've made my life whole in every way. Thank you."

"I could say the same thing to you, baby."

"I'm just utterly thrilled that we're a family now. Olivia's so precious."

"Thank you for making me a father. It's my most important role of my life, next to being your fortunate husband."

"I'm the luckiest woman on this planet. I'm your wife and now the mother to our child."

"Yeah, you also reformed a control freak, recovered from a serious heroin addiction and became a mother - all in the course of one year. You amaze me."

Ana's giggles spilled across the hospital room and warmed my heart like nothing else could. I couldn't have been more pleased with our life. She'd turned me into a real man.

A few weeks after we recovered from the birth of our Olivia, Mia and Ethan got married. They spent their honeymoon in Hawaii, surfing. Kate and Elliot married just before we'd gone on our Alaskan cruise and tour. Ashley was already talking and walking by the time we came home from our trip. They moved into a home nearby ours and had plans for another baby already. Grace and Carrick decided to stay in Seattle after retirement because of the grandchildren. They contributed to a Free Clinic charity and made pro-bono visits to Detroit on a regular basis.

Jose's shift to the cruise industry proved to be a great success. Not only did he rise through the ranks quickly, he found love with the dance instructor on board one of the ships. Within a year, Jose was appointed Cruise Director and became engaged to Ms. Twinkle Toes. We rarely heard from him after that.

Jack Hyde was convicted of kidnapping, extortion, dealing drugs and a range of other criminal activities. He was tried in court and went to prison for life. Elizabeth Morgan was never found again. We assumed she'd snuck across the border to Canada to start a new life after Jack's arrest. Kristen and Brandon became the closest of friends but never hooked up sexually. They remained active in various recovery groups and supported one another through thick and thin.

Elena Lincoln contracted a fatal venereal disease in the Caribbean and spent months wasting away from its effects. I sent flowers to her in the last few weeks of her life. She never responded. She left her entire estate to her cabana boy. He spent every minute of his time by her bedside while she lay dying. He was all of 22 years of age. Good riddance to that poor soul. I shudder when I think of what my life might have been like had I not met and married Ms. Anastasia Steele.

I'm the luckiest SOB on the planet since meeting my better half. We both know it for a fact. THE END.