Hello! I decieded to make a story about how Miyu(My OC) and Gouenji first met!

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I'm sorry if it's bad! I did this on my ipad.

I want to tell you guys that; 'How I met your mother' inspired me and gave me an idea to make this.

I haven't watched all of the series but I'm planning too.

In this chapter the only Ocs that are in this is; Gouenji(Normally Afuro) Miyu and Gouenji Yui.

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Now to the story!

A male waited patiently in the front of a kindergarten. Long platinum blonde hair that reached to past his shoulders, sharp onyx eyes. He had a bouquet of beautiful flowers in his hand.


The bell rung singling that it was time for the students in the school to leave. The front of the school's door opened, the platinum blonde male watched as the small children hurriedly ran towards their parents and telling them about their day and what they learned.

The male spotted the child he waited for, who was in front of a older woman and walked towards them both. The child had short wavy platinum blonde hair, sparkling salmon pink eyes that was just as bright as her mother's eyes with pink huge glasses on.

The child happily stared up at the male. "Hi, papa!" She said happily. 'Papa' happily sighed while patting the child's head, "Hey Yui, how was your day?" He kneed to her level. The older woman smiled gently at both of the people in front of her and watched as the child told her papa how her day was.

As Yui finished talking about her day, the platinum blonde male stood up and looked at the older female. "How was she today, Miss. Haruno?" He asked calmly waiting for her reply.

"Oh, she was just fine~ She's such a smart girl! Her mother must be so proud of her~" She said but quickly covered her mouth once she noticed what she had said. "I-I'm soo sorry, Mr. Gouenji." She stuttered out while bowing politely. Gouenji gave Haruno a small both weak and sad smile. "It's fine." He said while gently ruffling his child's head.

Yui giggled while trying to make him stop, "You're messing up my hair!" She said with a pout. Gouenji chuckled lightly and stopped. "Alright, I stopped okay?" He said.

Gouenji walked behind Yui and next to Haruno. "Do you need help Mr. Gouenji?" She asked and watched as Gouenji shook his head and gave her a small smile. "It's fine, Haruno, I can handle this myself." He informed her. Before pushing the wheelchair.

They began to walk away while waving goodbye to the teacher. Yui turned in her seat and looked up at her father. "Where are we going papa?" She asked softly. The male dropped the bouquet of flowers on his daughter's lap and gave her a sad small smile. "We're going to see your mother." He said softly.

"Yay~!" Yui excitedly said while bouncing up and down in her seat and clapping her hands. "I have so much to tell her!" She said with a grinned that reminded Gouenji of his lover. "Watch out that the flowers don't fall off of your lap." He said watching as his daughter took a hold of the bouquet.

Both Gouenji and his daughter soon arrived at the hospital and walked inside. Yui and her father walked over towards the front desk lady who greeted them with a gently smile. "How are you today, Mr. Gouenji and Yui?" She asked while standing up and looking down at Yui, "Are you here to see your mother?" She asked gently with a small smile. Yui nodded her head happily, "Yes ma'am!" She said with a smile.

"Visiting hours won't be closed until eight so you still have enough time!" The front desk lady said while giving Gouenji a small smile. Nodding at her, Gouenji turned and pushed his daughter towards the elevator.

Gouenji pushed the bottom of the elevator and both watched as the elevator opened. They walked in and Gouenji pushed the button that has the number two on it. Both waited while the door closed and the elevator went up.


The elevator opened and Gouenji pushed the wheelchair out of the elevator. They both began to walk down the hallway and looked at each door until they found one with four-hundred and fourteen on it. Gouenji slid opened the door and pushed Yui inside it. Once both of them were inside he slid the door close.

Gouenji pushed his child over towards a bed with a female laying in it. She had long platinum blonde hair that was spread over the pillow, she looked so peaceful while sleeping, her once peachy skin color is now pale.

Gouenji bended down and gently kissed the female's forehead. "Hey, Miyu." He quietly said. Yui watched the scene before her with a gentle smile. "You really love mama~!" She said happily. Gouenji looked down at his daughter and gave her a small smile. "Of course I do, I love her just as much as I love you." He said while going on his knee and gently stroking her cheek and kissing her forehead. Yui giggled and gave her father a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I love you and mama too~!" She said.

Yui turned towards her mother and smiled. "Guess what mama? I learned how to count to thirty~!" She said excitedly. The child soon began to tell her mother about her day while Gouenji watched his daughter tell her day to his wife excitedly with a small smile printed on his lips.

Both walked out of the hospital and down the side walk. "I'm soooo happy I got to see mama again~" Yui said happily. Gouenji agreed with his daughter but frowned afterwards. He was sad that his wife couldn't be there for the first five years. He wished that he could have done something to wake his wife up from her deep sleep.

He was so deep in his thoughts he forgot all about his daughter who called his name more than hundred times. "Papa!" Yui said with a childish pout on her lips. Gouenji apologized to his daughter while stopping in front of their house. He picked up his daughter and walked up the stairs. Opening the front door of his small mansion, both him and his daughter was greeted by the butler and maid; Kei and Junko.

"Welcome back, Gouenji-sama and Yui-san." They both said together while bowing. Yui happily greeted them back while Gouenji nodded his head towards them.

After both Gouenji and his daughter ate, they both headed to bed. Gouenji helped Yui in her one piece pj's. He tucked her in and kissed her forehead, he was about to walk out of the door, but was stopped by his daughter who grabbed a hold of the end of his sleeve. "W-Wait papa!", She began"C-Can you tell me how you and mama first met?" She asked gently.

Gouenji softly sighed while turning around and staring down at his daughter. "Sure, why not? It's Friday after all." He said while walking over towards Yui's desk and picked up the chair. He sat the chair down and soon sat down on it. "Hm... Lets see." He began, "It all started when..."

So that's that!

As you can see, Miyu the mother of Yui and the Wife of Gouenji got into a coma month after giving birth to her daughter!

I hope you liked it!

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