Ohayo and welcome to the seducing sky~ hope you like it. The plot basically slapped me in the face and refused to leave until I wrote this. And as something new, I shall give you my favourite quote of the day.

"Its Howdedoodie time. Bitch" – Kankuro to Konohamaru in Naruto Abridged

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR or Naruto Abridged!


I blinked as I peered into the all-consuming darkness around me. Well shit, I've obviously just died. But unfortunately, this isn't heaven, hell, purgatory, soul society... So, where the hell was I? What was I supposed to do? Is this someplace for people to mourn their death or something? Because to be honest, I'm not really bothered about dying. It was going to happen eventually. After mulling it over for a while I decided to occupy myself by going over my how I died.


I grimaced as I walked down the dingy, rat-infested alleyway towards my home. You see, I was an orphan and as such, I used to be ridiculously poor. Like all stereo - typical kids from the ghetto, I joined the local gang. It was just a way to get some cash (usually illegally). It wasn't easy, for females in gang life; rape was an obvious concern. It wasn't just the threat of rape though. All gangs were vicious and cruel when dealing with the enemy. I've been in many situations where torture and murder has occurred; both on the side of the victim as well as the persecutor. After some time, everything that I had seen, along with what I had done, made me slightly sadistic. I also learned many things, most predominately was learning how to trick and seduce my enemies. It was my way of surviving; out here it's every man for himself. If you want someone to watch your back then you have to prove that you're useful to have around. To have allies you have to be good at whatever you do and after many a near death situations, I became the best. To be blunt, I was a seductress in nature and I fine-tuned that skill for turning precarious situations into my favour. I was also an incredible actress, I had to be; when spying on an enemy gang or lying to the police, there was no room for mistake.

Growing up in the ghetto had forced me to mature quickly, plus it had stopped me from getting attached to any materialistic possession because my home would most likely be broken into at least once a fortnight, despite this I had a deep love for anime. In particular, I loved animes like Kuroshitsuji and Deadman Wonderland. The dark tones in them just make it all seem so much more realistic. I mean, no offence to Naruto because the Shippuden was amazing but when he was younger, he was stupid. In reality the loudest ninja dies, end of story.

Anyway getting back on track, I froze when I sensed another presence in the damp alley, multiple presences actually. I prepared myself for the oncoming battle as the enemies took a few steps towards me. I slipped eight throwing knives out of my sleeves, I didn't wait for any words to be said, I just jumped forward and began a deadly dance with my five opponents.

After a while I had killed off two and had raised my arm to slash at the third, 'Bang!' My chest felt numb. An annoying smirk formed on the fool in front of me. I narrowed my eyes at the smug bastard and slashed downwards with my arm, the surprised look on his face resulted in my lips turning up into a happy grin, filled with bloodlust as I fell forward with a quiet thud and died.

I sighed as I once again looked around in the black abyss. I'll repeat that I wasn't sad about my death. The fact that I had killed the dumb fuck meant I had gone down with a smile on my face.

Seemingly coming from nowhere, a bright light started flying towards me. I stared at it, patiently waiting for it to reach me. Turns out it was a transparent screen giving off a white glow. The screen seemed to blur slightly, but it cleared up and words formed.

-You have been chosen to be reborn, please fill in the answer to all questions. Then you shall be rebirthed as the main character of the world you have chosen.-

I shrugged and pressed begin, the words blurred again before clearing once more.

-Please type in your preferred world.-

I hesitated for a moment, Naruto's out because I can't stand the beginning, One Piece would be good but I prefer having my feet on the ground thank you very is hilarious but I want something more serious. I debated a few others like Eyeshield 21, Kuroshitsuji and Soul Eater but in the end, I typed in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. It was perfect, lots of action and violence, I was slightly obsessive about it and thus, knew the whole storyline.

-Would you like to have your memories of before your rebirth?-

I quickly pressed yes, if I'm going to KHR I want to know the damn plot.

-Is there anything specific about yourself you would like to change?-

This time lots of bars blurred into life; you were supposed to drag the bar of a specific skill up and down to confirm how much said skill came naturally to you. For example, if I filled the bar for swimming then I would take to water like a fish, if I dragged it down then I would probably be as bad as Tsuna. I was kind of surprised though. This basically meant you had the opportunity to give yourself multiple advantages. So with haste I moved up the bar for cognitive abilities, fitness and a couple others. I didn't move too many bars because then it would be like cheating and really rather boring if I was absolutely amazing at everything I did. I also didn't completely fill any bar but cognitive abilities, just to challenge myself a bit. I flicked the done button, the bars faded away and the words eventually cleared up enough to read

-Congratulations, you shall now be reborn. –

Then, I blacked out.

I woke up to a sharp pain in my backside. When the pain flared again I started to furiously wriggle in an attempt to get away from whatever it was that caused it. "Don't worry Mrs Sawada, your baby isn't a stillborn but later we shall have to check her vocal cords for any problems as it is rather unusual for a baby not to wail when tested." There was a sigh of relief and the sound of rustling as I was placed into what I assumed to be a warm pair of arms. Slowly I opened my eyes, consequently coming face to face with a giant Nana 'well I am a baby right now so that's probably why she's the size of the BFG.'

She had a look of utter love and adoration in her eyes and the tired but happy smile on her face prompted me to give her a smile of my own. Granted I was a new-born and therefore it probably came out crooked but Nana didn't seem to mind as her smile just got wider. She began cooing at me, about how much she loved me and how adorable I was. She was interrupted when a grinning Iemitsu came into view.

"Nana" he breathed.

"She's amazing, incredible, beautiful. I can't tell you how happy I am right now."

Nana laughed lightly as tears of happiness collected around her eyes.

"Well?" She asked.

"What should we name her?"

"Hmm Tsunayoshi is too boyish and Tsunami just doesn't suit her."

Nana nodded in agreement, for a while everything was silent as they thought of new names. "I've got it!" Nana snapped her fingers.

"How about Amami, Ami for short!" Nana grinned, pleased with herself while Iemitsu seemed to pale slightly but nevertheless nodded. I on the other hand was horribly amused.

'Amami… the beautiful sky eh?'