From: Tsubaki

To: BlackStar

Tsubaki: The irony of calling it pride is you do things no one should be proud of.


From: Kid

To: Patty

Kid: Just saw a half naked, drunk, 6th grade math teacher throwing small children around to the titanic soundtrack

Patty: what kind of wedding is this and why wasn't I invited


From: Spirit

To: Stein

Spirit: We made out for three hours then she said she didn't sleep with redheads and left the party. So yes, I'm still drinking.


From: Patty

To: Liz

Patty: i wish they made sweatshirts for legs

Liz: you mean pants?


From: BlackStar

To: Everyone (mass text)

BlackStar: if the world would stop letting me feel invincible I would probably stop doing this shit


From: Maka

To: everyone

Maka: I smell like gasoline and adventure.


From: Liz

To: Maka

Liz: So what color is the dress you picked out?

Maka: fuckweasel

Liz: And what color is that, exactly?

Maka: FUSCHIA hahaha


From: BlackStar

To: Soul

BlackStar: I don't know how to make you forgive me. I've apologized a thousand times. What more do you want?

Soul: Actions speak louder than wombats.

Soul: *waffles

Soul: **wands

Soul: GOD DAMN IT woooorrrddds. Still mad at you.


From: Soul

To: Blair

Soul: If you were an X-man, what would your power be?

Blair: I would shoot lasers from my boobs.