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Chapter 5: The Rain Drowns

Loud knocking started on my bedroom door.

"Ami-chan! Vincent is here!" I shuffled once under my quilt. I heard the door opening and a too-damn-chipper-for-so-early-in-the-morning voice spoke, "Mou~ Ami-chan! Your teacher is here!" I grunted like an animal in response. "Maa! You still have a while since he came early but don't take too long okay?" I stuck my hand out of the covers and waved my hand to let her know I had heard. When the door closed, I let my hand flop down and fell back asleep; staying up all night in the lab was worth the lacklustre amount of sleep but that didn't mean I was entirely happy with such little rest.

Later, I awoke to soft giggles and loud guffaws coming from downstairs. Smiling to myself at how well Vinnie and Nana get along, I checked the time. It was about one o'clock.

Approximately thirty minutes later, I stepped out the shower and began to get dressed. Pulling on my black jeans, I sighed as I ran a hand over the thin, silvery scar than ran its length around the side of my hip. It started around the bottom of my hipbone, curved upwards slightly the closer it got to the back of the bone, where it stopped.

Personally, I didn't mind the scar, it was a way to encourage me to train, if I was stronger I wouldn't have ended up in that situation; everyone agreed, though that it didn't stop Kyoya from going into a ferocious rage over how some herbivores had 'marked' his Pet.

More than a few unlucky saps ended up with broken bones when they couldn't move out of the rampaging eleven year-old's way fast enough.

Slipping on a black tank top and a deep crimson hoodie left unzipped, I headed towards the kitchen. When I opened the door I came upon the scene of a pink-cheeked Nana and a grinning Scot.

"Bwahahaha! Seems you're finally up Lassie!"

"Ara, Ami-chan! I was wondering when you'd finally decide to wake up." Nana held a hand to her flushed cheeks. I would ask why she was blushing but I already had a fairly good idea, plus, I wanted to get to Hermes and start my weekly teaching session with Vinnie.

I winked at Nana before grabbing some pieces of leftover toast. She, in return, blushed harder.

Nana smiled as she waved to the shrinking figures of Vincent-san and Ami-chan. Turning around and shutting the front door behind her, the smile dropped, replaced with a frustrated frown. Nana sighed resignedly as she walked into the kitchen and plucked the home phone off the wall. She didn't want to ring Iemitsu, but annoyingly enough, the man had been calling her nonstop for the past couple days. Unfortunately, no matter how long she left it, the man would continue to ring until he heard either her or Amami's voice; her daughter didn't want to talk to him right now, neither did Nana, but it was her duty as a Mother to set the Father straight.

His phone picked up on the sixth ring.

"Nana! Don't you know I've been calling you for days!" Oh, she knew. Ignoring them hadn't been nearly as hard as they should've been. "I've called to check up on you, my sweet and my darling daughter Amami! I remember a little while ago you rung a few times, concerned about her. I trust everything is alright, well of course it is! There's no problem you couldn't solve with you-"

'Yes, everything was alright. Unfortunately you're about three damn months too late to actually bother asking.' Rage alighted in Sawada Nana's body as she continued to listen to the incoherent rambling of her husband.

"Iemitsu." She interrupted him.

"Yes sweetie?" She paused, narrowing her gaze at the phone. Opening her mouth, she shrieked

"Just what in the Hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Uh… checking if my two most special girls are okay?" His voice was a shaking squeak.

"Don't you think it's a bit Fucking Late to be asking that question?!" Nana never swore, in fact, she could count on one hand the amount of times she had ever swore in her life, but an anger so deep it burnt, smashed its way through her veins.

"Nana, sweetie-" She roared down the phone,

"Who the fuck said you could call me sweetie?! I don't want to deal with your romantic bullshit, so let's get straight to the point. Tell me just what the fuck has kept you so busy these past three damn months!"

"Please calm-" Nana's anger bubbled and exploded like the hot, molten lava of a volcano.

"Calm down? Calm fucking down?! Do not fucking tell me to calm down! Right now Iemitsu, I am pissed, and I suggest that you listen to me when I'm this angry. Now tell me exactly what you've been doing!"

" I-I told you already N-Nana. I do c-construction wo-" Nana's voice dropped to normal levels but didn't lose any of its scathing quality.

"You know what Iemitsu? I'm sick of this conversation and right now, I'm sick of you. Call me back when you grow some actual balls."

"I-I love you?" The phone was slammed down so hard it cracked.

I wiped my brow of sweat. Flopping down on the stone cold floor, I waited for Vinnie's verdict.

"Aye, ya pass. I'm proud of ya girl." I grinned at the Scot. The amount of effort I had put into making a knife that was up to Vinnie's standards was tremendous. The type of knife I made was a push dagger, a knife that is primarily used for stabbing enemies in the back before they even notice you.

Standing up, I walked over to him and waited. He gently placed the sharp object in my hands. As I began to admire my own work, he spoke,

"Amami… Your-uh mother, Nana, is she-uh… I mean!…" Vincent scratched the back of his neck nervously as his tan skin darkened further. I stared at him silently.

"Ah-I jus'… Nevermind." I tilted my head at his embarrassment. His nervousness at admitting his feelings was surprisingly cute.

"Regrettably, my Mother is married. Sorry, Vinnie." His chocolate-brown eyes softened and became downcast. My heart panged at his sadness. I reached out and gave him a firm hug.

He wrapped his arms around me and placed his chin on my head.

"Ah, it's.. She's a great woman, you know?"

I nodded.

Yamamoto Takeshi was ashamed.

First, he had failed to protect his Mother. Watching, frozen as she was stabbed to death by a crazed man who foamed at the mouth. The only reason he hadn't died aswell was because they were fairly close to a busy street and a group of people had happened upon the scene.

The thought left Yamamoto disgusted by his own inability. If he had screamed, cried, yelled for help, the people would've gotten there earlier and saved his Mother. Even attacking the man would've stalled him long enough for them to arrive. Instead, he had remained still as his Mother was murdered brutally by a random, drug-addicted stranger.

How Pathetic Are You?

If that wasn't shameful enough, recently there had been another incident in which Yamamoto had the opportunity to save someone. A girl- who he thought to be his age, was attacked by a large group of shady-looking men. Once again, Yamamoto Takeshi had stiffened up and his body refused to budge.


His eyes widened in a complex mix of fear, awe, nausea and admiration. The ferocity of the fighting girl left him speechless. The blatantly dead bodies left in her wake made him feel sick but also amazed. She couldn't have been older than him but there was not an ounce of hesitation in her body.

Why Can't I Be Like Her?

Of course eventually she was defeated. One of the few remaining men had attacked her when she was tired with her back turned towards him. Yamamoto felt a despair not unfamiliar to the one when he had seen his Mother die. The men hadn't even noticed him, and yet, Yamamoto still couldn't find the courage within himself to go get help.

The girl was taken and Yamamoto hasn't seen her since.

He couldn't look his Father in the eye when he got home that night.

Yamamoto Takeshi was ashamed of how pathetic he truly was. Because even cowards could scream for help.

"Amami, what are you doing?" I grinned maniacally at Spanner's image.

"What does it look like? Cooking obviously!" I cackled insanely as I went back to my masterpiece. "It's to send to my Papa! Ushishishishi!"

Spanner sweatdropped at the girl's crazy behaviour and creepy laugh. He mentally thanked the stars that the food wasn't for him while simultaneously pitying her Father. He had tried Amami's food before, the result was not pretty. He had passed out for a couple days. Spanner wondered how someone could be so horribly bad at making normal food, but excel at making pastries?

"And why exactly are you making him suffer?" Amami frowned as she brought the chopping knife down a little harder than needed; Spanner winced.

"He forgot Mama's birthday." Usually, Iemitsu at least sent some crappy card with an obviously photoshopped picture of him in some random place. This year, he hadn't. I could see the tension on Nana's face when I brought it up. Although I didn't bother to find out what exactly had transpired between the two since that was really Nana's business and she would've told me if she wanted me to know.

Anyways, I was angry at Iemitsu because even if they were in a big argument, that was no reason to ignore the fact it was his wife's birthday. In my eyes, the fact that he had decided not to send anything at all, made him seem like a brat having a tantrum. If he had genuinely forgotten, then that was even worse, as that would mean he had pushed us so far out of his life, that he couldn't even remember the most basic details.

I understand that he was doing it so assassins wouldn't discover us, which he was doing a fairly shitty job of, considering I had been kidnapped. Even though, in all actuality, I was glad I had been because it meant I met Skull.

Akamo walked into the kitchen, carrying a few revolting-looking things that might've been alive a long time ago. Breaking out of my thoughts, I walked over to the baby robot and scooped up the foul stuff.

"Perfect!" I crowed happily. "You're just the best helper!"

"Amami, what is that?" I walked over to the bowl I decided to use and dumped all of the nasty crap into it, then mixed it together.

"Shishishi! I've got no idea!" Spanner's eyes widened in horror as I began to shape the mystery-meat into balls. When I had made about twenty, I put them into the pan to cook.

Eventually, I ended up with a deceivingly delicious looking dish of 'takoyaki.' I had used the juice from the mystery-meat as the sauce. Spanner's face was tinted green and he looked just about ready to puke. I snickered evilly as I packed up the food, securing it so it would be safe during its trip to Italy.

"That is disgusting." I gave Spanner a creepy grin.

"Kufufufu. Don't complain Spanner-chan, or you just might be assigned the role of taste-tester."

Spanner gulped.

"What exactly, is Amami to you?"

Skull eyes stubbornly refused to look away from Verde's own unyielding orbs. Neither looked away, if they did, it would be seen a sign of weakness, which would undoubtedly be exploited. Without the slightest hint of hesitation in his voice, Skull replied,

"She is precious to me." Verde's blank gaze didn't even waver. It was something Skull had always hated about Verde, how even during the most sensitive of times, the Lightening Arcobaleno always managed to act the part of an emotionless drone, as though he didn't care for the situation. Which was untrue, because Skull knew Verde did care, very much; otherwise he wouldn't be in Skull's mansion, asking this question.

"And what of you? How do you feel about her?" Skull leaned forward intimidatingly as he voiced his question. Verde didn't flinch. Finally, after a long moment, he admitted,

"Very much the same way you do." The rising tension and hostility between the two dissipated instantly. Skull grinned towards his fellow Arcobaleno; who closed his eyes, letting his shoulders slump almost unnoticeably. Verde's face morphed into a mix of fondness, exasperation and care. It almost amazed Skull, never before had he seen Verde let his feelings about another show so honestly and openly on his face. He tilted his head at his green-haired companion, hesitating to say what was on his mind. Verde picked up it immediately.

"What?" He questioned Skull. Silence reigned for a moment.

"Does she remind you of Luce?" There, he had said it. He waited patiently for Verde's answer.

"A little." Verde confessed. "But in the same way, not at all." Skull nodded in reply, he very much understood what the scientist was talking about.

"I agree. When we met, the first thing I thought of was Luce, but I didn't think the two to be the same. Amami is different from everyone else. So was Luce but they're very much unlike eachother." Verde contemplated the words for a moment.

"Do you think we have found a new Sky?" Skull raised an eyebrow.

"Possibly. Has she told you about her heritage?" Here, Verde sighed.

"Yes. Her relation to the Young Lion of Vongola makes her a possible candidate." Skull's eyebrows scrunched up in worry. "Hopefully that situation won't come into being as there are currently three other available candidates, four if you count Xanxus."

"Even though after the cradle incident I doubt he's being considered anymore." Skull murmured. Verde nodded in assent.

"There is also the possibility that the three of them die before any are able to produce an heir." Skull frowned.

"If that happens, we won't be able to stop them from turning her into a Mafia Donna."

"Then we will have to just protect and support her to the best of our abilities."


With that topic of conversation over, for the rest of the day, Skull and Verde talked. Filling eachother in on what they had been up to during all the years spent apart and their most recent escapades with a certain red-headed child.

It surprised them both at how easily they talked to one another, like old friends who hadn't seen one another for a long while. It was surprising because, Skull and Verde had never been friends. Only brought together for their shared curse and love for a woman long dead.

Nevertheless, both enjoyed their time together, there was a silent shift in the air that declared the two friends.

"Yes! I have finally completed it! MWUAHAHAHA!" I began to dance around, waving my newly made object in the air.

"Pet. What are you doing?" I turned around to face my tonfa-wielding friend, Kusakabe right beside him.

"I have finally finished it. I am a genius!" I praised myself, because right now I totally deserved it. Excitedly, I started to dance once more. "Dow now now now, dow now now. Can't touch this!" Kusakabe chuckled at my failed attempt to replicate the instrument's beat. "Can't touch this! Oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh. Break it down. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh. Stop! Hammer time!" Before I could sing any more, Kyo-chan whacked me over the head with one of his tonfa; smirking at my pout.

"It's just a skateboard." Kusakabe stated, trying to hide his smile at our antics. Kyoya nodded his head in agreement, I pouted harder in response. Kyoya walked behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his chin on my shoulder.

"Well it's not just a skateboard." Sticking out my tongue at Tetsuya, I placed the skateboard on the floor. It was a sleek black, with dark green lining. Lifting my foot, I slammed it down on the far end of the skateboard. It flew upwards about twice my height. In the middle of the air it transformed into similarly coloured pistol which I caught in my hands.

Hibari and Kusakabe stared in awe as Amami gave them a sharp, foxy grin. Hibari was the first to speak.

"Wao." He smirked sideways at his smart Pet. Hibari had never seen nor heard of such a thing before. She grinned harder in response and cocked the handle of her gun.

Kusakabe spluttered.

"Amami that's amazing! How did you do it?" She waved her free hand at the boy.

"A lot of hard work and late nights. You wouldn't understand the mechanics if I explained it to you." He nodded, knowing he wouldn't be able to follow the explanation behind it. "I can't wait to show Spanner and Verde. They're going to freak."

"Is a skateboard the only thing you can do this to?" Kusakabe questioned.

"Right now, I can only weaponise my computer and skateboard. But since I've now got the general ideal behind it, it'll be much easier to start doing this with other stuff." Hibari whistled in appreciation. He squeezed her waist a little as she let the gun fall to the ground, turning back into a skateboard as it did so.

"Is a gun the only weapon they'll turn in to?" He nuzzled her neck as he spoke.

"Nah, different things will be turned into different weapons." Kyoya smirked into her neck while Tetsuya raised an appreciative eyebrow.

"That's going to be a lot of work." She shrugged lightly, careful not to move too much due to the Skylark on her shoulder.

"Yeah but it'd be boring otherwise!" Kusakabe sweatdropped at her simple reasoning.

Iemitsu stared at the box in his hands. He shook as he took realised who sent it.

"What's that kora?" Colonello asked as he tried to take a look at the box that the Young Lion of Vongola was currently holding. He had only come to CEDEF HQ see Lal before heading off back to Mafia Land but now his interest was piqued.

Lal gave an irritated glare at the blond; she had hoped he would just continue on his way out of the door. Glancing over to the box and the intense gaze it was being given by her boss, her curiosity also gave way.

Iemitsu looked up and promptly melted into a puddle of goo.

"It's from my beautiful, talented, amazing, incredible daughter! She sent her Daddy some takoyaki!" Lal Mirch rolled her eyes, annoyed she had wasted her time.

"Cool kora! Can I have some?" Iemitsu scowled at him.

"No! It's all mine!" Ripping open the box's lid, he scarfed down its contents. Colonello glared at him. Abruptly, Iemitsu turned a startling shade of purple. He collapsed, groaning into the ground. Lal Mirch panicked, thinking an enemy assassin had set Iemitsu up. Which shouldn't have been possible, the information that Iemitsu had a daughter, not a son, was a closely guarded secret of Vongola's.

"Colonello! Get some help! He must be poisoned!" When he made no move to turn away, she faced him and growled.

"Uh Lal, I think you're gonna want to see this kora." Her eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"How is it important right now! Iemitsu could be dying!" He shook his head and slipped a piece of paper into her hand.

"Trust me." Huffing, she lifted the paper to her face. On it in sprawled handwriting was,

To Papa Iemitsu

I made you some takoyaki! In it are all my feelings about you. I hope you enjoy it!


Your daughter, Amami.

"And what of it Colonello?" She was quickly losing any remaining patience.

"Flip it over kora." She did, there was more writing on the other side.

P.S. Unfortunately at the time I was making it, I was very pissed off with you. I don't know what pissed off food tastes like, but I imagine it's pretty shit. Happy food poisoning!

Lal blinked, looking up at Colonello only to see a wide grin on her face. Simultaneously, they glanced between the oddly-coloured Iemitsu, the note and eachother. Then they burst out into peals of laughter.

Eventually, they calmed down. Lal shook her head mirthfully as she looked towards her blonde companion.

"I always knew that the fact he never bothered to contact his family would come back to bite him in the ass." Colonello grinned toothily.

"I think I like this girl kora."

"Hahaha! Bow down to the great Skull-sama!" I raised an eyebrow at Skull. "And his amazing sidekick, Amami-chan!" I giggled and raised my hand in a peace-sign. Verde sighed from his spot within my arms. The broken men from another famaglia squeaked in fear of us three. Hurriedly, they got on their hands and knees as Skull had ordered.

Skull struck a hero pose at them, while I sat on the back of one particularly large man near me.

"Do you really need to go to such lengths?" Verde questioned, shaking his head at our antics. I huffed haughtily.

"Of course we do Verde. How else are they going to learn to respect our God-like presence?" I broke out into a grin at the replying snort, unable to keep up my snooty demeanour.

"It's what they get for trying to attack me in my own house." Actually, we were in Skull's garden. Beneath us were the cowering assassins of a rival Famaglia. Skull wasn't kidding when he said the Carcassa Famaglia had a lot of enemies, this sort of thing happened at least once a month. I just happened to be visiting Skull this time, along with Verde.

"P-Please have mercy! Skull-sama, Amami-sama, Verde-sama!" They did have a right to fear us, considering we kicked the ever-loving crap out of them in less than five minutes without breaking a sweat. I'm almost disappointed at how weak they were.

"The incredible Skull-sama will forgive you if you become his slaves for a month!" He laughed loudly. I snickered at their shocked expressions. It was well within Skull's rights to demand them as slaves and it's impossible for them to refuse, unless they decided it would be fun to be hunted down by the Vendice for breaking a Mafia Law. Attacking and losing a fight with a Mafioso in his home without dying left you in their debt. Most often, the repayment is death anyway. "And you first task is to clean my shoes!" He gave them a thumbs up. "With your tongue!"

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday. Looking forward to the weekend, weeke-

I picked up my annoying alarm clock and threw it into the opposite wall; thankfully crushing it. Sitting up slowly, I groaned. Today would be my first day as a Junior-High student. I'm not looking forward to it at all. The only reason why I don't mind going is because Kyoya and Tetsuya will be there, though in a different year.

Roughly thirty-five minutes later I was walking to school. I pulled my oversized, red hoodie over my head, masking my tired eyes and messy, bright-crimson hair. Grabbing my black and green skateboard, I headed outside.

Gravel crunched as I skated down the path. The air was chilly, even without the early-morning sun being blocked by any clouds. The closer I got to the school, more people came into sight. I assumed that they were all going to Namimori School as well. The most nervous ones looked roughly the same age as me, walking stiffly as they checked out their possible classmates.

I got a few strange looks, nobody could see my face after all; I probably seemed a bit creepy.

Not that I really cared.

Yawning, I decided that as soon as I sat down in the classroom, I was going to sleep. In all likelihood, I'd already know what they were teaching. My education in my life before had been terrible, but this time I had studied near obsessively. Nana wouldn't complain, I had slept through my younger years of schooling, it didn't affect my grades.

Just as I rolled through the school's gates, I heard a scream not too far left of me. Letting, out a happy grin, I changed course to the direction I knew I could find Kyo-chan.

Nezu twitched. The girl wearing a large, red hoodie- which wasn't allowed as part of the school uniform!- had been sleeping all through his class! He was Dohachiro Nezu! The man who had graduated at the very top of a very prestigious university! Okay, that was a lie, but she didn't know that!

"The student over there! Wake up!" She didn't move. A few students began to giggle as they realised what she was doing.

Huffing, Nezu stomped to the back of the classroom where she sat.

Slamming a heavy book down on the desk right in front of her head, he yelled,

"How dare you be sleeping on the first day of school! In my class no less! You're not even wearing correct uniform! If you don't feel like doing the work, get out! Tell me your name delinquent; you can expect detention for the next month!"

Unhurried, she lifted her head to gaze at him boredly. Shrugging, she stood up, grabbed her bag and walked towards the door. The other students gasped as they realised what she was doing.

Red-faced, Nezu screeched.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She stopped just short of the door. Languidly, she turned her head towards him. Nezu hesitated when he locked his eyes with her deep, sea-blue ones; it was the only part of her face he could actually see due to the hoodie.

"Leaving." Her voice was devoid of any care, and held an almost mocking tone. It angered Nezu, but before he could do anything, she had already left.

"Come back here!" He ran after her. The rest of the class laughed at the sight of their tomato-coloured teacher tripping over his own feet as he tried to scramble after the rebellious girl.

Yamamoto Takeshi stared at the door in which the blue-eyed girl had left. He swore that he had seen those eyes somewhere before.

Hibari Kyoya stared at the sleeping face of his Pet. Every day since the beginning of school, during lesson time she would come into the disciplinary office and nap on his sofa, (though she always woke up to have lunch with him and Tetsuya.) At first, Amami was being kicked out of all her classes, but most teachers quickly learned that if they didn't bother the sleeping girl, she wouldn't bother them and would score reasonably well on any test they gave.(She told him her laziness was the reason she didn't bother to ace them.)

The only teacher that continued to persist in waking her up was Dohachiro Nezu. Hibari knew that his Pet slept through the day because she spent afterschool with himself and Tetsuya and worked in her lab through the night. That herbivore Nezu was interrupting her much needed sleep (Even though he knew Amami wouldn't stay awake during school time even when she had a sufficient amount of rest.)

Hibari considered biting the herbivore to death, but then, he reasoned, if Nezu no longer bothered Amami she would have no reason to come to the disciplinary office at times other than lunch; which was unacceptable, because Hibari liked Amami's company more than anyone else.

Nana raised a hand to her cheek.

"Oh they grow up so fast!" She looked at her newly-turned fourteen year-old daughter. She had grown into quite the woman. Well, not quite yet but close. Nana wasn't entirely sure where Amami got her red hair and curvaceous body from but didn't really care. Her daughter was beautiful and Nana would happily brag about that to anyone who would listen.

"I'm not quite grown up yet Mama." Amami smiled at her. While she wasn't particularly excited for a birthday party, it had been a while since she had last spoken face-to-face with Spanner or Skull but they'd both decided to come to Namimori for a couple weeks, starting today. "Are you going to tell me where we're going yet?"

"It's supposed to be a surprise!" Amami rolled her eyes in mock annoyance, Nana giggled.

A phone beeped endlessly. Twittering in excitement, Nana plucked it out of her pocket and chat in rapid speeds.

"The boys are waiting for us at the sushi restaurant! We should hurry!"

"We're going to eat sushi?" Nana clapped her hands over her mouth.

"Ah! I gave it away!" Amami giggled at her pouting Mother. Taking her hand, she pulled the sulking woman out of the door.

"Silly Mama, let's go. I want Fugu!"

"The private table in the back corner." Yamamoto Takeshi smiled at his father before picking up a tray of sushi and heading off to the aforementioned table. Tsuyoshi's wince went unnoticed.

Glancing down, Takeshi was surprised to see Fugu as one of the dishes. Despite Tsuyoshi being licensed and completely able to turn the highly-poisonous dish edible, few people dared to risk it.

He wondered what type of person he would see once he lifted the drapes surrounding them, or judging by the amount of food, group of people. He doubted they had come to Takesushi before; very rarely did someone take one of the private tables because most customers liked to watch Tsuyoshi work. All of the regulars sat tended to sit near the booth.

"Ami-chan would you like your presents before or after food?" Nana questioned for her side of the rectangular table, directly opposite me. To her right was Vincent and to her left was Spanner. On either side of me sat Kyoya and Tetsuya. In my lap was Verde and on my head was Skull.

"Before please Mama." Clapping her hands excitedly, Nana ordered everyone to go in clockwise order, meaning Tetsuya first.

He blushed when she opened his present. He had given her a knitted clothing, most notably a dark red scarf with a small A stitched on the end.

"Damn Tet-chan. Did you knit this yourself?" She whispered into his ear, because she knew he was still quite embarrassed by his feminine hobby. He gave her a shy nod. Grinning she kissed his cheek.


"oooh Ami-chan that scarf will look so good on you!"

For the next thirty minutes, Amami opened presents and everyone chatted about her gifts. From Vincent she received a month's supply of pocky. Nana surprisingly bought her a pair of rolling skates. Skull, Spanner and Verde had actually gotten her a joint present. Verde gave her all his notes on genetically-modifying plants; Spanner bought her a book about poisonous botany while Skull had actually gotten a lot of the plants in the book. Obviously Skull had dropped off the plants at Amami's house instead of bringing such dangerous plants to a restaurant.

Hibari's gift however, was quite different.

I lifted the case off the small, black box Kyoya had given me. I wasn't even surprised by what I saw. Inside was a red with gold lining cat collar with my name on the nametag. I flipped it over and read,

'Property of Hibari Kyoya.'

I also noticed that to the left side of the dangling, rectangular nametag was the kanji for disciplinary Committee written in gold. I laughed as I put it on; the shocked faces everyone made were hilarious. I kissed the smirking Kyoya on the cheek in thanks.

Nana squealed in delight, Vincent let out a loud laugh. All of the other guys starred in horror.

"Oi! Who said you could mark Amami like that?" Skull angrily yelled from his perch. Verde pushed his glasses further up his nose. His eyes sharpened.

"I agree." Kusakabe just spluttered while Spanner glared at the Skylark. Hibari scoffed at them.

"She is my Pet and as such, I am allowed to show my claim on her in such a manner."

"You can't be serious! Amami don't just accept it!" I looked upwards and shrugged.

"I like it." They all faceplanted except Spanner. Instead he just shook his head and offered me a lollipop. I took it with a grin.

"Ooohhh I can't wait! This is going to be my first time trying Fugu! I bet it's delicious~" Tetsuya frowned slightly.

"Why would you order such a dangerous fish?" Amami rolled her eyes at him.

"Because if so many people know how lethal it is but still order it, than it must be super delicious right? Enough for them to die for a taste right?" Kusakabe blinked.

"I never thought about it that way." Amami slapped him on the back.

"It's because you worry too much. Live a little will you?" Before Kusakabe could retort that actually, he wasn't a worrywart and did adventurous things all the time thank you very much, the server with their food walked into their little private space.

Amami grinned and the waved the boy over.


Takeshi's eyes widened. There, right in front of him was the girl. The one he could've saved. His arms trembled.

"Y-You." He whispered lowly. He dropped the Sushi with a clash.

Kyoya growled, he did not like the way this herbivore was looking at his Pet. Everyone but Nana narrowed their eyes at him. She decided not to interfere and let Amami handle it.

"Yes me?" She replied calmly. Curious as to how Yamamoto could know her because despite being in the same classes, they had never actually met and he had never seen her face.

"You're alive." Verde's cold voice cut across the small space, freezing Yamamoto with its hostility.

"Explain what you mean." Yamamoto's eyes didn't move from Amami.

"Y-Years ago… I-I s-saw you b-being k-kidnapped! I-I d-didn't d-do a-a-any-" They all understood what he was saying before he finished. He had seen Amami getting kidnapped when she was nine, had the opportunity to help her but didn't.

Kyoya glared at the weakling. His voice, filled with disgust, spoke over the trembling one.

"What you're saying is you could've helped her, but was too cowardly to do so. Pathetic."

Yamamoto flinched but didn't deny the harsh words.

"No Hibari-san. What's he's saying is he's even worse than a coward. A coward would've cried for help from someone stronger. He however, is too useless to accomplish even that." Spanner's monotonous declaration hit right on the mark. Yamamoto bowed his head in acceptance.

Amami watched all of this with blank eyes. She saw how each member of her family was angered by the boy's cowardice. She wouldn't deny that she was also angry, nor did she care that he was supposed to be one of the future guardians. This world was no longer an anime; she didn't know him and refused to treat him differently because she had once admired him on a computer screen.

She didn't care about him. Harsh, but true. They didn't know eachother and were not family. Maybe one day they would be, but that was not today.

Yamamoto Takashi turned to the red-headed girl. He got into the seiza position and bowed deeply, hitting his head harshly on the floor.

"I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!" Skull tched in distaste. They boy had no right to ask for forgiveness but he wouldn't act against the boy because at least one good thing came from the kidnapping.

"I met Skull because of it so I don't care. Please bring us the food we ordered. What you originally brought is no longer edible." Yamamoto nodded and hurried out of their sights. He understood that the girl n longer cared about the kidnapping. But that didn't stop white-hot shame form blooming in his chest. He also understood that every single one of them at that table thought him to be pathetic, Amami herself thought him to be too pitiful to be bothered about. Yamamoto's chest and head pained him when he thought about it.

It only hurt because they were right.

Omake- When I gave Kyo-chan his new tonfas

I grinned foxily at Kyo-chan's deceptively stoic visage; he'd been highly irritable for the past week because without any tonfa, he'd been unable to punish any rule-breakers properly. Being denied his favourite activity pissed him off to no end.

Behind my back I held a long, rectangular-shaped wooden box. In them contained a pair of tonfa I had sweated over for a whole week, making and remaking them to perfection.
"Pet, hand them over." It was almost unnoticeable but he was becoming tenser by the second as he waited for me to unveil his newly made weapon.

Bringing the box out from behind me, I placed it on the short table in my room and slid it across to him. Tetsuya reached over to take off the lid and unveiled it inside to Kyoya's judging gaze.

Hibari ran a critical eye over the tonfa he had pulled out of the box. They glimmered like quicksilver in the sunlight coming from the bedroom window; the edges were sharp to the point where Hibari knew he only had to clip an enemy on the side to cut skin. The tonfa itself was smooth and without imperfection, the handles were deep purple in colour.

To Hibari, they were beautiful.

Of course he wouldn't actually say that out loud.

"Have you discovered their secret yet?" Her grin was terrifyingly mischievous and Hibari loved it. Kusakabe on the other hand, pitied the poor, poor delinquents that would be on the receiving end of the combined power that is Kyoya's strength and Amami's weapons.

Hibari grasped the tonfa's handles as he stood up, marvelling at how they fit his frame so effortlessly. Feeling around, he noticed a little notch- hardly noticeable, on each tonfa. When pressed the ends of the tonfa slid open and out fell an obsidian spiked ball, glinting ominously on its hanging chain.

The smile Hibari Kyoya gave at that moment was not in any way friendly; it was the kind of smile that monsters idolised and hoped to be able to do one day.

"Thank you Pet." Now Hibari Kyoya was not the type of person to thank another, but this was his Pet, and therefore a special exception.

"You're welcome, Kyo-chan."

Kusakabe paled when he saw the smile on Hibari's face, scrambling to his feet and out the door after he realised the bloodthirsty boy had already left in search of some prey.

"K-Kyo-san! P-Please wait!"

Amami cackled gleefully as she watched the two leave. They were both far out of earshot by the time she mused aloud,

"I wonder how long it takes for him to realise that there's more 'special features'?"

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