More Than a Flesh Wound: Part 2

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"How long has he been like this?" Nami asked Rayleigh once her captain had ran off into the woods.

The Dark King sighed and lowered himself to the grass, where the navigator took a seat oposite of him. He sighed heavily. "He usually isn't this… extreme. He has actually been doing good, considering the circumstances…"

Nami's eyes lowered and gently placed her hand over her heart.

"So I assume Hancock has filled you in?"

Nami only nodded her head in response, quickly swiping the back of her hand over her eyes.

Rayleigh nodded as well in contemplation. "Well that's good, I suppose. It saves me the trouble of telling you. And I'm sure Luffy…"

Nami pursed her lips. "Has he spoken about… that… at all?"

He shook his head. "Not a word. He insists that he is over it, though, and most days his attitude backs up that claim. But there are days like this, where he just can't seem to hold it back..."

"Um... hold what back?" The navigators eyes were laced with concern.

Rayleigh just sadly chuckled. "The pain, of course."


The retired kaizoku started sadly at the clouds. "Not only is the poor boy in emotional pain -as displayed by his nightmares- but that horrible wound on his chest gives him more than enough trouble. There were a few times during training that the wound tore around the edges, and training had to stop for a week until the skin started to mend again. It also causes fevers to spring up out of no-where on occasion; he is just getting over one right now actually. Days like this he would call a Kuso no Hi."

"Is it…" she bit her lip, "is it really that bad? I mean, I saw his bandages, but I also noticed that they were still, well, ON." Upon seeing his slightly confused look, she elaborated, "Well, you see, if Luffy doesn't think a wound is important enough to be covered, the bandages come right off. Wait," a look of horror started to dawn on her face, "just how long has he had his chest covered?"

"Hmm, about a month and a half now, I suppose." When he saw the female Straw Hat's eyes widen, he leaned forward, continuing to elaborate. "As dim ad he can be sometimes, I also know he is absolutely serious about this because he cares for his wound more than he cares for himself at times. You see," he lowered his voice to a stage whisper, "I think that wound reminds him of his brother."

Luffy trudged through the underbrush, his eyes red but no longer teary. His head was starting to feel hot again - maybe he should sit down. He HAS walked a significant distance, and it would be very unlikely that they had followed him all the way out here.

It wasn't long before he reached one of the many large trees on Rusukaina, and this one happened to have a hollowed out bottom, much to the teen's relief. Exhaustion had long since settled into his bones, and before he knew it, he had collapsed on the forest floor. The pain in his chest spread throughout his entire being, causing his breath to catch and his arms to shake.

The setting sun cast a hazy, ambient glow over the dense foliage, and before he knew it, Luffy'seyes were closing against his will. Exhaustion overcame his mind like a thick wave of cream.

Nami stood up after absorbing all of what she had heard, determination flowing hot through her veins. "Where can I find him?"

Rayleigh quickly looked up from his mug that he had been nursing. "Nami-san, I don't think that is a good idea."

"And why not?" She demanded hotly.

"Well, usually when he's like… THIS… I just leave him alone-"

"To HELL with him being alone! Luffy HATES being alone! He tries to hide it, but I can see it…" Nami's fists clenched. She was just so angry with herself for not being there for him, for letting something like this happen to her captain… her Luffy… who had done nothing to deserve ANY of this. Angrily she quickly rubbed the quivering tears that clung to her lashes before a new glow awoke in her eyes. "I may not have been there for him then," she started, her quivering voice growing in strength and volume, "but I sure as hell am here for him now. Now," she stared right in the Dark King's now smiling eyes, "where can I find my captain?"

Nami moved through the dense forest, following the landmarks Rayleigh-san had told her about. It was minutes away from being completely dark, yet she was trekking through Rusukaina anyway. The warnings that had been desperately given to her to be extremely careful were blaring through her mind when she realized just how HUGE and potentially DEADLY this island is, especially at night. Against his best wishes, he had given given her the largest firefly she had ever seen, after mildly stunning it with Haki, that is. This giant bug was tightly wrapped in a dense leaf that seemed to take the shape of whatever it happened to grab. This plant was also given a warning, that although she was nowhere near the main plant, the leaves of it were still carnivorous, and it was in her VERY best interest not to touch it's slightly-sticky inside.

Her ears pricked and she fought back tears in her eyes as all of the possibilities of just WHAT could be making all of these snaps and whistles. "This is worse then when I was forced to go on that freaking ghost ship with Luffy and Sanji…" she whimpered to herself. "Just remember why you're here, Nami, don't focus on anything else. Luffy needs you as soon as possible, so you just need to - WOULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP, ALREADY?!" She spit fire into the trees, her teeth pointed. The navigator's nerves were fried, she was scared as shit, and the image of her burned and broken captain wouldn't leave her mind.

Frankly, she was done.

Nami gripped the giant glow-bug harder in shaking hands. "Come on, Luffy, where are you?!"

Suddenly, a thundering crash sent a quake though the forest, and the last of the small noises faded to complete silence. A hot gust of wind blasted from the dark trees, whipping Nami's mikan hair around her face. Then, as soon as it appeared, it hissed into silence again, the only indication that it ever happened was the almost serene swaying of the foliage.

Ice water felt like it was slowly trickling down the navigator's neck, and suddenly she felt alone. Very, very alone in this giant, dark forest.


A fresh wave of quivers traveled from her toes to her head. Oh no. Oh hell no. What… the fuck… was THAT. She wimpered, "Luffy…


Luffy jolted awake from his exhaustion-induced sleep at the sound of a piercing, fear-ridden cry. The haze quickly cleared from his mind, though, at the fast-dawning realization of who that scream belonged to.

"Is… is that… Nami?" Luffy's dark brown eyes blew wide open. "N-no, Nami!" The sencho scrambled to his feet in a flurry of rubbery limbs. The sudden stretching of his torso caused his scar to throb and bite, but he couldn't worry about that at the moment. Nami was in the middle of one of Rusukaina's largest forests… at night. If he didn't reach her in time…

His feet pounded through the dense greenery as he drew in deep, ragged breaths. "Nami, I'm coming! NAMI!"

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