"Light," L began, brushing some stubborn strands of ebony hair behind his ear, his charcoal orbs peering into chocolate-brown ones. "There's about a 70% chance that I've fallen in love with you."

Light managed to maintain a calm and collected expression, though internally he was at odds with himself. Could this be one of Ryuzaki's tricks to reveal he was Kira? Another test to break his fa├žade? "What makes you say that, Ryuzaki?" He questioned the raven-haired male sitting with his knees to his chest, resting a hand on his cheek as he sat in the swivel chair opposing the world's greatest detective.

"I'm not sure," The man admitted, biting his thumb in concentration, his gaze never leaving Light's. "It feels right to say it to you."

The brunette's brow furrowed in confusion. It felt right to say it? What the hell was he thinking? "But why would you possibly love me if you accuse me of being Kira...?"

L redirected his attention to his sugar cubes which he was currently stacking into a tower, setting another white block on top of its predecessor. "Again, I'm not sure," He repeated, ignoring Light's growing expression of confusion. "Though they say that love can make you either trust the person, or suspect them all the more."

The detective turned back to face the wolf in sheep's clothing, his charcoal eyes unblinking. "I think I'll always be suspicious of you, Light."

The staring contest going on between the two males continued, undistilled even when the sugar cube tower toppled to the ground.

Author's Note: This was a short experiment to see if I could type up their characters in a accurate manner. I also published this because I was bored of posting random sentences from this fanfiction onto Cleverbot to confuse/entertain people. I really do think that, if L had romantic feelings for Light and wanted to admit it, he would respond in this form of way. I may/may not write a fanfiction devoted to the continuation of this short drabble, but until then, thanks for reading and feedback is appreciated.