Scene Change, Xiaolin Temple, Rural China

Master Fung starred disappointedly at Omi who had his arms crossed and pout on his face. Fung looked at Kimiko's blank face with eyes the color of fire, every time Kimiko exhaled, thick, black smoke exited out of her nostrils. The Guardians had returned to their false forms once reaching the Temple. Yukito and Nakuru were scowling down at Omi in annoyance.

"I am very disappointed in you Omi, and to you Raimundo. I do believe you have now learned that Lady Kimiko is not to be messed with." Master Fung looked pointedly at both the wind and water monks with a very serious face.

Kero scoffed from his position on Kimiko's shoulder, Dojo's head snapped up towards him and noted his position on Kimiko's shoulder. Dojo growled and launched himself at Kimiko, wrapping himself around her head and shoulders, and glared at Kero from the top of her head with a challenging glare.

Fung sighed in irritation as both Kero and Dojo growled at each other on top of Kimiko, Kimiko however was not the least bit annoyed and simply petted both Dojo and Kero behind their ears [in Kero's case and scales in Dojo's], this action made both Guardians purr in delight.

Kimiko's eyes finally returned to their original brilliant blue color. Spinel was floating listlessly between Clay and Kimiko as he glared at both Omi and Raimundo. Clay had his arms crossed over his chest with a glare and a scowl on his face that was aimed towards the troublesome duo.

"For your punishment, Omi you shall not perform any martial arts training and you shall be helping Raimundo in cleaning the entire temple for the next four months. Raimundo, your original punishment is now extended for an entire year. I believe that this shall install some humility in the both of you on your treatment of Kimiko." Fung stated, Omi's face was like one would look like if he was struck by the metro. Raimundo glared angrily at Master Fung, crossing his arms and scowling at nothing.

"Now onto a more positive note, you have done very well in obtaining three Shen Gong Wu. However, now that what you have told me is something very disturbing. Now that the Heylin Witch Wuya has been released from her prison, the battle between good and evil have once again started again. However, now that we have all four of you here, you must all work together to defeat the forces of evil." Fung explained, looking at every one of them.

The crow and raven watched from atop of the sakura tree with amusement. Chase Young watched the group in his own amusement and pleasure at the punishments the water and wind monks were receiving.

Chase had to agree with the Master Monk, the war between Heylin and Xiaolin had once again began. Chase had begun to think up strategies to get the beautiful Kimiko as his wife, mate, and dark empress. Despite the short time Chase had watched the monks, his golden gaze never left the beautiful Kimiko's form. She might look like Kuriko, but she had her own personality, she had her own natural grace and aura about her.

Chase was also upset when Kimiko's eyes returned to their normal blue color, and he snorted in amusement as both Cerberus and Dojo began to growl at each other on Kimiko's shoulders. Just like Kuriko, those two could never get along. Chase idly wondered if the Temple will survive the war that will be happening between the two Guardians. Chase remembered fondly when he was still Xiaolin and watched in shock, amazement, amusement and horror as both Cerberus and Dojo destroyed half the temple in the fight between Lady Kuriko's attention.

One of his cats brought a bowl of his soup to him, and he slowly sipped it. Chase wondered how he will trick Kimiko into drinking the soup. Chase's mind drifted towards the thought of that bean finding out about Kimiko and how much danger she would be in. Her being in danger made the beast within Chase roar in rage at the thought of Kimiko being harmed or worse killed. Chase's hand grasped tightly around his bowl, which cracked at the force and Chase growled as he gazed at Kimiko.

Kimiko felt a chill go up her spine as she feels like someone was watching her again, Kimiko tilts her head slightly and extends her aura around the area. She picked up the same aura from the rainforest and new one who also had the aura of a giant cat but the form of a bird. Kimiko turned her head and looked in the direction of the two auras she had sensed and starred directly at them, not paying attention to either Kero or Dojo who had gotten off her and began a fist fight in mid-air.

'Whoever you are, I believe it is considered incredibly rude to spy upon others without their knowledge. Just don't follow us into the bathroom and you will be fine with me, but if you happen to piss me off, I'll make sure to send your little spies back wrapped in plastic and cooked through and through, from the inside out.' Kimiko said as she sent her telepathic message to the observer.

Chase had finished his soup just as Kimiko's voice echoed into his mind along with her threat. Her voice sounded like windchimes, it was soft, but it was hardened by her threat to send his cats back in plastic and cooked. Chase laughed quietly to himself, knowing that she wasn't joking about her threat either and smiled lightly.

An immediately flash went through all four Guardians and Kimiko as they all froze; a card has just made itself known…

Master Fung paused in his tongue lashing of the water and wind monks, as he too sensed the ambient magic that the card gave off. Clay cocked his head to the side, he too sense the power that was radiating off of whatever had just been activated. Clay used his senses in the earth to trace the disturbance but was unable to find anything.

Chase calmly set his soup down on one of his chair arms and sat up straighter as he detected the distinct activation of a new card. Both his crow and raven ruffled their feathers as they felt the massive wave of magic surrounding the entire Temple. Chase narrows his eyes as he looks around the area for the disturbance, Chase had the pleasure of witnessing the sheer damage caused by these magical artifacts and was interested to see what Kimiko will do.

Kimiko instantly closes her eyes as she lets her magic ripple around her body along with her aura and stretches it to detect the position of the card. Ah, it was an elemental-type card judging by its greenish-brown aura she had sensed.

Just as Kimiko opened her eyes a massive earthquake rocked the entire Temple as everyone held onto anything they could get. Clay was unaffected thanks in part to his affinity with the earth, and the four Guardians immediately transformed into their true forms and took to the skies just as the quake hit. Both Dojo and Kero stopped their glaring at each other as they sensed the ambient magic rushing through the entire area.

Dojo bit back a shiver as the familiarity returned as he tightened his hold onto Kimiko's shoulder, talk about déjà vu!

Another massive quake hit, this time it was much, much bigger than the one previous. The sound of the earth splitting in two caused everyone in the are to turn and look as a large fissure erupted right in front of the Temple's front entrance, large pillars of rock and earth erupting from the fissure as it made its way to them.

Kimiko didn't waste anytime in transforming her key into her staff, her outfit changed into something that was appropriate to sealing away something of the earth [1].

'SHIELD!' Kimiko shouted loudly as a transparent white-blue with tints of red and orange shield erupted around them just as the spikes was just meters away from them. The spike that was closest to the shield, crumbled away as it touched it. Kimiko had made sure to add the element of fire to the shield out of instinct more than anything.

"What the hell is goin' on?!" Raimundo shouted as he watched the entire landscape shift and change. Raimundo grew up in Brazil, earthquakes were apart of life there, but this, this was no earthquake!

Kimiko twirls her staff in her hands as she positions herself in front of everyone and glares at the continue growth of the fissure in front of her. Chase watches transfixed as her outfit changed when she summoned her staff, how interesting…

Kimiko took out The Wood and summoned the spirit and commanded it to entrap the card within its vine's.

'Power which defy the law of nature, by my staff I command for you to tie yourself to my light, MAGIC CARD!' Kimiko shouts as she slams her staff in front of her, both Wood and the card erupted into a green and brown aura mist as they were both sealed.

The Wood gently floated down and landed in Kimiko's waiting hand, the newest card followed after. Kimiko looked at the card's name as she felt it with her aura, Quake. How appropriate…