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Chapter 1: New Journey

It had been a week since Ichigo lost his spirit energy. At plain sight it seemed that he was dealing with his lose, but deep down it had already started red to slowly depress him. Each day he would watch as his friends would leave class to deal with hollow attack. There was nothing he could do to help. Sure, Uryu and the others could handle them but he started to feel useless. He wished that there was something he could help with. But without his powers what could he do?

As he walked home he thought of how if given the chance to be able to raise his sword again to protect, he would do it with no room for regrets. Unfortunately, sometimes you get more than what you bargained for.

The ex shinigami was too busy sulking that he failed to notice a hooded man that had been walking next to him for a while now. "So, are you really willing to do anything if it means protecting others?" Snapping out of his daze, Ichigo turned finally taking notice of his companion.

"Wah!? Who the hell are you!?"

"You haven't answered me yet. If you answer me, I'll answer you. Do you want to be able to protect other again?"

"..." It was a tempting offer, but who was this man? If he was an enemy why would he offer Ichigo help? In any case his wish had been heard. Why not give it a shot? "Yeah, i want to be able to protect other. At first I thought that I could handle losing my powers as a shinigami. But now, seeing my friends fighting and being unable to do anything makes me feel useless." All he could see was a wide smile form under the mans hood.

"I thought so. After all, the desire to protect others is part of your very nature. Now, let go somewhere more comfortable so we may discuss business." Raising his hand, he produce a bright flash. When it died down they appeared in Ichigo's room.

"Now, I believe that I have yet to introduce myself. I am the one and only creator of all time and space. Since I don't have an actual name you may call me what ever you want."

"What!? Wait a second, are you telling me your the damn Soul King!?"

"Actually, that would be my son. I won't go into too much detail so I hope you can follow along." With a nod from Ichigo, who had a nervous face, this supposed god started explaing. "Now, as you know there are a few dimensions including the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the World of the Living. But what you don't know is that in reality they are all part of a single realm. In each of them I left one or more of my children to overlook it as they see fit. No two are exactly alike. Some alter slightly, other drastically, and other are completely different. Each work by its own rule and realities."

At this point in his life nothing could surprise Ichigo, so he couse to simply believe it. "Ok then. How does this have anything to do with you giving back my powers?" The grin that formed on the mans face was even greater than that of Gin Ichimaru's.

"Sorry, but I never said that I would simply restore your powers. What I offer is the chance to protect again nothing more."

"Than what are you planing to do?"

"It's simple really. I plan to break the boundaries between realms, and overlap one of them with your. You see there shall be a tragedy that will cost hundreds of lives. You shall take part in it and do your best to help out. Oh, and that won't be the only reality you shall travel to. But to ensure thing don't get too out of hand, I shall alter your memories and past in some of them. Also, as a show of good will you shall have access to your powers in some form or other. Just be warned, the trials you will face shall bring you great sorrow, but also immense joy. "

"Fine, I don't really mind that. But what about this realm, will you alter my memories here too? And what about my family and friends? I can't just leave them."

"Don't worry, no harm will come to them." At this Ichigo released a sigh of relief."But as for your memories, you won't remember anything about the spirt world. At least, not until something happens. So will you accept?"

"... Why are you doing all this?"

"That, I shall tell you if you return alive."

In truth, forgetting about Soul Society made him uneasy. But there was the possibility that one day he woul remember. If he said yes he could protect those in harms way. And after all he'd been through, the was hardly anything to worry about. With a confident smile, he looked up and gave the answer that would seal his fate in more ways than one. "Fine, I'm in." "Exel-" "But, I'll need you to somehow handle my school life."

"But of course. We wouldn't want you to repeat high school again." 'Not in this world at least.'

"Great. Then let's get this show on the road."

"Actually, there is one last thing you should know. Since your powers shall be available in some way, I will have you deal with your inner hollow in some way or other. Before you ask, this is only because it amuses me."

'Great,' Ichigo mentally sighed, 'I'll have to deal with that bastard again.' "Fine, I dealt with him once so it should be no problem."

"Well then, with that out of the way, time to visit your new home." With another flash of light they appeared in a small unknown apartment. The room they were in had a bed that looked like Ichigo's old one. Next to it was a desk with a computer and a helmet of some sort on it.

"Welcome to your new home. Consider it a small gift. Now, everything is already in place. All you have to do is place the helmet on your head and lie on the bed." Ichigo did as instructed wondering what the helmet was for. "When you enter this new world, you will have no memory of our deal and believe that you are there on your own accord. Now, close your eyes and say 'Link Start.'"

But before he could even say it, he remembered something that had nearly evaded him completely. "Wait! What about my family? Aren't they going to question where the hell I am?" This seemed to cause the transcendent a large mocking smile.

"Oh. For a moment I thought you would forget about them." At this Ichigo shot him a death glare. "Calm down,I was merely teasing you. As for your family and friends, they will be under the impression that you took part in a year long exchange program. And don't worry about the details, I will handle matters personally."

"Great," Ichigo said with a sigh o relieve, "I wouldn't want them to worry. Alright, guess thats everything. See you on the other side I guess. LINK START!"