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This came to my head in a moment where I wasn't sobbing about the season premier (which, may I mention, I have not yet seen because we British people do not get to see it until October at the earliest [maybe even November WHY WHEDON, WHY?!] and, by God, I couldn't wait that long! So I may have read the spoilers YES I KNOW I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON).

ANYWAY so I wrote this and it obviously holds spoilers for 2x01 and prepare to cry or something, I certainly did. Enjoy! (That's is so not the right word...)

"He's alive."

That's what she'd told them when she got back to the Bus. She'd told them that Fitz was alive.

Now? Now she wasn't so sure.

She had done the right thing. She knew that much. She couldn't have just left her best friend to certain death.

Well she could have done. But Fitz was so much more.

So why had she saved him?

She heard the words the doctors had been throwing around. Severe trauma. Barely made it. No idea what's in store.

Brain damage.

Simmons may not have been that kind of doctor, but she didn't have to be to understand those words. And if the doctors' speculations (and that's all they were at that point because no one had a bloody clue what was going to happen if or when Fitz ever woke up) were true, then Fitz wouldn't have a life. He wouldn't be alive anymore.

He wouldn't be her Fitz.

And she knew it was selfish, honestly she did, but she couldn't bear the thought of having her best friend and at the same time not having him. It was like having a favourite toy and then losing the toy but getting a replacement: it was never the same.

It didn't hold the memories.

It didn't hold the scars.

It didn't hold the love that was never consciously there but always hovered at the back of her mind.

It killed her to think it but, in that moment, Fitz was her lost toy.

And as she sat by his bedside, the steady beeping of the monitors surrounding them simultaneously a lullaby and a torture, she let these thoughts run through her head and she hated herself.

But not as much as she hated him.

How dare he give himself up for her?! How dare he think that he loved her more than she did him?! How dare he think, for one second, that she could cope without him?!

Because she couldn't. She couldn't cope with seeing him like this. She couldn't cope with seeing him every day and knowing that there was something missing. It was all very well and good for him to sacrifice himself for her sake but how dare he think that she wouldn't try to save him?!

She would always try to save him. And that is why she hated him because if he had just let her press the button she wouldn't have this dilemma.

Looking at him lying in that bed, tubes here there and everywhere that were effectively keeping him alive, she noted vaguely, with the tiniest bit of humour, that he had never looked pastier. Maybe it was the fact that he had been officially dead for almost thirty minutes, or maybe it was just because he hadn't been outside in days, but he looked pasty.

"You've been beside me the whole damn time!"

Oh, how she felt the irony now. How she'd been on the brink of death and he'd said those words, pasty as ever, which were completely right. Ever since their time with S.H.I.E.L.D. started, they had been together, side-by-side. When she had almost died and now, when Fitz had almost died, they had always come as a pair.

Which was why she had to walk away.

As far as she was concerned, FitzSimmons was finished. Dead. Gone.

There is no Fitz without Simmons, which is why he had tried so hard to make sure Jemma would be safe.

But there is no Simmons without Fitz and the man lying in the bed next to her wasn't Fitz, and never would be Fitz again.

So she got up. She left his side. She walked away.

If you asked Jemma Simmons who Leopold Fitz was, she would look away sadly, and reply with a sigh,

"Leopold Fitz was my best friend.

I loved him more than anyone else in the world.

But he passed away. He just wasn't there anymore.

So I had to let him go."

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