Upstairs, downstairs…

In my lady's chamber

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the incredibly talented Julian Fellowes.

Set a few days after season four, episode one

Jimmy gritted his teeth as he stormed his way up the steps that led to the big house, he had meant just to let it lie, but it had slowly been eating away at him until he was so angry he could take it no longer, he could strangle the damn woman! Why the hell couldn't she leave him alone? After being admitted, he stormed into her dressing room, she was sitting at her desk, looking as outrageous and a voluptuous as ever, completely unashamed or abashed, something that both admired and exasperated him.

'Jimmy! Darling!' She turned to him, thrilled to see him.

'Oh no you don't!' Jimmy was determined that she wouldn't have her own way, 'I'm not stopping. I've just come to tell you to leave me alone!'

'Oh come ON Jimmy! Please don't be mad at me!' She begged.

'You cost me my job!' He snapped, momentarily forgetting who he was speaking to.

'Oh yes but, I-I didn't mean to…'

'And what was all that? "broken car" How stupid do you think I am?'

Lady Ansthruther looked at him, far from being insulted by his manner, her eyes were gleaming and her pupils had diluted, slowly she got up and approached him, straightening his collar, 'I missed you Jimmy, that's all.'

'You mean you missed having a toy to play with.'

'No...' She stoked his cheek carefully, 'I missed YOU!'

He gritted his teeth, his exasperation knew no bounds, 'What were you thinking? Just turning up and luring me into bed like that?! I mean what sort of mentality..?'

'You could have said "no" Jimmy, I never forced you.'

He looked into her eyes then turned away angrily, 'Yeah well, thanks to you; I'll probably never get another position.'

Concern came into her eyes, 'But-but I thought that Lord Grantham gave you a good reference…'

'Oh yes he did! But that does nothing to quash gossip does it?'

'Yes but no-one else knows…'

'Oh please!'´He turned round to face her angrily, 'When it comes to such matters, your ladyship isn't exactly subtle!'

She bit her lip, 'I'm sorry!'

'Oh don't bother! Just-just leave me alone in future alright?'

'As you wish…What will you do now?'

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, 'I don't know, sleep on it. I'll be able to think clearer in the morning.'

Her eyes brightened, 'Yes! That's a very good idea!' Slowly, she went up to him and ran a hand over his chest and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

'NO milday…' He withdrew her hand, '…ALONE…'

'Of course…Alone…'

Her lips were inches away from his and it was only then that he realised she had undone her dressing gown and had pressed her bare breasts up against his chest. Slowly, Jimmy felt his arm wrap around her waist and pull her closer as if he had no control over it. She pressed her lips gently against his, teasing his mouth open with her tongue. With an exasperated sighed, he responded ardently privately chastising himself for not being stronger before resigning himself to his fate, Why do I bother? He thought.

Had to be done guys! Love these two! Lol!