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With rest stops included, Ron and Shego had been trudging on the road for nearly six hours, until the border leading into Czechoslovakia came into sight.

At least one hundred yards of open field was on either side of the border.

The border, in question, was heavily fortified. Rows upon rows of tall, razor wire fences, guard towers every 300 feet, and heavily guarded checkpoints on every road leading in and out.

Ron and Shego sat just far enough in the dense forest that opened onto the barren land to stay hidden, but close enough to observe.

"I say we wait until darkness and cut through the wire" Ron said, looking at the men in a tower polishing their MG 34.

"And just how do you suppose we get through the wire?" Shego sneered.

"Well, considering that we've been studying this area for about ten minutes, there is a blind spot between those two towers over there" Ron said, pointing to the spot. "All you need to do, is use your plasma to cut a big enough hole to crawl through, and we can continue."

"Alright then, that just leaves one problem" Shego said, holding up her index finger.

"And what might that be?" Ron questioned.

"The fact that my plasma glows bright green. I think that would be a little tip off that something is up" she snarled.

"Okay, no need to get your panties in a bunch" Ron replied sarcastically, before continuing "But I've already got a solution."

"And what might that be?" she asked, reiterating his words from a moment ago.

"Good things come to those who wait Shego. Just relax, and everything will go according to plan" Ron replied, being cryptic as ever.

"Whatever" Shego huffed, crossing her arms under her breasts.

Things became silent between the two, but Shego was starting to have her doubts about Ron. His command authority, his air of confidence in that battle, the strategy he was using now...it all seemed too...advanced for a game. She decided to question it.



"You wouldn't lie to me when our lives are on the line in a situation like this?" she asked.

"No..." he replied, not really knowing where this was going.

"Then where did you get your command authority? Not from any game that I've ever seen" she sneered.

"Dammit. Jig's up" he cringed. "Alright, you got me. One of my teachers, Mr. Barkin, taught me. Wanted me to get a backbone, so he spent a few months teaching me all this junk they used in the marines. Strategies, confidence, leadership, and so on. I didn't think it was going to be useful though."

"Interesting" she replied, slightly impressed.

"Yeah, well, we might as well try and get some sleep. We've still got a few hours before dark" Ron said, laying down on the dirt.

Several hours later...

Two prone forms crawled towards the formidable defense which barred the way into Czechoslovakia.

They had covered most of the way to the fence in a little over an hour, moving slowly so as not to alert the guards or make any unnecessary noise to draw attention to themselves.

Finally, they felt the razor sharp barbs scrape their finger tips, which told them they had arrived at their destination.

Dull searchlight beams swept back and forth along the ground, looking for anyone attempting to escape from the country that was currently being torn limb from limb by the horrors of war.

"Are you sure this will work?" Shego whispered, pulling herself into a sitting position beside the fence.

"No. I'm really not, but we need to at least try and get away to allied hands" Ron whispered back, pulling his jersey out of the pack and holding it over Shego's hands.

"To cover the glow from above" he muttered, as she lit up her hands very dull, but as hot as she could to melt through the metal.

The process of cutting through one row, crawling to the next, and then cutting through that one, was tedious at best.

Both people were on edge, tense, and scared, even though Shego wouldn't admit it.

They could be spotted and arrested, or just shot at any moment.

Finally, they cut through the fifth and final row of wire that was barring them from continuing their passage.

Shego had started to crawl through first, when she was stopped dead by a footfall less than six inches from her head.

She had her head down, and her dark hair was doing a marvelous job of letting her blend in with the darkness.

The jackbooted Nazi stood there, within spitting distance, shining his flashlight around.

"Shit. Another thirty seconds, and he'll no doubt see me" she thought, her mind racing in an attempt to figure a way out of it, but fate had her back.

A shout, no, more of a scream in German was heard, which sent the man running off to the brightly lit guardhouse by the road, and away from her.

Shego let out the breath that she didn't know she had been holding and quickly crawled through the rest of the way, rolling to the left and allowing Ron to get through the hole, which he gladly did.

They didn't bother with crawling this time, they got up and ran silently, which surprised Shego again, because whenever Ron showed up to help stop an evil plan, he was always loud and clumsy.

They dashed the clear hundred yards to the thick forest, where they stopped, panting slightly.

"How can you run on your leg when you just got a shell fragment removed?" she asked after a moment.

Shego had never known anyone to heal like that, except her and her brothers, due to the comet powers that they possessed.

"I'll tell you later" he said, before straightening up and saying "Come on. We need to check the map, but if we continue this way, we should hit the 1, and we can follow that to Novy Bohumin. It should only take four or five hours."

And so, they walked.

For days and days they walked.

Through the enemy territory.

Through Czechoslovakia, through Austria, but they made it over the border into Switzerland without any real trouble, considering that Shego stole some papers from a couple of Austrian citizens to allow them over the border.

They were currently seated in a train car that had departed Sankt Gallen and was express straight to Basel, with a few stops, a prominent one being Zurich.

Shego had managed to pickpocket enough money for two first class tickets, and even though Ron was against stealing stuff, he knew it was a necessity if they were ever going to make it to England.

"You know, why are we going to help the war? Why not just hang out in a neutral country until 1945 when it ends" Ron mused out loud "We'll be changing history if we do help."

"So?" Shego snorted "This will make all that hero bullshit I did with Team Go seem small to helping annihilate a madman. This guy is a real villain."

"Fine, so we'll change history. But we'll need to convince the British government that we know what we're talking about" he said, leaning back on the plush seats.


It had been a little over a week since Ron and Shego began their adventure, and they were no closer to ending it.

Shego couldn't fix the time travel watch that she had with her without several metals that needed to be put into a chamber underneath the watch that provided to energy required to rip open the timeline and move people through it.

"Today is the 9th of September, so Canada will be declaring war tomorrow..." Ron said, as he continued to think.

"Which means we can easily cross the border into France from Switzerland, and probably be at the channel in two days, and then across to England in a few hours" Shego finished, much to the surprise of Ron.

There was silence, until Ron gave her a question.

"What would you do when faced with a great evil? Would you commit evil to erase the greater one? Or would you stick to justice even if it meant surrendering?"

He looked at her, expectant of an answer.

"It's a paradox" she said finally "Whatever one you answer, the evil still remains... Didn't peg you for the philosophical type Stoppable."

"Yes well, it's more of an actual question. You and I only have one answer" he replied "Because we're both too stubborn to surrender, it looks as though we must become evil in the eyes of the enemy."

"Pft" she scoffed "Like that's hard for me."

Ron stared at her with hard eyes "Shego, any information I've seen regarding your past, you've never killed anyone. I haven't either, but the harsh reality is we're at war now. We must kill we have killed, and we must be prepared to be killed."

The thought of the men jumping out of the burning tanks, either on fire or not, just to be shot, still sent a shiver down his spine as the train chugged through the countryside.

"This is so messed up" he said quietly.

"I agree" she answered at the same volume.

"How much time do you think has passed back home?" he asked.

"I'm...I'm not sure" she answered "I know that time differs if you're transported through it...it could've been minutes, hours, days, or even several weeks."

"Wow...that's heavy" Ron said.

In actuality, it had been about two hours since they had been shoved through the vortex, and Kim, Drakken, and Rufus are still waiting inside the pink bubble.

Drakken had placed it on the ground, and made it more of an oval, so at least they could lie down on the ground and watch the clouds.

"That looks like a bunny!" Drakken said, for what seemed like the thirtieth time, pointing at a cloud that looked NOTHING like a bunny.

"Drakken, this is serious. Our sidekicks are somewhere in the past! We can't just sit here cloud watching" Kim said with exasperation "By the way, it looks like a dog, not a bunny."

"Kim Possible, we can do nothing but wait for them to get back. There is no way to help them" Drakken said, frowning and looking back at the cloud.

"It sucks to be so helpless" Kim said, leaning back and closing her eyes.

The afternoon was waning as their train pulled into the main station at Basel.

"Alright, so we can just tell the British government that the Soviets are going to invade Poland, without a formal declaration of war on the seventeenth, and we should be in their good books. Then they'll probably listen to us" Ron said as they stepped off the train.

"Are you sure this will work?" Shego asked, falling into step beside him.

"No, I'm not. But what do we have to lose?" Ron said, going into a door leading to the interior of the station.

"We could be shot?" she suggested.

"That was already tried. Remember Poland?" he said, frowning at the memory.

"By the way, you never told me why you weren't limping anymore. We shouldn't keep important secrets from one another buffoon" she sneered as they walked out of the station onto the street.

"I have a set of powers. They aren't like your comet powers exactly, and I'm far from mastering them, but they can heal non threatening wounds quickly. It's called Mystical Monkey Power, or MMP for short."

She looked at him in shock as they started walking towards the French border.

"You mean that crap Monkey Fist spews all the time about monkey powers is true?"

"Yeah. I'm one of the few who possess it, but we should keep going. We'll reach Saint-Louis in less than an hour."

It was true. In a little less than an hour they had crossed over the border and had checked into a cheap hotel inside France. Of course, they were both a little wary due to their close proximity to the German border, but they had the Rhine River, but there were plenty of bridges over it, but the only thing that happened on the border were a few minor skirmishes until the invasion of France, and they were only staying for one night, so Ron and Shego weren't that worried.

They both awoke the next morning bright and early, and again with Shego's stolen money they booked passage on a train to Paris where they would transfer onto a train leading to Calais, where they would get on a ferry to sail across to England.

The train ride was easy enough, and quiet enough. No fighting, no patrols, no anything to worry about.

They transferred in Paris, and the train continued along to Calais, with not too many people on board, and those who were, were asleep and getting ready.

Ron and Shego were two of the few catching up on sleep.

They arrived at Calais early the next morning, where headlines in French read "Canada declares War on Germany!"

They stepped onto their ferry that would take them across, while Shego was reading a newspaper.

"Well, looks like Calais wasn't as far as I thought" Ron said, before two sharp blasts of the whistle of the ferry cut him off, signaling their departure.

It was a rare day in the channel. The weather was perfect. Sunny skies, calm seas, and a relaxed atmosphere.

They had been on the waves for half an hour. The French countryside was retreating as they sailed under the Union Jack, heading towards the white cliffs of Dover that were peeking out ahead.

Ron was leaning over the railing of the ship watching the seas roll past the speeding ship, before Shego interrupted him.

"We're really doing this?"

"You better believe we are Shego" Ron said still scanning the horizon off the starboard side. "Having second thoughts?"

"No! No, it's not that. It's just..." she trailed off.

Ron turned to look at her, and a smile forced its way to his face.

"You're scared."

"Am not!" she immediately snapped.

"Shego, it's okay to be scared" Ron said, turning his attention to the horizon. "Hell, I'm scared. We're in a war, with little training, getting ready to go up against a ruthless regime."

"Scared isn't something I do" she retorted, joining him at the railing, where she squinted at the horizon. "What's that?"

"What's what?" Ron asked, trying to follow her finger, but not seeing anything.

"I dunno. It was just a glint, and then it disappeared" she said.

"Probably nothing."

For a few minutes they stood with the only sounds that were around were the water and the sound if the engines pushing the ship along at fifteen knots.

Ron was still scanning the horizon, when Shego shouted "Look, there it is again!"

This time, he saw what she was looking at. There was in fact a glint, which was attached to a thin and nearly invisible pole parched just above the water.

"Oh fuck" was all he said, before taking off to the wheelhouse of the ship.

"Sir you can't go in there!"

The door to the bridge was thrown open by a young man, startling all those on the deck.

"We need to change course!" Ron shouted, walking inside.

"What is the meaning of this?" the captain shouted, before turning towards the door "Bartley! What's going on?"

Before the man dubbed Bartley could start, Ron began his own explanation. "Periscope in the water. Probably a German U-boat. We need to change course away from it and increase speed."

The captain looked dubious, before saying "Nonsense. Germans would abide by not attacking passenger ships."

Ron pinched the bridge of his nose. "Captain have you heard of the sinking of the Athenia?"

"Of course, I-" he was cut off by Ron.

"Sunk by U-30. Even though it was at night, there will be other commanders gunning just for British shipping, not caring about rules and regulations. Change course now" Ron commanded.

"Sorry son. We're continuing on with-" again, the captain was cut off, this time by the lookout on the starboard wing.

"Torpedoes to starboard! Closing fast! Three trails!"

Ron went into full command/panic mode, while Shego, finally on the bridge, looked genuinely scared.

"Helm, hard to starboard! Starboard engine, full astern, port, ahead full! " he shouted, going to one of the telegraphs and signaling the engine room.

This time, there was no argument as one of the other officers went to the other telegraph and shifted it to ahead full, as the helmsman spun the wheel as far as it would go.

"Helm's hard over!"

"Engineers have signaled that they're shifting speed!"

The double dings of the telegraphs confirmed this as the ship started to swing slowly over.

The tension was thick. Everyone was ready. The high pitched whine of turbines was heard even through the water and was funneled through the open bridge doors.

All the men, and Shego, held their breath as they saw the trails pass ahead less than fifty yards.

"Okay, only three torpedo's. Probably a class IIA. They'll need time to reload" Ron said, before turning back to the men. "Helm, return to your prior course, but keep speed at full ahead so we can outrun him before they reload."

Ron started to leave the bridge, before turning around "Oh and captain, the next time someone says they see a submarine, take it seriously. Next time, you may not be so lucky."

And with that, he slammed the door shut after Shego left.

"Well...that happened" one of the officers on the bridge said after a moment of quiet.

Anger was clearly evident on Ron's face after they had stalked out of the bridge, leaving the so called 'Professionals' to handle the ship.

"I'm going somewhere to think. Alone" he said. "I'll find you after we dock."

And with that, he walked aft, disappearing in the throngs of passengers who had just narrowly missed possibly losing their lives.

"I should go talk to him" she thought, before mentally slapping herself "No, why would I do that? I don't care about him. It's just stress from nearly getting blown up."

Her personal argument continued, but she started walking, looking for Ron to try and talk to him.

Finally, she found him, in a small space between the funnel and a bulkhead, crouched down close to the deck.

"Stoppable?" she asked tentatively, to which she got no answer. "Ron?"

She was about to try again, when he sighed loudly and looked up at her.

"We all could've died if you hadn't seen that periscope., and I nearly doubted you for it. I'm sorry Shego."

She was taken aback by this. Not only was he stating that he was wrong, but he was actually apologizing for it.

"It's cool Stoppable. I'm just happy to be alive" she said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah, but what would've happened if we saw the scope a few seconds later? Or not at all?" he asked. He swept an arm over the crowded deck "All those people could've died just because of a lapse in judgment."

"Stoppable, no commander can be everywhere and see everything. You can't, and I sure as hell can't, so just chalk that up to experience."

Ron looked up at her thoughtfully. "She's going out of her way to make me feel better. That's different...and...nice."

Two sharp whistles cut off anything else.

"Looks like we're docking" Shego mused, extending her hand to Ron. "C'mon buffoon, let's get off this tin can."

"Gladly" Ron said, grabbing her hand and pulling himself up. "We've got some important people to talk to in London."