A/N: Hey everyone! I'm here with another RonGo story, and this is gonna be a big one! Quick summary, Drakken built a time machine to take over the world, Kim and Ron try to stop him, but Ron and Shego are sent back in time to Poland, and land right in the middle of a war with no way home. Yet. So, don't hesitate to read and review, cause I like reviews. They are nice.

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Anyways, this is before graduation, so Ron is 17, Kim is 16, Shego is 22, and Drakken is around 45.

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"And then Shego, the world will be mine! Mwaahaahaa!" Drakken shouted, while still laughing maniacally. "Shego! Shego?"

"Huh? You say something Dr. D?" The green skinned villainess asked, not even looking up from her magazine.

"Really? Did you not pay attention to my evil rant? Again?" Drakken said, annoyed to need to repeat himself.

"Nope" she said nonchalantly, flipping a page.

"Well, we're going to go back to a select, or random point in history, and take over the world! This" he gestured to the large, circular machine "is a time machine and will send us back in time, to a different place in the world, and then wipe the date so that nobody can follow us! It's brilliant!"

"Riiiiiight" Shego replied, getting up and taking a look at the machine. The date was set to October 29th 1929.

"Yo Dr. D! What's so special about this date?" Shego asked, pointing at the display.

"That, my dear Shego, is Black Tuesday. A massive stock market crash, leading into the great depression. Easy time to take over the world" Drakken replied, tenting his fingers.

"Boooring" Shego said as she thumbed the randomize button and the word 'RANDOM!' came up on the bright red display.

"Words hurt Shego" Drakken said, looking down at the ground.

"Guess what! Don't care" she replied, walking back over to her chair and propping her feet up on the console.

*Sweet announcer voice* Meanwhile, in the ducts overhead!

"Come on Ron, let's hurry up and bust these guys if you want to get back to school" Kim said cheerfully.

"But KP" Ron whined "I have math, and that's something I could do without."

"Don't worry Ron, after school, as long as Barkin doesn't give you extra homework, we can go to Bueno Nacho. My treat" Kim said, glancing back at her partner.

"Booyah" he whispered as Rufus popped his head out of his pocket and chattered something.

"Your wallet is really gonna burn today KP" Ron continued, before he was shushed.

They were right over a vent cover that allowed access into the main area of the lair. Listening in, they could hear the conversation coming to an end.

"Words hurt Shego" was one, and the other was "Guess what! Don't care!"

Kim chose at that moment to come busting out of the vent system above.

"KIM POSSIBLE?" Drakken shouted in surprise.

Ron followed suit after Kim and landed face first on the ground beside her.

A muffled "I'm okay" was heard from Ron, who didn't bother lifting his head,

"Oh, and what's his name" Drakken said while waving a hand dismissively.

"Dude, I have a name" Ron replied, getting up and dusting his pants off.

"And it always escapes me" Drakken said, before shouting "Shego, get them!"

The raven haired woman grinned as she leapt from the chair, landing on the ground in front of the two heroes.

"Well, Kimmie and the Buffoon decided to join the party" Shego said sarcastically.

"She's not my girlfriend" Ron shouted without really listening to what she said.

"Never said she was Sport" Shego replied, putting her hands up in mock defense.

"Oh. Awkward" Ron said, rubbing the back of his neck and looking somewhere else.

"If you're quite finished" Drakken interrupted "Shego, attack!"

"Gladly" the woman shouted before dropping into a combat stance.

"Ron, get Drakken. I'll handle Shego" Kim shouted before dropping into her own fighting stance.

"You got it KP" Ron said before running off to the left to go widely around the two females facing off in the center of the cavern.

Ron looked at all the panels, but didn't see the trademark self destruct button that had graced all of the lairs before.

Pulling out Rufus while still running, he said, "Alright little buddy, find the self destruct button while I face Drakken."

The rodent quickly nodded and said "Uh-huh" and jumped from Ron's outstretched palm.

"Alright Princess, you ready to dance?" Shego mocked while lighting up her hands with plasma.

"Bring it" Kim replied, flipping towards her to avoid any incoming plasma blasts.

Close quarter fighting never was Kim's area of expertise. She preferred hit and run style, much to the dismay of Shego, who was more of a stationary fighter. It annoyed her to no end, because she couldn't really enjoy the fight when her opponent was always jumping away.

But, she always held back. She enjoyed the fights that they had, and if Kim died, well, there wouldn't really be anyone to oppose her.

Shego landed a quick punch in Kim's torso, before her legs were swept out from underneath her by the cheerleader, who was quickly backflipping away from a counterattack.

*Sweet announcer voice* Meanwhile, fighting Drakken!

"Give up Drakken, there's no way you can beat the Ron-man" Ron shouted, as they started circling each other, sizing the other up.

"I don't know who you are, but you can't beat me" Drakken said, smiling "Henchmen!"

There was a pause, and silence, except for the grunts of the two women fighting on the other side of the cavern.

"Henchmen?" Drakken asked, looking around.

"Dude, it's Friday. They probably went to karaoke" Ron said, moving towards the time machine.

"And they forgot about me? Well I'll show them" Drakken said, before looking back at Ron "Hey! Get away from there!"

"No can do pal, gotta destroy it" Ron said, pushing the large red button.

What he didn't know, was that the red button was the activation button for the device. The ring started to glow and a dark, black void appeared in the center.

"You fool! What did you do?" Drakken shouted.

"I just pressed the red button! Red usually means self destruct!" Ron shouted back, as he started to walk towards Drakken, who was on the other side of the machine.

However, at that moment, a vicious kick by Kim, sent Shego flying across the cavern, crashing into Ron and knocking them both into the swirling black vortex, before disappearing into nothing.

"Oh shit" Drakken said as he frantically tried to retrieve the date that they were sent to, but with no luck.

"Dr. Drakken, step away from the machine. You're under arrest" Kim shouted, walking over to him.

"Quiet Kim Possible! I need concentration if I'm going to retrieve my sidekick and your buffoon" Drakken said, before turning his full attention back to the control panel.

"Retrieve? What do you mean retrieve? What happened?" Kim asked.

"This device is a time machine. It has built in safety features to wipe the date and place wherever the persons who used it were sent to" Drakken said, ghosting his fingers over the keys before slowly putting his arms to his side. "Which means they have no hope, unless Shego still has that time travel watch I made her a year ago."

Kim immediately pulled out her Kimmunicator and called Wade.

"Yeah Kim" the pudgy, African-American computer genius asked.

"Wade! I need you to see if you can trace a date and place from Drakken's time machine. Ron and Shego were pushed into it and we don't know where they went" Kim shouted with tears starting to well up in her eyes.

"O-okay Kim. Just calm down" Wade said, trying to avoid the deluge of tears just yet "Take the cable in the bottom and connect it to the access port of the machine. I'll download all the information and run a quick scan to see if I can find out where they were sent."

"Th..thanks Wade" Kim said, before letting a few tears slide down her face.

Drakken merely stood off to one side, silently glaring at where the void had appeared, taking the two sidekicks to god knows where.

A minute later Wade called back.

"Good news?" Kim asked hopefully.

Wade looked down, dejected "No. The central processor has been completely wiped. We have no way of knowing where or when Ron and Shego were transported to" he paused for a second, before saying "I'm sorry Kim."

The screen went black, and Kim allowed the tears to fall from her eyes. She didn't care that her arch enemy was there, watching her in a time of weakness. All she wanted was her best friend back.

"Come on" Drakken said, breaking the silence. "We need to protect ourselves."

"From what?" Kim managed to choke out through her sobs.

"From the changes that will occur to the timeline. With both of them back there, it's going to make some changes that could possibly effect today" Drakken replied, pressing a button and encasing them both in a light pink bubble.

Rufus noticed this and scampered across the floor, jumping inside the bubble.

"We need to get this thing outside. So be prepared to walk while I maneuver it" Drakken stated, pulling a small remote out of his lab coat and pushing an arrow indicating a direction.

The bubble slowly started to roll towards the large blast doors, as Kim picked up Rufus and put him in her pocket, but not before he asked "Where Ron?"

She answered as truthfully as she could, and her words pierced her heart "I don't know."

Silence descended on them as they got outside into the fresh air.

There were groans of pain in the middle of a farmer's field. A male voice followed by a female.

"Damn, what happened? I remember facing Drakken, and then something hit me in the side, shoved me into...what though" Ron thought as he pulled his body up off the hard packed earth.

Another groan permeated the air, and looking a few feet away, he saw slumped form rubbing their head. Of course, this form was clad in a green and black skintight suit, so there was only one person it could be.

"Shego? You good?" Ron managed to ask, even though his head was still swimming with pain.

"Stoppable? The fuck happened?" the villainess asked, getting unsteadily to her feet.

"I...I don't know" Ron answered, hauling himself to a standing position. "Are you alright?"

"The fuck do you care?" she snarled, stepping back "Where are we anyways?"

Ron decided to ignore her tone "I care cause we're somewhere else, and we may have to rely on each other to survive" he said causing Shego to snort.

"What was that machine anyways" Ron asked, as he looked around at their new surroundings.

"Time machine" Shego answered quickly "Only goes back in time, sends you to another part of the world, and...the signal can't be traced..."

"So, we're stuck here. Fan-friggen-tastic" Ron shouted, throwing his hands up.

"Shut up Stoppable, I've got a watch that can move time forwards so we're...fucked" Shego finished blatantly.

"That isn't what I wanted to hear" Ron grumbled, crossing his arms.

"Yeah well, the watch seems to have been damaged, and I don't have the materials to fix it right now, so quit your bitching" Shego snapped.

"I am NOT bitching" Ron retorted.

That ended that conversation as they each gave themselves a once over for injuries. Other than some cuts and scrapes, both were fine.

"Okay, now we just need to figure out where and when we are in the timeline" Ron said.

"Uhh, maybe he can help" Shego replied, pointing over his shoulder to a man walking towards them.

Both of them started to walk towards the person, until the man raised a shotgun in the air and fired, causing both people to dive to the ground for cover.

"Co robisz na mojej ziemi?" the man shouted. What are you doing on my land?

"What the fuck did he say?" Shego hissed, but Ron didn't answer, he simply yelled back.

"Jesteśmy podróżnych. Zgubiliśmy. Gdzie my jesteśmy?" We're travelers. We got lost. Where are we?

When no hail of gunfire rained on top of them, Ron and Shego slowly stood up with raised hands and looked at their captor.

The man had to be like...early sixties, and was dressed like a farmer, so they concluded he was a farmer.

"Jesteś w Katowicach. Nazywam się Karol Blach. Kim jesteś?" You're in Katowice. My name is Karol Blach. Who are you?

Ron turned back to Shego. "Okay, we're in Poland, that much I know. But quick, he asked for our names, make on up."

"Uhh...uhhh, Ashley" Shego quickly said.

"Nazywam się Ron, a to jest Ashley. Czy możesz powiedzieć jaki jest dzisiaj dzień?" My name is Ron, and this is Ashley. Could you tell us the date today?

"Na pewno. Dzisiaj jest 01 wrzesień 1939" Certainly. Today is September 1st, 1939.

This puzzled Ron for a second, but he continued.

"Ok. Dzięki Karol. To idziemy" Okay. Thanks Karol. We'll be on our way.

The pair quickly waved and departed towards a nearby road.

"What did he say" Shego asked once they were out of earshot.

"Well" Ron started "We're in Poland. Katowice to be exact. And today is September 1st, 1939. Ring a bell to you?"

Shego thought for a moment "Yeah...it actually does. Don't know why though"

"Okay. So, my guess, is that it's around nine in the morning. Let's get to the center of town and see what's going on" Ron suggested.

"Fine" Shego said grumpily.

Ron just rolled his eyes as they got to the road and started walking towards the city.

"So...where did you learn to speak Polish?" Shego asked, breaking the silence.

Ron looked at her with bewilderment, wondering why she was asking this.

"Hey, we've got a short walk ahead of us. Might as well get one of my questions out of the way" Shego shrugged.

"Okay then...well, with all the jetting around the world, I decided to pick up on a few languages" Ron informed her. "Might as well have one useful skill that isn't dumb luck or being a distraction, right?"

"Right" Shego agreed, but she felt a small prang of something inside her. Whatever it was, she shook the feeling off and pushed it down.

"So, do you speak any other languages?" Ron asked, attempting to keep the conversation going.

"French" she answered simply, before they continued on in silence.

They got to the center of town about five minutes later, with everyone they met giving them weird looks, probably regarding whatever they were wearing.

"Remember" Ron whispered "Don't use your plasma. The last thing we need is to be suspicious."

"Uh, Hello! Look at what we're wearing! We're already suspicious" Shego snapped at him.

Off in the distance, there was a rumbling sound, not unlike thunder.

"Huh, doesn't look like rain" Ron mused as he looked up at the sunny sky.

A series of sharp whistling noises cut off any chatter from that point, as explosions rocked the ground around them.

"What the hell is this" Shego screamed over the noise.

"Who cares! Get underground" Ron yelled back, pointing at a nearby house and pushing her towards it.

They both ran through the explosions and dirt that was flung up around them. There were citizens screaming all around them. Some in fear, and others in pain.

Shego got to the doorway and turned around just in time to see Ron get thrown several feet forward from an explosion that occurred close behind him.

He grunted and attempted to get up, but his arms wouldn't allow and he collapsed back onto the earth.

"I'm not letting him die in Poland of all places" Shego thought as she dashed back out into the firestorm and grabbed Ron's shirt collar and started to drag him towards the open door.

She finally got him inside when she noticed the blood on his leg. Everything was still there, and it wasn't drenched in the red liquid, but there was a fair amount starting to soak through the left leg of his brown cargo pants.

Shego quickly took off his belt and wrapped it around his thigh, hoping to at least slow the flow of blood until a first aid kit was found and she could patch up whatever happened.

She sighed, and picked Ron up bridal style and carried him into the basement with the cacophony of noise still going on outside.

She looked all around the basement and finally found a small red box emblemized with a white cross.

Popping the lid open, she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up the leg of his pants.

"Damn I'm glad you're unconscious Ron" she muttered to herself "Or else this would be pretty awkward."

She sliced open his pants to reveal a nasty and jagged, but rather small and shallow injury.

"Okay, so it probably missed the femoral artery, that's why he isn't dead yet...right?" she thought.

A quick look at his chest confirmed that Ron was still breathing, and she continued.

Grabbing a pair of tweezers out of the kit, she opened the wound and started to fish around for whatever had caused it.

A couple murmured apologies, which she usually never did, she grasped something hard and metallic. Carefully extracting what she had grabbed, and quickly slapping a dressing over the wound, which had already started to clot, she examined it.

It wasn't particularly large, but it was jagged. Ready to inflict a maximum amount of pain to whoever the unfortunate person was hit by it.

"What is this?" she asked herself.

"Shell fragment" Ron said, his voice making her jump. "Probably from a 15cm or 10.5cm gun."

"And how would you know that?" Shego asked, waving the chunk of metal in front of his face.

Ron visibly winced in pain trying to move his leg.

"Don't move" Shego ordered as she started to dig through the medical kit again. "You're in luck. They have penicillin in the kit."

"Why is that luckyEEEEEEEEE" Ron screamed as she pressed the needle into his thigh and depressed the plunger.

"Because, now you won't die of an infection" she said, grinning mischievously and handing him a few pills "For the pain" she said.

Ron eyed her warily, but popped them in his mouth and swallowed them.

"So" Shego started "How did you know that this" she gestured to the bloodied fragment on the ground "Is from a 15cm or 10.5cm gun?"

"Because those guns were common in the German arsenal during the second world war, and September 1st 1939, just happens to be the day that Nazi Germany invaded Poland" Ron said with a grim face.

"Oh hell. We just landed in the middle of a war" Shego said as the shellfire increased above their heads.

They both looked upwards and hoped the roof would hold.