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August 13, 1999 Tokyo, Japan

"You excited for your big sissy's birthday, Kimi?" Setsuna Tohomiko smiled lightly in the reflection of her three-year-old daughter Kimiko in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, Tomo-chan and I are gonna play with her new toys!" her little girl remarked happily looking up from playing with her stuffed winged bear that she had named Kero.

Setsuna was happy knowing her youngest child is loved by everyone she meets. Setsuna didn't see the semi-truck until it was too late, she had gasped and tried to swerve in order to avoid it, only it didn't happen.

"Momma!" her baby girl cried out as she was flung from her car seat and heading straight towards the window; Setsuna didn't think before she acted as a shield for her baby girl.

The only thing she could remember was her unconsious baby bleeding heavily from both her neck and eyes before her vision went black.

Medics immediately arrived upon the horrific crash, knowing nobody could have survived it.

"Sir, we found a child and she's still breathing!" a medic screamed towards the ambulance worker as multiple police officers and fire fighters struggle to free little Kimiko from the wreckage.

Everybody was working fast in getting her hooked up to all the machines and loaded carefully into the ambulance.

Police Chief Akihiro Takamara shakes his head in sadness at the state the child was in from the crash. Two bodies have already been pulled from the wreck, a woman's body no older than thirty was inside the car the child was found in shielding the little girl. It was obvious to Takamara what the woman had done, she took the blow the child no doubt would've gone through the windshield if the child's mother hadn't stopped it from happening. The woman had long honey brown hair and was burned almost to the point of being cremated. The Honda Civic was nothing but a twisted heap of scrap; the crash would soon go down as Tokyo's worst car crash of the decade. The semi-truck's driver was worse than the woman, he had severe lacerations around his upper body and his face was slit open revealing his skull and brain.

The toxicology reports from the man's autopsy showed that the man was ten times over the legal limit.

Tohomiko Electronic's gleamed in the sun's harsh rays, when Toshiro Tohomiko had gotten a call from the hospital. There had been a crash, his wife had passed away and his child was undergoing multiple surgeries in trying to save her life. Toshiro didn't think at all and just ran out like a bat out of Hell; Tomoko was in school so he didn't have to worry about her. He peeled out of the parking deck going well over the speed limit and heading straight towards Tokyo University Hospital.

Once he had made it to where his little girl was undergoing surgery he had broken down completely in the room causing everyone to turn to him in confusion.

Chief Takamara then proceeded to tell him how his wife had shielded little Kimiko from going through the windshield, unfortunately shards of glass had wedged itself deep within her eyes and had sliced open her neck.

The head surgeon in charge of Kimiko's surgeries walked solemnly out of the operating room, his heart heavy. The glass had gone deeper than they had thought it did, true that the glass in her eyes were not that big, it had proved to be horrifying to see that the glass had severed both of her optic nerves in her eyes, permanently blinding her. The shard that sliced her neck was worse; the cut was deep enough to literally destroy the child's vocal cords completely into a mangled, bloody mess; making her mute along with her becoming blind at the mere age of three.

The child had lost an overall count of five full pints of blood during the accident and in surgery.

Her left arm was shattered, causing the surgeons to having to place bolts, rods, and screws in order for her to be able to use it again, if she wakes up. Both of her legs were broken and twisted at in impossible angles. More cuts and lacerations were all over her body; Dr. Yoshino Sakamoto already knew that this patient had to be in the absolute fine line between life and death right now, and for the patient to only be three-years-old; it was a miracle she even made it to the hospital at all. Dr. Sakamoto would be absolutely astounded if the baby had survived this horrific accident that had claimed the child's mother.

Dr. Sakamoto proceeded to tell Toshiro of his baby girl's status at the moment, after twenty surgeries, Kimiko was finally stable.

The doctors had told him that his daughter had also suffered a severe concussion in the crash, telling him not to be surprised if she goes into a coma and not be able to wake up.

Which is exactly what happened, Kimiko never woke up from her surgeries and remained in a sleep induced coma for the next twelve years.

August 13, 2011 Tokyo, Japan

Toshiro Tohomiko sighed sadly as he looked out of his window of his office of his business in sadness. Today will be the twelve year anniversary of his wife's death and the comatose of his youngest baby girl. Toshiro took off his glasses and rubbed the building tears in his eyes. Tomoko, his eldest daughter had become an Inter-Dimensional Spy in order to look for some way to help Kimiko to awaken.

A shrill ring echoed throughout the quiet office space; Toshiro calmly walked towards his phone and answered.

"Moshi-Moshi, this is Tohomiko Toshiro." He said in drone-like voice.

"Tohomiko-san, it's amazing!" the man on the other end was bustling in excitement as hoards of people were talking in the background.

Toshiro raised an eyebrow in confusion, "What is so amazing Mr."

"Oh, gomen, it's Dr. Sakamoto from Tokyo University Hospital!" was the man replied.

Now Toshiro finally recognized the name of the man responsible for saving his little girl's life all those years ago, and had later become her lead doctor for her care on Toshiro's orders.

"Tohomiko-san, its Kimiko-Chan, she has finally awakened!" Dr. Sakamoto exclaimed in delight.

Toshiro dropped the phone in shock, his baby girl…she was AWAKE!

"I will be over as fast as I can!" was all he said as he burst through the doors and out of his company's building like a madman.

HIS DAUGHTER WAS AWAKE! Tomoko must've finally figured out how to awaken her!

The drive to Tokyo University Hospital was nerve wrecking to say the least, he counted that he had to have broken at least fifteen traffic violations. He skidded in front of the hospital and hurriedly shut off his Mitsubishi Explorer, not bothering to take the keys with him as he made his way over to the elevators.

Even though Toshiro, knew that his little girl was not three-years-old anymore; but a beautiful fifteen year old. After work for the past twelve years, Toshiro would come to his daughter's room and talk to her, even though she wouldn't answer. On his direct orders, he had the staff where her room was located, to get her body to exercise. Of, course the staff was happy to that. And, so every day after she had her meals they would haul her down to the training room, and would forcibly move her limbs. And, thanks to that she now has grown into her body over the last decade or so. Her hair was originally cut boy-short at the age of three, and Toshiro asked them to keep her hair washed and to let grow out no matter how long it became to never cut it, except for the dead ends. Even though Kimiko was in a coma, she did not need to be put on a respirator, which is a miracle what with the glass slicing her vocal cords the way they did.

Kimiko's stuffed winged-lion, Kero had somehow survived the accident without a single scratch on him. And, the policeman brought him to Toshiro and Toshiro put him in Kimiko's arms as she slept.

Kimiko's room was located on the thirty-fifth floor in Room Number 7777. Since, Toshiro said not to cut her hair except for the ends, it now flowed past her figure on the bed; the result of doing it for twelve years. Her skin had become a completely pale-ivory color, compared to the other patients who were sick it made her glow with health.

Toshiro maneuvered his way through the crowd of doctors and nurses standing outside of his daughter's room. He finally made it to her bed, there she was; his beautiful baby girl, sitting up and turning her head in response to all the noise. Dr. Sakamoto was asking her questions, and in which she would reply as she shook her head yes or no.

"Ah, Tohomiko-San, Kimiko-Chan has adjusted well to her, eh-hm. Conditions," Dr. Sakamoto coughed as they both watched as Kimiko hugged Kero tightly to her chest.

"May I please speak with you in my office, Toshiro-San?" Dr. Sakamoto whispered lightly beside his ear. Toshiro looked back at Kimiko as she answered the nurse's questions without any problems. He nodded his head yes, and the two men began to make their way through the sea of people.

They quickly arrived at Sakamoto's office; the doctor proceeded to open the door as they made their way in.

"Toshiro-Kun, there is something you must know that the all the staff and I have been keeping from you." Dr. Sakamoto sighed as he took off his glasses and rubbed his head in frustration.

Hiding what? Is what Toshiro wondered, oh do not get him wrong he was mad as hell when something about his daughter was kept hidden from him.

"On Kimiko's fourth birthday, some weird…things began to happen. Random fires would start from nowhere, gusts of wind bellowing onto the entire floor when no window was open. Water shooting out from faucets, ice covering solid surfaces when outside it would be 100 degrees. Cracks appearing on the floor and ceiling that make it appear an earthquake happened. Random objects disappearing and reappearing in odd places, a since of immediate déjà vu, when we feel we had already done this before." He sighed as he rubbed his neck in awkwardness at the things he was telling his dear friend.

It was true though, that throughout the years as Yoshino began to take care of Kimiko, Toshiro and he had become best friends.

Toshiro blinked in confusion at what Yoshi was telling him, there's no way possible…Tomoko never showed any signs of any magic present when was growing up. So, why would Kimiko start showing the signs that were not present in his eldest daughter?

Yoshino looked at Toshiro, as he put his glasses back on with a knowing, but grim face.

"Rest assured, Toshi that no one outside of the staff on this floor knows about the strange things going on with Kimi." Yoshino stated, Toshiro let out a sigh of relief that he did not know that he was holding.

"Tomoko had never showed any signs of inheriting her mother's magical attributes when she was growing up." Toshiro stated looking worried for his youngest daughter.

Toshiro had told Yoshino about Kimiko and Tomoko's family tree, and the magic that runs deep within their blood. He was praying to Kami, that Kimiko did not inherit her mother's abilities, despite how selfish it was for him to think so. He should have known to expect the unexpected as his wife always said.

"Kimiko seems to have shown signs of elemental abilities, whilst in her coma-like state. And, I have a fear that they will only continue to grow and never stop." Toshiro sighed as he sat down on the couch in the office.

Yoshino nodded his head in understanding of his wish for his youngest child to grow up in a magic-free world.

"When Kimiko had woken up, whilst her nurse for the day was changing her IVs; it had almost given Sara a heart attack when Kimiko bolted up from her bed." Yoshino chuckled lightly as he remembered Sara Harusota screaming at the top of her lungs as she ran down the corridor and barged into his office when he was drinking his morning coffee. He rubbed his hand absentmindedly over his left, which was red from the scalding hot coffee of which was dumped onto his hand.

"Kimiko had begun to panic when she could not see anything; she had become even more panicked once she realized she could not speak. When then had to tell her what had happened to her and why her mother was not with her anymore." Yoshino shook his head sadly he remembered young Kimiko wailing silently as she clutched her childhood toy in anguish.

"We have also discovered that Kimiko is able to speak telepathically with anyone that she chooses in her mind, this power will more than likely be the most significant for her to communicate since she cannot speak anymore." Yoshino added on.

Toshiro had his hands folded in front of him as he hung his head in despair, at his daughter's response to her mother not being here anymore.

The real question was though, would Kimiko be able to go out into society and interact with people and children her own age without being an outcast from her scars and disabilities.

As they say, time shall only tell…